Several problems with Satellite L40 - 18W

My Dungeon movies on jump images and sound.
1. this happens usually when I use Kmplayer, when I use VLC, it's fine, but sometimes even with VLC the problem remains.
The film works very well on an Acer Aspire 4315 with even the Kmplayer.
It's driving me crazy!
I tested the video memory, motherboard, CPU, Ram and so on. Everything is fine! Just peachy!
I even had a BIOS update 3 days ago the same problem!
I use XP SP 2 uualy, now I use Win7, the problem is the same! I just can't understand it!

2. two weeks the Toshiba would ' t boot, he keept restarting. When I tried to do a clean install, this allowed me to run the installer until the installation XP partion apeared. It didn't matter what I would press on install, delete, Format, etc. The result was the same, he kept always restarted at this point.
I managed to locate the problem, the second location of the ram, but the RAM was ok. But eveytime that slot ocupied, kept restarting the laptop.
With just a RAM, in the first place, the laptop was fine.
Eventualy I did a BIOS update, and it seems it's ok. But still... what the hell?

3 and the temperature of the Cpu on the "idle" mode is another about 70 every time. And no there is no dust in the cooling module, yes the fan works and yes I use event buffer external coolig. What is the right temperature? Normal?

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# Kmplayer is unknown to me and I use VLC or Windows media player. I put t know what films you watch (DVD file or avi) and why this happens. It is not easy to discuss the problems that sometimes occur. Maybe an application runs in the background and when HARD drive is busy with something like this can happen.
# More important, is that everything is OK now. :)
# The CPU temperature is certainly not politically risky or critical. You can try to exchange the thermal grease, but be careful with this. Is Toshiba using own fat and you need to know how much should be placed here (usually 0.25 ml). I hope you know what you're doing.

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    I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction with regard to the fixing of my computer!

    I have supply problems with my Satellite A100 laptop that I bought in europe 2 years ago. When the battery is run-down completely the computer will not run / start at all when it is plugged into the wall. It shows a light indicating that the battery is in charge even the domain controller in the light does not appear. The laptop must load for at least 1-2 hours before I can activate it. Push the power button to the computer also turn on / off the light sometimes. I can't use the computer at all until the same fully charged battery if light shows it is plugged into the wall. The outlet is fine.

    I also have other issues. First of all the computer not as to the rename files - often said that they are used, but they are not. Secondly, I have problems with toshiba recordnow cd / dvd burning program. I can open the program, but when I close it will not open until I have sign out and then sign back in. Thirdly, my computer love is no longer my sony digital camera memory cards if put directlt in laptop - it is said that they can be dangerous and will not access.

    Thanks for reading!

    PS my laptop does not at all depend on when the battery is removed and the laptop plugged into the wall.

    PPS. my laptop model is Satellite A100 - 163, PSAA9E model number


    regarding your power problem:

    It seems that your motherboard is faulty. I had the same issue with an A100 and after replacing the motherboard, the problem has been resolved. They told me it was a kind of resistance or something as preventing the machine from power.

    The question of the name change is only registry related since the registry controls the access to the system. So you log on with an administrator account or with a regular account that was created for do not connect as an administrator of the computer?

    If not please google for "cannot rename files" that gives results much more then ask someone here. The registry could also be a cause for the issuance of recordnow!

    I Don t think that the card of your digital camera and your pc Don t like. Installed antivirus software? This might also be the reason.

    In your case, I suggest to bring your machine to an ASP (authorized service provider) and allow them to perform some checkup and proofreading materials.
    Back up your important data, and then perform a full restore of your machine (can be done with the recovery media supplied).

    See you soon

  • Problem with satellite L40 12 X graphic card

    Hello, I have a problem with my graphics card. I have not now how to enlarge the memory video it s.

    Physical memory: 1015 MB
    Minimum graphics memory: 8 MB
    Maximum graphics memory: 224 MB
    Used graphics memory: 9 MB
    Processor: x 86 family 6 model 14 Stepping 12

    I tried to look in the bios but I have not found anything to expand my graphics memory.
    Please help me

    AFAIK, you can't increase the manually shared memory.
    The graphics driver controls this value automatically and depends on the RAM.
    If you want to use more shared memory, then the RAM needs to be increased

  • Satellite L40 - 18W PSL4CE: power supply Question


    I'm on Toshiba Satellite L40-18W-PSL4CE model 00H0000GAR...

    While plugging the charger, while power comes and sometimes does not.
    I left as is for two weeks.
    Now the power does not completely, so I changed the power supply again still the same problem.

    I just checked the motherboard for laptop and there is no symptoms for short circuit.

    Please help me thanks in advance...


    I found the other thread you have created in the past:

    Looks like you had some problems with the AC adapter in the past
    Don't know not if this issue could have something to do with the previous question, but the use of incompatible cards could affect on the motherboard also.

