Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE) and the full support of Windows XP Home edition

When Toshiba engineers starts to move and get value added package for Windows XP for models PSAELE? It is very difficult?

Found all the drivers, but the keys (Fn + F1-12) do not work! You go there for support customers or and sit, while Microsoft pays money for its Vista crap?

1 year I'm waiting for the package of drivers and utilities full XP for my A210 - 16G?, but he did not communicate!

I ask the support of customers instead of Vista support!

Oh, moderators work faster then toshiba laptop support =)))

Seems that Windows XP drivers are not out on the Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE) series.
Why? Who knows, but always is he that the XP tools that control the functionality of the FN are not available especially for the A210 PSAELE

Then you can try to install the tools available for other series with your own hands and hopefully they will work. Sorry, but that's all you can do

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    I can't find the new BIOS update that includes SLIC 2.1 for my Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE) table.
    I found "ACPI BIOS Flash version 2.00 for Satellite A215 (PSAFGU/PSAFHU)" (link: rpn = PSAFGU & modelFilter = A210-ST1616 & SelCategorie = 2756709 & selFamily = 1073768663), but I'm not sure, which is suitable for my laptop model. It is mentioned in the list of the applicable models A210-ST1616. It is compatible with my laptop Satellite A210 series model for?

    Also I find this link to download BIOS: Can be here is the answer to the question of mine?

    People, please help with suggestions?

    Hi eldorado24,

    Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE) belongs to the European models because it s listed on the page of Toshiba Europe. This means that the Australian page BIOS update will not work and it s listed for the other models (PSAFGU/PSAFHU). If this update is not done for your laptop.

    On the European ( page, you can search for newer BIOS version:
    Laptop > Satellite > Satellite a series > Satellite A210 > PSAELE

    Check this box!

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    There is no download link. You must contact the manufacturer of the computer.

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    Please help me


    Have you updated the BIOS? If I remember well there must be a version that supports the features of Windows XP Home edition.

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    Windows 7 language pack feature is only supported in the Ultimate edition. The Home Premium No.

    Good luck $

  • I lose the connection Wireless for Windows XP Home Edition

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    Thank you very much!

    Assumed as replied, without other added messages

  • How can I fix a corrupted from the Recycle Bin on windows xp home edition

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    Hello Dan,.

    Thanks for the quick response.

    You can run the Microsoft Fixit of the below mentioned article and see if that does the trick:

    Cannot empty the Recycle Bin in Windows XP or Windows Vista

    Please come back for any clarification on this or any issue of Windows. We will be happy to help you.

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    1. what kind of hard drive you are using? IDE or SATA
    2. What is the full and exact error message?

    Check if the following steps will help:

    1. While the installation program is running and the error message appears on the screen, press SHIFT + F10 to start a command prompt.
    2. at the command prompt, type cd\windows\system32\ and then press ENTER.
    3 type rename catroot2 catold, press ENTER, and then restart the computer.
    4. check again the issue.

  • Can not install the new copy of windows xp home edition

    A friend has built a computer for me and my friend it works for me.  Everything goes ok, then it stops working because the friend has installed a pirated copy of Windows XP Professional on this topic.  OK, I'm a little angry, but I can cope.  I had bought a new copy, never been used before, Windows XP Home Edition a couple of years to my old copy that I ended up not using.  When this happened, I thought it would be great, I could install that.  So, I turn on my new computer and let it boot.  When it comes to the screen, saying that I don't have an authentic copy of Windows installed, I open my CD drive, and then press the button so he can go back into the computer.  I have no mouse or keyboard control so I can't select all and nothing happens after that the disk will inside.  Nothing, I can't even hear anything running.   I would try to solve this problem without having to take Office Depot where they charge me $ 99 for "try" to fix it.  I don't have a job, so fix me it is my only option.  Any help out there in the cyberland?  Thanks for any help.  I'm on my dad's computer if you're wondering how I'm even able to send this way.  Laughing out loud

    I do not understand what you're doing or why nothing seems to happen, but the fundamental question that you have, it's that you cannot "upgrade" from XP Pro to XP Home.

    Assuming you can still start Windows (even if you get the notice that it is not authentic), copy all your data on some external support (external drive, USB flash, CD, DVD) and then perform a new installation of XP Home.  Once Windows is installed, you need to restore these data and you will need to re - install applications (programs) that you have installed (for example, Microsoft Office), so you'll need to find the installation for the applications media.

    Because it is a home-built computer, you must obtain all the necessary drivers on the web sites of various hardware manufacturers.  Most likely you will need are motherboard (chip), display (video), (audio), network (including wireless and modem) and any device (e.g., printers).

    Use the computer that you use to post here in order to download drivers and save them to a flash drive or burn them on a CD.

