Satellite L350 - 20G - how to connect it to the TV?


I bought a Satellite L350 - 20G on Tuesday and just have a question, it will probably be the first of many! I was wondering if anyone knows if you can connect to this laptop to a TV via a cable? If so should which cable I buy?

Thank you



I think that it of very easy to connect your laptop to an external monitor or TV. If he doesn t have an HDMI port, you must use the laptop VGA port. Therefore, you need a VGA cable and, in addition, a VGA adapter RCA if your TV isn't equipped with VGA port.

If you are looking for on eBay or online shops for VGA or VGA to RCA cable, you should find enough results! ;)

And in your user manual, you can also find information on the use of the external monitors. You can switch with FN + F5 the monitor then.

Good bye

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    I have a L350-264, which does not have an HDMI output jack. I want to play videos through my TV Sony flat screen.

    I think I can connect the Jack of the monitor (15-pin) for vision TV, but what about the sound. I guess that the headset plug will not provide a strong enough signal.

    Any suggestions?


    > I guess that the headset plug will not provide a strong enough signal.
    Why do you think that?
    You have tested it already?

    On my Satellite L300, I too only VGA output port and use the headphone jack to the audio signal. Everything works fine and the sound is pretty good.
    Check it!

  • Satellite L350 - 20G powers down during start up

    My Satellite L350 - 20G begins to start and 10 seconds after stopping powers.

    He also refused to load.

    We exchanged the batteries completely charged with the same model and the same problem.


    To me, it looks like a hardware problem
    Have you checked the adapter? The power is ON?

    Possibly a defective power adapter could be the reason why the battery can not be charged and why the laptop stops during the startup process

    Otherwise, it could be an electrical problem of power supply on the motherboard
    That's possible too

    How about starting with a single module of RAM?
    Check it a friend of mine to not boot the laptop because of the faulty RAM module

  • Satellite L350 - 20G PSDL8E stops automatically

    I use Toshiba Satellite L350 - 20G PSDL8E. Whenever I connect my charger to the laptop, it turns off suddenly, but if I connect my charger for laptop and make safe mode, although it works perfectly cut.

    It also happens while installing new windows located between she gets off when I connect my charger to the laptop. I tried the charger of my friend, then also the same problem.
    I also tried only on the adapter that is without battery, but then also the problem persists. Sometimes, the screen becomes red or white or green or blue.
    I put t know what to do!

    Help me please guys, I'm in very big trouble.

    For me, it looks like a hardware problem.
    The laptop does not stop even if you connect the power adapter or using just the battery.
    The different colors that appear on the screen could be related to the problem of graphics card. But its really hard to tell if it s a problem with the GPU or motherboard only

    However, in your case there are not many options, the material needs to be scanned / verified if the authorized service partner is the next point, you need to contact.

  • Can satellite L350 - 20G - I put the CPU?

    Just got a Satellite L350 - 20G with a Celeron T1600 and I was wondering if anyone new what processors are compatible with what I think the upgrade? I was thinking the Intel Pentium Dual T3400, but is there something faster?

    Thank you


    Just a question: why do you think an upgrade of CPU so just got this laptop? Why you didn t buy a laptop with Pentium processor?

    In any case, an upgrade of the CPU is not supported and you will lose the warranty. In addition, I think that the BIOS and motherboard do not work with the other CPU.
    If n t believe you, see this article:

    Good bye

  • Satellite M40X-189: how to connect RGB port to port RS232?

    as you know the satellite M40X - 189 P - M 730/XP has a port monitor RGP and doesn't have a RS232 port.
    I work with device of automatic titration requiring the RS232 port for connection!
    No idea how I can connect my laptop on this unit!

    pls help
    Thank you


    AFAIK the RS-232 port is a serial port and I don t think that it of possible to connect the RGB port to the RS232 port.
    But I found the site useful:

    You will find a description how to connect the USB port to an RS-232 port.
    You need an interface ADU.
    Click on the link.

  • Re: Satellite L350 - 16 M is connected but do not load

    Satellite L350 - 16 M
    Connected to the adapter and works, but do charge not (power 0)

    Remove the battery, start the laptop and wait until Windows has finished loading. Replace the battery.
    Battery is correctly recognized?
    Still not loaded?

  • Satellite L350 - 21Q - No internet Connection

    My husband's laptop computer cannot access the internet even if the network connection says connected successfully - local network only.

    I have another 3 laptops and an ipad on the network, so don't think that there is no problem with the network. The wireless connection is enabled, wireless says its working properly and I did all the checks recommended by my ISP.

    Anyone has any ideas I can try? Thanks for any help offered.


    Did you check if the firewall is blocking the connection Internet by Satellite L350? So if you have a firewall installed you should disable and then test it again.
    What happens if you open a Web browser?

    The Satellite L350 has an IP address? Maybe you have to change it in the TCP/IP configuration. Also test it with static and automatic IP address (depending on your router).

