Sound won't speakers when headphones are pulled out.

When I watch the video in flash and connect my headset, I can not everything in FF without having to restart the program. And when I close the process is still running. But when I stop the process in Task Manager, then start it again I can hear the sound again. It is extremely annoying! It's weird that other programs on my computer can play on different sources, but if I lean back and my helmet falls, Firefox can not play all the sounds until you restart against his will...


There is a Bug filed on a question like that.

Must be confirmed as to if it's just a problem of Flash (with plugins) or if it happens with audio played directly through Firefox, do not use a plugin.

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  • Satellite A200-1AE: sound from speakers when headphones are connected

    Hello. Sorry for my English.

    I have problem when I started a player (winamp player or a movie or a game with the sound) and I want to change the sound from the speaker to the helmet by plug them into the headphone jack. The sound is still speaker.

    So I just restart this player or the game and then sound is switched to the headphones.

    So in sum up: when I want to listen to the sound of some player I have to plug in headphones first and then start the player in order reverse, the sound is not switched to the helmet line.

    In other laptops with Vista I have check this problem is not to happen.
    Do you have any suggestions?

    Hello Pawel

    I have the Satellite A200 too preinstalled with recovery DVDs. I was very curious and I tested it on my laptop. In my case everything was OK. Through the use of headphones, Laptop speakers are automatically TURNED off. Remove helmet speakers work again.

    I am really confused, and it is really not easy to say what the problem is here. AFAIK in headphone plug it is small, and through the use of headphones this past should disable Laptop speakers. All you can do is check if it happens after clean OS installation, maybe update the BIOS or install the latest driver sound.

    Sorry, but I don't see any other possibilities. If anything maybe you must contact the service in your country. I really can't imagine that this little mixer may be defective but service may only do a check.

    Bye and good luck!

  • Always sound coming from the speakers when headphones are connected

    When I plug my headphones, the continuous sound coming out the speakers with no sound at all through the headset. When I go on manage audio devices, the helmet will appear, but it says that they're disconnected even if they are connected. I know the headset works very well because they work with my phone. I have Windows 8. What can I do?

    Hello. This is usually a driver problem, especially on models having Realtek audio.

    If you need more help please give the complete model name of the laptop.

  • Satellite Pro C50 - A - speakers don't put muted when headphones are

    This morning my Satellite Pro C50-A-1E4 suddenly stopped, put Mute speakers when headphones are inserted. Previous messages solved this through a Realtek Control Panel that is not on my particular system.

    Hoping that the fix is easier just cannot find where to put the right parameters.


    Usually when you connect earphones in sound properties > speakers of reading should be turned off and headphones must be listed as active.
    Just plug in the headphones and try to change these settings manually. Does not work properly when you do this?

  • Satellite A50 no sound on the speakers but headphones work fine


    Satellite A50, Win Xp, its installed driver, the speakers are not silent, but when I use the headphones the sound is ok.
    Speakers do not work!
    There are two of them, I opened the laptop there are two sheets separated
    Are the speakers are down?

    But how it comes together at the same time are down?
    Is there any other configuration I need to do?

    Help, please
    Thank you


    Maybe the speakers are not defective but the small switch located in the dysfunctions of helmet?  :|
    The little switch turns Mute speakers when headphones are connected.
    Try to move the headset jack a little bit maybe you will notice a few differences

    But just a question; you see yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager? Have you tried reinstalling the audio driver?
    If this isn't the case, then I recommend to reinstall!

  • Speakers get muted when headphones are connected

    HP TouchSmart 520

    Windows 7

    The built-in speakers put muted when headphones are connected.


    I had the same problem recently with the urge of 23 I use at work, so I plugged the headphones in the speaker to the back of the computer. The music now plays only through the headphones.

    When the computer is seen from behind, the speaker on your desire output jack is probably close to the lower right. It looks like your headphone output, but it has a small icon that looks a bit like this:

    In addition, a member of the forum named emmarose has had the same problem; That's how she solved: "the problem was solved when I deleted and reloaded the sound driver," she wrote.

