SSHD Toshiba MQ01ABD100H - Firmware / data recovery problem

I have the mission critical data on a MQ01ABD100H of Toshiba to SSHD which was in a Sony VAIO for less than one year who decided to stop working from one day to the next. All I care about is the data. A professional data recovery company apparently reputable rated player, told me that it was a "mechanical failure", said they could recover the data and gave me a quote of $1500.00. A week later I was told something different; They said the platters and heads seem to agree and the problem seems to be on the circuit board and/or flash drive, and they didn't know how to recover the data. They told me that they have consulted Toshiba too. I asked them if they replaced the pcb Board and they would not tell me or answer questions more. I have the drive in my hands and am looking for options. I really believe that my data is recoverable if the trays are okay, right?

Here's what I know for sure; the bios of the machine of Sony VAIO Windows 8.1, correctly recognizes the drive. However, it does not start and is not accessible or recognized with cmd prompt Windows 8.1 UEFI options. The drive is not encrypted. After putting the reader into an external enclosure and its connection to another Win8.1 machine, the player starts with no extreme sounds of survey. Slowly, she clicks a few times as if the heads are looking, but then calms down and keeps running quietly. I have installed a Data Rescue PC3 software that recognizes the drive and its attributes correctly but can't read or clone. I have the Partition Wizard software mini tool, which recognizes the drive correctly, but shows the drive as being unreadable.

That's what I'm trying to do. I'm looking for a donor on mine, with the same model drive, date, firmware, site, number of PCBS, hard drive code.

Now, here is my unknowns and I appreciate everyone a preview with these. If I change the pcb edge myself, I need still more likely transfer the firmware for the new Board of Directors, even if I try it without doing it. I don't know where the firmware is stored, is there a rom chip or is it stored in the Flash Player. I'm not certain if, with this model of SSHD, if this can be done with replacement of the chip or the software? If it is stored on the Flash drive how is available independent of the HHD part? Must the reader Flash itself be harvested? But what happens if the flash player is bad, how can the firmware ever be recovered? Any ideas anyone? ... other than myself shot in the head, I'm kidding. I think that this may be a common problem that will often not resolved.


I have the drive in my hands and am looking for options. I really believe that my data is recoverable if the trays are okay, right?

I am not an expert but if applications cannot access the data and cannot read data from the SSHD then you will need professional help...

I found the storage Toshiba page where you could get details on this SSHD

Mate good luck...

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    I bought a new Toshiba SSHD MQ01ABD100H. Set up in the laptop Asus N56VZ with Windows 8.

    Question: should I install the Intel rapid storage technology allowing for my laptop ASUS driver?

    I pointed out to him that there is difference in the work of SSHD Toshiba MQ01ABD100H with intel driver implemented and not implemented.

    What's best for my SSHD drive for better performance?

    > Question: should I install the Intel rapid storage technology allowing for my laptop ASUS driver?
    I'm not sure if your laptop requires the installation of this driver.
    Generally, it depends on s laptop hardware / controller and you should specify this detail with the manufacturer of the laptop.

    The MQ01ABDxxxH series supports max 6.0 Gbit/s, but this will be possible ONLY if the controller s notebook support 6.0 Gbit/s too.

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  • Attached data recovery problem size Raw LUN

    We have a problem with our unit of recovery to Date.

    We have a matrix of about 12 TB discs intended to save our VMs.

    So, I try to join VM recovery given as a raw LUN.

    I saw 10.9 TB plug in recovery. try to format... it seemed to me that it works.
    But when I ride it, it was presented as a 2 TB drive.

    Umount - 10.9 Tb
    Mont - 2 TB

    The next step... I have connected to the computer of data recovery (I mean it's just a CentOS behind). And try to make a hand partion using parted and mkfs.

    parted worked well (with TPG as the label).
    So I launched

    It took a lot of time, went up to
    "Writing Superblocks and filesystem accounting information.
    and it seems that it crashes.

    mkfs still present in the process, but it seems that it do nothing.

    It's probably a problem with the ext3 file system.
    (a) it seems I might have an ext3 file system larger than 2 TB.
    (b) ext4 is not available on CentOS of data recovery... so what could I do?