  • Satellite Pro M70: How to connect to the internet using a second computer

    I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro M70 with a RTL8139/810 x Family Fast Ethernet NIC use this, the laptop was connected to a desktop PC, whereby it is connected to the internet via a modem ADSL (USB) on the desktop. The laptop runs XP Pro; the desktop has XP Home.

    My laptop has been a nasty virus. When removing it, he lost the ability to network. I tried "repair network", but he could not find an IP address. In the end, I had to manually set an IP address for the network to work again. You use IPCONFIG release and renew the IP addresses that failed - unable to connect to the DHCP server.

    He could now see the Office network and Exchange files across be it, but it could no longer contact internet.

    I decided to reinstall the OS on the laptop, but this does not solve the problem. I still have to manually set the IP on the laptop. I can connect two PCs, but does not see the internet from the laptop on the network.

    If I connect the laptop directly to the internet via the modem, it works fine. I can even access the internet from the computer on the network when this is the laptop that has the internet connection.

    The virus could have damaged the Ethernet controller, or she affected somehow?

    Is it possible to test?

    Have you advice?


    The virus was detected on the laptop you so maybe your PC has also been affected.
    Did you check if the laptop and the PC using the same workgroup?

    XP supports a help option. There, you might choose the Internet Connection Sharing Troubleshooter. "

    Maybe it helps

  • Satellite L350-277 - how to recover to factory settings?

    I had a lot of problems with my Satellite L350-277. I had already created a recovery to help drive the Tech that was installed on the laptop guy.

    In any case, it is time to reinstall again to the State of the plant. Thoughtless I pulled a drive of my computer Vista laptop satellite (I thought it was the original disc). All goes well until it restarts after you install windows system. On the screen was the warning that the product key was wrong, that's when I noticed the Vista on the screen. So I tracked down to the copy I made, it was not in the channel where I put the original his was among all the garbage I've had in the area (where I put all the waste). He was full of scratches and it does not load.

    What I had actually done using the Vista disc has been clear the program on the D drive that reads from Windows 7. I ended up going to the PCWorld Tech guys. They have reinstalled windows 7 for the cost of £50. I didn't mind that I got my laptop working again. What I did not know according to them, was I can't create a recovery disk.

    So to my question. Can I get my laptop back with all Toshiba knick knacks, so that its possible to create a restore disk. If not, can I get a Windows 7 disc installation program, download all drivers & create a restore disk in case of something that happens and I can reinstall windows 7? Get cramps in my fingers now. I'm not going on a little lol.

    Hey Buddy,

    That s a little confused is your story...

    Normally you get factory settings if you are using the Toshiba recovery disc. It will restore the pre-installed Windows version that came with your laptop.

    If you have Windows 7, you can t create a Toshiba Recovery disk. Only possible on what s preinstalled Windows from Toshiba, but if you install your own copy, you can create such a floppy.

    If you have the original operating system back, you can order a recovery disc Toshiba here:

  • Satellite L300-1BV - how to connect to the TV?

    Should what cable I plug the Satellite L300-1BV to my TV?

    Thanks for the answers in advance


    What video ports you have on your Satellite L300 of output?

    I have the Satellite L300 too but he has only normal VGA output. This means that I m using a cable RCA VGA adapter to connect it to my TV. After that I connected the cable that I turn on the TV and then the laptop. On the laptop, you can switch between monitors now with FN + F5.

  • Can satellite L350 - 20G - I use the keys function for iTunes?

    I have a L350 - 20G.
    Is it possible to get the funcion of buttons at the top of the laptop (play/pause stop; back; before) to work with iTunes?

    Thank you


    As far as I know, you can only configure the first button that starts the application (iTunes).
    The other buttons you mean like play, stop and pause can t be configured. There is no tool to Toshiba for this available.

    I don't use iTunes, WinAmp you can configure the functionality of the button but I put t know if iTunes allows you to adapt these settings too.
    Try it and post your result. :)

    Good bye

  • Satellite L500-1XZ - how to connect the port adapter or firewire?

    How to connect an adapter or a firewire port? The specifications of my laptop refer to two expansion slots (one for the configuration). Where they are and how to connect a firewire adapter?


    Hey Buddy,

    You can buy a PC Express card with firewire ports to connect your firewire devices. Ask your computer dealer preferred for this, they should be able to sell an expansion card.

    For example, I founded it:
    [LINDY FireWire - 2-port ExpressCard/34 card | = 8-3]

  • Satellite L350 Vista: How to install caps lock sound?

    I have a new Toshiba Satellite L350. When I use the caps lock, I would get a sound. I just get a light. What should I do?


    Is this possible?
    Have you seen this somewhere?

    I have never seen anything like it and I guess you're the first person to request this feature

  • Satellite L450-181 - how to connect to the TV?

    How to connect my laptop to my Toshiba regza TV?

    Hi ian guest,.

    Unfortunately, your laptop doesn t have output HDMI then you must use the VGA port on your computer. Most TVs also have that VGA port, so you can use a VGA cable to the connector on your laptop to the TV.

    If you did start two devices and select VGA (PC) channel on your TV. Press the FN + F5 key combination to switch between monitors (internal and external).

Maybe you are looking for