sound sometimes works, sometimes not

The sound on my computer sometimes works, sometimes not. I have a HP pavilion touchsmart laptop computer running windows 8. I'm really not tech savy and hesitant to try troubleshooting on my own too. Support and suggestions would be helpful. Not sure if this has to do with updates or why it works sometimes and other times not.



Personally, I would say running through the procedure that I detailed in my initial post, because it is relatively in line forward and in all likelihood, you'll need to remove the particular update ( KB2962407 ) and then hide it from restarting.

At the end of the day, only you can decide what you feel comfortable with and if your laptop are still under warranty, using staples or HP must be free.

Kind regards

DP - K

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  • my windows media player is VERY slow to start, sometimes stops working, will not play some videos

    When I run the program it opens but will not play a song sometimes longer than 15 minutes. Stops working and the screen will sometimes foggy transparent white - I can still see the player, but he has a white on fog. Today, that happen when you try to copy a cd. -just a regular old cdr.

    Show first frame of video and play a sound but video does not move. Windows vista-home premium-toshiba.

    I suggest that you try to reset the media library. Note firstly reset the library will make you lose all play counts and ratings too. Then, follow these steps:

    -Restart the PC.
    -Click Start, type services.msc in the search field and press ENTER. In Services, locate the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. If its status is started, double-click on the service and click on stop.
    -Click Start, type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft in the search field and press ENTER. This folder opens in Windows Explorer.
    -In this file, rename the old Media Player like Media Player folder. If you do not see the folder, then it is probably hidden. Set Explorer to view the hidden files and folders and show protected system files.
    -Launch WMP, your library will have been reset and will be rebuilt. Check if the problem persists.

  • Satellite M40-276: sound card is shown to the registry sometimes not

    I have a sound problem. Sometimes the sound card is shown to the registry sometimes not.
    I fixed my laptop, but there is no sound card.
    Sorry for my bad English


    First of all, I would like to know if you have problems with the sound.
    Second, check device manager if the sound card driver has been properly installed. If not then you should see a yellow exclamation next to the card (Controller)

    What you can do is download the driver of his most recent on the Toshiba site, then install it on the laptop.

  • Connectivity LAN on Satellite L20-205 works sometimes and sometimes not


    Well im using ethernet to connect to internet. The thing is, sometimes it works, sometimes not. There are times when I can connect immediately after that I turned on the laptop, there are moments where the connection becomes available after 10 minutes of operation of the laptop, sometimes it doesn't quite work.

    However, sometimes the connection could freeze even after running for some time. Actually, its kind of voodoo magic connection to the net via this phone. It is said that the cable is connected, but there is 0 packets. It frustrates some me... so I'm wondering if anyone has come across a similar behaviour of his satellites?


    On this path, it is not easy to say why this is happening. Good and stable connectivity LAN depends on a few different factors. You must know that this laptop can not only peripheral being responsible for this. I put t know what LAN you use (probably DSL at home), but you must also check if the ADSL modem or router is configured correctly.

    If you are free, try to connect to your laptop to some other LAN to check how it works on an independent network. I really can't imagine that LAN card or driver may be responsible for this.

    I use at home of DSL connectivity and if the router is without power for a while, it can takes about 10 minutes before I can use an Internet connection.

  • Several times after that I opened Google it does not connect to the internet. Has worked for a long time, and now it will not. Sometimes it opens if you "Refresh" sometimes not. Please help.

    Several times after that I opened Google it does not connect to the internet. Has worked for a long time, and now it will not. Sometimes it opens if you "Refresh" sometimes not.  Help, please. It has been stable over the years and now it will not work. I get no help when I diagnoise of problems, but I never. It has been checked and rechecked. PitStop does not even recognize a problem. I could change the homepage, but I prefer to use Google if it works. Frustrating.

    You may need to update your toolbar, google has made some changes just about everything and possibly that the page is not where it used to be.

  • DM4-3050us only plays sound sometimes...?

    I had the dm4-3050us for almost 2 years now with virtually no problems, but lately he did something annoying - whenever I tried to load some audio (almost always using the helmet on the right side), there was a chance that the audio would not play. Usually to reloading the page or program would do the trick, but in the past few days, it is almost completely stopped working. I can't listen to audio online and usually have to restart begins five or six times before the sound of work programmes.

    I have troubleshooted the audio on my computer and found nothing of technically wrong with it. Everything said my helmet is in, not on mute, and at a decent volume (and I know this is true because there are a few programs that I can hear, sometimes), and fully functional and even when I leave the speakers run it is the same case - of course, my sound should work fine.

    Any help that anyone can provide would be much appreciated!


    Try the following.

    Download IDT Audio Installer on the link below and save it in your downloads folder.

    One time finished, open windows control panel, open Device Manager and open sound, video and game controllers.  Right click on the IDT device and select uninstall - also, you should get a command prompt to delete the current driver, check the box allow this and then proceed to uninstall.

