T1200XE error fall on hard disk 0 initialization


I just bought an older T1200XE. When I start the laptop, it prints the message "error initializing hard disk 0" after the memory test, (a few seconds). I have to start with a floppy disk BACK.

If I run FDISK, after awhile, it says 'Disc read error fixed', but if I run FDISK/status it shows me the disk of 20 MB. I downloaded FreeDOS and the FDISK, including in this OS says "controller error".

I have an another T1200XE and this is exactly the same!
I can't believe that two controllers or hd is dead!

It may be possible that the free battery CMOS have erased the BIOS, but, how can I access the BIOS and configure the 20 MB HD? any idea? The setup1.exe program do not have a HD section...

Help please!

Thank you to.



Press F1 at startup to enter the Bios.


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  • Error - 10008 # replace hard disk 1

    I'm sure that my hard drive has become bad, other messages that I read.

    I don't have any data out of this device.  In fact, I was about to start deleting old data so I could give this device to a family in need.  Went to start the computer to start this process.  However, when I went to do this, he went to BSOD.  Messed with it a bit, then I got BSOD.  I have fillany calculate to run the test and got the 10008 # replace 1 hard disk error.

    As always, I want to give to this family that laptop, my question is: where I could buy a cheap replacement hard drive.  Is it difficult to do? And I don't think I have a back up / but on the operating system installation disk.  I have to do to get us to open and it would be affordable.

    I'm totally willing to put in the work to get to the top and go, but was woundering if anyone would be willing to give me some instructions on how to do it.

    Thank you 1 million for all advice and assistance.


    Regarding the reinstallation of the operating system on the new drive HARD, here are two options.

    1. you can order a set of replacement recovery disks using the link below - it will reinstall the operating system, all the drivers, and almost all of the original software (the exception being often tests of MS Office).  They will also recreate all of the original scores, including the recovery Partition.

    Order HP recovery disks.

    2 another option that you might consider is to create your own Windows 7 installation disc.

    Before you try the following, make sure that you can always read the character product activation key 25 on your label Windows COA (5 blocks of 5 alphanumeric games).

    An example of a COA label can be seen here.

    You can create a Windows 7 installation disc yourself using another PC - just download the Disk Image correct ( this must be the same version that originally came with your laptop - it is listed as Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit ) from the link below and use an app like ImgBurn ( Note: you can deselect additional software during installation of ImgBurn offerings) to burn the ISO correctly on a blank DVD - a guide on the use of ImgBurn to write that an ISO on a disc is here.  The source of the Windows Image is Digital River.

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1.

    Use the disk to perform the installation, enter the activation key of Windows on the label of the COA at the request and once the installation is complete, use ' 'phone Method' described in detail in the link below to activate the operating system -this made method supported by Microsoft and is popular with people who want to just have a new installation of Windows 7 without additional software load normally comes with OEM installations.


    You may need, additional drivers and software are here.

    Best regards

    DP - K

  • Error on startup: "Hard Disk 301" on HP laptops


    I had my HP laptop where not fixed LCD screen and got my Error Message at startup.


    Hard drive 301 error


    It is error to boot.



    Failure ID is 9BSDWF-77N852-MFPV6J-60DH03

    See you soon.

    You can also ask in the Forums of HP's Support.


  • Received the error on the hard disk during the reading test targeted

    While running Dell PC Checkup, I received the error WHD20-HND on targeted scan read test code. How can I solve this problem?





    ask questions in the Dell forums on their error codes


  • faild - replace hard disk 1 (security id - error code 10008)

    When I open up my laptop so they gives error - faild - replace hard disk 1 (security id - error code 10008)

    can u tell me what I can do... but my hard drive works fine, but gives this error... you can tell me... .what I can drive u, can replace hard drive or not... and also my laptop warranty is expired... u can tell me one thing when I replace it my hard drive... .then they give me some conssesion or not... .and when my laptop gives error so can u tell me one more thing my hardisk recover or not... Please tell me...


    You can run a test on your hard drive to make sure if its in a State of operation or do not use the link below


    If the above test fails, you will need to replace the hard drive. You can buy the hard drive by going to the HP service center or any place where you want. To reinstall the operating system, you will need to buy the recovery disk set by calling HP techinical support.

  • Satellite C660 - Diagnosis indicates a failure hard disk

    Run the diagnostics on my two day old - Satellite C660 shows a failure on the hard drive. Check disk hard Windows ran without failure.

    Can I assume that it is a false indication by diagnosis of Toshiba? The thread on this topic is not conclusive on this issue.

    Thank you Fred

    Hi frredi,

    Diagnostic tool what you mean? It's the Toshiba Diagnostics tool that shows an error on the HARD disk?

    If Yes, you must contact the seller of the laptop and ask for replacement laptop. Bad HARD drive sector you can still get but he s not recommendable to save important data in this regard.

