Satellite A100 is locked because of the fingerprint BIOS & user password

Hi all

I have my A100 to my work, recognition of the TouchChip fingerprint a year ago. On initial installation, I recorded my fingerprint of the windows interface.
Six months ago I had to reinstall windows XP due to infection by the virus that is not repairable. I have installed Windows XP Home edition and downloaded all the drivers and additional software from Toshiba's site.

I him didn't record again my fingerprints, and I have NOT activated the TouchChip software this time. My problem was only an annoying message at the time the sign that said «you have not saved your fingerprint again...» "and that's it.
After a 2 week out of town trip (My A100 was locked in my office, and powered OFF - no connection to the sector) at first start, software TouchChip is back from the dead!

Screen 'TouchChip Bios Extension' appeared after plugging, and my finger is required to load WXP!
When connecting user WXP dialogue the additional message "you have not saved your fingerprint again... is always here, but I cannot start the machine without my fingerprint." After some digging later in PowerProtector (?) I found an option that says 'enable or disable the use of fingerprints for system and user password BIOS' or something like that.

I turn this off, and the machine asked to reboot. It was the last time I saw the office.
After reboot, the system asks password. BUT I DID NOT PUT ANY SYSTEM OR USER PASSWORD!
Is this possible?
I did something wrong?
What is the solution?
I'm locked out; I don't know why and how the BIOS is locked with a password (so I can't unlock it).
Please someone help.

Best regards, Georgios


I don't know what exactly A100 computer laptop you have, but it seems that the laptop came with the Vista operating system preinstalled.

You have installed XP and drivers XP only from the Toshiba page.
But from my understanding, the BIOS should be updated too! The Satellite A100 series supports a special XP BIOS version. If the BIOS was not updated the laptop might not run correctly.

I don't know if it could have a negative influence on the fingerprint, but nothing is impossible!
However, the fact is that the BIOS asks for the password. If you don't know this, you need to remove the other... and this can be done by a service provider authorized in your country.

Request assistance from technicians and explain the whole story! Maybe they will remove the password for free!

Bye and good luck

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    I'm sorry to say, but it seems that you don't have the choice.
    You can ask him authorized partner in your country for the help that I know, BIOS update errors are not covered by a warranty and you will have to pay a small fee for fixing.

    In the worst cases, the motherboard must be replaced:(mais peut-être avez_vous une évasion chanceuse et seulement la puce ROM doit être flashée à nouveau)

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    sounds are really serious. Unfortunately, I can just give you the only clue you will get with each user here in the forum:

    Find the nearest authorized service partner (you can find one by using this link:
    and bring your machine. In addition, you must explain the guys what happened so they can do something for you.

    Good luck buddy

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    So I'm trying to fix a LCD on a Satellite A100. The girl I am set as said she accidentally hit the screen with his hand and became black.

    When you turn on the laptop I can here windows activate, nothing is on the LCD screen. It is not the backlight, because I don't see anything on the screen at all. So I bought a replacement LCD screen and that one does not work either. Same question

    I think it is the inverter, any suggestions?

    Could be the sensor cover?

    Thank you! Kyle

    Hi Kyle,.

    Did you buy this new LCD screen to a service provider authorized? I ask this question because it would be interesting to know if it s a Toshiba valid a party or 3rd party a spare.

    Did you check the connection of the LCD cable? There may be a link to lose or the cable itself is touched.
    Theoretically, it might be the FL inverter too, but I doubt that. Otherwise, you'd see something on the screen but very dark.

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    My laptop SPAC:

    Satellite A100-033 part number: PSAANE-03J02GEN

    Thank you

    Hi rjbuz,

    I can t tell you the part number because I m not the owner of the Satellite A100, but a service provider authorized in your country can do this: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Just give them a call and ask. Maybe they can send you the replacement part. :)

  • After BIOS update of my Satellite A100 himself lock

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    Updates my system ha been done
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    Now I can't open my Tower because I don't know the pass.

