Sound card is not after the downgrade from Vista to Xp on Equium L350

Hi I have a Finalis L350 laptop computer and I've recently downgraded from Vista to XP.

All other drivers work very well outside of my sound card.

Does anyone know where to find the drivers I need for my laptop?

I know what we call drivers

VIA AC 97 Audio Controller (WDM and SIS 7018 Audio Driver)

Only problem is that I don't know what those who work with my Toshiba L350 - 10L

There are different versions of these drivers. No one knows everything everyone who it is?

Thanks in advance :)



If you download the latest driver from realtek site (which belongs to this sound card since it s a realtek card) you can't do anything wrong. Just check and download the latest being.

Welcome them

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    Model: Toshiba L30-105 PSL33E-02S02HFR.
    USB ports (2) do not work after the downgrade from vista to Windows xp family. All the drivers downloaded from Toshiba Web site.

    Thanks for any help,


    Have you installed Win XP all service packs?
    SP2 provides some patches on the USB feature.

    You definitely need to update the Win XP OS

  • No sound after the downgrade from VIsta to XP on Presario C712NR, Please help

    After downgrading from Vista to XP SP3, my C712NR lost her completely.  I can't find the driver for the conexant HD Audio SmartAMC HD2 map.  Much appreciated if you can help.


    MS-UAA for SP2 (required with a reboot before the Audio driver and Modem) here

    MS-UAA for SP3 (required with a reboot before the Audio driver and Modem) here

    Conexant High-Definition Audio here

    Unzip it to a folder... Use the device, right click "Audio Device on HD" Manager, choose Update driver,
    Not to communicate,
    Install from a list or specific location,
    Select don't search, I will choose the driver to install.
    For the hardware Type select 'show all devices '.
    Remove control "Show compatible hardware" and click on 'disk '.
    Next... Navigate to the unzipped folder and choose the "WiSVHe5.inf".
    Ignore XP when it complains.

  • TouchPad does not work after the downgrade from Vista

    I found this before a year ago but I can't find him. It's a program that will enable the touchpad after going from Vista to XP.

    Fn + F9 does not help, Ive already tried to reinstall the drives and the utility of ON / OFF.


    Usually a toggle Touchpad utility would enable and disable the touchpad by pressing the FN + F9 keys.

    I think you could find it on the page of the European driver Toshiba

    Welcome them

  • Some problems after the downgrade from Vista to XP - Tecra S10


    I wonder if you could give me a helping hand with a laptop I bought recently.

    With the S10, I got a downgrade and used to downgrade to XP SP3 cd, but who has a problem.
    Sometimes when I restarted the pc, or even when it would boot it would hang and the fan would start to run at 100%.
    When it restarts, it crashes just after the "closing windows" and when it starts, it freezes at the windows xp loading screen.

    The only thing I could do, it's hard to restart it.
    If you think "huh, he had a few pilot program or that ' Yes, thought that myself, but I reinstalled xp on the machine with fresh drivers, bios update, file verification, toshiba software uninstalled, reinstalled, checked for viruses malware... always dose the same thing.

    The interesting part is that it is not all the time... and I can't understand what is happening when the system crashes.

    Can someone give me a hand with this?


    It is possible that some pre-installed applications that worked correctly with Vista OS would go well with Win XP and so these strange questions would appear

    As another user suggested try to uninstall the software of fingerprint. But the best solution would be the clean OS install

    However check this

  • Re: After the downgrading from Vista to XP BIOS version the need to upgrade


    I have a Satellite P200 (PSPB6) IDE.

    I'm downgrading my whit Vista laptop, windows XP system, when I check everything is updating the drivers for XP I see two version of Bios.

    Satellite P200 (PSPB6) 1, 90 - WIN< my="" bios="" version="">

    Satellite P200 (PSPB6) 5, 00 - WIN< and="" this="" version,="" what="" is="">

    The BIOS must be updated to Pentecost 5, 00 - WIN version when Vista downgrade to windows XP system?

    Thanks for all!

    Hello Phil

    On this forum you can find many threads where people report on the feature key FN does not not after installing Windows XP Home edition. Because of this Toshiba has designed the version of BIOS that supports all this stuff.

    To be honest on this forum, you can find tips very useful and if you have time take a look in the category p Satellite.

  • Satellite L30-113 - no sound after the downgrade from Vista to XP

    Hello to everyone.
    I recently bought a new laptop Toshiba Satellite L30-113
    with vista preintalled.

    As many users around the vista of the world seemed very slow for me so I decided to go back to Windows XP Pro.
    The problem is that I can't hear any sound in my laptop.
    In fact I found some drivers for Realtek controller High definition audio
    but they have nothing did.

    I give the floor to toshiba in Greece and they told me that this laptop is designed only for windows vista!
    Can this be true?
    Help, please


    In my eyes, you have misunderstood something. Of course, that the laptop can handle Windows XP and it should work correctly, but as you say the device was shipped with Vista and so the guys at Toshiba support don't provide any support for WinXP on this laptop.

    As far as I know page driver Toshiba also provide drivers for win XP. Therefore, visit European driver of Toshiba page and choose the good laptop-> PSL33 Sat L30-113

    You will find a driver version XP. This should work!

