Satellite M30 WLAN Standard: 'G' as Possible?

Recently bought FWG 114P WIFI Netgear router, which is capable of running on a transfer rate of 54 Mbps (802. 11 G).
I understood from the M30 manual wireless inside the M30 is also able to cope with the G standard. However, if I push the WLAN router to apply the standard of G only, I lose my connection.
Need me a WLAN card for 54 Mbps transfer speed? If so, how can I "turn off" the card WLAN build - in the M30, so that the two cards don't no inferences?

Thank you much for the help.

Best regards, Juergen

Hi Jürgen,

As far as I know your laptop has standard WLAN card: 802. 11B. This means that you cannot use standard G. Only way to fix this is, built the new card with the standard G. You can also use alternatives such as PCMCIA cards.

Good bye

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  • Satellite M30 WLAN Driver download

    We don't want the following download link:

    can someone help me download the new wlan driver?



    As you can see the Toshiba page is down. Please indicate the WLAN card and Googling around you it is driver. Also try on

    Bye and good luck!

  • Satellite M30-604: unable to connect to the WLan

    Hi all

    I have some problems with my toshiba SM30-604

    First of all, I find the product in the section support somehow, even I can't find it by giving the serial number! ???
    Even with the program auto-detection!

    The other big problem is with the wireless card.
    Since the first time I bought the laptop when I tried to connect with some internet wirless networks I had problems with certain types of escryption of these networks.

    If the network is an escryption
    WPA 2,.
    WPA - PSK
    I can not connect to this network and he brings a message, something like "the network may not be available at this time" Although it is.

    Even if has a WEP encryption and password isn't a 10-digit is brings a message like "the neck should be 40 bits or 104 bits and 5 or 13 ASCII characters and 10 or 26 hexadecimal characters.

    The last days I can not connect to any wireless network for the above reasons.
    I know that its an old pc, but it is very good even for today an I still use it even I have other laptops

    Please can someone help me?
    Will there be some updates for my card toshiba wireless?
    I downloaded the automatic detection tool, but it does not recognize my pc model

    Under my pc has this data:

    model No. PSM30E-0SY2K-GK

    the wireless card must be the:
    Intel (r) PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter

    I'm desperate this problem.


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    > First of all, I find the product in the section support somehow, even I can't find it by giving the serial number! ???

    The portable M30-604 PSM30E-0SY2K-GK is an old classic. Right?
    Well, Toshiba driver European page you will find three categories: Archive, book and Options.
    If you don't find this portable model of laptop in the computer category then I would say that the next step should be archiving. Right? To me, it seems plausible to check the area archives due to the age of the laptop.

    In addition, the books are sorted by serial number; means that you won't find satellite M30 604 but Satellite M30 PSM30E.

    To my knowledge the Intel (r) PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 supports only 802.11 B Wlan standard and only the key WEP, WPA, encryption (AES +).

    This means that if the WiFi network is not set to 802.11 B and if the WiFi network has been set to WPA2 encryption, so you won't be able to connect to this network.

  • Unable to connect to a WLAN secure with router Satellite M30 and BT Voyager 2000

    I just have everything reinstalled on my laptop Satellite M30 and cannot get my computer to connect to wireless internet as soon as I activate the shared WEP security. The laptop's wireless adapter is an Intel(r) pro/wireless LAN 2100 3B mini pci. I downloaded and installed the latest driver for the adapter (2006, version ProSet version My operating system is Windows XP.

    I use BT broadband with a router of Voyager 2000. The wireless connection works perfectly on the PC using a USB BT 2100 wireless adapter. There is a connection internet insecurity very low, nearby which I can connect to with my laptop. I'm sure that will all receive first set the Internet with BT I was set the router via and the home page of the router and did not have to do anything to the wireless adapter.

    Any help is very appreciated. I spent hours trying to solve this problem with absolutely no luck at all.


    You see your wireless LAN?
    Do you have MAC address filtering? or have you activated the firewall?
    Clear all: WEP encryption, MAC address, filtering, firewall, etc...

    Then, login to your WLan and check if it works.
    If Yes, then it s your problem of setting and you have to carefully check what setting is incorrect.

    (In my opinion, your encryption key is false)

  • Satellite M30, Intel pro WLAN 2100 3B mini PCI adapt does not

    I bought a satellite M30 a week ago. I used the wirless lan a few times. Now I rebooted the computer after that the wireless network adapter no longer works. In the properties of the device, there is error code 10: impossible to activate the device.
    I tried to uninstall the device and installing again, but it did not work.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance


    Hi, congratulations on your Satellite M30!

    Cold machine. Well I'd keep it very simple. Redefine your laptop to factory settings (Simple recover using the CD or the DVD delivered).

    If the won´t still card Wifi works, there will be a material damage on your laptop.

    Please let the dealer take a look on your machine.

    Good bye

  • Satellite M30 - possible repair broken?

    My father seems to have broken his laptop (Satellite M30-107), which is the model above.

    When you press the power button it turns on but there is no sound what it is running because I expect. There's no display on the screen. Also the cd drive does not so much need to open manually.

