Satellite Pro L500 - stops when the power cord removed

Toshiba Satellite Pro L500 stops when the power cord is removed even with the battery to 100%. I removed the battery and all the indications associated with battery answer correctly. For example turns off, Toshiba Health Monitor also indicates when the battery is removed. If installed Health monitor indicates that the battery is at 100%.

Someone please help. I have not installed anything new.



For me, the matter is clear: the battery can't hold a charge so the laptop will be shut down because it has no power.

I think you need to replace the battery with a new one and you can get a provider of service authorized in your country. Simply contact the guy and ask that they can tell you how much it would cost.

You can find a list of all FSA here: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

Good luck! :)

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  • Laptop stops when the power cord is not plugged in but the battery is charged to 100%.

    just happened this morning.  accidentally deleted the decision-making of the laptop.  and the judgment of the laptop.  weird because this has happened before and no problem.

    However, this phone wouldn't turn.  until I have plug AC laptop would be the power of the laptop on.  I checked the battery is the meter displays 100% charged.  in windows, it is 100% loaded.  but as soon as I unplug the laptop, the computer shuts down.

    I have windows 7 and my computer is HP dv6t Quad Ed.  any help would be much appreicated.

    Plug the power adapter. Connect to Windows and open the HP Support Assistant perform the battery test. Post your results here.

    If you have the most recent UEFI (v 5.1 or higher) environment installed-> press-> power button press the ESC key to call the menu of boot - select F2 the System Diagnostics-> PC HP Diagnostics UEFI material-> select components-> battery Test tests.

    Post your results here in your thread.

    Best regards


  • Satellite A200 doesn't stop when the power is connected

    The Satellite A200 just stops, if the power cable is unplugged before you stop. If the laptop off and immediately restarts (max 5 seconds between stop and restart).

    Anyone has the same strange problem?

    Hi Thomas

    You should definitely contact the ASP in your country. It is maybe something wrong with the electronic power supply on the motherboard of s specifications.

    As said John replacement must be done for free because the A200 is a new series and of the guarantee must be valid.

    Good luck

  • HP Pavillion DV5020 that blanks out when the power cord is not plugged in.

    I have a HP Pavillion DV5020 that white outside when the power cord is not plugged in.  Then, when it is in it's very well and when he's not even starts not with the screen committed.  It is NOT the function sreensaver.  Can I plug an external monitor and see what happens, but the maternal lines white leaves display off whenever it is on battery power.

    Anyone seen this before?


    I would recommend to go ahead and reset the computer of hard edge. This is one of the best steps for these types of troubleshooting questions. Here is a link that will guide you through the steps on how to perform a hard reset:

    I would like to know how it works and post back with all new details.

    Thank you!

  • Satellite Pro U400 freezes sometimes when the power cord is plugged

    Hello! I know that this problem has been addressed here and there, but I'd like to open a new thread about it. Here's the scenario.

    I recently bought a new Toshiba Satellite Pro U400-247 (PSU45E) with two batteries: (a) the original, (b) in addition purchased authentic of Toshiba PA3636U-1BRL, 7200 mAh. The laptop has the latest BIOS (4.80) and the latest drivers downloaded from Toshiba and installed (ConfigFree is not installed). I use XP Pro SP3 (own installation by myself). Everything works fine, except for one thing:

    Sometimes (but), when the laptop is running on battery power and I plug in the power cord, everything hangs and I have to restart. A few observations:

    It tends to occur more frequently when the low battery alarm has rung;
    (b) it seems to happen more frequently with the 7200 mAh battery and less frequently with the original battery.
    (c) it seems to happen most often when a USB device (mouse, for example) has been linked to the laptop, but it is not a rule;
    (d) it seems to happen less often when I move the mouse USB at the time wherever I am connect the power cord.
    (e) I've experimented a lot with Toshiba PowerSaver settings (for example to change the levels of CPU for my profile) but nothing I changed seems to change the situation.
    (f) I tried different suggestions I found on various forums, but nothing works (for example the BIOS settings);
    (g) otherwise, I can say that I have not really seen a smoother computer, everything works really fine, no other problem :)

    Everything that makes me think it must be some sort of bug in the drivers of motherboard driver PowerSaver or other drivers interact with battery, CPU or possibly USB. Y at - it an explanation to this problem and can it be rectified in some way (for example, by providing a driver update)?


    First of all, I never heard a driver from the motherboard.
    There is a drive chipset or a graphics card driver. There is no such thing as a driver of the motherboard!