    So... maybe someone has a tip for this problem?

    Thank you very much.

    P.S.: Just for the record, we have 3 ESXi5 host with vCenter 5.

    I'm not 100% sure why you see the wrong size RDM, but make sure you read the Administrators Guide.


    Data recovery is designed to support deduplication stores that are up to one terabyte of size and each appliance backup is limited to the use of two stores of deduplication. Data recovery imposes no limits on the size of the stores of deduplication, but if the size of a store exceeds a terabyte, performance may be affected. While data recovery imposes no limits on deduplication store size, other factors limit the actions of deduplication. So, the stores of deduplication are limited to:
    -500 GB on CIFS network shares
    -1 to VMDK and RDM


  • Toshiba Satellite A105-s2236 recovery problems

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A105-s2236, which crashed by some kind of virus.  I did a recovery for her disc, but he lost and must have the computer for the class.  I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on thinking that if I got the recovery disc, I would be able to go back.  Long story short, no recovery disk.  It came with windows Vista Home Basic and I have the product key.  What choices do I have?  Thanks in advance for any help.

    Contact Toshiba and see if they can send you another set of recovery disks (it can be a light load, but it's cheaper than a new operating system).  Some systems allow you to make the recovery partition recovery disks - I don't know if you can do what you are currently Setup, but it is possible - again once you need to talk to Toshiba about.  Other PC still allows a system reinstall recovery partition by pressing a certain combination of keyboard during startup - I don't know if this applies to you, but Toshiba knows.

    Another option is to borrow a disk to install Windows Vista genuine of ANYONE and allows it to proceed with the installation (they are not protected against copying).  You must use your own product key and that would determine which version of Vista has been installed.  Here's how to do a clean install with Windows Vista (which must be modified slightly if you use the discs recovery or partition of recovery of the manufacturer according to their instructions):

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck! Lorien - a - MCSE/MCSA/network + / A +.

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    Hi, I have a problem trying to retrieve the data type of an object. I use the VMUtils::find_device method to get the especification to cdrom. Then I need to get the data type of backup (VirtualCdromRemoteAtapiBackingInfo or VirtualCdromIsoBackingInfo) but I don't know how to recover this $cdrom_spec info - & gt; support.

    The value of $cdrom_spec is:

    $VAR1 = bless( {
     'deviceChange' => [
                         bless( {
                                  'operation' => bless( {
                                                          'val' => 'remove'
                                                        }, 'VirtualDeviceConfigSpecOperation' ),
                                  'device' => bless( {
                                                       'connectable' => bless( {
                                                                                 'allowGuestControl' => 0,
                                                                                 'connected' => 0,
                                                                                 'startConnected' => 1
                                                                               }, 'VirtualDeviceConnectInfo' ),
                                                       'backing' => bless( {
                                                                             'fileName' => ''
                                                                           }, 'VirtualCdromIsoBackingInfo' ),
                                                       'unitNumber' => 0,
                                                       'controllerKey' => 200,
                                                       'key' => 3000
                                                     }, 'VirtualCdrom' )
                                }, 'VirtualDeviceConfigSpec' )
    }, 'VirtualMachineConfigSpec' );

    Someone knows how can I get the type of backup data.

    In perl, you can use "ref" to determine the type of thing that is referenced. Here, it will be as follows:

    > print Ref ($cdrom_spec-> support);

  • connection to the Internet. data recovery problem. check the connection. using netflix app... in windows media center

    last week, something changes in the netflix app and can no longer see the movie through the app.  We broadcast online via netflix with no problems.  We have even reinstalled silverlight in the hope of fixing the problem, but in fact no difference. We continue to receive the above error msg.

    Please help, we would really use the App again.


    You can try the suggestion in the given below link and check if this is useful.

