Sharing of Variable error-1950679023 in LabVIEW 8.6.1


Is anyone else having problems with this error after installing LabVIEW 8.6.1?

Programs using variables shared that I wrote (and worked), just in older versions don't seem to work.

Kind regards



Hi Sarah,.

Good afternoon and I hope that your well today.

Sorry for the delay...

I've did some more research and found that there is a patch for LabVIEW 8.6.1 and variable - could this be the cause of your faceing...


"This is an update to only LabVIEW 8.6.1 solve a problem when the variable path related is incorrect after variable deployment."

You don't seem to have proved the issue about outside of your code - I go to the update being installed and not the goal of the solution to reproduce your problem.

Finally, please run - but do not uninstall! the attached MSIBlast tool. It will list all the packages OR (Packages MSI) installed on the machine. Please note that the list should include,

Client Variable nor to RT + versions Supprt

Support for versions + OR motor Variable

Variable Manager OR

... to name a few.

I would be interested to know if they appear in the list,

Hope this helps,

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  • Sharing of Variable crashing LabVIEW

    It's just one of those projects that has a wall of brick in each round so far. Two computers running LV2009. Computer A hosted data write sharing Variable. Computer B shared reading Variable data hosts. Reading data is linked to write data. Everything worked fine, and then yesterday afternoon, I don't think I changed anything on the shared variable, I start my VI on the computer B and LV crashes. The VI begins to run before the first performance for reading data, and then poof, everything open in LV disappears. Since then the problem is reproducible 100 percent.

    Here's what I know:

    1. an error indicator hooked to reading data watch-1950679034 (shared Variable has no value) for about a second before the accident. Everything stops execution as soon as the warning.

    2. writing of data is a single editor, but it is also sometimes read in VI it is written in. It is not read when the accident occurred. I can however perform playback on computer A without incident.

    3. don't know if this is related, but if I open the VI on computer B and then open the project, I am not able to drag data reading of the project on the block diagram. I also cannot perform operations on the shared Variable (as right-clicking, ignore the timestamp). I have to close the VI and reopen the project. In retrospect, this problem might have started when I opened the VI without opening the project.

    I'm torn between abandoning the shared Variables and try to understand it. I would definetely prefer to use the Variable shared, mainly because I need a buffering. I guess I can put other things buffer. Don't know if I can remote access to a queue, or...?

    I was able to reproduce the crash that you see with extreme simplicity VI in LabVIEW 2009.  This looks like a bug in LabVIEW, so I'll check if there is any of this behavior already.

  • Using variables shared between the different versions of labview


    I look at the use of variables shared between two different versions of LabVIEW. We have a 2 of the PXI system and a single PC. We are currently updating the code on the PXI system to 2014, but the PC still work 8.2.1. We now need a map of ARINC-429, which is executed only 2009 +, that is why we are to day. First tests show that shared variables do not communicate between the two. I think that the reason may be that the PXI running the version of variable motor 2014 shared, while the PC is running 8.2.1, but I don't know if it is precisely for this reason it does not work. Is there a way to communicate between two different versions of LabVIEW with shared Variables?

    Thank you!


    There are two key elements in the process of installing software that are essential for PXI to communicate with another version of LabVIEW: Legacy Server Support Variable and Variable Support of Legacy Protocol. The first, in charge of the Protocol, was automatically installed through the selection of the other ingredients (although I do not know which triggered its installation). The second has been nested in the Protocol, but was not selected automatically.

    The Protocol allows the PXI 2014 connect to shared variables hosted by devices 8.6 or an earlier versions, while the server allows before 2009 devices to communicate to shared variables hosted on PXI of 2014 (which was the initial problem)!

  • Help! Error 1047 to LabVIEW: LabVIEW failure of sending variable to the script server. Server

    Hi community, I have a problem with script labview matab, I have this problem:

    Error 1047 to LabVIEW: LabVIEW failure of sending variable to the script server. Server

    Possible reasons:

    LabVIEW LabVIEW: Cannot send the variable to the script server.

    We have some documents that mention possible reason why this error occurs, you might see if either of the following apply to what you see.

  • reconnect the stall network of shared network variables

    I have a cRIO unit communicates with a laptop using shared network Variables, one of them being a table of 21 index which is buffered.

    The system connects and communicates very well, but sometimes the wireless laptop card is to lose the signal from the WAP, attached to the cRIO.

    In this case the network never shared Variables "reconnect" and start to receive values still once the wireless link is restored.  Is this expected behavior?

