Satellite P300: cursor jumps to different positions while typing

Hi all

I have a Satellite P300
I have problems when I type.

When I type using the keyboard, the first two words are ok, but then the words started typing in the wrong place, for example more away in the middle of the sentence, I type.

Anyone please help? Thank you


Hi dude

I had a similar problem.
By typing the cursor is everything at different positions, and I wasn't able to finish a sentence.

I though that there could be something wrong with the keyboard, but finally I have opinions that I touched the surface of touchpad accidentally while typing?
I disabled the touch pad using the fn + F9 and questions went

So maybe it of the same reason for you

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    I have a Satallite P300 - 19 p and when I type after some works the cursur jumps to a place randomly in the text that I write. Is very annoying because I have to look at the screen all the time, I tried to type very slowly to see if I tap on a button by accident, but then it never happens.

    If anyone knows if it is a fault, all other computers that I use if I hit a wrong key, I just get a bad character not the cursor jump to a point prior to writing


    I think you touch the keyboard as you type and so the cursor jumps to another post.

    Therefore, you must disable the tapping function in the touchpad driver. After that, you can only use the touchpad for moving the mouse but not for the left clicking (tapping) more.
    Check Control Panel > mouse > advanced settings.

    Here, you can disable this feature.

    Check this box!

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    Any help or ideas greatly appreciated!
    Thesis writing will be more months if the problem persists! :)


    Here is the solution I've used and displayed a few threads down...

    Under the properties of the mouse, click on the "Advanced" tab, click on the pointer speed and Tapping settings, in the new screen click setting Tapping, on this screen, check the box that says disable Tapping during the key entry.

    You will suffer is not since the Cursur jump you met more...


    The f

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    I don't know if I accidentally hit something by mistake, or there is a problem with the PC.

    Everyone knows this?
    See you soon



    I had the same problem, but it wasn't really a problem.
    I touched the surface of touchpad accidentally while typing and so my cursor has jumped to different positions

    I disabled the touchpad while typing you can do this as well by using the FN + F9 key combination

    Check it out

  • Toshiba Satellite M30X - cursor jumps around

    I'm having a propblem when you type in all applications.
    The cursor jumps suddenly somewhere elsewhere in the text and what the Tape is written there.
    Ideas please, because it's really disturbing.

    Thank you for answers

    I had the same problem. Visit and you will find the solution. I hope so.

  • my cursor wanders on different lines, while I type

    my cursor wanders on different lines so that I type and no Im not no sweeping on the touchpad.


    ·         Using a laptop or desktop?

    ·         Using a wireless mouse?

    ·         Have you tried to disconnect and reconnect the mouse?

    ·         When the issue started?

    Step 1: Try and reduce speed and other options for the mouse pointer.

    For more information about changing the mouse pointer settings, please visit the below given link:

    Change the settings of the mouse

    Step 2: Check if the problem occurs in safe mode.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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  • Pavilion G7 1205EB cursor freezes jumps on another field while typing.

    while typing in any program, the cursor goes to another field at the beginning of the field and freezes sometimes, after pressing the TAB key I can move it again. Happens in all programs.

    The problem started after a closed emergency due to pc completely blocked.

    Thanks for your help


    After that a number of windows updates, problems solved itself appearently.

    Thanks for your support!

  • Letters jump forward and backward while typing

    Original title: smith robert d.


    I H

    First, please check the Caps Lock key, when you post in capital letters it is considered SHOUTING and is also very difficult for people to read.

    Then check your laptop's operating manual or the support web site and see how to disable the touchpad integrated on the laptop.  Many people, me included, accidentally brush the touchpad while typing, so neutralizing him which will prevent from happening.

    "toiyoshi7" wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *


    * I AM *.

  • On my Satellite M70 cursor jumps while typing

    I bought a laptop satellite M-70. When typing, the cursor almost impossible jumps, too do wriring to help to solve the problem

    I have the same unit and I use an external mouse all the time. Because of this I disabled the touch pad using the FN + F9 key combination. As you type, it is possible to communicate with touchpad unintentionally.