    Please help me solve this problem

    Your ad is a little confusing.
    The fact is that the BIOS update can be done automatically and it can only be done by the laptop user.
    Please let us know what type of password must be entered.
    If you have need of BIOS password at startup is bad because this password can be deleted by authorized only service.

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    I m not very good if you want to be able to order the recovery for this unit disc, because in very rare cases, the recovery disc may be pronounced if the laptop model is too old.

    So I hope that you can order it here:

    You can also try to contact the ASP in your country and ask the guy if he could order the Toshiba disk directly

  • Satellite A100 683: can I upgrade the internal card?


    can someone tell me if it is possible to replace the original map (3945ABG) of the Satellite A100 683 by a new, n support card (4965AGN)?

    I would say that it should be possible since both are mini pci cards and I use Windows Vista (which is a system for the 4965AGN requirement), but it would be nice to have a confirmation before buying this card.

    Thanks in advance.



    What card do you mean exactly?
    Do you mean the LAN or WLan?

    I ask because I m not 100% sure what car say you, but to my knowledge only the WLan card is removable!
    As you say it s card miniPCI and especially two wires connect the card with the motherboard
    Both Brown and white cables connect the WLan antenna.

    However, theoretically, it should be possible to use another wireless network card but I see really no reason that these updates.
    If you have a Vista compatible driver for your card, then everything should work great.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100 - battery all night while the power is off

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    So, I turned on the computer laptop and checked is full battery and it says 94%. I let it finish loading at 100% then it off again and came out of the plug. The same thing happened the next day! He held again!

    I don't know that I did not in Hibernate mode because I checked all the settings and choose Turn Off to turn off the laptop.

    I read on the battery recall, so I searched on the toshiba site and downloaded the program from battery test. The result came out that my battery is not between the serial numbers involved. I even manually checked the number on their list but mine is not supposed to be affected.

    Is anyone having the same problems, or is it normal that the battery itself?

    Please let me know... Thanks :)


    It is normal and you should not worry about this. The same thing happen on my Tecra. Please check this Toshiba document on this

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100-599 - question about updating the display driver


    I have a Satellite A100-599 with a NVIDIA 7600go graphics card and I like most of you Bioshock game crashes because of some problems with the graphic card drivers, no pb... Meanwhile, NVIDIA has released some new patches for the Forceware and after I double checked the database of the Toshiba driver support I've seen a new version in the list of display driver for WinXp.

    One of them seems to be 13/09/2007. I have downloaded the drivers, installed them and then I checked the details of the driver in the Device Manager list and to my surprise the details say that the drivers are since 2006. I reinstalled the drivers and the same thing appeared. I checked the XML that was in archive of drivers and surprise... the drivers really are the 'old' of 2006. So my question is this: you have the display drivers for my model that work for Bioshock :D

    Best regards, Marian

    I Don t know if we. I think it would be took a long while to ask every single user: Hey, you have a few drivers for blackmodjo? Ah, come on, please. Some of them... ;)

    No, I have a better idea. It s like to cook a meal. Ingredients: DriverCleaner Pro and the site and... your your your TAAA patience

    To get a good 'bio' meal shocked just follow this recipe:

    read before doing anything (YES, even before you continue to BREATHE) the FAQ section on this site (RECOMMENDEDRECOMMENDEDRECOMMENDED)
    and then download the drivers. Do it, Yes...

    Then download drivercleaner by searching on and THEN read their manual before doing anything else (Ok, you can continue to breathe..)
    After reading the manual you will be something like:

    1. program start, do something, restart the machine
    2. start in safe mode, from this program, deleting... yadayadayada
    3. install the new driver
    3. reading of Bioshock
    5. No... 6 thank. me and give me your first born... ;)

    So by cutting about 40% of my humorous things and following the constructive technical instructions from me, you will be able to play bioshock.