    When I tried to use other WAP industry instead of the card laptop wireless, I get no abandonment.

    Hello Ryan,

    Please contact National Instruments!  I looked into the problem you are having and I wanted to ask you a few questions more.  First of all, you have a period of time which allows the reconnection?  I believe that the Shared Variables should find the connection after a short period, but it may not be a very quick process.  It may take a few minutes to the Variables shared to reconnect.

    The other thing that could happen is if you have error son being passed by shared Variables, it is possible that the error is not be deleted, and so he will always see the error and not a so never reconnect.  In this case, you will need to filter this error and then clear the error in order to use again shared variables.

    If you have more specific information about your program that can help us to determine the reason for this behavior.  As a screenshot of your code would be useful.  Please let me know if you have any other questions and I'll be happy to help you.  I hope this helps!

  • DSC - event trigger for single shared process Variables


    I understand how to set up a Notification of change of value for published network Variables shared so that an event fires when this particular shared Variable changes. However, I can't understand how to do the same for the single shared process Variables. Is it still possible? Can someone shed light on this point, please?

    Thanks in advance.

    -James Pham


    Hello! It is not possible to activate alarming for unique shared process Variables. A workaround to set up a Notification of change of value would be to create a network shared variable that reads in your Variable single process, but at this point in time, it could be useful that replace your variable with a variable that is shared on a network.

  • LabVIEW FPGA: An internal software error in the LabVIEW FPGA Module has Unknown


    Note Labview 2012 SP1 installed about 2 weeks ago.,.

    Accident occurred during the compilation of an fpga vi who worked satisfactorally in the past.

    When I restarted and went to the message recomplile "LabVIEW FPGA: an internal software error in the LabVIEW FPGA Module" see attached picture of popup.

    I reinstalled Labview in its entirety and backed out the changes I made to the vi but still get the same message.

    Thanks in advance


    It turns out that the question was in the VI and not of LabView FPGA module as the message may indicate. I created a vacuum vi, cut and pasted items in this from the vi error and recompiled and it ran very well.

    Somehow the vi has been corrupted internally.

    Thank you it's fixed.

  • 836: failed to create the shared memory data, error 22 store segment

    Hi, I am new to timesten and databases in general, and I'm testing the database timesten to test.

    I am running ubuntu linux in virtualbox and have java 6 is installed. So far, I installed the timesten database and configured the sys.odbc.ini to create a new database. However, it seems that I can't connect to a database.

    I connect with the orattadmin of the user (which belongs to groups both timesten and ttadmin)

    I run the commandes./ and I have the classpath for ttjdbc6.jar in it.
    then I run le./, and when I try to connect to mydatabase or any other database present in the sample folder I get:

    $. / ttisql

    Copyright (c) 1996-2011, Oracle. All rights reserved.
    Type? or 'aid' help, type "exit" to leave the ttIsql.

    Command > Connect "dsn = mytest_ttdb";
    836: failed to create the shared memory data, error 22 store segment
    The command failed.

    what I am doing wrong? What can I do?

    Thanks for your time

    A data store active TimesTen consists of a single shared memory segment allocated from o/s. The size of this segment is PermSize + TempSize + LogBufMB + ~ 20 MB. This allowance will not allow the o/s unless the 'package' kernel parameter has a value greater than the requested size of the segment. According to the Guide of Installation TimesTen, you set various parameters of the kernel on the appropriate values (memory shared, semaphores, etc.).


  • Shared in Teststand variable: error-17500


    I'm trying to deploy a shared library that contains shared variables that I use inside step (screws). But I have error-17500 poping up-to the top whenever I'm trying to deploy it (see attached photo).

    It says that I need the module "the remote execution..." Why is this?

    I tried to access all users of remote machines (as advised in TS Reference Manual) but I have error-17502 poping up-to the top (see photo 2). Is there a reason for this?


    This problem is now known by us on TestStand 4.2.1.

    One solution would be to circumvent the TestStand step by:

    -deploy the variables shared by using a LabVIEW LabVIEW VI is installed on the computer

    -creating an application (Installer with LabVIEW Run-Time, OR Variable engine) for this purpose that will deploy the variables so there is no LabVIEW software installed on the computer.

    Best regards

  • Error during the update of variables a teststand through LabVIEW API


  • Sharing of variable in window 7

    I have a project to Labview 8.6.1 with a lvlib of 9 shared variable, which are some of the simple basic variables (String, Boolean), but some are of type complex def.

    Project works to the original design of LV 8.6.1.