    See also:

    Hope that information was useful

    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

  • oracle data recovery problem

    I have a problem in the query of tables. The structure of the tables are:

    Effortentry (effort_id, effort_date)

    Activity_details (act_det_id, effort_id, activity_id, hours)

    Activity (activity_id, activity_name)

    now, I want to go search for hours for the activity for each day and view in frontend per week IE 7 days together as follows:
    I'll spend the day 1 and day 7 of the same week.

    activity_name day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day5 day6 day7

    5 6 6 6 6 1 1 acitivity1

    0 0 2 1 4 1 acitivity2 0

    acitivity3 0 6 1 2 0 0 1

    acitivity4 0 4 2 3 0 6 0

    5 2 1 6 7 0 1 acitivity5

    Day 1, day 2, day 3... consist of hours for the respective activity.

    Please guide me how to go about... I tried to create views. What will be the best way to do it.

    Published by: user9243989 on March 2, 2010 01:23
    select activity_name,
           sum(decode(effort_date,:day1,hours,0)) day1,
           sum(decode(effort_date,:day1+1,hours,0)) day2,
           sum(decode(effort_date,:day1+2,hours,0)) day3,
           sum(decode(effort_date,:day1+3,hours,0)) day4,
           sum(decode(effort_date,:day1+4,hours,0)) day5,
           sum(decode(effort_date,:day1+5,hours,0)) day6,
           sum(decode(effort_date,:day1+6,hours,0)) day7
    from Activity a, Activity_details d, Effortentry e
    where a.activity_id=d.activity_id
    and d.effort_id = e.effort_id
    and effort_date >= :day1
    and effort_date < :day1+7
    group by activity_name

    As you can see you need to pass only a single parameter: day1.


  • Satellite A100 - hard drive data recovery


    I recently tried to help a friend for his Toshiba Satellite A100 data recovery, died on this screen.
    I thought this would be a task simply remove the hard drive and put a HARD drive caddy and attaching it to another computer.

    This doesn't seem to work.
    Can I put the hard drive in the computer and I can hear start the computer to the top and was able to see it with a LCD display. I was able to delete the data in this way, so we're safe.

    My question is why do we seem to remove the disc and see on another computer?
    I guess it must be an interface or format the laptop can be used for the recovery section and cannot therefore be seen as a normal drive.

    If I could not delete the data because say the motherboard is dead. Is it possible to be able to see the data on another computer.

    E-mail: [[email protected]]

    > My question is why do we seem to remove the disc and see on another computer?

    Of course you can do if you want to use a symbol external USB SATA controller (external HARD drive) you should be able to connect to another computer.
    But if the HARD drive is faulty, it will not work.

  • Satellite L850: Drive HARD Firmware problem prevent data recovery

    Am a little confused and need a simple explanation
    My HDD L850 died under warranty and was sent to the people of data recovery to recover the data before entering new drive under warranty.

    I am told that my hard drive has a fairly unique combination of firmware and the drive that prevents the recovery until they get this firmware. Now 6 weeks after it happened I stll wait.

    Someone in support could explain to me in simple terms, why this firmware is the problem cause and so far can only be obtained by your partner data recovery company?


    I think that you will here get a correct answer, why the people of data recovery needs of these packages since it is a user forum.

    But to my knowledge all the 2.5 hard drives and SSD drive supports various firmware.
    These firmware tells the hardware how to interact with the operating system.

    It seems that people in data recovery needs these packages in order to get access to the HARD drive, and I presume, without the compatible firmware, it is not possible to recover the data.

  • Netflix in Media Center returns a 'there was a problem of data recovery. "Check the works of your internet connection and try again" error instead of loading Netflix data.

    context: a previous thread with an identical title never responded, the problem just disappeared.  Well its been two weeks since then and the problem came back.

    somethings which may or may not apply: internet TV seems to work better in media center.  All updates have been applied to H.P. of Vista SP2. Netflix works fine in ie8 (such as the internet, of course). Tried to delete all the Internet Options, delete browsing history section of Internet Explorer. I get the same error message with my windows 7 professional media center, but netflix seems to play anyway (no game with vista). I recently installed quicktime alternative 2.72 to see what it was and how it worked, then removed and put back in quicktime.

