Satellite P875 - 31 c - BSOD when inserting the SD card

Hi all and sorry for my English.

I have a problem when insert a SD card into the slot. If displays a blue screen with the missage follow:
"PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" your Pc we will be verified and then restarted itself.

My laptop is only 3 months old and today is the first time I try to insert the SD card into the slot.

Everyone knows what can be the problem?
I just downloaded and installed the drivers from the official page, but no good result.

Thank you very much


Hmm... What SD card insert you?
According to the specifications for portable computer page, the device supports the SD card up to 2 GB, miniSD/microSD Card with adapter up to 2 GB, SDHC up to 32 GB card, MultiMedia Card up to 2 GB and up to 64 GB SDXC card

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  • Leave phone when inserting the SD card?

    Hello - someone ' one might say pleading that you leave the phone on when you add a card micro sd, or do you turn it off?

    Also, you get a signal that it is work/installed/added?

    Thank you very much!

    Always make sure that your phone is turned off before you remove and install maps. If can be done all on if not mounted but is is not worth the risk to damage the card.

    As to see if it's work go to Settings menu under storage. Here, you should see SD card with a total area, the space available to mount or unmount the SD card.

    Also, you can now choose where to sync media must synchronize your SD card or internal memory.

  • How can I get rid of the error code 0 x 80010108 when you insert the SD card

    My SD card is good and I can access images using my computer to start up. I can also see my saved photo gallary pictures. What I can't do, is when I insert the SD card and select images I get the above error message. Help.

    I would say that you have two choices,

    Photo Gallery of windows open before inserting the sd card,

    Then click on import, then insert the sd card.

    Or you can click on the Start button and click computer.

    Insert the sd card,

    He appears as a removable disk that you can right click and click Open,

    Then manually, copy and paste the files in a folder or an existing one,

    Do not use auto play close the dialog box or use the Windows Explorer instead.

    Oops, that's three choice :)

  • How to choose a program to open my photos when inserting my SD card? as it doesn't give me options of this program to use differently than before, why, I don't know, so any help would be appreciated.

    How to choose a program to open my photos when inserting my SD card because it does not give me options of this program to use differently than before, why, I don't know, so any help would be appreciated.

    I know what it is, and I'm trying to answer it... will keep you posted
    your original question in a forum of Vista.

    OK... you are running XP and your computer has a media player you
    Insert the card in?

    If you go to... Start / my computer... There should be one or more readers
    listed as... Removable Disk... These are the slots of the media player.

    If you right click on the removable disk representative the memory card
    and in the menu... Choose... Properties / Autoplay tab and open the fall
    window and select pictures. And... ICT... "ask me each time to choose
    an action "." Maybe this will restore the AutoPlay window when you insert
    the map.

    You could also try... on the left by clicking on the button "Restore default settings" / apply / OK.

    And it may be worth trying to run the AutoPlay Repair Wizard.

    Download the Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard:

  • Smart card reader driver is sought on Windows update after inserting the smart card

    We are in the process of deploying PKI project in our environment. Client computers have Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit SP1. We use McAfee Endpoint Encryption 5.2.12 on all clients. Our environment has a mix of Dell (Latitude E6400, E4300, E4310, E6410, E6420) and HP (EliteBook 8460p, EliteBook 2560p) laptops. There's no problem with Dell laptops at all.

    With HP machines, however there are two problems.
    1. with the model 8460p, after installing the Alcor card reader driver, when I insert the smart card into the reader he begins to search for the drivers on windows update. In three minutes, it updates the drivers and works very well. My concern is when I install the card reader drivers explicitly why go to Windows update. HP 2560p also has the same card reader, but this problem is not on this model. I disabled the driver smart card research in strategy group as well. This behaviour is sparkle roll.
    2. when I enable smart card authentication on the McAfee console for any HP laptop and try to use my smart card on McAfee Endpoint encryption pre boot screen, machine freezes. Same configuration of McAfee encryption works fine on Dell laptops.
    Help, please.


    Your question of Windows 7 is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the IT audience Pro on Microsoft TechNet. Please post your question in the TechNet forum. You can follow the link to your question:

    Hope the above information is helpful.

