Server 2003/2008 drivers for Tecra M11 - 11J


I had to install Windows server 2003 on a laptop (don't ask) and cannot find a driver anywhere. Have tried all the windows drivers on the drivers page and had no luck.

Thought that I'd stick 2008 there to see if it automatically recognized but no luck there either.

Anyone know how I can get around this?

I also tried to figure out what model NIC is installed, so I can get the drivers directly from the manufacturer (Intel I guess), but Goggling it comes with anything.



> I had to install Windows server 2003 on a laptop (don't ask) and cannot find a driver anywhere

I guess you're meaning that the network driver.
Tecra M11 - 11J seems to support the * pilot Intel 82577LC * LAN.

Maybe you could find the driver on the Intel page

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    Looking for a driver for Intel active management technology (AMT), on my Tecra M11 - 11J

    Although there is a category for it on the downloads page, even when the search for all operating systems no result is found!

    Thanks in advance,


    To do this, you should look on the site of intel:

  • Tecra M11 - 11J - cannot install Windows 7 64 bit

    Tried to upgrade a Tecra M11 - 11J for Windows 7 64-bit.
    The installation gets all the "Loading Windows files" screen, then turns off and freezes, with the release of maxing out CPU fan but no HARD disk activity.

    Have tried to reinstall XP (works fine), flashing the BIOS to the latest version, re-seats of the RAM, change the HARD drive in "Compatibility" mode and reinstall Win 7 - same problem.

    Have you tried Win 7 32 bit - the same problem.
    Installation of USB, instead of DVD - same problem.
    Different flavors of Win 7 - same problem!

    It's extremely frustrating.
    I upgraded the memory up to 8 GB, hoping to take advantage of this with W7x64 and now I'm stuck with a XP machine and 4 GB of of of the RAM to lose.

    Would be very grateful for any suggestion.

    Thank you.

    and installation of Win 7 does not even using the old 4 GB of RAM?

    Or have you tried to install Windows 7 on the Tecra M11 using the new 8 GB of RAM?

    What of the HARD drive? The HARD drive is displayed on the first page of the BIOS?

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    WinServ 2003 and 2008 running great on VMware Server 2, which is free.  They'll run even faster on ESXi, which is also free, but has no local console (it takes a second machine see the console & vms).

    I have an opterons 2xquad @ 2.7 Ghz, 16 GB of RAM and 4 TB of disk space and I can run 4-5 virtual machines without flinch... but my vmware-server works on Ubuntu.  I believe that Linux running on the underlying area will give a MUCH better than Windows.

  • Question about updating drivers for Tecra A9


    I noticed that support Toshiba updates drivers for Tecra A9 very slowly even if they introduce important features. For example, the display driver for 965 graphics worm 15 is much better than 14 worm distributed by Toshiba. I know that pilots are tuned and Toshiba has many models to take care, but several months of waiting seems to be too long. I do not expect that all minor versions are updated, but the most important should be!

    Kind regards

    Having the latest drivers would be nice, but its different for laptops. Motorists need to be customized for the features of the laptop, and they probably need to go through quality control, testing too although I guess.

    However there may be a solution, you can try to install the drivers later on newer models such as the Tecra A10 and M10 :)

  • I can't find drivers for Tecra M5

    I can't find drivers for Tecra M5
    The names do not match on the driver download page.

    -Intel(r) 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC Interface Controller - 27 b 9
    -Location 0 (biometric co-processor)
    -Driver audio location 65535 (Modem internal High Definition Audio Bus) - already installed sound that still does not work, it is another driver who seems to be sound as well
    -System compatible ACPI Microsoft
    -System compatible ACPI Microsoft


    The Windows 2 k, Win Xp and Win Vista 32 bit drivers are released on the European driver Toshiba page.
    You said that you need drivers? You didn t tell what OS you are using.

    However, for the Modem internal High Definition Audio Bus, you need to install the modem driver.
    Other devices are not known to me, but I think that you must make sure that you have used all the drivers for the Toshiba page.
    Check also if good Chipset driver has been installed too.

  • Need drivers for Tecra 7500

    I completely need all drivers for tecra 7500 DVD if someone has it please tell me where I get them because there is nothing on the official website.

    Hi buddy, did you mean Tecra 750 CDT? Because I know there is no type 7500 series tecra.

    If you can not find the drivers maybe this link helps you:

    It s the Toshiba Canada supported drivers and tools.

    I hope I could help you...

    Welcome them

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    Thank you.


    You have reached the end user Microsoft support. The question that you are running in suitable for the forum on the link below.
    Let us know if you have other questions about Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.
  • Driver HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Server 2003 x 64 for Terminal Server services

    HP sent me a 8600 to replace a 8500 on a single PC in a Terminal services Server using Windows Server 2003 x 64 installation.