  • No sound - "no speakers or headphones are connected.

    original title: Sound

    Hi I have a problem with the sound on my Sony Vaio.

    The audio icon displays a red x and when I move my cursor it happens with the text next message "no speakers or headphones are connected" could please help me.

    ~ Denise ~


    1. are you you can hear sounds in Windows even if there is a red X mark?
    2 have you made any changes to the computer before the show?

    3. you are trying to play sounds through internal speakers?

    You can perform the following methods and check if it helps to solve the problem.

    Method 1: Run the audio troubleshooter.
    Open the Audio playback troubleshooting utility:

    Method 2:
    If the audio functions work correctly, I suggest you return the item.
    In Windows 7 a red "X" may appear on the speaker in the notification area icon, even if the audio output correctly functions: http:/

    Method 3:
    If the problem persists, perform the steps described in the article.

    No sound in Windows:

    See also:

    Tips for solving common audio problems

    I hope this helps.





    Uninstall the current driver, then install a new one (even if it is the same date)

  • "No speakers or headphones are plugged."

    After a reinstall of windows 7, none of the external speakers work.  The reason given is "no speakers or headphones are plugged."

    What I tried:

    -Enter in the BIOS to make sure that the integrated audio system is selected (instead of link to my video card)

    -Redownloading drivers (all are currently being updated)

    A few notes:

    -Under 'Read' in the control panel > Sound, "Digital Audio (HDMI)" appears with "not connected."  There are no other options to select.

    -My USB headset works perfectly - is that the external audio is not working.  The plugs at the front and the back of the computer both don't work (which I tested with multiple devices).

    Data for the audio device are listed here:

    Name High Definition Audio Device

    Manufacturer Microsoft

    ID of device PNP HDAUDIO\FUNC_01 & VEN_1002 & DEV_AA01 & SUBSYS_00AA0100 & REV_1001\5 & 17DD3F07 & 0 & 0001

    Thanks for the tips - I downloaded the codecs and it works fine now. (Here:

  • no speakers or headphones are connected

    Hello! I have HP pavilion dv5 un2420, im suffering from a problem of noise... .the icon in the system tray program (x) volume on, and giving the indication to this statement that no audio device is turned on, I uninstalled the driver from Device Manager and after hibernation the volume icon indicates no speakers or headphones are connected now tell me it is a software problem or hardware, im so exhausted! Please help me out of this *.


    You did changes to the computer before the show?

    I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

    Tips for solving common audio problems

  • Qosmio G30-102: sound distortion occurs mainly when games are played

    Does anyone know how to solve the problems of sounds with the Qosmio G30-102? I installed all the drivers in Vista. Sound distortion produced mainly when games are played. Also reinstalled direct X9.c. Thank you

    Sound problems appear only while you play games?
    I think that this laptop has been delivered with Windows XP MCE has this same phenomenon occurs on Windows XP?

    Driver sound installation or update? It seems that the Toshiba driver page provides the audio driver for Vista for Qosmio G30-112 PQG32.
    The latest version is a pilot of its sigma 6.10.5324.

    By the way; Control Panel audio SigmaTel provides some useful parameters.
    There, you should turn off (disable) the power management!
    In addition, you can try to play a little bit with the digital Dolby Virtual Speaker dolby and pro logic II parameters.

    Check it out.

  • "No speakers or headphones are plugged ' driver problem

    Recently I had some problems with my audio devices on my HP Pavilion laptop dv6, which does not allow me to choose my own devices by default when in the window "playback devices". For example if I got my headphones plugged he always missed that and physically wouldn't let me change to 'Speakers and headphones' it just did nothing when I tried.