    When you are finished, download and reinstall the Chipset driver from the link below.

    Chipset Driver - Windows 7.

    After reinstalling, shut down the laptop, unplug the AC adapter and then remove the battery.  Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds.  Reinsert the battery and plug in the AC adapter.

    Robinet tap away at the key esc that you start the computer to launch the Start Menu, and then select f10 to open the bios menu.  Press f5 to load the default values (sometimes it's f9, but the menu below indicates the correct key), use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and press ENTER.  Press f10 to save the setting and still use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and press on enter.

    Allow Windows to fully - charge it will automatically load an audio driver, but let just this complete.  Then open your download folder, right-click on the IDT Installer and select "Run as Administrator" to launch the installation.  Once this done, do a right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar and select playback devices.  'Speakers and headphones' left click once to highlight, and then click the Set Default button - check if this contributed to the issue.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Why do the waveforms appear sometimes and sometimes not, in making sequences?

    I use two camcorders from Sony to make 2-camera shoots of operas. I use the same cameras, first CC 7.2 and the same workflow as follows:

    1. Ingesting the two cameras AVCHD video.
    2. Create a sequence of each clamp so that the waveform can be displayed on the timeline and develop a common sound to mark for synchronization. This could be the first note of music or (better) something someone falls during the silence between applause of the conductor and the beginning of the work. Mark by (new workflow 7.2) by selecting the item and pressing M.
    3. After checking the mark on each clip is based on the same sound, remove the two sequences; they reached their goal.
    4. Select the clips in the project Panel, in the order (click on camera 1, hold down Shift or Control in function, then the camera 2).
    5. Right-click and select Create Sequence of Source multicamera; because the clip markers have been applied, the choice of brand item is preselected and is right for this sequence.
    6. Right click on the sequence obtained from Source MC and choose to display it on the Timeline. Expand the two stereo audio tracks (the best for the Tilde key to bring up the timeline without other elements) and make sure they are synchronized at the chassis level. The elements in the timeline appear in blue and displayed the waveforms.
    7. Right-click on the Source sequence in the project Panel, and then choose "new sequence of the clip. It comes to the target sequence. It shows a track and an audio video (will of course switch between multiple cameras well directed and controlled).

    Here comes the question: sometimes I have the audio waveform. sometimes not. Same workflow; same cameras; same computer. Different result! (I would put in pictures, but the device "insert an image" in the forum seems to be broken - just watch a gray square with "Insert an image" rather than a selector of any to fetch the image!) The audio itself is not affected. I had many prefer to see the audio not; It is a plan through my project - for example, dialogue and musical numbers appear quite different if I know where I am audio I don't have the litter box to the top of my calendar with useless markers.

    Thanks to anyone who can answer...

    Make the audio, the waveforms will display.

  • PC Windows Vista stops unexpectedly. Sometimes several times a day and sometimes not at all.

    My Windows Vista PC completely stops unexpectedly and without warning. Sometimes several times a day and sometimes not at all. When I turn it back on, sometimes I have a blue screen that tells me that the PC has experienced an unexpected shutdown and communicate with my local technician. However when turning on, I am always able to return to my office. My anti-virus support told me that it is not related to a virus. Help!

    It is likely some equipment or device driver issue (although we can not entrierly a problem of software).  I need a lot more information on this blue screen - EXACTLY what it says Word for Word with all the codes.  Read the messages and follow the procedures established by the MVP of the spirit in the following thread on the Blue Screen of Death.  They should help you solve your problem.  I know it's long but a blue screen problems problem may take some time because there are so many different causes and we must find the right to try to identify the problem and then find a way to fix it.  One of the elements in his post is a method to prevent the system to reboot when a blue screen if you have the time to copy the information.  If the system is not turned off, but the screen does not stay up long, press prtscrn to copy the screen, then when the system boots to open Microsoft Paint, click on the Open box and click Ctrl + V to paste here you have plenty of time to copy the information and post it here so we can look at.  Do not forget to include EVERYTHING - it is unclear what could be of crucial importance.

    I repeat the procedures in the messages of the spirit in the link above - just follow them and answer back here with the results.  Want to make interim reports before the end of the stteps is perfectly OK - in fact, I suggest you do that so I can help guide you and maybe eliminate some of the steps because they will provide no information, that we don't already know (or will not solve the problem because of the information that we already know.

    A question, is your so hot PC anywhere on it that if you hold your hand on it, you will need to detach due to heat?  Overheating is a common cause of this type of problem.  Check that the fan doesn't work and all intake and exhaust ports are clean of dust, lint, or any other obstacle.  If this is a desktop computer, remove the cover and clean the entire interior to remove dust and lint and anything else that doesn't belong.  Make sure you do not loosen or detach the wiring or the accessories cards or RAM chips.  Don't bother if it's a laptop - it's too difficult to get inside to do a proper clean-up - just make sure that the fan is running and that the vents are clear.

