Satellite M105-S3041 power connector part number


My Toshiba laptop (M105-S3041) seems to have a lot of problems with power.
My OEM adapter broke and I bought a replacement (not OEM) on ebay.
That worked fine until a month ago I started having problems charging my laptop.
In my view, the adapter works just fine (as the light on the adapter goes on) and I have a problem with my power supply.

I've been looking for model / part number for the power outlet without a bit of luck. Someone please help me on with the model/part number correct, where to buy and the approximate price for it?

Secondly, does anyone know if the power supply is plug ' don't play or should it be soldered on the motherboard?
I was pretty well to say it-assemble the laptop and put it back together (except for a bloody screw which does not come off, I will probably saw this guy here).

Thank you



I m not very well, but I think that the DC-in socket is soldered to the motherboard.
In this case, it would be difficult procedure to replace it.
But it seems that you are not 100% sure that this part is malfunctioning.
It could also be the problem of AC adapter, as you say, you bought a non original part.
It s just a suggestion, but I would try to replace the power adapter with a recommended Toshiba one before trying to disassemble the laptop and replace the DC-in Jack.

PS: All parts can be ordered from local Toshiba ASP!

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    My son has the older Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 Intel Celeron 2.0 GHZ 256 MB 30 GB DVD/CD-RW 14tft monitor.
    His diet no longer works, can someone tell me the power adapter part number that I am looking for a new one for him.
    I need to get a reference number and any number of compatible power cards.
    Appreciate any assistance.
    Thank you

    Hi Jane,

    I think the part number you need is PA3283E-2ACA

    Find out on the following link: -. duct_uid = 64945 & _LOC = UK

  • Safe to buy adapters from Ebay for Satellite M105-s3041?


    I just lost my power adapter for my computer Satellite M105-s3041.
    I want to get a replacement, but I bought my computer in the United States and am not sure that a replacement would be a plug 3 pin UK.

    In the same way to another guy here I also wonder if it is safe to byuy adapters from e - bay that I don't want to pay so much money for a replacement adapter.

    Any of you have experience with 2 bays replacements?

    I do not know what adapter would be OK for my model,

    I hope you can help,


    For me, it seems that Satellite M105-s3041 is an American notebook series.

    I checked the Toshiba page we and found this page:

    [Satellite M105-S3041 specifications detailed | d = 1420312]

    You need a 15V - 5A AC adapter with frequency 50-60 Hz (Universal) entry.
    The Global PA2521U-2ACA Toshiba 90W AC adapter would be also compatible...

    You ask if it s safe to use an adapter from Ebay.
    Well, generally, you must use compatible parts and supported.
    But I think you can also use another part, but it is important that a 3rd party adapter would support the same specifications as the Toshiba power adapter.

    Then, everything should work ok

  • Satellite M105-S3041: where to find a second memory slot

    Hello everyone!

    I just desperately on the TOSHIBA forums for an emergency with a few tech question (more than a problem).
    I own a TOSHIBA Satellite M105-S3041, I currently have Windows Vista Edition full, but only with 512 MB of RAM.
    Yes, he did run the badly slow, so I bought 4 GB of RAM (two sticks of Kingston 2.0 GB).

    Now, the real problem comes when I begin to wonder "how I go to install", I turned upside down from my laptop and I find this small 'door' affluent as a memory icon little engraved.
    So I guess that's where the RAM memory.
    Now, my wealthy laptop RAM TWO modules for up to 4 GB of RAM, as stated in the User Guide, but when I opened the small 'gate' I saw that he was (or seemed to) that a SINGLE module and I couldn't see the stick of 512 MB of RAM today!

    Until "my computer is running on imaginary memory!
    Laughing out loud! "and I can not find the second module!

    Help, please! I need to install any memory now and here where I live there Center support TOSHIBA No. or even a dealer who could help me!
    So I depend only on TOSHIBA online support!, IF possible, in response, I can get a link to a video tutorial or maybe you guys include photos in your answers to guide me?

    Thank you very much!
    Trino A.

    I think that it has already solved the problem. ;)

    Otherwise, he would publish again.

  • Satellite M105-S3041 - where to find the correct drivers?

    I wiped the unit and reinstalled the operating system. Now, I can't get on the Internet.

    How can I find the driver appropriate for my Satellite M105-S3041?


    I searched a bit using Google and it seems that you have a model American and therefore all drivers and tools that you can get here: > download > laptops > Satellite > Satellite M105-S3041

    I hope I could help you :)

  • Possible failure on the Satellite M105-S3041 of video card

    I think that my video card can be past on my M Toshiba Satellite M105-S3041 series.
    I had a green line down on the side of my screen on the width of a pixel for about a year.
    There are also a few colored lines on the right side of the screen about 3 pixels long.

