Need Win7 BIOS update for Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE)


I can't find the new BIOS update that includes SLIC 2.1 for my Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE) table.
I found "ACPI BIOS Flash version 2.00 for Satellite A215 (PSAFGU/PSAFHU)" (link: rpn = PSAFGU & modelFilter = A210-ST1616 & SelCategorie = 2756709 & selFamily = 1073768663), but I'm not sure, which is suitable for my laptop model. It is mentioned in the list of the applicable models A210-ST1616. It is compatible with my laptop Satellite A210 series model for?

Also I find this link to download BIOS: Can be here is the answer to the question of mine?

People, please help with suggestions?

Hi eldorado24,

Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE) belongs to the European models because it s listed on the page of Toshiba Europe. This means that the Australian page BIOS update will not work and it s listed for the other models (PSAFGU/PSAFHU). If this update is not done for your laptop.

On the European ( page, you can search for newer BIOS version:
Laptop > Satellite > Satellite a series > Satellite A210 > PSAELE

Check this box!

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    I find not updating the bios for windows 7 64 bit. Maybe someone she? Please help me.

    All of the available stuff you can find on the download section of Toshiba.

    What is the problem with your laptop? Why the BIOS updated?

  • Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE) and the full support of Windows XP Home edition

    When Toshiba engineers starts to move and get value added package for Windows XP for models PSAELE? It is very difficult?

    Found all the drivers, but the keys (Fn + F1-12) do not work! You go there for support customers or and sit, while Microsoft pays money for its Vista crap?

    1 year I'm waiting for the package of drivers and utilities full XP for my A210 - 16G?, but he did not communicate!

    I ask the support of customers instead of Vista support!

    Oh, moderators work faster then toshiba laptop support =)))

    Seems that Windows XP drivers are not out on the Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE) series.
    Why? Who knows, but always is he that the XP tools that control the functionality of the FN are not available especially for the A210 PSAELE

    Then you can try to install the tools available for other series with your own hands and hopefully they will work. Sorry, but that's all you can do

  • Need the original BIOS for Satellite A210 - 1AO PSAELE

    Hi all!

    long in vain looking for the original BIOS for my satellite A210-1AO PSAELE-03Q00FRU (Vista32bit preinstalled).

    Unfortunately I've updated and laptop lost the ability to disable.
    VERY noisy DWD - ROM (TS-L632H) through the BIOS (but it worked without a doubt with the original BIOS)
    It is also impossible to turn it off through the Device Manager (tried several times).

    I looked for BIOS anywhere where I could (Yes, I tried to download & support from Toshiba for Europe, USA, Canada, China, Russia - no. satellite A210 PSAELE BIOS in lists, even for the A200 PSAELE).

    Written in support of the Russia of Toshiba - no result. the point is that I don't know bios original version for my model, so I tried BIOS version 1.1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.3 - no result.
    The latest idea is to physically remove the DVD-ROM, but it is the solution.

    So where can I find that BIOS? or you recoomend a truly customer friendly toshiba can support office?
    Thanks in advance!


    The Toshiba driver page provides us with all versions of BIOS for Satellite A210/A215 (PSAEGU/PSAELU)

    Toshiba Satellite A210/A210 PSAELU US is the same series as series of Toshiba Europe Satellite A210 PSAELE

    [Versions of BIOS for Satellite A210/A215 (PSAEGU/PSAELU): rpn = PSAEGU & modelFilter = A215-S4697 & SelCategorie = 2756709 & selFamily = 1073768663]

    Welcome them

  • Need to cover base for Satellite A210-12U

    I need to have a Toshiba Satellite A210-12U fixed base cover.
    Does toshiba sell Basic for this laptop?

    > Does toshiba sell base covers for this laptop?

    You can order each compatible part of your local Toshiba authorized service provider.
    Guys are able to order parts directly from Toshiba.

    Take a look on this page where you can find all available worldwide FSA:

  • Need drivers Bus Sm for Satellite A210-1AP controller

    Where can I find this driver for Satellite A210-1AP under WInXP?


    I think you need a card SD card River of my friends has A210 laptop computer too and we used and installed a XP driver designed for laptop A200.

    Recommend to test

  • Need drivers XP for Satellite A210 - 127 (PSAELE)

    Hello, im trying to find the xp drivers for this model anywhere in the internet, but toshiba does not this driver, I tried this site

    Then I press the download button and its redirect me this site:
    but my problem is that there are a lot of models like Toshiba Satellite A210-ST1616, Toshiba Satellite pro A210-EZ2201x series etc etc, but I can't find my model exactly. Well I want to know if this model xxxxx A210 driver is the same for my Toshiba Satellite A210-127 (PSAELE)

    Or where I can find the drivers for windows xp.

    Thx a lot, im waiting for the responses.

    Post edited by: superiorgr

    Hello, my friend

    Looking for drivers all over the Internet. Sorry but there is nothing but waste your time. I believe that you do not find your model. The answer is very simple - you have a European model but you poke around on the Toshiba support site we.

    For the drivers please visit support European page under > support & downloads.

  • ATI (display) required for Satellite A210-16y (PSAELE) for Win XP driver

    I canĀ“t get an ATI driver for my laptop Toshiba Satellite A210-16Y (PSAELE)

    Graphics card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600

    Win XP system

    Need help or other driver (Solution)

    How about this:

    [ATI Display Driver v8.401-07815 m - C 052613 | = 8 & selFamily = 192 & selSeries = 236 & selProduct = 770 & STAS hortMod = null & language = 13 & selOS = 10 & selType = all & year = upload & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = allMachines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = a he's & selectedLanguage = 13 & type = all & page = 1 & ID = 60653 & OS ID = 10 & driverLanguage = 42]

  • Downgrade from Vista to XP for Satellite A210-16F PSAEL

    Other users of laptops from Toshiba greetings

    I come to you with what I noticed to be a fairly frequent problem for users of Satellite A2xx - downgrade from Windows Vista to XP.