    I hope this helps.  I look forward to your reply with your comments about what you did to the spirit and procedures for detailed information on the blue screen error.

    Good luck!

    Lorien - MCSA/MCSE/network + / has + - if this post solves your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

  • sometimes windows media recognizes CD writing - sometimes not

    When you try to burn CDs - sometimes windows media program system recognize Virgin CD - R and the work - sometimes not.  Exactly the same CD - R blank.  Indicates updated w/updates.

    Hello Faye

    If the problem is intermittent, according to me, maybe it's all just be your lens needs a clean place, with a disc cleaning designed for use in pc.s or if it is a laptop and you can access the lens (arrow below) you can clean yourself (a very soft brush and a mild Tickle!) It's also a good idea to skim along the track to make sure they are not dusty (yellow lines)

    Best, Ric.

  • Coordinates GPS are sometimes not accurate


    I made a Java application a while back who gets a GPS coordinate every 15 minutes since the Blackberry and sends it to a webserver to display on a map.

    My request (map on the web server and a native app on Blackberry) works very well.  However, from time to time, I get a GPS coordinate which is far away (sometimes even in the middle of the Atlantic ocean).

    It seems very random.

    I've seen this problem on many different models (to name a few): Curve 8330, Curve 8530, Storm 9530, and even the Torch 9800.

    It is very annoying! And not very professional (such as users laughing when the point is in the water).

    I saw this post, which reports a similar problem:

    I tried the suggestion of turning 'Location helping' to 'Off ':

    It seems to help a bit, but the problem still sometimes.  It is particularly terrible with a Curve 8530 (in the Mississauga area) where I get weird GPS coordinates every day (in the middle of the ocean or in the North).

    I wanted to do an audit of the points in my code when the card to receive, but it is not an easy task. I compare the new point to the last... and check the distance (in km) between these two points and to reject the last of them if the distance between the two is impossible.  I did that... but I ran into problems when, for example, the Blackberry has been down (or cover, or gps unavailable or dead battery) for several hours (I was then rejecting good GPS coordinates).

    Is there something I could do to avoid this problem?

    Someone has encountered this before?

    Thanks for your help!

    I do actually all of this processing on the device: it is useless to send data to throw!

    I encourage you to take the readings with less or 4 satellites.  And as mentioned, if you have 6 satellites or more, then I would be very very sure that the value is OK and would even not worth checking with the previous.

    If you are only concerned about the values with 5 satellites.  According to my experience on the BlackBerry, they are sometimes good and sometimes not.  Distance and height appear to be good checks, when times are close enough.  When they are not, then I would actually say you should wait until you get a value with 6 satellite offices before you start recording.  If you missed 10 hours, lack even a minute won't be disturbing.

    That said, your validity check server-side seems similar to mine.

    Note that if you use a location, my experience it creates actually a place and then updates, so you should clone the location you get, otherwise he will geet was updated the next value that is passed to you.  You probably already have spotted that.

    For other phones, look at these:

  • I get error message libraries does not properly. the sound on my computer doesn't work do not at all.

    Sound on computer not working do not at all.


    1. don't you make changes on the computer before the issue started?
    2. what operating system are you running on your machine?
    3. were you able to hear the sound of your computer before?

    Follow the steps in the articles below and check if this solves the problem of noise.

    Please provide us with more information about the issue of libraries so that we can help you to fix.

  • Why do my windows media sometimes not recognize that there is a disc in the drive when I am trying to burn music on the disc,

    Original title: windows media problems
    Why do my windows media sometimes not recognize that there is a disc in the drive when I am trying to burn music on the disc,

    If you restart WMP when this problem occurs, which helps?

    It seems that the AutoRun or AutoPlay got disabled on your system. Please try the instructions in the following article to reactivate these:

  • Sometimes it prints perfectly, sometimes it prints overnight and sometimes not printing.

    I use EPSON LX-300 + II printer with Windows7 Professional (32-bit) OS.

    in those days he became a hard to print using it... at the beginning, it ceased to print MS-Office files and after that stopped printing my office files that will be printed using the LPT1 Port.

    Sometimes, the time will be 3 to 4 hours, sometimes, it will be the next day and sometimes not printing.

    When checked in the 'devices & Printers'--> which is... the printing of the document will be sent for printing, but no print is generated.

    so kindly help me to overcome this problem.

    Hello Perugudayanand,

    You can try to uninstall and reinstall the printer software and see if that helps fix the problem.

    Follow the below link to do the same.

    I hope this helps. Otherwise, feel free to write us back for assistance.