    Turn it off and see if the problem persists.

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    I have a Satellite C660 laptop. The keys are driving me crazy! They keep sticking, and Miss letters I pressed.
    Touch typist this is very frustrating.

    I'm not very PC experience - so if anyone can give me a simple solution I would really appreciate it.

    You know what?
    I think that I found a solution to your problem

    I checked the database of knowledge Toshiba you will find on the page of Toshiba Europe and this document might be interesting for you:

    * Keyboard issues with the Satellite and Satellite Pro L670 & C660 series notebooks *.

    Please perform a BIOS update to solve this problem

    Good luck!

  • My cursor moves to the left while typing 'e '.

    I tried all the options like safe mode checking, it remains the same... I can normally type in the google search box or in the FB chat window, but this is a problem when I try to type 'e' in any text editor and the cursor moves upstairs to the left. Help me

    It is almost always the result of a faulty keyboard.

    If yours is a desktop configuration, it's simple and cheap.  New keyboards are cheap and widely available.  Tip, the more expensive keyboards are no better than the cheaper.  The only difference is the "feel" you prefer.

    If yours is a laptop configuration (AKA / laptop), it's a much bigger problem.  This must be done by a technician competent trust and they must use the right part.  There are many replacements of keyboard that are almost the same.  This is likely to cost at least $100.  In addition, and is not so nice to use an external keyboard.

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    By typing my cursor tends to jump to different positions in the body text that I write; can anyone suggest why please?

    Thank you Don.

    This is a top of the Tower; However, I don't touch me accidentally tounch pad.  In the end, I scanned entirely, closed and restarted.  It apears to be OK now. However, the third time this has happened. It's frustrating!

  • In Vista, cursor jumps around on the screen randomly

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    * original title - that someone using windows vista have problems with the cursor jumping to different enthusing or lines? *

    It's a laptop?  Make sure you that you are not accidentally hit the button of mouse cursor as you type.  Keep your wrists!


  • Jump the cursor to Satellite P300

    First of all, I am a new Member and I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong forum, or if this issue has been addressed. A search led me to another post which dealt with matters that did not help my problem. If I missed something here that you please tell me the good post.

    My problem is with my new keyboard to laptop computers. I recently bought a P300 (PSPCCC - 06101C) to Canada before moved me to the Philippines. It came with Vista home premium 64-bit. I had a real Vista Ultimate CD and installed without a problem but it is the 32-bit version so I lost some performance, but nothing noticeable real. Since I installed Windows 7 32-bit also without any problems. Using the 3 BONES that I had the same problem keyboard. The problem is when I type the cursor will be jumping to another area of the body of text and a few times to a different text box. For example I might be typing in a text box, such as those that I am now and the cursor will be moves towards the middle of the paragraph or in the google search text box. It is very annoying because of the many corrections to be made while typing.

    I have not been able to pin point the problem to a specific key, but I think it's one on the left as the SHIFT key down or maybe even the space bar. I tried to change the locale for the keyboard, but that did not help. I read that I have updated the bios helped with some Toshiba keyboard problems but to get an update, I have to reinstall the original Vista Home Premium 64-bit. I am not prepared to do that if I have to live with this problem of keyboard or is there an easier way to install Vista 64-bit or even a new keyboard.
    You can contact me directly if you know a cure. [email protected]

    Thank you

    Before you start writing emails or else disable touchpad by using the FN + F9 key combination.
    Maybe you accidentally touch it while typing, and the cursor will be moved to another place in the writing area.

  • Satellite A100-165; while typing the cursor jumps to the other place


    When I write with the keyboard sometimes the cursor jumps to another location.
    Just this moment, he jumped at the entrance of 'topic' of wire.
    It's pretty random where he jumps but very annoying, I'm running a Toshiba satellite a100 165;

    Anyone got any ideas of what this could be?


    I had the same problem
    I t has not noticed that I touched the surface of touchpad accidentally while typing.
    This is the reason why the cursor jumped.

    You can disable the touch pad using the FN + F9 key combination

    In addition the BIOS update would also be desirable.

    Good bye

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