Setting of baud rate with CVI runtime for Linux

Hello people,

I have a problem regarding the setting of baud rate with the CVI for Linux runtime.

I want to communicate with a device that has a USB-to-serial of FTDI chip. The driver for this device is already included in the kernel (openSUSE 11.1, - 0.1 - default i686 kernel).

I can use a terminal program (HTerm 0.8.1beta) to open the serial port at/dev/ttyUSB0 and can set all baudrates, the unit supports (38400, 115200, 921600) and communication works perfectly.

Now I take the example of series of NEITHER and go under Windows. I developed to support 921600 baud, and it works very well. So I try to run this example on Linux (I've expanded in order to open/dev/ttyUSB0), but it only works for 38400 baud. If I try to put 115200 or 921600 baud, then I get error RS232-14 (invalid baud rate).

It would be nice if there is someone who can give me a suggestion what I need to do to get the job to 921600 baud.

Best regards


Hi NickB,

the patch done!

Thank you very much.

Best regards


Tags: NI Software

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    Hello Stephen,

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft Community Forum.

    According to the description, I understand you are trying to reset the baud rate for your dial-up connection. You tried to change the BAUD rate in your login from 19200 to 115200, but the connection attempt is made at 19200 and if it fails every time.

    I suggest you to check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), if they have their own custom settings saved using an application that controls the baud rate.

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  • Question setting baud rate to IMAQ using Camera Link

    I have a card PCIe-1433 to link camera, with a camera of Basler. I found that I can put the gain and exposure both directly in the camera with the help of the link series and order series. It works very well. I do this programmatically by using the CLAllSerial.DLL.

    Series orders take too long to send in my application because of the default 9600 baud rate, so I was able to send a command to the Basler camera up to its transmission speed, then changing the baud rate of the port com series camera link for the match. The result is that I can quickly talk to the camera. Sweet so far.

    However, with the Basler camera and camera link com serial port to the higher transmission speed, I can no longer acquire images using imgXXX IMAQ commands. I get a time-out of orders series IMAQ must use to control the camera for Imaging. Essentially the IMAQ driver does not know the baud rate change. I don't see how I can tell the IMAQ driver what output baud rate to use. Also, NEITHER MAX becomes unusable in this situation.

    How can I, via the IMAQ driver, increase the speed of transmission of orders series to the camera via the connection of the camera?

    See you soon,.


    So, I thought this close and post the solution. To increase the speed of transmission of communications series through camera link, you must:

    -Use the NI Camera File Generator to change the file of the camera (or simply edit it directly, since it is the text file).

    -Run NI MAX and connect to the camera using the new camera file. MAX will not be able to talk to the camera at the moment, because the speed of camera has not yet been changed.

    -In your application, first set the link rate 9600 series, so you can talk to the camera. Now change the baud rate in the camera itself, using all save changes, etc., are necessary for the camera, you are connected to. Finally, change the speed of link series to baud rate selected in the file of the camera. (It goes without saying that the serial link baud rate and baud rate camera must match).

    Now, both the driver AND AND the camera are according to the new baud rate. You can exit the application and allows to access your camera... until you turn off the camera... how he NI MAX (at least the Basler I use) restores baud rate 9600. Works great!

    See you soon,.


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    Hi all

    I'm working with CVI 9.1 and I have 2 PCI cards:

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    FastCom Async PCI-335-RS-422 / 485

    I know there are base lib com series which contains functions of RS232, I also know that these functions work well with 422 / 485.

    My Question or problem is that I need to use the transmission speed of 6 M reflecting 50MH there is no option for a chosen this flow to the func rs232 baud, if I manually enter it'll work?

    Or maybe there is a 422 / 485 lib?

    Thank you

    You need to set the clock FastCom Council at a non-standard frequency generator. The manual for the card explains how to do this using Windows API IOCTL function calls. There are also examples of programs on the CD supplied with the card.

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    Thank you


    Published by: user11086173 on May 23, 2009 05:22


    In fact, I don't know myself why need to use before instead of after. It is possible that, because we are clicking on a tab and not a button on the page, Apex assumes that the process and the parts defined on the page must not be executed. However, since the tabs are defined as "doSubmit ('tabname')", a form of submission must take place. Assuming that normal processes are running at the point of process after , leaving only the before. But I don't really know (in fact, I was just glad to make it work at all: D)

    For the issue of NULL data. When you click on the link for the report on page 1, he must complete an item hidden on page 2. At On Load: before header process should focus on this issue. If it is null, the Add button has been clicked, so the collections should be truncated and an empty record created in each collection. If it is not null, then all of THE collections should be deleted and created by a select statement to the data in the tables. So that collections contain data, when a page is reached, the appropriate data is copied to page elements (using SELECT Cnnn IN: P...) OF APEX_COLLECTIONS...). Then no matter how collections have been created, the process forward should update the collection of appropriate values in the elements of the page. Thus, it matters little whether or not the page is used, the value is in the collection folder and the backup/update page will use it to insert/update the actual tables. Once the insert/update was done, the page should branch back to page 1. On this pane, the cache for the data pages must be provisioned. Once this is done, the tabs for pages in the edition should disappear.

