Satellite A215-S4757: screen started to shake, moving up and down

I bought my laptop about a year and a half and no major problems until this week.
It started a few days when the image on the screen started to shake, moving up and down and lines began to appear on the screen and get out. I restarted the computer, but the screen would not power on. After a few tries, it ends by came and worked fine for a while before he has begun to do the same thing again. It happened a few times until yesterday when no matter how many times I tried it didn't come.

I don't think that the problem is only with the screen because I have the laptop connected to my TV via the VGA cable and image out there doing the same thing once more. Also although powers mobile upward and the power light lights, satellite words do not light upward unless the screen lights up.

The CAPS LOCK button also has a light on what should be enlightening (pressed) so if everything works fine and it does not either.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?

Thank you.


Have you installed the latest driver to display on the Toshiba site?

In the worst cases, the motherboard should be replaced. I doubt that s a display problem internal because you have the same problem on the external monitor.
So contact the nearest ASP.

Good bye

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  • Satellite A215-S4757 blue screen & startup failure after HARD drive partitioning

    I just bought a Satellite A215-S4757 a week ago & I tried to divide my hard drive coz, I was only one partion (250 GB) using acronis disk director.

    After that I got the blue screen and now I failed to start and I tried all the options to repair my windows or load in SafeMode to no avail coz it crashes just from the window of microsoft corporation.

    I tried to reinstall windows vista with the cd but still does not!
    pls someone helo me :(


    Creator of disc of Acronis does not for me but I know for sure that you can split the capacity of the HARD drive into two partitions with rendering recovery DVDs. Start your laptop with recovery DVDs and check the option to install it.

    You must have a mobile US model. I am from Europe and I don't know about you how it works with the recovery media in the United States, but it should be similar to the European and because of that it must be an option to divide the capacity of the HARD disk with two partitions.

    Please try again. It should work somehow.

  • Satellite A215-S4757 SD card reader does not work correctly

    Hello world

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A215-S4757. I recently had a duo memory stuck in the SD card slot and got out. Now when I insert a card into the laptop shows no signs of reading. I don't know if it is damaged or simply not work (but in Device Manager, it says its fine.) If any of you can help with the problem would be great. Thank you for your time.


    If you have inserted a memory stick duo, but how you removed? A point would be to remove the card reader in the device and reinstall it.

    Another chance if you don't have a chance, you must send your machine to a local authorized service partner that should make a hardwarecheckup on your machine. You might find that the nearest using this link:

    Give some information about your success.
    Welcome them

  • Satellite A215-S4757 - battery life and the problem of cooling fan

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to ask a few questions abou my system: first, the cooling fan works in my view too often: almost without interruption, with brakes for 2-3 seconds. Is this normal?

    I have my laptop since last August and I think that it shouldn't be a dust problem, because it is too 'young' for this and I do not live in an apartment "dusty"...

    In any case, I think that the problem of "almost allways running fan" appeared about 2 months after I bought the laptop. I installed 'Speedfan' and I see 'HD0' temperature increases of 30deg remarks immediately after I have start the laptop, on 39deg after 1 hour.

    But the most curious is that so called "Core" temperature oscillates from the beginning between 45deg and 52deg! The fan starts each time the core temperature rises to 50deg and stops when the temperature reached 45deg. This behavior is normal?

    Is the normal temperature of 45-50deg? I use my laptop for browsing the Internet, emails, etc., no complex 3d games!

    The second thing is that the battery life is (and has been since the beginning) not spectacular: it lasts max. 1.5 hours with wireless use on, but normal laptop (don't play not DVDs or something like that). Is this normal? If so, is it because of the amd processor turion 64 x 2?

    Please help me with some tips / advice.

    P.S. I bought my Toshiba as I was travelling to the US (NY).

    Thank you much in advance.


    > I would like to ask a few questions about my system: first, the cooling fan works in my view too often: almost without interruption, with brakes for 2-3 seconds. Is this normal?

    I m an owner of a Satellite A210. It s similar to the A215. The A210 is a European model and the A215 belongs to the series of cell phones in the United States.
    I noticed the same thing on my A210, and I think that's a normal s behavior.

    > But the most curious is that so called "Core" temperature oscillates from the beginning between 45deg and 52deg! The fan starts each time the core temperature rises to 50deg and stops when the temperature reached 45deg. This behavior is normal?
    The 40-60deg CPU temperature is not unusual.
    The temperature could affect up to 70-80degrees by practicing a game. So Don t worry about the temperature.
    Cooling modules are controlled by the BIOS. Fan table is stored in the BIOS and it contains information about the limits of temperature and the use of cooling.
    If a certain level of temperature has been reached the cooling module begins to spin with a certain speed.