    I opened in LV 11 SP1f1 and shared variables were not recognized. I added the again. I had bad time see variables for the project and when I had to add the last one everything is ok no problem, I save screws and project project then when I opened to new and high level vi and then complain that the last variable is not part of the project. I added it again, I save again once all the screws are ok, but next time, when I open the project I got the error of the variable not being not part of the project.

    Is something that I'm missing or what I'm doing wrong? See attached my variable in project.

    Thank you


    I again, it's a bug on the top of my head, but after a search, I found a reference here(see 40906). It was a bug reported in LV8.5. I'll inform R & D on this event because it was supposed to be fixed a long time ago.

  • Shared speed variable notification - separation of GUI


    I am developing a LabView application that relies heavily on shared variables to separate the logic of basic software graphic user interface. Some variables are used as triggers, which means they are Boolean values that are controlled by the side Server (core application) for the 'true '. If located, they are reset to false and some actions are executed (as queue a message to a queue internal).

    The attached picture shows a situation where the Boolean trigger control is carried out in a loop. Now, what I've found, is that the same message gets queued several times. The OAS 'Save thermal Calibration' is read in the loop, to false and read in the next iteration of the loop. But apparently, the OAS server is too slow to notify the accessor on the value changed before the next iteration of the loop.

    I met similar behavior on some other posts in the code and until now solved by adding a 'Wait (ms)' for about 200 m, but this feels pretty ugly and I wonder if it could break if at some point the load on the app and the SV server becomes even slower.

    Also, I wonder if there is a way to speed up communication server SV, especially when writing values and inform other accessors of OAS on the changes.

    Published static Variables in the network are slow.  There is no real way around it.  And, Yes, when you enter a value, this value is really in the variable until the NSV Server manages it.  And when the value actually gets sent to the server can be on the order of 100 ms.

    If you talk to another computer, I recommend that you change using a network flow or TCP/IP.  This way you have actual messages, ordering the server what to do.

  • Sharing of Variables does not not under an FPGA interface?

    Hi all

    I have a controller 9074 cRIO 9074 chassis.

    I defined a number of variables shared under my RIO controller and writing a UI VI in my host PC, where I feed some variables of network shared in RIO and get another return to RIO on the front panel of my host. Naturally, the VI which deals with read/write variable network data to IO channels real is under my RIO controller.

    The problem is that, although everything seems to work fine when my RIO is set to the interface of the Scan Engine, the same screws give the following error message when I pass my RIO FPGA interface dependent.


    Possible reasons:

    CompactRIO: (Hex 0xFFFF0000) unable to communicate with the module. Re-insert the module and check the connections. If the chassis is in Interface FPGA programming mode, make sure that you have opened a FPGA reference bitfile or VI FPGA with the load of the Interface of scanning for the module you are trying to access using the scanning Interface.

    This error or warning occurred when writing the following shared Variable:


    Note that I get this error message for each channel of e/s that I call my RIO. Also note that it is there still no reference FPGA currently in any of the screws... I want to solve the problem is because later, I'll have to add some FPGA in my code, so I can not just impersonating my RIO scan interface...

    Any help would be appreciated,


    When you disable scanning on the cRIO platform engine, you must have some runing FPGA code.

    There is noway that knows your controller on any module, and he can't read anything from any module.

    If you do not have an FPGA vi, which sends the values of a port of the module on your controller, you need to do active Scan Engine.

    The error message clearly indicate that you must have an open reference FPGA vi or analytical engine to be able to read the values of and to a module.

    You are able to have custom analysis engine and a footstool of FPGA code at the same time on an FPGA.

    Is there a reason you do not run with the scanning engine?

  • Shared Services API - error getting of datasource weblogic/pool/PooledConnectionDataSource


    I have a program that connects to the SSP by using the Java API. The code is usually works fine on the other environment.

    This one is on EMP version and I get an error after this procedure - system = CSSSystem.getInstance (context, "");

    27 January 2015 09:36:44 com.hyperion.hit.registry.RegistryUtils buildConnFromDriverManager

    CAUTION: Check if the Instance and Oracle Home environment variables are set properly. RootCause: weblogic.jdbc.sqlserver

    . SQLServerDriver

    Error getting of datasource weblogic/pool/PooledConnectionDataSource

    27 January 2015 09:36:44 com.hyperion.hit.registry.RegistryUtils createNewConnection

    GRAVE: Failed to create the data source connection. RootCause:weblogic/pool/PooledConnectionDataSource.