    If this is not already the case, change your pages to do this. Then this can solve the problem of date


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    Any suggestions on how to get a successful installation of the C309-m software would be appreciated.

    Hi Ken50,

    I would recommend selecting the Uninstall_L3.bat.

    Please let me know how it goes.

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    P.S. I tried as admin and type regsvr32 vbscript.dll then regsvr32 jscript.dll in the command prompt.

    As well as their registration as an administrator, you may need to remove the entries for them in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.


    Also, make sure that your antivirus software is not blocking scripts.

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    Original title: product key error

    Hi all...

    I have ' tried to download the disc Image of Windows 7 (ISO file), but when I insert my product key, the system cannot check it.
    I use the laptop Sony Vaio VPC EG35EG with preinstalled Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit inside.
    Now, after that there is error (I cannot yet perform plant pose recovery; always finished with error 0x8007045D Code), I need to install clean my laptop with the USB or DVD Installer key. But then, when I try to download it, my product key (I found it on the sticker at the bottom of the laptop) are not validated by microsoft. It is said:

    "ERROR!" We encountered a problem with the request for approval.

    What should I do now? Y does it can someone help me?
    Thank you.

    Consider the following text:

    How to: What are my options for Windows 7 reinstall media?

    Make sure you scroll down and read the section:

    What to do if you cannot get your manufacturer recovery media, refuse to use or to buy it or the Microsoft Software Recovery Website does not work?

    also check:

  • Performance of CVI 2013 SP2 with CVI 2015 - Windows XP problem

    I see that XP isn't an operating system in 2015 of the CVI.

    Most of our PC are Win7 now, but we have some legacy units which require XP due to a limitation of external controller processor.

    Is is possible to generate executables in 2015 CVI which will work correctly with the runtime of 2013?

    Alternatively, CVI SP2 from 2013 and 2015 CVI co-exist on the same PC development?

    I would not get stuck with CVI 2013 SP2 for the future just to maintain a few predictable XP-based PC.

    Hi Shr,

    I recommend reading through this community's message:

    Essentially, you can develop a code in CVI 2015 but set the executable to run on previous versions of the Run-Time Engine. Note that the older version of the RTE of Side-by-Side CVI is 2012. You can indeed install previous versions of the CVI on the same computer. The shared runtime will be set to the latest version. Other versions will be side-by-side. The code is not guaranteed to work with previous versions of the RTE so be sure to test the code locally before moving on to another computer.

  • the value node id and baud rate by lss (CANOpen)


    for a research project, we try to use 2 volume CAN flow sensors ( . For use in our network CAN I first set up the node id and the baudrate of each of them. The manufacturer told me to do it via the put layer Service (LSS). (How) I can do using Labview?

    I can use one of the following cards, NEITHER CAN: NI PCI-CAN/2 and NOR-PCI-8512.

    Thanks for the tips.



    Unfortunately, none of your interfaces are compatible with CANopen. You will need a PCI-8531.

    The flow rate in baud rate and node id can be configured easily with the library OR industrial for CANopen communication .

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    I use a sbRIO-9651 and drop the CLIP of FPGA in "Other devices" it shows six Serial1 serial ports... Serial6. The first four are described as "RS-232 serial Port" and the two last "RS-485 Serial Port".  On Serial6 (RS-485), I have configured the TX, RX and TX pins activate.

    In my .vi on real time, I put my "VISA set up a Serial Port (Instr) .vi" with a baud rate. A works 115200 or 230400 baud rate, but the pace I want to use (256000) generates a run-time error.  "Error-1073807330 VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF001E) the State specified, the attribute is not valid or is not supported as defined by the resource."

    I suspect the FPGA hardware is capable of 256 Kbps, but I know that if it is a fundamental limitation of the NI UART IP block, or some places I have to change to allow a wide range of transmission speeds (?)


    The maximum rate for these serial ports is 230 400 bps, so there is a limitation on the connection of the UART.  In the manual, you will find more specific information if you need it!

Maybe you are looking for