    Welcomes :)

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    I used to use media keys and ALTLinux on Toshiba Satellite A100-233 (who, under the power button)... Its possible? If so, how?

    PS: Sorry for my bad English... If you can answer on Russian... =)


    Hmm these buttons belongs to a characteristic of Toshiba and this function needs special drivers of Toshiba.
    Unfortunately, there is no drivers for Linux distributions and that's why I put t think you will get these buttons work after installing Linux.

    See you soon

  • Satellite A100-289 - does not accept the second module RAM

    Sorry for my bad English

    I have a problem with my RAM secend slot. At the first bank i installt 1 GB 533 MHz DDR2 RAM in the second Bank too. The laptop starts but when I installed the second RAM after the BIOS Windows screen accepts 2 GB of RAM.

    Modellname Satellite A100
    Serial number 96304832Q
    BS-Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
    BIOS 6.00 version
    Processor Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 CPU T5500 @ 1.66 GHz


    > but when I installed the second RAM after the BIOS Windows screen accept 2 GB of RAM.
    This means that you install RAM modules while the laptop is running?
    I m wondering your laptop still works. Normally, you could destroy the whole motherboard and the module.

    Anyway, to me it sounds like that your laptop isn't compatible with the memory modules vive. What modules do you have exactly?
    I have good experiences with the Kingston modules.

  • Satellite A100 - need a driver for the card reader

    I have a Satellite A100 and recently upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and my card reader does not work, could someone please help as to where I can get one please.


    Hi ktwilko,

    All the drivers and tools can be downloaded from the official website of Toshiba: > support & downloads > download drivers
    * Archive * > Satellite > Satellite a series > Satellite A100

    If you can t find a Windows 7 driver, you can use the Vista driver. Most Vista drivers work also on Windows 7.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A100-727: how to change the config of media buttons?

    I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite A100 727 and it was these media buttons Nice on the left side of the key board.

    They are great, but I have no idea how to change the keys.
    I had put them to launch internet and exploited with mediaplayer, but after that I had to do reinstal windows, my harddisck crashed, functions on the buttons has changed, they start up the InterVideo WinDvd.

    Does one know how I can change the functions of the buttons?
    I read something about the tools of Toshiba, but I can't find them anywere.

    TYVM in advance


    Using TOSHIBA button controls, you can set the key features. If you have it installed you can find the TOSHIBA controls icon in the Panel.
    You can also find if you open TOSHIBA help > Optimize.

  • Satellite A100-233: can I use the WiFi for the Peer to Peer network?

    Me & my friend have Satellite A100-233, we cannot have network even see ourselves at the TOP unless we are in place contain the wireless Internet Modem.
    If we cannot make network peer-to-peer between us using WiFi?

    I hope you can help!
    Thank you


    I don't know if I understand your question, but you want to connect two laptops via the WLan. Am I wrong?
    Well, this type of network connection is called Ad hoc.

    Choose Start-> settings-> network connections, and then click the local network connection you want to share. On the left side of the screen under the management of the network, click on "change settings of this connection. Under the Advanced tab, under Internet connection sharing, check the box "allow other users of the network to connect through this computer's Internet connection".
    There is also a check box to allow other users to enable or disable the Internet connection, if you are so inclined. If your network doesn? t need to access to the Internet, you can skip this paragraph.

    The host system must also be configured with an Ad Hoc network connection and a Set Service identify (SSID). Right-click on the wireless icon in the system tray and choose "view wireless networks". Do NOT yet connect to any wireless network that could appear in the box. Click the Advanced button. This will bring up the Properties window of wireless with the wireless networks tab at the front. Click the Advanced Options button at the bottom right of this tab, select the option "networks from computer to computer (ad hoc) only". Make sure that the box "Auto connects to the non preferred networks" is NOT checked. Click the close (once) button to return to the wireless network tab.
    Under preferred network, click Add. You now need a SSID for this machine, which is actually the name it will use to announce themselves to the other members of the ad hoc wireless network.

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