    27 January 2015 09:36:44 < init > com.hyperion.hit.registry.exceptions.RegistryException

    INFO: Registry Exception occurred - cannot create new database connection by using the data source. RootCause: [weblogic/pool/PooledConnecti


    27 January 2015 09:36:44 com.hyperion.hit.registry.Registry lookupComponentsWithException

    INFO: EPMREG-11045

    27 January 2015 09:36:44 < init > com.hyperion.hit.registry.exceptions.RegistryException

    INFO: Registry Exception occurred - cannot create new database connection by using the data source. RootCause: [weblogic/pool/PooledConnecti


    27 January 2015 09:36:44 com.hyperion.hit.registry.Registry lookupWithException

    INFO: EPMREG-11038

    27 January 2015 09:36:44 < init > com.hyperion.hit.registry.exceptions.RegistryException

    INFO: Registry Exception occurred - com.hyperion.hit.registry.exceptions.RegistryException: failed to create new database connection

    using data source. RootCause: [weblogic/pool/PooledConnectionDataSource]

    Com.hyperion.hit.registry.Registry 27 January 2015 search 09:36:44

    INFO: EPMREG-11038

    27 January 2015 09:36:44 com.hyperion.css.registry.RegistryManager RegistryManager

    GRAVE: Failed to initialize the instance security EMP of Shared Services. Component marchandises9/FOUNDATION_SERVICES_PRODUCT/SHARED_SERVICES_PR

    PRODUCT is null in the EMP system registry. Check the configuration of the EMP system registry.


    at start.initialize(

    at the beginning. Sample(Start.Java:59)

    at cc.main(

    I guess it's something with the SQL Server driver. You have any ideas?

    My ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_INSTANCE are defined correctly.

    Thanks in advance,

    Kind regards



    I finally got it to work!

    I added libraries of weblogic located under EPM/Middleware/wlserver_10.3/server/lib, and now it works fine.

    It was a pain to find, because the error message did not specify that it was a missing library...

    Anyway, if it helps, here's the list of external libraries that I use:

    'wlssapi.jar '.

    "wlssapi - internal .jar '.

    "wlss - datatier.jar.

    "wlss-descriptor - binding.jar.

    'wlssdiameter.jar '.

    'wlssechosvr.jar '.

    "wlss - mbeaninfo.jar.

    'WLSSSecurityProviders.jar '.

    'wlthint3client.jar '.

    "wlw - langx.jar.

    "wlw-langx - ja.jar.

    "wlw-langx - ko.jar.

    "wlw-langx - zh_CN.jar.

    "wlw-langx - zh_TW.jar.

    "wlw-wsee - soapfault.jar.

    'xmlparserv2_sans_jaxp_services.jar '.

    "xmlrpc - 2.0.1.jar.

    "audit - client.jar.

    "Beaver - 1.0.5.jar.

    'com.bea.core.apache.commons.pool_1.3.0.jar '.

    "commons-lang - 2.1.jar.


    'dms.jar '.


    'ojdl.jar '.

    'quartz.jar '.


    'Register - api .jar '.

    'scheduler_ces.jar '.


    'wf_ces_utils.jar '.

    'wf_eng_agent.jar '.

    'wf_eng_api.jar '.

    'wf_eng_server.jar '.

    'wlcipher.jar '.

    'wlclient.jar '.

    "wlcommons - logging.jar.

    'wlconnector.jar '.

    'wldb2.jar '.

    'wldeploy.jar '.

    'wlinformix.jar '.

    "wl-j2ee - client.jar.

    'wljarbuilder.jar '.

    'wljmsclient.jar '.

    'wljmxclient.jar '.

    'wllog4j.jar '.

    'wlnmclient.jar '.

    'wlpool.jar '.

    'wlsafclient.jar '.

    "wls - api .jar '.

    'wlss.jar '.

    'wlss_i18n.jar '.

    Thank you all for your help.

    Kind regards


  • How to fix error 1097 in labview?

    I use call library function to call a dll.when it turns that it is an error of 1097.  «An exception occurred in the external code that is called by a node call library feature.» The exception may have corrupted memory of LabVIEW. How you can fix this error?

    see the following link, can give you some advice:

    I used the search box on top right of the site nor and entered 1097

    It may be useful

Maybe you are looking for

  • not able to find the cRIO in maximum DHCP address lease ok.

    Hello I have a cRIO OR installed for the first time that I have a question, adding to the measurement and automation Express (MAX) I did the following: -i held the reset for 5 seconds button. -i got a tripple blink -check that a DHCP lease was obtain

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