    It seems that there are no drivers to use this printer in this environment. Download page for the printer driver does not Server 2003 x 64. Other posts here will eventually do not register the Server 2003 x 64 operating system.

    Is it possible to use this printer in this environment?

    Through extensive negotiations with tech support and by trial and error, I conclude that there is no feasible driver for this printer that allows it to be used on a Windows Server 2003 and the Server Terminal Services. The 8500 works very well, but the replacement 8600 has no support for 2003.

  • Need graphics drivers for Tecra A7


    I'm trying to find the drivers for the monitor on tecra a7 (need to replace microsoft plug-and-play monitor drivers)

    When you plug in an external display (20 cm) we cannot go up to 1280 x 800)

    No file inf for tecra A7 to properly manage the resolution of the screen?

    could you help me

    Thanks in advance


    I mean, sure, I can help you, simply visit these links and download the drivers that are provided here:

    If you have any other questions.

    Welcome them

  • Question about drivers for Tecra 9100

    My Tecra T9100 do not work with LAN more after the installation of a new HD (old one crashed) and where some Toshiba files on the old HD that I don't know. (Bought the laptop 2. a few years ago by hand) and I lost the CD that belongs to her, and there is no drivers on this site for this 5 year old machine. Maybe a little strange because it's a P4.

    In the list of hardware (control panel/system /) there is no problem with the network card. But at the top of the list, there is a yellow "?" for the UNIT of BASIC SYSTEM and there is the missing drivers.

    It's very confusing to me because I've never heard of these drivers and I don't know which device is the following. There is also a yellow "?" for PCI modem (but I didn't need) so I guess this unit of base system has to do with the PCI-bus and perhaps also affects the LAN card?

    But shouldn't? the drivers will be in the BIOS?
    Can someone help me?


    You should take a good look here:

    because here, you will find all the drivers for your computer. The Canadian site has almost all of the drivers for older machines, and you should really check out.
    I think that "basic unit of system" could be something with ACPI or similar. But lets wait until after you have installed all THE drivers and then give feedback short.
    And no, the drivers are generally not in the bios because the bios is just to boot but it s OS independent.


  • Where can I find all the drivers for Tecra 8200

    Where can I find all the drivers for a Toshiba tecra 8200 PIII750/20/14 t/D/LM/W - I searched for drivers (all drivers) this Labtop can enyone please help me :)

    Got Windows XP:

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    Have you checked the European driver Toshiba page?
    This site contains all the necessary drivers for Win95, Win98, Win98SE, Win XP, ME, W2k.

    Only Vista drivers are not available for this oldie

    Check it!

  • Vista 64-bit drivers for Tecra A8-104

    Where to find drivers for Vista 64 bit laptop Toshiba Tecra A8 104?


    I assume that you checked the page European driver of Toshiba and you found nothing.
    Well well do what can you?

    I think that there is only one real solution; collect the driver 64 bit Vista in your own hand.
    Audio driver can be found on the page of Realtek.
    Drivers WLan, you can get from here:

    You can also try to use some other series of laptop drivers.

    As you can see to look for

  • Need drivers for Tecra M

    I recently formatted my laptop that I bought from someone. Needless to say, I have no driver disk. I can download them, Yes, but my modem, Ethernet, network, audio, and video drivers are listed as unknown in Device Manager.

    I can't connect to the internet because no my drivers are installed which will allow me to connect! I don't know what's material, so I tried to install drivers for the modem, but they did not work. It says PA3362U-IMPC on background if this is useful and it is listed as a PCI Modem in unknown devices.

    Any ideas? Help! Need to connect for my business...

    Is what model of Toshiba?

    XP or Vista?

    Sometimes, you need to install the drivers in the order. For example, you need the Intel Chipset before the display driver, or the Driver Sound before the Modem, or the common Modules before the Toshiba Utilities

  • Vista 64 bit need drivers for Tecra A8

    Mine is a Tecra A8 [PTA83E] and I was looking for 64 bit Vista drivers, but I couldn't find anything that made me wonder dose my Tecra supports a 64-bit operating system and if so where can I find the drivers I need?


    I agree with the user above the Tecra A8 Vista 64-bit drivers are not available at this time on the page of the driver and it s not know for me if the drivers will be released in the future.

    However, I noticed that Toshiba has released drivers Vista 64 bit for another series of portable so maybe you shouldn't t give up. ;)

    But I would also not recommend install the 64-bit version of Vista... the fact is that the 32-bit version is more rolling and not all 3rd party applications run and support the Vista 64-bit.

    See you soon

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