  • I have hp elitebook 8440p, I inserted the sim card, but I'm not able to see where to configure the sim card

    Hi I have a hp elitebook 8440p but I did not; KWN how to use sim card option, I inserted the sim card, but now I can't see wher to configure the sim card or use, cos I m unable to see any option, so please help me


    The HP EliteBook User guide contains information on what is required to configure the module top mobile broadband in your mobile workstation. Go to the HP Web site for more information about the configuration and activation of the SIM card.

  • Satellite P875-102 - sound freezes when the CPU is busy

    Hi guys,.

    I just bought a Satellite P875-102 with Windows Home Premium and all software by default, and card and I have a very annoying problem with the sound. Whenever the processor takes a little more time to process information (i.e. a website load) sound freezes for a second and then comes back.

    It happens with all my music software and regardless of local or streaming music. Is there a way can I fix? It gets really, really boring and it is a laptop which should do much better than the one with multimedia...

    Any help would be welcome. Thank you!


    When I read something like that I would like to have mobile phone in front of me and see exactly what is happening. New portable computers are preinstalled with Toshiba recovery image and they contain about additional software running in the background.

    Windows Update set to automatic when you buy new laptop and connect it to the internet, I think first of all days notebooks are very busy with the update of various facilities and all this happens in the background.

    Updates collection pre-installed antivirus, scan disk and all these activities slow down s for laptop performance. Result can be these thresholds when you listen to music or watch movies.

    What to do with the new notebook is the optimization of the OS. With other words, I dsable Autostart for many applications that I n t need, remove preinstalled antivirus and install Avira antivir, disable updating automatic Windows and, at least, remove some stuff preinstalled system.

    After this start is much more fast and portable ready for use. I can't say for sure, but I think you should do the same thing and check if this problem occurs again and again.

  • Tecra S10: BSOD when inserting adapter duo memoystick in the card reader


    I have a Tecra S10-12 b PTS3BE.
    As soon as I insert a memorystick duo desk with or without a memorystick inside in my card reader, I get a BSOD.
    Similar to the user in this topic:
    Unfortunately the user did not post a link for the driver that solves the problem.
    I've updated to the latest driver for the controller card on the Toshiba site reader: Ricoh 3.54.04 however no change.
    Can someone suggest another pilot to try? I tried searching the site Web of Ricoh download but have not found anything useful.
    Any help appreciated as I now have to use the USB cable to transfer my photos :(
    FYI, SD card works fine.


    I have no idea of what OS you use but the card reader controller
    Driver for Win XP downloaded on 15-10-09. It seems that it s among the newer versions. This time it s a 3.54.04.

    I think that you will not find a more recent version

    PS: Check if you BIOS is up to date. If this is not the case, the update.
    Moreover, as far as I know that not all card sizes are supported maybe you should try another card with the smallest size.

  • C50-B-15Z satellite does not recognize discs when inserted

    Toshiba Satellite C50-B-15Z
    Hello! Pls my Satellite C50-B-15Z newly purchased does not recognize discs when inserted. It dosent play any CD or DVD drive, or it even recognize it at all. Pls help... What should I do?

    Original Win8.1 is installed on your machine?
    Have you tested the feature with different CD and DVD, DVD (original)?

  • Satellite P750 - overheating when using the graphics card

    I have a Satellite P750. I have a few games that I love to play, but I am unable to because that laptop overheating during the execution of these games.

    The specifications of the P750 with GeFORCE 540 m graphics card and 8 GB of ram easily meet the requirements of the games (Counter strike source, cod mw3).

    While playing the games for about 10 minutes, all right.
    After this step, things start to warm up, and small defects appear on the screen.

    Small rectangles of messed up graphics.
    If I don't leave the game immediately, I get a BSOD with errors such as "IRQL _less_than_or_Equal.

    The vent on the left side of the laptop runs very hot when this happens.
    I cleaned dust vacuum on and uses a fan/cooling pad to try to cool it.
    Makes no difference.

    I updated to BIOS and graphics card drivers


    Hmm using the page of the Toshiba driver graphics driver?
    Such driver is a bit different from the other nVidia drivers because it s modified for mobile use. It contains some kind of overheating protection.
    In case of higher temperatures of GPU, such driver would clock down GPU performance in order to increase the temperature of the GPU.