    However, if you are sure that the adapter is 100% ok, then the problem could be related to ESF on the motherboard as you see, here in the forum, we can assume that I think that only a technician of the laptop could provide more details after checking the s portable

  • LAN and WLan doesn't work on Satellite L40 - 18W

    Hi all

    I have TOSHIBA Satellite L40 - 18W and my 1 - wireless problem not knitting & wired lan does not work.
    I download driver and everything is ok, but it doesn't work (when I search by wireless I can't find any network.) My router works fine)

    Please help me


    It is difficult to understand what you mean by not working do not.
    Does that mean exactly?
    You are not able to connect to the internet or what?

    Usually, if the wireless network card and LAN card have been properly recognized in Device Manager, then the drivers are working properly and the problem could be related to the router configuration bad or maybe some active firewall, etc.

    First I recommend that you check the router settings. Check if the router has been configured with the right data from ISP and if all other options have been properly set.

    The laptop supports the Realtek Wlan and LAN card.
    Check if the wireless card uses the same standard WLan as the WLan router and if the right encryption has been used too.

  • Satellite L40 - 18W does not work

    Hi all

    I bought before Toshiba Satellite L40 - 18W notebook 4 months ago, it was working fine until yesterday.
    but when I turned on my Lap Top today is not shwoing something in the screen.only the power button and battary
    LED is on, I have tried troubleshooting possible but no result at all.

    Can someone help me?


    You can try the FF steps to isolate the problem:

    (1) unplug the adapter from the network

    (2) removing the battery

    3) try the laptop with just the AC adapter power.

    If the same problem occur then its your call, you can call technical support so that they can give you options for repair, another option is you can also locate the repair center nearest toshiba, you can just go to this site to see if you have one in your area--> [ASP Locator |]

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  • Satellite L40 - 18W PSL4CE - while charging the Touchpad doesn't work does not correctly

    Hi all..

    I'm on Toshiba Satellite L40-18W-PSL4CE model 00H0000GAR...
    Recently, my adapter went cause of overvoltage... so I changed the new adapter after changing the new adapter...
    My touchpad does not work correctly...
    That is to say... If I work with baterry the touchpad works very well... If I connect to the AC adapter the touchpad works not properly but the external pout works well.

    Please help me...
    Thanks in advance...

    > Recently my adapter went cause of overvoltage... so I changed the new adapter after changing the new adapter my touchpad is not working properly...

    Using the power adapter Toshiba original and recommended?
    In my opinion, the issues could be linked to the new Ac adapter and may happens with an adapter not entirely comatibel AC

  • Satellite L40 - 18W - Touchpad does not work

    Hey guys...

    I have Toshiba Satellite L40 - 18W, bought in the Middle East, and unfortunately its touchpad does not work... I checked and double checked all the possible places, so anything that is disabled or misconfigured but found nothing.

    As there are quite a few errors in the operating system I formatted my hard drive and install WXP Prof, installed all the drivers, but the touchpad is not always works. I'm very confused as before and after formatting the pointer moves a little when I use the touch pad at the beginning of the UPA start? ¦

    Help, please...

    The best audit is to install the operating system with the original Toshiba recovery image and test it with the factory settings. In this case touchpad should work fine. Otherwise, contact the service and leave check your laptop.

    Sorry, but I don't see another solution for you.

  • Satellite L40 - 18W (PSL4CE) - need to press the button ON / OFF utility

    I would like to install the driver "TOUCH PAD (ON / OFF)" UTILITY ".

    Please help where to install this driver and how to operate the function Fn + F9


    Everything about Windows XP Home edition, drivers, tools and install the utility, you can find HERE.

    I n t have this model of laptop and can't test the functionality of FN + F9.
    If you have installed the driver for the touchpad right and FN + F9 does not work, you can disable touchpad in the mouse properties.

  • Quick BIOS problem with Satellite C875-10 t

    I'm having a problem with Satellite C875-10 t my sister
    Thought it might be useful to enable the setting "fast bios.
    and this occuered be the worst idea to have!
    I am more able to again access the BIOS,
    Despite my cd penalty that no longer starts, I'll have to try it on another Pc to make sure that the cd is ok...

    Anyway, the computer runs windows8 and Toshiba hardware parameters that I downloaded does not (and was not done to w8 but seven times in fact... :/)

    I really need some help here and would really appreciate that someone of the Toshiba team would give me help on this!

    Thanks to you all!

    You can change it to normal mode again.
    Open the Toshiba system settings > BOOT > boot speed and change it to normal.
    Please do so and let us know if everything is OK again.