    Tried / symptoms:

    -Remove all the browsing history (econcepts)
    -Same message on Win7pro but works even when (econcepts)
    -Works on Win7 no problem (omegafiler)
    -Works in ie 8 (econcepts)
    -Works in crome (Martin TX)
    -Consensus is that it started around December 30, 2009 (GeoffG1, johnetX, me)
    -Remove and reinstall silverlight (omegafiler)
    -Remove and replace netflix plugin (omegafiler)<- how="" did="" you="" do="" that="">
    -Netflix says: microsoft problem (Nitestalker)
    -Microsoft is silent (this thread - on vacation?)
    -Same problem on 32-bit and 64-bit VMC (JRSMiamiFL)
    -No applied update (johnetx)<- perhaps="" date="" related="" or="" drm="" date="">
    -Disconnect from netflix, you reconnect again - ultimately the same error (chicagokiwi)
    -Tried to reduce the number of items in the queues to well below the limit of 200 (econcepts)
    -Tried the register / unregister the third wire procedure, no joy (does not break anything else however)
    -Disabled the firewall, no change (econcepts)

    related topics:

    Someone else knows Netflix not being is not able to connect?  It started yesterday (30/12/2009) for me.  I looked fine the day before without problem.  The message I get says "there was a problem of data recovery.  Check the works of your internet connection and try again. Ok.  I make it work with both my VMC - one with the service pack and the other without.  My OS updates have been loaded in early December, so I don't see how this could it be.  I searched and found this problem has come up before, but I have not found a solution.  I made NO changes to my HTPC.

    Those who have and solved this problem.


    2009-01-05 has attempted to start Netflix this morning and you know, it works on both my VMCs.  That's the good news.  So now the real questions are:

    Only 20 people reported it as a problem and only 6 on the green button.  I believe that it affected all the world with Media Center.  So why not discussed much?

    It already happened, causes a stir and silently slips without known cause or cure.  How can we find out what caused this and how to prevent it from happening again in the future?


  • Netflix in WMC «there was a problem of data recovery...» »

    I installed the latest round of updates (Ultimate) of Windows Vista and it apparently burst Netflix in WMC.  Now, I get the error:

    "There was a problem of data recovery. Make sure your internet connection is working and try again. »

    Internet works on the machine.  I reinstalled Silverlight (v4) and Netflix for WIndows Media Center.

    How to diagnose and repair the problem?

    Thank you!


    Sorry for the delay, but I've been busy (in my free time) trying to get this to work.

    I gave up trying to resuscitate MCE and installed a brand new Windows Vista Ultimate Edition with Service Pack 2.  After apply all WIndows patches and installation of Silverlight, I have the "Netflix" element in MCE.  He invites me to install, what I'm doing.  However, every time I start MCE and go to Netflix, he tells me to do reinstall - no login screen.

    I tried all the "mcupdate" article and then supported your steps above, but no go.

    I did this twice, so it wasn't just a fluke.  Apparently, the part of Netflix to MCE is not detect the plug-in that it installed.

    Any thoughts on what to do then?

    Thank you again...


    Later: I ran "mcupdate" after the steps you suggested, and now Netflix is gone again!

    Later: same problem on my other computer running MCE and Vista.  I don't want to mess up this computer so I left as what.

    Later: opening of a new post on problems become Netflix to work with a clean install.

  • Failed to load movies Netflix in Media Center message appears to indicate there was a problem of data recovery. Check the works of your internet connection and try again.

    Original title: cannot load Netflix movies in Media Center

    Netflix photo click on the message appears indicating a problem of data recovery.  Check the works of your internet connection and try again.

    Hi Barbarasimonetti,

    (1) since when are you facing this problem?

    (2) remember to make changes?

    (3) what is the complete error message you receive?

    Method 1: You can follow the steps described in the article below

    Known issues and limitations of Netflix on Windows Media Center for Windows Vista

    Method 2: If a Protection of resources Windows (WRP) file is missing or is damaged, Windows may not behave as expected. Auditor of file system (CFS) scan to fix all of the corrupted system files. To do this, follow the steps mentioned in the link below:

    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

  • Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 failed drive and data recovery

    I own a HP Pavilion Media Center m8350f PC witch came with a 750 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 internal hard drive model #ST3750630AS.  After about 3 months, the system didn't recognize the hard drive.  Having initially contacted HP tech support in December, they told me to send the PC to them for hard drive replacement.  They were unable to diagnose anything other that the drive had failed.  Yet I have to send it, because I know that the drive works, it's just that it is not recognized by my system.  I need a car access.  No replacement drive.