    Now, I would like to say a few words on the life of portable batteries
    Generally the duration of battery life depends on the use of portable computers.
    While playing games or watching movies the battery a lot faster.

    In any case, your laptop is equipped with high performance devices and AFAIK Vista was preinstalled on this series. The two factors (high performance CPU and GPU devices) + Vista OS need a lot of battery power. Vista needs of more resources for laptop like Win XP, and so portable computers equipped with Vista operating system run more short on battery such as laptops pre-installed with Win XP.

    Finally and above all he must know that there are different models more strong the battery with high * value of my would help run the notebook longer using the power of the battery.

    Hope I could clarify this issue.

    Good bye

  • MacBook pro 2 logon screen starts with no arrow cursor and must be restarted

    2014 Macbook Pro screen Retina 2 13 "opening session starts with no arrow cursor and must be restarted once every five tests.  When the computer reboots, message appears asking you if it must open programs that had started to load or cancel.  It is a recent problem that does not occur two months ago.  Once restarted, everything seems to be OK.  That is what it is?

    Try the start mode by holding down the SHIFT key at startup. Secure boot is quite slow because the operating system performs some cleanup and verification tasks, so give it time. Once you're completely connected, restart normally.

  • Satellite A215-S4747 screen does turn off not moored with Dynadock.

    I am now running XP on my new laptop and I am VERY happy that I could find all the necessary drivers. A behavior while also happening is when Vista has been loaded, it is that I could not get the laptop screen turns off when it is docked. I have searched and read and followed the instructions to the letter. I'm not not a newbie lazy posting before search... it just doesn't happen as it should.

    If someone managed to solve this problem, please guide me to the promised land!

    The feature you are requesting cannot be provided by the Dynadock.
    It's a USB-dock worker with a generation of additional graphics card in and no docking solution.
    The only thing you can do is disable any action when you close the lid in power management, then close the laptop screen when it is docked with Dynadock.
    The display is off when you close the display cover.

  • I need a part for my Satellite A215-S4757

    Specifically, I'm looking for a small clip that I lost. This is the clip that keeps the cable from the power supply to the motherboard card. I accidentally broke it, and then I lost it without knowing the part number. I can't find this part anywhere online! Please someone help!

    Usual very difficult conclusion designed specifically for laptop, your best option would be the source of the Service Center authorized Toshiba part. There is a list of the ASP on the Toshiba site.

  • Satellite A215-S4757: sites Web continues to display after 30 seconds using WLan

    I can connect to wi - fi but when I open internet Explorer sometimes if I'm lucky, I'll get internet for like 30 seconds and then after that, the pages will be stop showing yet I am always connected. On top of all this, the laptop works slowly.

    Can anyone help with this? Thank you

    Have you noticed the same problem using the LAN (Ethernet cable) connection?

    What of the WLan driver update?

    Are you sure that your OS is clean and you don t have any virus, spyware or malware?

  • Watch the keep on moving up and down

    Original title: monitor

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    • monitor
    • Error messages
    • uninstalled software that is not used for a long time
    • I did a full system scan

    Hi bharnuts32,

    1. don't you make changes before the show?

    We recommend you first to check if the monitor settings are correct. Use the buttons on the monitor to adjust the setting of the correct display.

    Step 1: Adjust your display settings
    a. see change screen resolution
    b. application of the correct screen resolution and check the difference.

    Step 2: Update video card driver
    a. see update a hardware driver that is not working properly
    b. restart the computer once you have installed the right update and check the difference.

    Step 3: Check if a non-Microsoft program is at the origin of the problem
    a. open the article:
    b. Article, follow "step 1: perform a clean boot" the implementation of these measures will disable all programs not Microsoft currently running on the computer.
    c. restart the computer and check if the problem persists.
    d. If the problem does not persist in the boot, it means that some programs non-Microsoft is the source of the problem.
    e. to find the program that is causing the problem, try "step 2: enable half the services" to "step 6: resolve the problem.
    f. Once you find the culprit, check if there is any updates to update or fixes to the program. If you find, install them and check the difference or reinstall the latest program.
    g. Article, follow "step 7: reset the computer to start as usual.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Satellite A215 screen is black


    can someone help me please.
    I just got a Satellite A215 for a little over a month now, and I'm having a few problems. It happened twice where as my laptop just in case would be out just empty.

    It would be on the internet, and all of a sudden the screen is black. What can be the problem with this?

    My friend told me it may be overheating.
    This is usually normal? Me and my friend are not computer experts, so can someone please help me?

    Also, I see there are a lot of windows vista and toshiba programs installed with this laptop.
    Can you get it someone please let me know what programs are completely unnecessary. I really want to clean this laptop so he can be executed at the best performance. I use this laptop for school and for DJing (serato scratch live).
    So can someone please help me?

    Thank you.

    Hello guys

    Have you tried to update BIOS?