  • Several problems with Windows 8 - Upgrade-unable to download full

    Original title: several problems with Windows 8

    Last Sunday, after downloading Ab2word, my tiles shortcuts stop working. I have uninstalled the program, but nothing improved. I made an update of Dell and got the shortcuts work again (curiously I could always connect via the desktop). now, I get a message saying that Windows is disabled and to enable him, by putting in... but he says that it is impossible to activate. Then I tried the upgrade to 8.1 by the store and got a message saying that I was unable to complete the download. Now my shortcuts tiled work, but they open the sites registered by the office, not as a full screen. I tried to restore to the factory and now get the message that the system is unable to restore. I ran a dell diagnostic and it showed nothing. I did a full security scan and he came clean. I'm rapidly reaching crisis. When you try to seek help on the Web site, Windows 8 is not listed... It is 7 to 8. 1. any suggestions? This computer is less than 2 years old and I'm ready to take a hammer to it.

    Hello David,.

    Please write to us and offering the opportunity to help Microsoft Community.

    What exactly do you mean when you say "Windows is disabled and enable it via the setting..."?

    You receive the "Cannot download" error during upgrade to Windows 8.1, I'll follow the steps by David Williams Dixon in the Blog below.

    Something happened and the 8.1 Windows installation may not be completed. (And now you are bored)

    We know if the steps help you in upgrading the computer to Windows 8.1.

  • Several problems with ODT

    I've noticed several problems with ODT

    1 opening problem on the XE database packages (10.2).
    Problem occurs in Visual Studio 2010 and 2012.

    In Server Explorer, I created the data using ODP.NET connection, unmanaged pilot. in the 10.2 XE database

    When the connection is open tree of object type is displayed.

    Try opening the packages tree does not work ORA-00904: #SELTAB ".". OBJECT_TYPE': invalid identifier

    Same problem occurs using unmanaged driver.

    This does not happen to the standard database connection.

    2. the problem of schema comparison
    It does not work if XE (10.2) database is involved as a source or target.

    It fails with ORA-00904: "AP". "' OBJECT_TYPE ': invalid identifier

    3 connection editor

    There is an annoying problem with the connection editor.

    When I try to change the connection and the connection type is TNS then Data source name combobox selects the first entry of TNS (in alphabetical order) and not one that was used when the connection is created or changed.

    akabook wrote:

    I've noticed several problems with ODT

    1 opening problem on the XE database packages (10.2).
    Problem occurs in Visual Studio 2010 and 2012.

    In Server Explorer, I created the data using ODP.NET connection, unmanaged pilot. in the 10.2 XE database

    When the connection is open tree of object type is displayed.

    Try opening fails tree packages with ORA-00904: #SELTAB ".". OBJECT_TYPE': invalid identifier

    Same problem occurs using unmanaged driver.

    This does not happen to the standard database connection.

    2. the problem of schema comparison
    It does not work if XE (10.2) database is involved as a source or target.

    It fails with ORA-00904: "AP". "' OBJECT_TYPE ': invalid identifier

    3 connection editor

    There is an annoying problem with the connection editor.

    When I try to change the connection and the connection type is TNS then Data source name combobox selects the first entry of TNS (in alphabetical order) and not one that was used when the connection is created or changed.

    Thanks for the comments.

    (1) ODT requires database or later since the view ALL_PROCEDURES added the OBJECT_TYPE column after this version. Now, everyone with the exception of 10.2 XE has updated past this point (XE cannot be corrected). So that means 10.2 XE cannot be used with ODT, if you want to view the proceedings. There is a 11.2 XE you can use:

    (2) same question

    (3) thanks for this note. I will alert you of the development team.

  • Several problems with photoshop after upgrading to win10

    I've updated to win 10 a week ago and today I experienced several problems with photoshop. The first question is about the quick selection tool. I select and try to choose an area on the picture I want to work on. It performs either one of two things. F1. It won't select anything finally photoshop will crash. 2 when he decided to select something it goes super slow and will switch to the symbol of thought every few seconds.

    second question...

    Because I can't get select quick took the job I'll move the pen tool. I started to select anchor points and ill get maybe 20 points the image then becomes completely black. If I scroll top down I can clearly see the parts of the image, but when I stop scrolling returned to a black square. Later photoshop then crash.  TSF is to face all of a sudden?

    Make sure that your GPU drivers are perfectly up-to-date (directly from the manufacturer) and they are 10 Windows compatible. You can also try a reset preference:

    Win: Press and hold the keys Ctrl + Alt + Shift immediately after the launch of Photoshop starting. A box will appear asking if you want to continue with the reset, select 'yes '. If you don't see this, you're not fast enough... Try again.


  • Several problems with Adobe Creative cloud app.

    I have several problems with the Adobe Creative Cloud application.

    1 CC Photoshop or prelude CC cross the bar of the 47% during installation. They constantly give me messages "Installation failed". When I click on "Learn more", I like that:

    "Installation failed."