    So just give shop and take a new one. :)

  • HP Pavilion x 360 11-n010dx (HARD DISK AND RAM)

    Hi, I have the HP Pavilion x 360 11- n010dx and make it sound strange when in set at 90 degrees. as a click clikc click all the time, since the day I understand 5 months ago. to be honest never was a fast computer, as my old vaio run faster than that. I thougth it was for windows 8 and 4 GB of ram. but someone told me that might be you HDD. so, first of all is any chance to fix this disc using HDD regenerator or something similar (I do not), or do a complete restore of the system? (I don't have the box and Bill from best buy so I can't look for support or use the warranty and im from argetntina and I get this pc in the United States). In the case where I need is also a chance to change the disk to an SSHD? or a SSD? in this case, what should I buy? Last, but not least, is a chance to upgrade memory? I know that it is sold to the motherboard. (any remote chance?) If I have to UN sold is not a problem, because I can't use the warranty so... (no invoice, no box).  I have well appreciate a lot your help

    Dr. Herman Perroud

    HermanPerroud wrote:

    Hi again once I run the complete test of the system hardware, it does not any error on the hard disk. but the clicking sound again. and the still slow computer.

    Whence the noise? It's cooling fans, near vents or on the side of the hard drive? Look at the manual to their approximate positions & identify the area where the sound comes from.

    Are there any overheating, sudden stops, unusually warm air through vents or error messages?

    If there is no hard drive failure, it is unlikely that the cause is due to bad sectors of hard disk or all just bad HARD drive. To confirm the download, run this program free HD Tune - it'll take a few hours to complete.

    You partition the hard disk after you bought the laptop?

    I want to change the HD to an SSHD, because SSDS are much better, but they are very expensive and shorter life. for example, sshd maximun size would be bee 500 GB? I would like to put something bigger, is - it possible?

    SSHD - the listed compatible max is in this config: 2.5 "SATA 7mm (HDD to 500 GB + 8 GB SSD) hybrid (reference HP: 732000-005), there is no other compatible guaranteed.

    I suggest that go you for SSD - there is no problem, I've heard up to now with them. Certainly, they would work at least 10 years (and more than that) with the same performance & in my case (I have 500 GB Samsung SSD Evo 840) time to access and overall performance improves day after day.  If you want more storage, better, you buy an external HARD drive. If you want spectacular performance SSD is my choice, even though I'm not saying that SSHD is bad - but there still turns physical disk which is the main part.

    On the RAM I've already updated the bios, so I think that I'm ready to go for it.

    I check my virus staus and my pc is free, also check windows services and leave only the description, I don't know why is it so long to star upward and run the programs that I know is a modest, but Im pc use only statistical programs, office and that's all...

    To detect & fixing malware, download & install this free tool: MalwareBytes Antimalware

    Update latest version & TICK "Scan rootkits" its settings before starting the scan.

    After the scan, quarantine the detected objects. Restart the system. Yet once, open the Malware Bytes program, go to the history tab in there: remove all quarantined items from there

    Restart the system.

    Open the prompt as administrator, do a SFC SCAN, check if integrity violations are:
    SFC SCAN COMMAND - Option 2

    Then, disable startup programs unnecessary in the Manager of tasks - Option 1

    Restart the system.



  • Smart Hard Disk 1 301 error

    on swicth on the laptop doesn't have an error occuerd that smart check... 301

    I'm tring to install win 8.1 but in "where do you want to install windows?" it an error message "windows cannot be installed in partition disk 0.


    Smart disk error suggest falling/hard disk failure. You may need to replace it with a new one. If your computer is under warranty, HP will send free replacement.

    Contact HP: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.html

    You will need new HARD drive to reinstall Windows successfully.

    Order of HP's USB recovery if you do not have a recovery media created with you & want to factory reset after replacement.



  • IDSM2 cannot initialize hard disk, IDSM2 during reinvent it.

    I try to reinvent the application partition.

    During the process, I got an error:

    Available disk space is not enough for the upgrade of the IDS.

    Could not initialize the hard disk. ERROR: The Application Installation failed. View log upgrade for more details.

    Here's the upgrade log output:

    Proceed to the upgrade of the image.

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:02 2006: argv1 = 0, argv2 = 0, argv3 = 3, argv4 = 1

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:02 2006: image ID creating application file...

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:02 2006: footer: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:02 2006: exeoff: 0000000000032251

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:02 2006: image: 0000000066616416

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:02 2006: T: 66616464, e: 32251, I: 66616416

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:02 2006: partition: / dev/hdc1

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:02 2006: startIDSAppUpgrade:Image: /tmp/cdisk.gz

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:02 2006: startIDSAppUpgrade:Device: / dev/hdc1

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:02 2006: startIDSAppUpgrade:Install type: 1

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:02 2006: initializing the hard drive...