    Look, man. laptop should work fine even the AC adapter is connected or not connected
    If the laptop freezes while there might be a software problem, but in my opinion it could be hardware problem
    You must reinstall the operating system if the laptop would freeze always the issue might be related to hardware

    First of all the memory modules and AC adapter must be verified.
    If the problem persists even using new modules and AC adapter, motherboard may be affected.

  • Satellite A300 stops when the power adapter cable

    Hi people

    When I connect the power cable for my toshiba satellite a300, it stops immediately. I can use it on battery normally without any problems.
    When I boot in safe mode, it works fine without any problems with the AC adapter plugged into the laptop.
    Operating system is Windows Vista
    What is the reason? What can I do to fix this?

    Thank you

    Can you use it for laptop with AC power only when the battery is removed?
    If so, boot up your laptop and when the operating system is loaded to put battery inside, wait a few minutes and disconnect the power supply.
    Plug it in again and let us know if the same thing will happen again.

  • Satellite Pro L500 - cannot install the Realtek LAN driver

    Hi all

    I got a Satellite Pro L500 Windows 7 pro with disk created from computers, cell phones, but now cannot install a Realtek LAN driver for the laptop.

    The installation of the driver software program doesn't seem to work properly all the time, tried several times to install with only once a realtek 'repair' option becomes available.
    When I managed to install the driver I got an error "the device couldn't start. After restoring I also had problems with a "controller driver simple communication PCL.
    which seems to have been an Intel MEI according to the SAT, DEV info displayed in the information systems.

    If these problems are linked and how to install the driver required in an automated system if the system does not correctly detects hardware?


    I m not owner of the Satellite Pro L500 but have you ever tried to install the latest driver Realtek LAN official site of Toshiba? > support & downloads > download drivers

    Check this box!

  • Satellite Pro L300 - use of the power cable between the countries

    I'm buying a Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro L300 T4200 everything here in New Zealand, where I will be staying for the next six months. However, I'm heading back to Alaska (United States) in April.

    Someone could answer my concerns about the use of power cables and to buy once back in the States. for the most part is it safe to use a USA power cable in this laptop bought NZ without breaking something to bits?

    THX, kim3300

    When you return to the States, I think that you must travel kit adapter power supply only.
    I recommend you consult your dealer and gathering information that it will be the best for you.

  • Satellite Pro A10 stops during the installation of Windows

    I have a satellite Pro A10, which stops during the installation of Windows. The installation gets to the part where I need to select the HARD drive to install, then the system off just. I can restart it immediately, and the sdame happens.

    If I enter the BIOS, everything is detected OK, and I've updated to the latest version (V1.4). Also when in the BIOS, the system will remain under tension for ever and a day! and no downtime. I have a couple of diagnostic CD, then run the tests is the same thing, but I ran the seagate diagnostic tool and the HDD OK passes, as does the main map, but cannot perform detailed testing that the system shuts down during the tests.

    I suspect an overheating issue but would like advice.

    Hmmm it s very strange. I thought that the HARD drive could malfunctions but it of very impossible if the HARD drive has passed the Seagate diagnostic test.

    However, it would be very interesting to know if the installation of the OS would end with another HARD drive.
    You know, it of always difficult to provide an exact solution without any diagnostic tests.

    For me, it really looks like a hardware malfunction. So perhaps it would be advisable to contact the authorized Toshiba maintainer for a control of the laptop.
    Guys could run tests and would situate the fault quickly.

  • Satellite Pro L20 - overheating of the power cable


    For several months, I had problems with the keys suddenly works intermittently. Although brushing under the keys with a toothbrush relieved the problem for awhile it obviously was not the main cause. Each time, so not attributable to each of the keys of damaged to different keys.

    When unplugging the power cable from the metal part is very hot, and I worked on the problem of keys occurs only when the computer is running on a/c AND the battery is fully charged. In other words, no problem on the battery or recharging. The adapter is also hot, but guess that's 'normal '.

    The power cable has been tested directly from another outlet and not ongoing execution of the usual belkin surge protector, external sources seem so plotted on. I tried to find another cable/adapter to test but living very rural location of doubt this will be possible or practical.

    The fan seems to work OK, the air coming out of the side is very hot. It does not appear to be clogged with dust. Also, the area of the laptop above the fan heats up.

    Sometimes the computer crashes on black or blue screen (on iplayer lately, maybe other progs too) but the noise continues. I turned off by pressing the button for 5 seconds, but he still works for a while. I guess from overheating. But not some of it is always on a/c-do not charge, it may be on a/c-charge as well.

    Sometimes the computer seems confused if he is re-load, on a/c or battery. At least the icon switches and requires a session to unplug the device before doing things.