    To combat that I thought maybe I should try to update the drivers, this does not work either so I deleted and reinstalled them go to the HP website to find the right drivers for my laptop. However he still doesn't work and shows this:

    But when I right click and press playback devices it shows to be installed and "apparently working:

    Once more, he had the same problem not allowing not to me to choose my default but also I have now no sound on my laptop...

    I tried a lot already for example when trying to install different drivers, and a restore of the system it will not accomplish either.

    If it that someone knows that it will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance :)

    Hello Hayley,

    Thanks for posting your question on the forum of the Microsoft community.

    I would like to know some information about the problem so that we can help you better.

    What is the exact model of your laptop number?

    Please provide screenshots of the question and I also appreciate your efforts to solve this issue. We will work together to address them.

    Sound problems can be caused by cables that are not connected properly, damaged drivers, incompatible drivers, sound settings, missing updates and problems with your sound card.

    I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:
    Run this Microsoft fixit and check.
    Diagnose and solve the problems of Windows audio playback automatically

    If this does not help, then use method 2.

    Method 2:
    Please use the suggestions contained in this Microsoft support article and check the issue.
    No sound in Windows

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • Re: Satellite C660: Sound through the speakers when the headset is connected.

    I have a brand new 258 C660, running on Windows 7.
    Playback device: Realtek High Definition Audio

    * Whenever I have headphones or external speakers connected via the 3.5 mm jack plug, sound still comes through the built-in distant.*

    Here's what's happened so far:

    When I plugged the external speakers were first, I was asked to choose if I had plugged a headphone or speakers. I selected "speakers" and then also, perhaps foolishly, choose "do not ask me again".
    Now, I can't to this selection again.

    Here's what I've tried so far:
    -Try different headphones, try them on other devices
    -System Restore (not, for some reason any)
    -all settings via the sound control panel

    Basically, I think that I am looking for a way to disable the internal ATAPI Jack when the external Jack 3.5 mm is used.

    I am aware, there was a similar thread some time ago, but the problem may be slightly different and perhaps due to the fact that I chose "do not ask me again". At least, I hope this isn't a hardware problem...𺼁

    Thanks in advance for any advice

    Don t think there s hardware issue.

    Try this:
    Connect the headphones.
    Go to the control panel-> Sound-> playback tab
    Here, you should see the speakers and headphones.
    Now choose the headphones and set this default value.

    This help you?

  • Microsoft LifeChat LX 3000 stops the sound from the speakers when connected


    I bought a USB Microsoft LifeChat LX 3000 headset, and when it is plugged into my USB port, no sound is heard from the speakers.

    When I disconect the speakers rund LX 3000 perfectly.

    Someone knows how to fix this problem, please

    I wanted to check if Microsoft LifeChat LX 3000 has all the entries in this section and if it has settings to enable or disable speakers when it is installed.  It is obviously the installer to work this way by default--I know not how to change the value by default if there is no entry in the audio section.

    Try to download updated drivers for your sound card - she is in the speakers and contolling the LifeChat for an upgrade can provide options that are not currently available and you should be able to control if both can work at the same time.  While you're there, download and reinstall the updated drivers LifeChat as well.

    Here is a link to the Microsoft Support - I don't know if it will be free or not (I can't go past the area enter the product id field).  If free (I'm not sure I want to pay for support) and then explain the problem and they may be able to tell an easy solution that we have lost.

    Here is a link to the product documentation that can explain what is happening and why.  Maybe it's just the way they are designed to work.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • NB300: How to enable the popup to cut speakers all headphones are connected

    I bought a NB300 and before when I used to connect my headset, I used to get a pop up that allowed me to mute the speakers and just play through the headphones.

    But now I think that then I have deactivated this window by accident...
    Is there anyway to allow him once again, because when im listening to music it will be released by the two main speakers and headphones.

    Thank you for your response in advance


    You have Realtek audio driver?
    Well, go to the dashboard-> Realtek HD audio manager.
    You will see the advanced settings in the upper right corner.
    There you can enable this

    Welcome them

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