    Errors during Installation. (7)

    More information"

    So, naturally, I click on more information to get the lifting against me following (which no do I understand):

    Exit Code: 7 Please see specific errors below for troubleshooting. For example,  ERROR:   -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------  - 0 fatal error(s), 2 error(s)    ERROR: 12/01/13 13:16:06:425 | [INFO] |  | OOBE | DE |  |  |  | 6076 | ---------- CustomHook_Helperx64 ---- Start ----------  12/01/13 13:16:06:426 | [ERROR] |  | OOBE | DE |  |  |  | 6076 | Cannot load function name 'CSInstallerCustomHookProc' from library C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\uninstall\{5F816B76-62F3-41C9-B651-27F49F25F50B}.data. Error 0    ERROR: System check returned with error : -4  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

    2. I installed 5 Lightroom, then uninstalled. When I went back to re - install, the application Adobe Creative cloud wouldn't let me. He says that my 5 Lightroom is "up-to-date" and that it is in my article 'Your applications', not in the section 'find new applications '. I rechecked my programs and features in Control Panel, and it isn't here. I cleaned my registry and it is still there. I deleted the file "opm.db" in my OOBE folder and restarted CC - still nothing.

    I must say, guys. I'm not very happy with the time I spent just trying to install programs on my PC. While the plan is for it to be intuitive at a certain time, it is not very functional at the moment. No matter how much help you can provide me would be amazing - if you can provide it sooner than later, I'd be on the moon.

    Thank you.

    Hope this will help others record the amount of time this error I spent troubleshooting.  When you install Adobe InCopy CC, CC of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop CC, CC prelude Adobe and Adobe first Pro CC on a laptop Windows Pro 8.1, I an error similar to the one below.  Other installations of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, Adobe affect effects CC, Adobe Audition CC, Adobe Bridge CC, CC of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom 5 and Adobe SpeedGrade CC installed without error.  I ran across this test with a clean operating system, new construction to help isolate the problem.

    23/12/13 16:33:04:372 | [INFO] |  | OOBE. OF |  |  |  | 912 | 23/12/13 16:33:03:368 | [ERROR] |  | OOBE. OF |  |  |  | 6316 | Cannot load the name "CSInstallerCustomHookProc" C:\Program Files (x 86) library function \Common Files\Adobe\Installers\uninstall\{5F816B76-62F3-41C9-B651-27F49F25F50B}.data. Error 0

    I ran a minimum load of the operating system by stopping all non Microsoft services by running MSCONFIG. EXE and disabling and disabling all startup in the Task Manager, Startup tab items.  After restarting the laptop, I was then able to install CC of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe first Pro CC.  However, Adobe InCopy CC, CC of Adobe InDesign and Adobe prelude always failed CC.  I needed to start safe mode and disable BitDefender Virus Shield and BitDefender Desktop Update Service and then restart mode Normal (services were always disabled). I continued and completed the installations of Adobe InCopy CC, CC of Adobe InDesign and Adobe prelude CC.

    It seems that BitDefender is the process to load this function as a virus Trojan markup and stop installation.

  • Several problems with my Satellite A200-1QZ


    I'm sorry to open a new thread, but I already looked around for awhile and has failed to find the answers I need.

    Since I have several different problems, some of which are probably unique, I thought I might as well start a new thread.

    So lets start with the less important bits and get more important issues to light:


    I have some problems with my FN keys. While it seems that I can use some of them (FN + ESC, F1, F3, F6, F7, F10, F11, F12) there are also some that I can't use FN + F2, F4, F5, F8, F9, basically.

    How is it that some work and some do not, and what I need to do to get them all to work again?


    There are times, when the my screen goes black suddenly while I work, play or surf.
    This does not appear to be linked to specific programs or something, it happens completely at random.
    Sometimes it doesn't happen for weeks, sometimes, it happens two times a day.

    Normally this does not really pose problems, since all I had to do was turn the idle mode (power-led flashes orange), log in again and everything worked fine.
    But unfortunately 3 problem, so it no longer works.


    When I click on the power button - or even chose standby mode via the menu stop - the laptop won't "idle" mode, but the screen goes all black.
    As soon as I move the mouse or do something else, I wonder you connect again, so instead of the idle mode the laptop seems to go in sleeping mode.

    The main problem is that this sleep mode is not sufficient to treat the problem 2, so ultimately, my screen goes black and all I can do is to close completely by holding the button power for 5 seconds.

    Sorry for my English is not my mother tongue. Thanks for all the help in advance.


    Hello and welcome to this forum of technical support.

    I'm not an expert but will try to help you.

    # I put t know what operating system you use, but try to please install or reinstall Toshiba Value added Package.
    # Huh... never heard of something like this and this in standby mode is the solution to this. It means books works as usual but the display is suddenly black?
    # It is not easy to say what the problem is here. You can use Hibernate mode properly?

    By the way: are all hardware components installed correctly (Device Manager)?

Maybe you are looking for

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