  • Satellite A215-7422 - restore DVD gives the error "03-EEEE-0000" 'press 'OK' to restart.

    Hi all!

    I'm trying to restore my Toshiba A215 in the way that it comes from the factory, because I messed with it so that it is not worth of clean install myself if I want to do a clean install of Vista original.

    But for some reason when I booted from the DVD and then chose the "Restore Wizard" or what ever and then it gives me error and makes me reboot. The only things I changed from the factory are a stick 2 gig of ram, latest version of bios and updated firmware for the DVD drive.

    I'm starting to think that the firmware of the DVD drive can affect the DVD because it is not a material commonly updated. I guess right here, but that might be the problem.

    Any thoughts?


    Hmm... Do you have you have downloaded and used the firmware and the BIOS from the Toshiba page we?
    Satellite A215-7422 belongs to the American TV series and therefore you must use the drivers from the Toshiba driver page we.

    Have you tried to install the OS by using the original CD of Microsoft Windows?

    This allows to know if this problem could be linked to the issue of CD/DVD drive (firmware) or corrupted RAM modules.

    According to your post above, the new RAM 2 GB module has been inserted.
    Perhaps you should withdraw and should try to install the operating system using the original modules were installed in the laptop from the beginning.

    Check it out

  • Unable to connect to the college network after installing Vista business on Satellite A215

    I have a Satellite A215-S4757, which I brought with me in College, I was told that the server of the College has a problem with vista home, which is what I currently the wireless is down, so after installing business and plug in the ethernet cable, my laptop does not collect several wireless networks available, or otherwsie

    What to say that you can also access the network using Vista.
    But please note that the Vista operating system supports additional network access security settings that should be disabled or reset.

    How this site published by Microsoft should help you set up the network with Vista settings:

    Here are several tips:
    You should try to open Network Diagnostics by right-clicking the network icon in the notification area, then click on diagnose and repair.

    Vista supports additional firewall options. Please disable all trying to connect to the server.

  • Satellite L15 the screen has a red/pink tint

    When I turn on my toshiba Satellite L15 the screen has a red/pink tint and then 2 minutes later it is fine until the next time I turn on the computer it's screen it self or the inverter?


    Not easy to tell if it s screen or FL inverter question.
    FL Inverter control the backlight of the screen and usually if the FL inverter start problems, then you can see photos on the screen as behind a thick fog.
    Then maybe he problem s screen but that's just a guess.

    However, FL inverter is not very expensive, but the laptop screen is one of the expensive laptop parts so I m not sure if it is s to replace the screen and pay 200-300 Euros for the fix

  • Satellite A200 - 1 GB: images and display color starts to shake

    I have a satellite A200 - 1 GB, and sometimes it reverses the colors of the screen and starts the image starts to tremble. In the beginning, this event was rare, but now that it becomes more frequent.

    I have the latest drivers and all the vista updates. This first grit in the first I used it (with no other software installed).

    Can someone help me with this?
    Thank you

    > Sometimes it reverses the colors of the screen and starts the image starts to shake

    Didn t see something similar and to be honest I don't think that this could be related software.
    I would say that the dysfunction of the LCD or part as FL-ups or something like that.

    I think that you shouldn't t waste time for an investigation and should contact the ASP to the extent possible.
    Guys should check the laptop and if necessary should replace defective parts.

    The guarantee seems to be valid so don t be worried. It should cover everything!

  • Satellite A215 boots to BIOS password screen.

    I have a Satellite A215-7425 with a problem, I thought I'd pass along the forum. Thank God the three Toshiba laptops that we use, it's the only one who has this problem, so far.

    Spontaneously, this laptop starts with the screen of the BIOS at startup password. The problem is, there is no solution for this problem before returning the computer to a Service Center Toshiba where the password can be reset or replaced a security chip or such nonsense. Toshiba technical support can help you to short to send you a UPS box to return the computer in. Technical support Toshiba doesn't have a password that they can give you, or they do not know what causes this problem, but "Toshiba working on it." A search for this problem on Google translates into various web sites that list the Toshiba BIOS passwords, which none has solved my problem.

    Now for my question, that Toshiba could not answer, why, in heaven's name would be a laptop or any computer for that matter, be set up in this way? What is a BIOS password, which, with the lack of effectivly, the computer makes them unusable, has to do with security? It's stupid!

    Oh and another thing, Toshiba is not the only company that does this, Gateway, HP and Dell do not provide a password of BIOS for repair, or their Support technicians technical people.

    So if your Toshiba start screen of the BIOS password, and that your Toshiba just happens to contain information essential for peace in the world, you're out of luck until it can be delivered being repaired and delivered back to you.

    Desmond, a very dissatisfied customer of Toshiba.

    I m the ASP will remove the BISO password and will solve this problem.

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