    I guess that your boyfriend (ex?) didn't give you all the documents with the computer (e.g., the motherboard manual or manuals for other equipment he installed).  If you can enter in your current Windows installation, click Start > run > msinfo32 > OK.  Click on the 'Components' category and look at the different devices to determine their models and manufacturers.  Motherboard information (you need to get the drivers of chip set) is not indicated in msinfo32.  Use BelArc Advisor (free)

    How to do a clean install of XP:

    Don't forget - when installing from a Windows XP CD, you'll probably not the current service pack (service pack 3) and you will certainly not have current security patches.  You too have an antivirus.  Get instant access to Windows Update (do not go to other websites) and download critical updates.  Probably, this will take time and may require several reboots and go back to Windows Update.  When all updates have been installed, install an antivirus.

    If you are willing to pay for an anti-virus, eSet NOD antivirus (not the "suite").  Otherwise, I suggest Microsoft Security Essentials or Avira AntiVir Personal.  At some point after that things are settled down, you should also get the free versions of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and SUPERAntiSpyware.  You don't need the "pro version" that work all the time; You must only update and run these scanners on a periodic basis just to be sure that you have not picked up a malware that is slipped beyond your anti-virus.

  • Black screen problem and I have a real Windows XP Home Edition. Help, please!

    I have a genuine Windows XP Home Edition came with my Dell computer. After downloading the critical updates a few weeks ago, I now get the black screen and the message window saying that I may be victim of a counterfeit and that my system may be at risk. What can I do to clear up this problem? Thank you.

    Please visit and click on the button to validate Windows or validate Office, and then restart your computer.

    If you were not able to validate, follow these steps:

    1. Download this diagnostic tool, save it to your desktop:

    -Online Windows XP: double-click the executable file to run the tool.

    -Online Vista & Win7: right-click on the executable and select run as administrator to run the tool.

    2. after running the tool, click on the Windows or Office as appropriate and then click on copy to the Clipboard.

    NB: You can open a new file in Notepad, paste the contents of the Clipboard in it & keep for future reference.

    3 start a new post in the appropriate forum of Microsoft Genuine Advantage and paste the results of the WGA or OGA data diagnostic in a detailed post:

    4 Troubleshooting specialist will analyze the data and recommend an appropriate solution.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Lost the disk to install windows xp home edition

    Two computers: Windows XP Home edition installation disc was lost for computer #1 and I need to reinstall windows on this computer, I have the product key number and the number of OEM for this computer(#1). The question is can I use the installation disc for computer #2 in the #1 computer and use the product number of the #1?

    You * may * be able to get away with it - but you'll probably need to install using the disc and the key to #2 (it is almost certainly integrated in the drive), and then change the key of the injector appropriate using the product key update tool

  • Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE) - how to use 4 GB and update the BIOS?

    Hello! I hope someone can answer a few questions for me.

    First of all is: How can I turn on my laptop to use all the 4 GB of RAM? OS is Win Vista Ultimate 32-bit with Service Pack 2. Now Vista all show the 4 GB of RAM, but don't use it. I activated the EAP in Vista, but still nothing. As I saw, I need to turn it on too memory remapping in BIOS but there is no option (my BIOS is ver.1.70).

    The second question relates to the BIOS. Because my version is 1.70 and there are more recent version 2.00; I get benefits if I update to BIOS? Someone has updated to version 2.00? And there are more options in the BIOS after update to version 2.00 (for example the memory remapping or a similar option)?
    I'm a little afraid to update BIOS, because sometimes my Toshiba freezes, and I would not hang during the update of the BIOS.

    And the final question is there any changelog to the BIOS? So I can see what is added and changed, and what's new in the new version of the BIOS. Because I could not find anywhere.

    Thanks for the responses to come.


    (1) you can use the entire 4 GB of RAM on a 32 bit OS. It is a due limitation of 32-bit technology. Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 may recognize the full 4 GB of RAM but not use it, more than 3.2 g.
    Here you can find more information about this limitation:

    (2) about BIOS updated I can tell only must be made only if you have problems with the laptop. A BIOS update should never be done just for fun, because it of still a little risky. In the worst case, you can destroy the ROM module or complete motherboard.
    Update the BIOS doesn't normally contain new features or options. It s bug just setting. In addition it can t solve the problem with 4 GB of RAM and Vista 32 bit if you think that ;)
    If your laptop does not have 100% stable you shouldn't t update because it s too risky. Before the update, you should try to solve the problem of gel.

    (3) If a change log is available you can find it on the Toshiba site. If you can t find, there isn t available.
    That s all about this.

    I hope I could help a bit.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A210: Synaptics TouchPad and the fn in Win 7 do not work

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A210 11 t (PSAEGE). Tired of Windows Vista, I changed to Windows 7.

    Everything works well except the Synaptics TouchPad and the key FN. Does anyone have ideas on this?


    You must install the driver for the touchpad, VAP and Toshiba Flash Cards Support utility.
    I've got the A210, and I chose all the Windows 7 drivers released the Satellite L500 series.

    It worked correctly

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