    If I button green light comes on to show so you have power to the keyboard.

    I tried to connect an external monitor, but that does not work either.

    Does anyone have any other ideas I could try? Or know where I could take it to be fixed because it's about 1 week out of warranty :(

    Hi Martyn,

    The first thing to try is to remove the ca cable and also the battery so that the laptop is completely isolated from any power source, then leave it for 5-10 minutes prior to re - attach the cable ca.

    Try turning on the laptop so normal and if you have the same problem then discopnnect the AC cable and install the battery and try again feeding.

    If the laptop still does not power on then it is likely to be a problem with the motherboard that will have to be checked by an authorized service center.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite M30-704: band bandwidth hoggin?

    Hi This is my first post so go easy on me.

    I have a satellite m30 704 currently under xp sp2 and my problem is that I share a wireless network with two other computers, another laptop manufacturing running xp sp2 & a mac from apple OSX.

    The router is a netgear DG834GT.

    They are all connected via wifi & it seems to be my laptop creating the problem monopolizing the bandwidth?

    If I'm on the net at the same time as other portable computer manufacture it is not a problem at all, but if I'm on the net at the same time as the imac it takes literally 5 minutes to load a page on the imac.

    It happens also that as soon as I pass on the other computer laptop manufacturing & I am connected regardless of the fact that I'm not really surf the net?

    But if the XP laptop & the imac are both online at the same time there is no problem at all.

    I'm completely baffed to that I have absolutely no idea why this is happening, I even contacted netgear & they suggested upgrading the firware & reconfigure the router, done cela & still no luck so please can someone help me before I'm left with no option but also to buy a new laptop like the imac user is my brother who is a freelance graphic designer so that it uses his imac for work, hes, threatening to disconnect me!

    Thank you


    A question: why you have connected two units machine to Windows XP and MAC to the internet if you only work with one at the same time?
    Disable the connection on Windows XP computer laptop for work with MAC and everything will be ok ;)

    I don't know why the Internet is slowly on other units while the Satellite M30 704 was connected to the WLan router. Maybe a part 3 application is running in the background and the bandwidth with both hands

    What card WiFi has been installed on the M30?
    It supports a 802.11 B or 802. 11A / B WLan standards?
    Maybe the map of the M30 WiFi signal has a bad influence on the correctly WLan signal received on the iMAC that knows

  • Satellite M30-106 - does not connect via radio

    hope someone can help im having headache with my Satellite M30-106 problems

    I can connect to the internet via ethernet, but once I delete it does not connect via radio. I am trying to connect to a router broadband Sagem sky but for some reason any he just not going, when I open wireless connections, I can see the projection of router as safe but just cannot connect.

    I would also like to point out I am very new on wireless and to be honest, I don't know what im doing please give me advice in simplistic terms you can so I can be sure I understand where im going wrong

    Regards wayne


    If you try to connect to your router, you will ask for a password or what exactly is going on?

    Maybe you should try to update your laptop WLAN driver. You can find it on the Toshiba site: downloads support & -online Download Driver

    Also make sure you use the same WiFi standard that you have configured on the router, for example 802.11 g.

    What operating system do you use? Have you installed all service packs and patches?

  • Satellite M30-107: WPA and WEP security software

    I want to connect my Satellite M30-107 P - M 745 to a network of wifi MIMO inverters to date.
    I bought a router and a PCMCIA adapter.
    I wish security WPA and WEP setup - I need any special software Toshiba on the PC itself to do so, or simply use the software that came with the router and adapter card?
    Thank you


    There is no software Toshiba for the WLAN settings. Toshiba has created the only monitoring software called ConfigFree. By using this software, you can watch the WLAN and LAN connections. This software can also help you identify a connectivity problem if occurs.

    Back to your question: for WLAN settings, you can use the standard Windows WLAN settings or use WLAN data by software adapter settings. Please, make sure the wireless network adapter supports WEP and WPA encryption and also make sure you use the right settings on the router.

  • Satellite M30, partitioning

    After that I got some error messages and viruses so I had to format my laptop the Satellite M30.
    I used the recovery CD Toshiba 2 and the only option for me was Option 1 Option 2 is reserved for specialists, and I'm not familiar with all the terms it. In any case, the formatting not only formatait the C:\ but D:\ thus merged the formerly 2 x 30 GB in a single C:\ partition, I had no option to stop this.
    How can I split my C:\ drive again into 2 partitions of the same size?

    Sorry, but the only way with the delivered software on a M30 to create partitions is the expert mode.
    As far as I know.

    But I have a proposal.

    Tomorrow I'll do a recovery on my M30 will inform you as soon as possible.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A660 - WLan Broadcom 802.11n very slow on Win 8


    I have a Satellite A660 PSAW3a 07r00r and my speedtest is usually 12 or 13 MB/s
    After you have installed Windows 8 64 bit, my speed went back to 2 or 3 MB/s.
    All my other computers are still at 12 or 13 MB/s.

    I tried the drivers 64-bit windows 7 as well but no luck.
    It seems to be a common theme when I googled.
    My broadcom driver version is

    Someone at - it solution or something for me to try?

    Thank you, Will.