    Looks like blue-red-yellow lines.
    Recently, I'll be on the computer and the icons and the taskbar will be blur and have a look blurry color similar to what you would see on a TV with no reception.

    Error messages will be displayed on the computer and whenever I'm on a Web site with the blurry icons, it will close the site and then finally I'll take the blue screen of death and the computer will restart.

    I also noticed that the computer is running a little more slowly than before.

    Any idea?

    Hmm, unfortunately, but I think you might be right
    The problem could be really related to the defective graphics chip

    But if you want you can connect the laptop on the external monitor to check if it of really issue a GPU.
    If the same lines would appear on the external monitor, then the graphics card is defective!

    It would be the worst case, because the whole motherboard must be replaced :(

  • Satellite M105-S3041 DVD player

    Anyone know, which brand of DVD player should have Satellite M105-S3041, because in my PIONEER DVD-RW-DVR-K16A and I think that this driver is not DVD SuperMulti.

    Why you just don't check s manuals for your laptop. There you should find a list of all the sides built into your laptop model. There are also list with all compatible dimensions. Most models of laptops come with a few different sides and it is possible that your laptop is delivered without player Super multi.

    BTW: have you bought new and original book packed or maybe used one?

  • Question about ODD on Satellite M105-s3041

    I have Satellite M105-S3041 and there PIONEER DVD-RW-DVR-K16A. Is this right?


    I don't know why the reader should not be ok?
    The notebooks drive DVD SuperMulti (+/-R double layer) supports 11 formats:

    Here the maximum speed and compatibility:
    CD-ROM (24 x: read), CD - R (24 x: write), CD - RW (10 x: write),
    DVD-ROM (8 x: read), DVD-R (single layer, 8 x: write), DVD-R (Double layer, 2 x: write), DVD - RW (4 x: write),
    DVD + R (single layer, 8 x: write), DVD + R (Double Layer 2.4 x: write), DVD + RW (4 x: write), DVD-RAM (5 x: write)

    I think that the disc is not bad. I don't use it, but I have found no complaints about this player.

    Greetings ;)

  • Satellite P300-1 has 8 - part number for the AC adapter / CC


    Can anyone tell me the part number of the AC adapter I need to buy for my Satellite P300-1 c 8?
    Model No.: PSPCOE-01H008EN 15550 / 1024/1024/160 G 54/17W + BT/D52/L/M/L

    The toshiba site list or recognize the model, CarPhone Warehouse does not provide me with detailed documents and the original adapter was stolen. If not, can anyone provide an email address for toshiba (I am unable to call during their office hours).

    Or failing that, some general tips on an adapter compatible Please, I bought an adapter for the correct base - 19V, 3 specification. 95 a, (75W), Connector (PA3715E-1ACE) 2.5/5.5mm however, it does not work. The toshiba site lists another card of the same specs (PA3468E-1AC3) but I am reluctant to risk without being sure that it is just to buy it. I'd be happy to buy a universal adapter but only a high quality which will not be an electrical danger.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hey Buddy,

    You can search for options and accessories here:

    Why you need an email at Toshiba?
    If you have questions about spare parts, you must contact a Toshiba instead authorized service provider.

    In general, I would recommend the original adapter because it of tested and designed for your laptop. With other words, it s a product of high quality.

  • Satellite 2066CDS - Type and the part number of RAM

    I recently got an old 2060CDS functioning like well-oiled clockwork and I want to add memory to it.
    I don't know where to find part numbers or even to determine the type of RAM I need.

    I was offered the following: TOSHIBA 64 MB PC66 144PIN SODIMM THY648021BFG-10.
    But I don't know if it will work.

    Any help would be welcome


    Please check this site on [memory for Toshiba Satellite 2060CDS |]

    Satellite 2060CDS can be improved up to 160 MB :D
    The maximum that can be used in 128 MB and compatible module are SODIMM 144 pin PC66.

  • What is the connector 100 OEM part number used on the PCI-DIO-96 map pins?

    I have a PCI-DIO-96 card and I want to make my own custom cable to connect to the connector of the OID 100 i/o pins.  However, I can't find any reference to the reference OEM of the connector used on the PCI-DIO-96 Board so I can order his companion.

    If anyone knows of any information about the connector part number 100 pins used on the PCI-DIO-96 Board, I would be very happy to know this information.

    Thank you.

    Well, I found earlier the information I was looking for...  Page 1-3 of the PCI-DIO-96 manual (section "Custom wiring").  FYI, I have the March 2009 edition of the manual.  (it helps to actually read the manual, huh?)

