Satellite M500 - Mouse pointer disappears when you play games online

I have a brand new, custom configured M500 form Toshiba. It has Windows 7 Professional Enterprise, 64-bit edition. Everything worked great until I spent a lot of money on the game Star Trek Online. When I go in the game, the mouse pointer disappears. I can see on the screen change action items when the mouse hover over them but no pointer. It makes the game difficult. Then I tried another game online, Free Realms, and I have the same problem.

I use a Logitech V220 Wireless mouse. I uninstalled the Logitech driver to see if that was the issue. I allowed Windows to use the default driver provided with the system. It does not work.

I called Toshiba and they had me remove the device and selected Windows generic driver for that. It works no more. The guy on the line said it would enter my service call and that she would go to a senior technician and they would call me within 24 hours. It has been two weeks and not a glance.

Anyone else has this problem or know of any other way I can try to solve it?


To me that sounds like this, there is a problem (incompatibility) between this online game and your external mouse...
In your case I remove the mouse and uninstall the driver. Run CCleaner to clean the registry. Now try the touchpad online.

More update the display and DirectX as Al - eX driver already written.

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    Display USB TOSHIBA 7.043577.0 drivers
    DisplayLink Corp (MEDIA) 17/09/2012
    DisplayLink Corp. (net) 26/07/2012 6.3.40526.0
    DisplayLink Corp (USB display adapters) 04/09/2012 7.0.41409.0

    My problem is that when the Dynadock is connected I have terrible lag mouse when you browse web pages and especially when I'm surfing ebay.
    I have disabled the touchpad (stays powered off when the wireless mouse is connected), also have the screen Benq display and notebook computers.

    As I said in the topic this frustrating lag occurs only when the dock is connected (via the esata port). I am at a loss at how to solve this problem and don't know what else to do, I have little experience with computers about where to look and what to try (to) etc.

    If more info ask please! Any future assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Small WLAN receiver is connected to the USB port of the laptop directly or perhaps on Dynadock USB ports?

  • Satellite P200 14 H - reboot when you play NBA2K10 and etc...


    I have this phone for about 3 years, it has had its problems, but nothing too serious, that he was regularly on the cleaning so that dust in the fan has been cleaned several times including 2 weeks ago... so I think that overheating is not a problem, because when my laptop was overheating in the past the keyboard was very hot , and I knew that it restarts itself some time...

    now computer laptop isn't overheating because its own... for a few months I have been clean for myself, and before that he was regularly in the toshiba service...

    Nevertheless, I rebooted the problem, when I play nba 2 k 10 or any other more graphically advanced PES2010 or settlers 6 game it restarts after 10 to 20 minutes of play... and I play on all the details, but the minimum detail and resolution 1440 * 900...

    even if it is not overheating (I think, because the keyboard is not hot) I think his protégé by a kind of hardware problem, but I don't know what could be?

    If anyone can help me please...

    I would be greatfull...

    Olivier Croatia

    PS Sorry for the bad English

    Kathleen hay

    It is not easy to say why this is happening. Mobile OK is probably clean but also fat exchanged CPU. I mean, I've seen on several old notebooks when the CPU has been removed and the thermal grease was just dry. Maybe reached CPU temperature critical and laptop turns off automatically.

    Or is this really the software problem.
    Have you noticed what games only?
    Does happen with specific gamer or problem described is a general problem with your laptop?

  • Satellite Pro 6000: no sound when you play the CD or the DVD-audio


    I m pretty new to laptops and so I put t know much about them, this looks like a good place to come however from the answers. Well, my problem is that when you try to play the DVD or CD, even for those who rely on the laptop there is no sound. The speakers work because I ve checked, but if I wanted to play an audio Cd or a DVD in windows media how to activate the sound? Everything works great on my regular computer.

    I would be grateful for answers.


    In Control Panel, you can find the sound and Audio devices. Here, you can change the settings to different controls. Check if the mute option on Audio CD control is not marked.

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite M45-S359 shows BSOD when you play a game

    I get a blue screen of death when crashing a game called Combat arms.
    Some days it never works and no problem. Other days I can hardly play for 5 minutes then crashing.

    Screen reads,

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    Somedays like today I want to smash the laptop and im a decline very person, he is becoming this frustrating. Any help would be grateful to determine why sometimes I can play, but other times, I just can't.

    Thanks in advance,


    I don't know m but AFAIK the IGPXPXD32. DLL is part of the Intel display driver. This suggests that there may be something wrong with this driver.

    In your case I would remove the old driver, restart the computer and install the latest version from the Toshiba site: > download

    Good luck!

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    (b) click on properties, click on Device Manager

    (c) expand the graphics card, right click on the adapter option

    (d) click on uninstall

    (e) now go to your computer/device manufacturer site, download the updated drivers and install them.


    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly: ' t-work correctly

    For issues with Google Chrome you can ask the question here:! Forum/chrome

  • BlackBerry Z30 BlackBerry z30 very hot when you play games

    I play games call iron man 3. I play 5 min, then hot. Sorry for the bad English.

    It's normal. Even with all devices, be it an Apple, Samsung and BlackBerry.

    Games will consume much more energy than typical applications. Because he needs more graphics processing, therefore, more power is consumed. So that power to be fed, more electricity is used, therefore, battery will empty faster. As well the battery more quickly drain and increase the heat generated in the results of calculation and more

  • Satellite C55-B5170 - graphics issue when you play


    I recently bought my Satellite (C55-B5170) and started to install applications of my previous laptop. However, when I went to try to play a game, I found that the graphics have been pixelated/blocks. This happened with almost all of the games I've tried. All my drivers are up to date, and I have not seen this problem on another thread.

    Thank you!

    EDIT: Minecraft, a game quite simply, is broken (similar to the image provided). However, the Lego game worlds newly released works very well.

    All of your games is designed for Win8/Win8.1?

Maybe you are looking for