    Thank you

  • Problems with my sound doesn't play not even though the settings say that the audio does not work properly

    recently I went on vacation... sound computer works very well before I left. Came back, and now the sound does not work.  I checked all the settings and it says everything is working. I've done some research and there was only one window to come when I rebooted that says a file with the extension dll is not found.  So I restored by computer back to before I left on vacation, but still no sound.  No pop up with the dll is not found though.  I went in the "maintenance" section and found it seems to be a few questions audio below is the scheme which is the filler. Hope this is enough information for assistance.  said the task of event 20 116.  I have an ACER one with windows. the computer has HDMI dolby and realtek.

      0 x 800000000000000



    Judy Hello,

    Thank you for visiting Microsoft Community and we provide a detailed description of the issue.

    According to the description, I understand you have a problem with the sound does not work properly in the computer even if the settings say that the audio does not work properly.

    Certainly, I understand your concern and will try my best to help you.

    I appreciate all your efforts really to try to solve this problem.

    This issue would have intervened if the sound card has went wrong in the computer or audio drivers have been corrupted.

    I would suggest trying the following methods and check if that helps.

    Method 1:

    I suggest you to refer to the procedure described in the article below and check if it helps.

    No sound in Windows

    Note: The above article will help you identify and solve its current problems in Windows, including no sound from your speakers or headphones.

    Also try to install the latest drivers from the chipset in the system and check if it helps.

    If the problem persists, follow method 2

    Method 2:

    How to use the tool File Checker system to fix missing or damaged system files, please follow the steps in the link provided below.

    Note: System File Checker is a Windows utility that allows users to find corruptions in Windows system files and restore the damaged files. This article explains how to run the tool (SFC.exe) System File Checkerto scan your system files and to repair the missing system or damaged files from Windows or Windows 8 8.1. If a Protection of resources Windows (WRP) file is missing or is damaged, Windows may not behave as expected.

    I hope this information is useful.

    Please let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • Sound schemes system works is not on Windows 8 computer laptop after fully updated from Windows 7

    As the title says, I have improved my laptop Win 7 with Windows 8 Pro of Dreamspark (MSDNAA). I also did a clean install of Windows 8 Pro on my PC. Everything goes well on my PC. But on my laptop, the sound system system is cut off, even if the volume of the sound system to 100%. Metro applications notification sounds are silent, too. When I open the sound control panel, al sounds preview worked fine (also good default & custom programs to Windows 7). Also, I check the Windows startup sound 'play' & he play every time I start Windows. All the other audio music, videos, game apps, Internet, YouTube, Flash worked fine, the system of sound patterns are dumb. The audio files are all good, not corrupt, the volume of system sounds even on when I found these files on the array of sounds. But when I actually did things like navigate in File Explorer, connect devices USB, emptying recycled bin, there was simply no sound. I don't know if the problem is with my local Windows 7 account now be upgraded & linked with my Microsoft account, since I've heard of people having the same problem & had to create a new account for. Maybe there's something wrong with the admin permissions that prevent the audio to trigger when the events occur. There is nothing wrong with the audio driver since I've upgraded to the latest Realtek HD 2.70 (support Win 8) on both my laptop & PC, has worked on PC & except for this problem, worked fine with any other audio source on my laptop. Help, please. Thank you!

    PS: My laptop is a screen touch 2 - pt 2010, but still usable with the new startup screen. Just info, no doubt, that it has nothing to do with this problem. Although I found it less intuitive than Win 7 desktop. In Windows 7, you can actually swipe to go back & set out in Explorer, touch 2 fingers to right click (rather than just hold), the touchpad had same suggestion of words like WP7. None of them work in the Office of Windows 8. Improve the Office to be more touch optimized, since now the Metro user interface is fully developed. Just say "." Instead, I'm in love, especially on my PC because it run so fast without a hitch!

    I think I found the solution. There is a DWORD key "Mute" in my HKCU root key. Delete it & it's back to normal. I don't understand why there is this key exists.

Maybe you are looking for

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    My message window shows "ink system failure - ink system has failed.  Cannot copy, receive faxes or print.  Refer to the printer documentation. Error: Oxc18a0206 Stop the power, then on again. I changed all the cartridges, turned on and off, unplugge

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    MSN needs to update, after download, it tries to connect via the dial-up connection, but I am connected using verizon fios?

  • How to get rid of the small shield on my shortcut icons?

    Hi all.There was a small picture of shield on my icons.I know that they are to remind me that the programs need administrator privileges to run.But, is there a way to get rid of it? I don't want that appear on my beautiful icons.I tried to disable UA

  • Creating ingest Preset does not...

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  • Old CS5 on Yosemite 10.10.5 UPDATE

    I have been in the design field for the past 5 years and want to update my old iMac running Adobe CS5 (12.0 x 64) because I bought a new Canon 70 D camera and you want to update the plugin RAW and latest updates on CS5. Can I upgrade CS5 and stay on