    In this section, two OEM mating connectors are suggested:

    Company AMP (P/N 749879-9)

    Honda Corporation (Ref. PCS-XE100LFD-HS)

    I went to the website of the GPA.  There are actually two AMP parts active that do the trick... the P/N given in the PCI-DIO-96 manual map is the non-RoHS connector version.  The compliant version RoHS/ELV of this connector is AMP P / N 5-749879-9.  (Note than the previous one "5" in the part number)

    For the purposes of referral, the connector is a series of 0.050 "SCSI cable insulation Dispalcement Connector [CID] (100 pins to 0.050" Ribbon).

    In the United States, Heilind Electronics ( carries the AMP part.  Minimum purchase is six parts.  At the time of this announcement, they have a few hundred in stock.

    If all goes well, that helps other readers.


  • Satellite M105 - replacement hard drive capacity problem

    Hello, I recently installed a new hard drive of 320 GB (Seagate Momentus ST9320421AS) in my Toshiba Satellite M105-S3041 laptop to replace the original 80 GB drive.

    I use Windows XP Service Pack 3 and the latest firmware (v2.90).

    However, the new drive is restricted in some way to only about 130 GB.

    The size is not reported in the BIOS, just the model number of the drive. Utility disk management Windows reports the size as: go 127,81 and using a Live CD of Ubuntu Linux and Seagate Seatools reports also this drive must be about 130GB.

    So, I think that it is a BIOS or hardware problem. Can do something to allow me to use the full capacity of this disc?

    Help, please. Thank you.

    As far as I know that some specialists PC uses special tools to manipulate of the BIOS and the ability of the entire HARD disk can be used. But I really don t know what you can do.
    In my opinion, you need to use maximum supported HARD drive, but if you need more capacity for private data, you must use an external 2.5 HDD.

    Friend of mine has bought yesterday 400 GB 2.5 for 99 Euros only. It's a really good investment.

  • Part number of Mini PCI WLAN for Sat Pro 2100

    Please can someone tell me the part number Wireless LAN Mini PCI for PS210E 007 T 9 en (Satellite Pro 2100).


    I got a Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI, which must be compatible with the Satellite Pro 2100
    Is the part number: PA3212U-2MPC

    If you want to buy accessories or devices to your laptop but you don? t know the right parts, so you can contact Toshiba service partner in your country.
    There you can order everything for your laptop.

    Also found this topic on the Forum.

  • Satellite A210-16F - part number for the chassis need HARD drive


    does anyone know what what is the * part number of hard drive for toshiba satellite A210-F16 chassis *.

    The model number is * PSAELE-01S009G3 *.
    I had a frame of HARD drive with a V00927210 part number that does not match this pattern.
    If anyone knows of a reference number or if it can display an image, at least, I would be very gratefull!

    Thank you!


    I put t know what HARD drive chassis you re meaning precisely because the HARD drive in my A210 notebook can not find in any media
    It s just connected to the connectors in the HARD drive Bay.

    Anyway, if you need a few laptop parts (not looking at this as part it is) then I recommend you contact the ASP (certified partner) in your country in order to get a part for the Satellite A210 laptop model.

    See you soon

  • HP Docking Station EN488AA - part number for power adapter


    I have a HP Compaq nx8220 laptop, with HP Docking Station EN488AA.

    Unfortunately I lost the power supply for the docking station.

    I always have the power supply for the laptop itself (393955-001), but they do not plug in to the docking station. This is the correct voltage but only 90 w instead of 120W, and the connector is the right size.

    I search online for the part number for the power supply of the correct replacement for the dock, but it has become very confused when I found advertising sites the same spare part for the nx8220 and the EN488AA when they are clearly different because the plugs do not match. No specify the size of the plug so I don't know who is who.

    Can someone help me identify the correct replacement part? Or better yet, is there an available adapter so I can use my power for the docking station too?

    Attached are two photos - the plug of the power supply next to the entrance to the laptop (fits) and the dock (does not fit).

    Thank you


    Here are the details:

    AC adapter (120W) - RC, V intelligent power - with power factor correction (PFC) technology
    Part # 693709-001
    Part # 609941-001 (is no longer available with HP)

    Adapter AC Smart (120 watts) - input 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, 2. 5A - exit 18.5VDC, 6. 5 a, 120 watts, PFC - requires separate 3 cord with connector C5 power wires - includes NO dongle for the elders, non-Smart compatible notebook PC
    Part # 613154-001

    I also want to mention that the 90W Adapter will work with the docking station with right adapter but you will get all the features, but it will work.

Maybe you are looking for