    Other times it is the machine of Angel since last two years! It's a Satellite Pro L20, the adapter's clover LiteOn 65W, 19V 3. 42 a. part PA3396E-1ACA (what I see is no longer available).

    Searched through but not found any similar problem, but hope someone can advise me what to do next!
    Thanks in advance

    Hello Robin

    It doesn't sound good. According to the specifications of the laptop, you have the right AC adapter. In my opinion you should contact the partner of service authorized in your country. Make a call and I hope they can help you how to handle this issue.

    It is also possible that they can send you new power adapter. Make a call and explain the situation. If you have need for addresses and phone numbers you can find under > support & downloads > find an ASP.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite Pro L300-152 lose the power connector - how to disassemble it?

    I have a Satellite Pro L300 - 152 unit, which is out of warranty.
    I have a bad power connector, it has been pushed back and be dislodged from his seat or brocken cradel is within the computer.

    I am trying to remove the back to see if the power connector can be repaired or remains in its cradle.
    I removed all the screws and all devices, but can not get it off the computer.

    There seems to be something with the keyboard, which I took.

    Can you help me?

    To fix the power connector the whole notebook must be disassembled and you must have access to the motherboard. Disassembly procedure is not complicated if you have maintenance manuals and instructions.
    To have full access to the motherboard, you must remove all the screws from the underside and also all the screws under the keyboard. You will then be able to separate the notebooks and disassemble the upper.

    Tell me exactly what you have removed so far?

  • Satellite Pro A200 freeze, including the power button

    Had a complete system freeze last night - first tabs of Firefox, then, when I tried to call the Manager of tasks, CTRL + ALT + DELETE does not either. I pressed the off button several times, but couldn't turn off the laptop.

    After disconnecting the power cable, the power led is stayed blue and he was always running on battery, even if the battery led was off. I left the laptop (what can I do) until the battery has been emptied and it closes.

    This morning, it came normally, followed by this error message:

    "the exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade) occurred at the location 0x7c812a5b.

    Followed by a screen of windows update updates have been made and the computer will restart soon (just in case where which can be connected - the night before, the symbol of "updates available" was in the shortcut bar too, and when it froze, I ran my virus check Spyware Doctor daily in the background).

    I rebooted the computer without other error messages and it has been fine until now, but I have no idea what caused it, and if it happens again. Any advice?

    > I left the laptop (what can I do) until the battery has been emptied and it closes.
    What else could do you?
    First of all, you could hold the power button for about 4 seconds and it would help tp close Notepad. Then you could reboot the laptop to check if the system is running correctly. However, it seems that it s running again.

    > I rebooted the computer without other error messages and it has been fine until now, but I have no idea what caused it, and if it happens again. Any advice?
    Believe me, it's really not easy to say what caused this problem system and I guess nobody here will be able to answer EXCATLY.
    In my view, there was a software problem that was solved by new reboot and a new update to Vista
    Strange things still occur and are not rare for me.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro 4600: beep when the headphones are connected

    Greetings to everyone.

    I feel a strange audio problem with my Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 headphone output port. Whenever headphones are used, bursts of low beep occur regularly every 3 seconds or so superimposed on what playing right now. Each burst lasts about one second and consists of about 8 fast beeps. The beeps occur after Windows starts and end once the system off. I thought that it was a driver issue, but I use the latest driver for my card, downloaded from the site Web of Toshiba (package name: s5105sndx.exe).

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you for your attention.

    This problem doesn't appear if the headphone is plugged or also with the speakers if the headphones are disconnected?

    If this happens only if the headphone is connected if there is something wrong with the headphone jack.

  • Satellite A130/135 dies when the power adapter is connected

    Yesterday, my laptop satellite A130/135 completely dead in use.
    Even the lights indicating that the laptop is plugged into the custom of light.

    I read today that by removing the battery, hold the power button and place the battery back in place, I could get the laptop to turn it.
    It worked, but after that my battery is low I plugged my power adapter and the laptop is returned to its State does not.

    So now I have a limited amount of battery power and it does not load.
    Yes, what's wrong with my computer laptop/battery/adapter

    How can I solve this problem?


    I found your other thread:

    It seems that the problem might be related to the hardware failure and all you can do is contact the ASP in your country.
    I put really know what might cause this problem but I think it could be something wrong with the motherboard

    To check the device by a technician of ASP.

  • Reference Dell 2400 will start when the power cord connected to the mains, or after restoring power. Is the result of a setting on the computer?

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    I guess it's a desktop pc that is a few years old and yes some early atx power supplies will do it, creepy when there was an interruption of the power supply when you are out and go home to find the pc on.

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