    I am owner of a 2 - day old of a Toshiba Satellite A210 - 16F PSAEL (AMD processor) and Vista Home Premium crashes on me during the installation of an application. So I searched the forum and found a full list of the XP drivers for the series equipped with AMD (my thanks for people who have set up their discoveries). I also found a guide to downgrade to XP, but it was the Intel-based and intended for users A200.

    My question would be if there is such a guide out there for the A210 series, the AMD-based or could someone please indicate the steps to follow for the downgrade.

    Thanks in advance

    Interested, too, that's why push this thread a little, aka a friendly BUMP ;)


  • Need drivers XP for Satellite A210 - 16G

    If anyone has a drivers for A210 - 16G support Win Xp please let me know... I am from Russia and English is very very bad.

    The Satellite 210 - 16G belongs to the PSAELE series.

    The Toshiba driver page provides some unique to this series XP drivers:

    No doubt the other pilots to be released in the coming weeks.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A210 - 16G (PSAELE) - how to use 4 GB and update the BIOS?

    Hello! I hope someone can answer a few questions for me.

    First of all is: How can I turn on my laptop to use all the 4 GB of RAM? OS is Win Vista Ultimate 32-bit with Service Pack 2. Now Vista all show the 4 GB of RAM, but don't use it. I activated the EAP in Vista, but still nothing. As I saw, I need to turn it on too memory remapping in BIOS but there is no option (my BIOS is ver.1.70).

    The second question relates to the BIOS. Because my version is 1.70 and there are more recent version 2.00; I get benefits if I update to BIOS? Someone has updated to version 2.00? And there are more options in the BIOS after update to version 2.00 (for example the memory remapping or a similar option)?
    I'm a little afraid to update BIOS, because sometimes my Toshiba freezes, and I would not hang during the update of the BIOS.

    And the final question is there any changelog to the BIOS? So I can see what is added and changed, and what's new in the new version of the BIOS. Because I could not find anywhere.

    Thanks for the responses to come.


    (1) you can use the entire 4 GB of RAM on a 32 bit OS. It is a due limitation of 32-bit technology. Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 may recognize the full 4 GB of RAM but not use it, more than 3.2 g.
    Here you can find more information about this limitation:

    (2) about BIOS updated I can tell only must be made only if you have problems with the laptop. A BIOS update should never be done just for fun, because it of still a little risky. In the worst case, you can destroy the ROM module or complete motherboard.
    Update the BIOS doesn't normally contain new features or options. It s bug just setting. In addition it can t solve the problem with 4 GB of RAM and Vista 32 bit if you think that ;)
    If your laptop does not have 100% stable you shouldn't t update because it s too risky. Before the update, you should try to solve the problem of gel.

    (3) If a change log is available you can find it on the Toshiba site. If you can t find, there isn t available.
    That s all about this.

    I hope I could help a bit.

    Good bye

  • Can I use European 2.1 BIOS update for Satellite A300 PSAGCA?


    My toshiba's Satellite A300 PSAGCA-02Y010, bought in September 2008.
    I want BIOS update latest version 2.10 for windows 7, but in the Web of Toshiba-NZ site, I can only find the version 1.9, I find 2.10 for A300 Toshiba Europe, but Europe models are all different from NZ.

    My question is: could I use this BIOS 2.10 europe in my toshiba A300 nz? Thank you.


    I would not recommend using a BIOS that is not released for your laptop model.
    There are a lot of different series for laptop on the market.

    You must use the BIOS that is designed exactly for the portable model!
    As you know, the BIOS update is a reasonable process and can damage the ROM chip using BIOS wrong!

  • Need help with drivers for Satellite A210-186

    I have a Satellite A210-186 and I can't find the drivers for Windows XP. Can someone tell me where to find the drivers for XP?


    If you follow this [LINK:] you can reach the site to download drivers. But I must warn you, momentarily, except for the wireless and display no other driver available. Either they will download the other one or you will have to pick up the remaining drivers in the internet (such as LAN, flashmedia, etc...)

    But I think they should update the section soon and allow us drivers...

    Welcome them

  • Need drivers XP for Satellite A210-12Y (PSAELE)

    I am a young professional and I need to use Windows XP to work because Vista is not altogether reliable. Unfortunately, I noticed that the drivers for the said OS are not yet published (with my disappointment) on the site Web of Toshiba.

    Could you please give me some pointers on how to fix this? Or I'll just wait for the release of the said drivers from the main website (hoping it happens anytime soon)?

    A210-12Y PSAELE (00V00TIT)

    Click on the link provided by adreblood

  • I need BIOS update for Satellite Pro M70 (PSM75E), but only for the BACK

    Hello world

    Help me!! I'm looking for driver for BACK Bios M70. Does not exist, only for windows and my cell phone is dead.
    Bad news, because after 3 minutes, stop!

    So I have only one solution (with the diskette bootable cd).
    So I need the dos version of the Bios

    Thank you

    This version is not available on the official support page so only one chance to get it is to contact Toshiba service nearest and ask for help.
    Sorry, but I don't see another option for traditional BIOS.

Maybe you are looking for