    I discovered recently, Seagate press release that they shipped a defective lot of readers with firmware.  In their initial press release, they stated:

    "We believe that the vast majority of customers are no disruption related to this issue, and that concerned readers can be used as is. But as part of our commitment to the satisfaction of the customer, Seagate offers a free upgrade of the firmware to respond proactively products likely to be affected. This new update fixes compatibility problems that have occurred with the download of the firmware provided on our Web site on 16 January. We regret any inconvenience that firmware problems have caused to our customers... " In the unlikely case where your drive is affected and you can not access your data, the data still resides on the disk and there is no data loss associated with this issue."

    Now that the real problem has been identified, what alternative support is available from HP at this topic?  HP will push their provider, Seagate, to extend this offer to the customers of HP?  Can HP unlock these discs?  The average consumer cannot ' of the Nations United-brick ' these readers with the new firmware and I guess, it's relatively easy for Seagate (i365) data recovery company to manage.

    Bottom line: based on my understanding of the problem, readers have not suffered loss of data, they are stuck in a 'busy' State and must be unlocked.  This is a critical point, because I believe that no one really cares to know if they get a new drive.  They want to only be able to access their data and awaken the drive is all it takes.

    My previous post was the original incorrect announcement of Seagate Barracuda chess.  The message I pasted was monitoring them upward.  The correct statement is below:

    "We offer free data recovery, because the drive information is not deleted. He's just made inaccessible by this suspect firmware,"spokesman of Seagate Michael Hall.

    Seagate said it has reissued the firmware originally proposed last Friday, saying: he has isolated the bug in the firmware in a "limited number of Barracuda 7200.11 hard drives with the SATA drives based on this platform of products, manufactured until December 2008. "In some circumstances, data on hard drives can become inaccessible to the user when the host system is powered on," Hall said.

    "Although we believe that the vast majority of customers are no disruption related to this issue, as part of our commitment to the satisfaction of the customer, Seagate offers a free upgrade of the firmware to respond proactively products likely to be affected", he added.

  • Slow response from phone to monitor data recovery

    hhaving problems with my app Apple Watch (watch OS 2.2) of the iPhone data recovery 6 (iOS 9.3.4). When I click on various watch apps - FaceBook Messenger, Messages, etc., they seem to take forever to recover data. I tried to restart watch it and iPhone without any improvement.

    If I remove the applications from the watch and then reinstall them this solves the problem for a short time.

    Ahy suggestions?


    For best performance of your devices, make sure that both Bluetooth and Wi - Fi are enabled on your iPhone (and keep them permanently active).

    Also, make sure that you have installed the latest versions of all applications (on your iPhone: App Store > updates). To install updates for the associated Apple Watch applications also automatically, select automatic App install (on your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: Watch My > General > App Install).

    It can help to disable the twinning and re - pair your watch. The app shows on your iPhone takes a backup of your watch automatically when the disparity with the app choose to restore from backup during the whole upward. Most of the data and settings will be restored, with a few exceptions (for example cards Pay Apple, access code):

    In the future, notes that new arrivals under watch OS 3 - software update that is should be out this fall / Fall - include much faster loading of your favorite applications, including applications to launch immediate up-to-date information.

    More information:

  • SSD data recovery

    I spilled a glass of wine on the keyboard of my MAC BOOK PRO.  The SSD (1 TB) hard drive will not start.  I need to find a data recovery service to recover about 3 000 photos from disk.  Someone at - it services provider?

    SSD drives are not as recoverable as readers with magnetic rotating media. If the liquid got inside the car, maybe it's not recoverable.

    But the models of MacBook pro of 2015 should allow no liquids on the motherboard. He may not start for a much simpler problem aside, like a short circuit in the keyboard.

    If it were mine, I'd get another drive in an external enclosure and install Mac OS on it and see if YOUR files, (not more than 350,000 files comprising Mac OS) are recoverable. (The Mac can be installed on and boot from any drive appropriate, internal or external.)

Maybe you are looking for