    Have a nice day ;)

  • Satellite A200 - 1 MB: some problems after the downgrade from Vista to XP 64 bit

    I have a laptop A200 1 MB

    and I changed my OS Win XP 64 bit and I just had a few problems

    1 - the parchment in the touchpad do not work
    2 - the function keys (Fn) does not work either
    3. I can't update the Bios it gives me an error on the file phlashnt.sys. It is said that, if I do not have without administrator privileges are trying to log in again as an administrator

    However, my account is an administrator account

    Thnx everyone for trying to help me

    I think you have these issues because the drivers are missing.

    I see you are using the XP 64 bit OS. Toshiba drivers for win 32 bit and so some features don't work and you can't update the BIOS.


  • Downgrade from Vista to XP on Equium L350 - 10L

    Hey guys this is my first post here. I searched everywhere but can't seem to find the information or help that I want.

    Here's the question. I have the * satellite Toshiba L350 - 10L. (PSLB2E) *, I bought last week and I really hate Vista that comes with the machine. I also have XP Pro and I want to put this on the machine instead of use the preinstalled Vista.

    Problem is that I can't find the XP drivers available here to use once I put XP on the computer.

    Anyone know it if they are available and if so where can I get them?

    In addition it is possible to use the drivers vista on XP or if they will not work. I won't try to install XP until I have all the correct drivers. I tried to find this info anywhere and nothing helped. Certainly, demand for XP should toshibe free drivers. I see other people the same questions, but to different machines and I'm wondering are they available for my specific machine.

    In this guys any help would be greatly appreciated, or even advice to if Im barking an incredibly bad tree.

    Once again thanks in advance people

    Hey Buddy

    I was in the same boat with my series of Satellite A. I bought my laptop with Vista pre-installed too, and like most of us, I installed the XP

    The problem was that it had no XP drivers.

    So I ve searched a bit on the European driver Toshiba page and I used the series laptop drivers different

    Still many laptop series uses the same hardware devices and also the drivers would be functions too

    Check just. it worth a try.

    PS: I m ensure that drivers Toshiba of origin should be released in the next time don t lose patience ;)

  • Error message appears during the downgrade from Vista to XP

    I'm trying the last days to downgrade from vista to xp.
    Whe I try to do a clean installation Ikeep error 0x0000007b (0xF7A8A524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000).

    I also tried through the back (which I am not good at) repeat me something on the partion, which it is not.
    When I go through the windows if it says that the version is newer than the one you want to install.


    If you want to use the Win XP instead of Vista, then you must do a clean install!
    The downgrade will not work because Vista is newer than XP.

    I put t know what laptop you have, but most of the new laptops support a SATA HDD controller and you must include the SATA drivers to install Win XP.

    In addition SATA drivers are a part of the Intel Storage Manager which should be published on the Toshiba page as well.

    Just a hint; Use the option search advanced this Toshiba forum there are a lot of discussions about this theme!

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    train the Viewer even I get this

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    I tried to uninstall completely all Autodeck and re install but that has not worked.

    Install the Visual C ++ 2008 Runtime.

    Package redistributable Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (x 86)

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    I upgraded my OS from Vista to Windows 7 and lost bookmarks, I had in Firefox. Back up my documents files and they are OK. Unfortunately, I don't think to back up my Firefox bookmarks.html file.

    However, I did the upgrade of the operating system from the disk and a "windows.old" folder has been created which seems to have a lot of my old files, applications, and others, but I can't find "bookmarks.html" in the firefox folder or in my user folder.

    Is there another place in windows.old where bookmarks could be, or a different file name, it may be under?

    Please help, there are a few important bookmarks that I lost and which were accumulated over several years.

    Thank you!

    Firefox has not used the file bookmarks.html for storage of bookmark since the release of Firefox 2. You need a JSON bookmark backup file or the file places.sqlite. See this:

    Your old profile is located here in Windows Vista and Win7:

    drive: \Users\Windows login user name\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\profile_name

    You may need to display 'files and hidden folders' in Win7 to be able to access the Firefox profile in windows.old files and the new installation of the OS.

  • After the upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 games installed in my laptop (Chainz, Cubis and Bejeweled, etc.) have bars on each side when displayed in full screen.

    I have a laptop Acer Aspire with a screen 16:9 wide (15.6 "), it has the latest graphic drivers ATI and all operating system updates.  After the upgrade to W7 (free upgrade with the purchase of the laptop) everything works wonderfully except all the games installed now not displayed in full screen, I get black bars on both sides, they used for Vista, but not with W7.

    I already tried different settings in the games options, administrator, resolutions screen different, being run in maximized 'Vista' and 'Run' mode of the file properties dialog box shortcut and .exe.  This happened without any security program installed that is not a factor.

    I am at a loss.

    This is to maintain the ratio l / h. It is how the images stretch. ATI no longer has the opportunity to play with the proportions for the sort of stuck like that unless you can find in your version of ATI Catalyst. It is in fact full screen as opposed to windowed mode, but it does not cover the entire screen.

    You can try different resolutions within the application to see if it will actually make your apps full screen to use the entire screen. That's all, remains to be done. I don't know why ATI has decided to exclude this option because some people hate the black bars or hate the stretched images.

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