  • images dialog box is empty when you insert the memory card

    This is after you have inserted a card high capacity in the player, which hung the memory slot.  Now just insert a regular memory card, the dialog box appears, but there is nothing in it.

    Sorry if the info seems confused but maybe the
    answer is here somewhere.

    FWIW... There used a similar problem with a Sony memory
    Stick... the solution is to insert the stick into the drive and
    Restart the computer... somehow this would reset the
    stick.  I don't know if it will work for you.

    You may also check your AutoPlay settings...
    If you insert the card and go to... Start / my computer...
    and right-click on the drive letter for the location of in the map is...
    choose... Properties / AutoPlay tab...

    Choose... Mixed content...
    Tick... Select an action to perform
    On the left, click on the default button / apply / OK.

    Give it a try...

    It is possible that your media player is not compatible
    with the SDHC technology. The best is maybe to buy
    an external drive that is compatible SDHC or download
    Unit photo using a USB cable.

    Regarding the card... have regular SD, you tried to manually
    Download the pictures?

    If you connect the device to your PC via a USB cable, turn
    on the camera... then go to... Start / my computer... it may be
    listed as a drive letter...

    If_yes_right click on the drive letter and select... Explorer or
    Open... This should display the directory of the memory card.
    You can copy and paste or drag and drop the files from there to a
    folder on your hard drive.

    (The same steps work if you have a media player...
    When you go to... Start / computer... the media slots
    Drive should be listed under... "Removable disk" with a drive

    Finally... the AutoPlay Repair Wizard can be worth a try:

    Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard

  • "this file does not have a program associated with it" message when you insert the sd card

    When I insert an SD card into my computer, I get a message that says f:\ that this file does not have a program associated with it... I know I can set default programs with the types of files in the Control Panel, but how do you recognize what to do when I insert an SD card in the computer?

    Windows 7
    The problem is caused by the automatic game changing options, this can sometimes happen when you install a new program, but they can easily be changed back. Click 'start' at the bottom left, go into "default programs" on the right side of the list (under computer / doc/images etc.) select "Change AutoPlay settings.
    You will find prob some of the sections had the new auto run program, just edit those you want (or all) "ask me every time", you will find that when you insert an sd card, you get the options normal download, copy, etc. as usual.

  • Photoshop CC: Workspace flashing black when inserting the Guides & completely black when adding text

    Recently I bought Photoshop CC (2 days ago) and shortly after installation I jumped on Photoshop CC, and began to implement the prefferences for my personal use and started to just do some basic stuff and see what's new in the CC when insertion Guides and adding text to the workspace started to flash/stay BLACK. I don't know what is happening but my specs are better than the minimum requirements? No idea what happened? Operating system: Windows 8.1

    It is a well known bug of Windows 8.

    Update your video card driver from the site of the manufacturer of the GPU (NON-microsoft). If for any reason, you cannot update the video card driver, then go into Photoshop preferences and set GPU "basic" mode and restart Photoshop.

  • error when inserting the values too much or miss comma

    Hai All

    during the insertion, I got an error when inserting

    I have a table called T1 and declared as date I need to insert the current date and time in this column

    So I converted a varchar column and concat with time and iam trying to insert when inserting I got error

    insert into dail_att (respondent) values (to_date (to_char (attend_date, 'ddmmyyyy') |)) ("0815',"ddmmyyyy hh24");



    Please let us know

    Desc dail_att;

    and the sample values in


    (There is also a ')' missing in your SQL, correct SQL would be

         VALUES (TO_DATE (TO_CHAR (ATTEND_DATE, 'ddmmyyyy') || '0815',
                          'ddmmyyyy hh24'

    * 009 *.

    Published by: 009 on March 18, 2010 21:23

  • Equium A60 hangs or restarts when I insert the wireless card

    Hi all

    I was wondering if someone can help me. I was using a wireless adapter for over a year now without any problems whatsoever. Then last week, I noticed the connection played until he was himself turn on, turn off and was not stable, I then tried to restart the computer and the Wireless does not currently work.

    I don't have any idea what to do. Ive tried inserting the card after that loading, it freezes, if I try to insert the card before loading just won't load at all.

    Can someone help me as to what I might try, I'd appreciate any help.
    Thank you.


    Have you tried to roll back OS for past until the problem occurs?

Maybe you are looking for