    As I m not wrong the 802.11 standards (B/G/N) WLan wireless card BROADCOM BCM94313 supports.

    What Wlan standard are you using exactly?
    The Wlan standard can be changed in the Device Manager-> card WLan-> properties-> Advanced tab

    Given that the wireless network adapter supports 802.11 B / G and N, the 2.4 Ghz frequency is supported.
    This means that max 54 Mbps transfer rate is supported
    But it's just a theoretical value. You will never get to 54 megabits/s usual speed would be ~20Mbit/s = ~ 2.5Mbyte / s

    As you already get 2 or 3 MB/s, everythign seems to be OK

  • Need of recovery for Satellite M30 Series CD

    Hi all!

    I lost my recovery CD and in France they say that it is not possible to send one for me (they said it's old and they don't have them).

    First question: is it possible to use a CD from an another Toshiba (same model)?
    A second: If so, can someone send it to me? I live in Paris!

    Thanks in advance.


    Satellite M30 is old enough laptop model, and I can imagine that this authorized partner can not order the original CD more.

    It will be much better off buying the CD of Microsoft WXP facilities (on eBay it ain't cheap) and you can install WXP yourself. All the necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on Toshiba supports the page.

    For me, it's the best solution for you.

  • Satellite M30 sees only 120 GB installed WD 250 GB HARD drive?

    Recently my native HDD (on M30) crashed and I upgaded with Western Digital WD2500BEVE 250 GB. Disc.
    But when I boot the sytem, it appears that only 120 GB is available!

    Is it possible to use the laptop the full capacity of the HARD drive? Whow?

    Thank you!


    The fact is that not all HARD drive sizes are supported due to the limitation of HARD BIOS disk size.
    Easy said: BIOS don't support all hard drives.

    I've read many threads here in the forum about HARD drive sizes possible max and it seems that a 120 GB of HARD drive is wide that could be used in the Satellite M30.

    You ask now for an update of the BIOS. Am I wrong?

    Well, unfortunately, the update of the BIOS will not improve the situation and will not use the s larger HARD drive as 120 GB :(

    Best regards

  • Satellite M30-604 external usb hdd boot failure

    Hello world

    Hard drive problems seem never to end for me.

    I have a satellite M30-604. Recently my Hitachi HDD crashed. Now, I am trying to boot from an external hard drive via usb, but I can't.

    (a) I use a ViPower 3.5 "(model VP9258T) enclosure external usb 2.0"
    (b) with a Seagate 200 GB hard drive.
    (c) I used the recovery cd to install windows on the seagate
    (d) the bios (v1.4) seems to support the external device to start
    (e) the internal hdd crashed is deleted (it's internal hard drive space is empty)
    (f) the bios sees the drive and recognizes it as a USB

    I think it should work, but when I turn on the computer, after a while, he says: "0201: failure IDE #0"
    and gives me the options to run the program installation or start-up.
    When I choose boot it gives me the window with "boot in safe mode" screen, 'last known good configuration' etc, but nothing of the work options (it restarts and gives the same again).

    Any ideas please?

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    My research on this subject has led me to believe that it is not possible to boot an operating system of attached USB HDD XP. I read several posts on various usenet groups on this issue, and the consensus of opinion is that it is simply not possible.

    Several suppliers of BIOS claim allow a USB HDD to be suitable for start-up purposes but I still have to attend such a machination succeed with XP.

  • Satellite M30-604 - mechanical hard drive failure

    My satellite M30 604 is guaranteed (bought 10 months ago) and my Hitachi travelstar hard drive crashed unexpectedly. The accident is probably mechanical, so I can't use data recovery software (makes things worse). The only way to get my data is to give the HD a specialist who will open in a 'white room' for something like 300-600 Euros (!) and try to recover as much as possible. Now:

    -> Toshiba said that if I do that, the guarantee is void and I will also have to pay for a new disk (100 euros)

    -> If I want to replace the disk (warranty) then toshiba Gets the old drive and I lose my data forever!


    (a) it's my data, my work and you CAN'T make me blackmailing you with such things 'warranty void. I want my old crushed drive back! I want to try to recover as much as I can! my 10 hour work - someday is here!

    (b) Moreover even if the heads of the drive crashed, my PERSONAL, PRIVATE data are always in the disk and CAN be read with special techniques. How toshiba (or any other company for that matter) asking me to give it to them?

    What should I do?
    What would you do?

    I sympathize with your problem and can suggest only the following reflections:

    1. the recovery of your data seems the most important factor here. I suggest you to remove the HARD drive so that it can be sent to a specialist to retrieve data are possible.

    2. Since the removal of the disc HARD not not usually involves a broad dismantling of Notepad it should not invalidate the remaining warranty (other than on the HARD drive itself).

    3 replacement HARD drive can generally be obtained quite a beneficial one of internet sellers price (check using GOOGLE to a suitable replacement). You can then reinstall your OS recovery CD.

    4. I suggest investing in a bunch of backup software (such as Norton Ghost) to avoid this problem in the future. (I had four replacement hard drives on my Satellite A30 in the past 12 months).


Maybe you are looking for