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:03 2006: device "/ dev/hdc" is too small for IDS.

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:03 2006: available HDD space is not enough for the

    ID upgrade.

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:03 2006: failed to initialize the hard disk.

    Fri Aug 11 14:58:03 2006: upgrade failed.

    Anyone know how I can fix this problem and can help me. ?

    Sometimes the HDD IDMS2 failure is transient (heads of disc may get out of sync prolonged usage without counters). If this is the case then you can pull the blade from the chassis (only the way to actually turn off the hard drive), wait 30 minutes and then reinstall the blade and try again. If that's not enough then the hard drive has permanent damage, so you will need to contact Cisco TAC and ask them of RMA of the blade.

  • 'Built by HARD disk error' in Portege R200


    My Portege R200 shows "built-in HARD disk error" start-up. " In the BIOS screen, it says "no drive" on the HARD drive.

    What should I do? I checked the connection and the drive is connected to the fine. I heard no noise when starting.
    Is this HARD drive problem? or maybe motherboard? Help!


    The HARD disk rotates upward?

    Try resetting the BIOS to default settings.

    Other than that, I think that it's not just you can do except send the laptop to a repair center.

  • Re: Satellite Pro L - Eventviewer displays HARD disk controller error

    I've had problems for at least two months, with slowing down, freezing same blueys etc. and eventviewer tells me that I have a HARD disk controller error. Now when I check the device it tells me - as do the dealers - work correctly, but after a chkdsk problem erases only coming later. My Toshiba characteristic of diagnosis does not work so I can't check without the use of a third-party application which I am very reluctant to do.

    I am now lost for what to do given my position of dealers who fell to something I've done / downloaded etc. All the world has any ideas on how I can get my diag back function or other than eventviewer / chkdsk to identify what's wrong?

    The machine is only 10 months with 500HDD core i5, 4 GB of RAM under Windows 7 Professional and Kasersky Pure as my ISS. I use it for general use at home and the little that is worrrying me is that even though my previous Toshiba had a HARD drive crash and had to be replaced - I might have to do a factory default or worse go format and just load a new OS on or get the drive HARD replaced at my expense ($450 last time). The drive is a Toshiba MK5055GSX and looking around locally can not see where we could be contained--if I have to.

    It has become a nightmare, and even if I took an additional guarantee that feeling of time will run out before that I get something on this subject.
    Any help would be so appreciated.

    Hi johndragon46,

    I put t know what laptop you have exactly, but the fact is if the Eventviewer indicates an error of HARD disk controller it can be both: HARD drive itself or HDD motherboard controller.

    You wrote that your laptop is only 10 months old then why n t contact you authorized service provider? Your laptop should still be under warranty and that means an ASP can fix your computer laptop free time guaranteed.

    By the way: list of authorized service providers, you can find on the official website of Toshiba

    Good luck! :)

  • HP 23-g116 5CM44802Q5: smart hard disk error

    I just started to have an error...  Error Smart hard drive on my desktop and it has only 1 year.  What could be the problem.  y at - it an easy fix?  May not have a hard drive problem, it is not used every day.

    Hi katcopass,

    That looks like you have a hard disk failure. To make sure that we should launch a hard drive diagnostic.

    To access the menu diagnostic you want to start typing the ESC key as soon as you turn the unit on and it should bring you to the start menu. Press F2 it and it will bring you to the diagnosis.

    If the diagnostic fails, it should give you a failure ID 24 characters; in this case, you want to exactly copy down and call customer service. According to the model, there are three main numbers:

    • For the home and specific products, dial + 1 800 474 6836 (e.g. ENVY, Pavilion, lines of spectrum)
    • For the company's products, please call + 1 800 334 5144 (e.g. Prodesk, Probook, Pro tablet lines)
    • For Elite Business Products, call + 1 866 625 1175 (Elitedesk, Elitebook lines Elitepad)

    You will need to provide the following information to the representative answering:

    • Serial number
    • Product number
    • ID failure of 24 characters

    Thank you!

  • Qosmio G15R - built by HARD disk error


    I get an error message that says "built in hdd error" when starting my laptop. The laptop has 2 HARD drives. A 40GB and the other 60 GB.

    I tried both in the slot to HDD1 and I still get the same message. I was able to use the recovery disk on the 60 GB HARD drive and was able to boot the laptop. He worked for an hour then I got the same message from disk again. Everything is plugged in fine.

    Can anyone help?
    Thank you.


    Have you already tried to install Windows on the 40 GB as suggested boarder?
    And have you checked the 40 GB or 60 GB using Drive Fitness Test?

    If Drive Fitness Test doesn't indicate a mistake I guess that the HARD disk controller is defective. This controller is welded/fixed on the motherboard and so you have to swap the motherboard together.
    It's a little tricky. Of course you can try it yourself, but an authorized service provider can do for you.

    Good bye

  • Qosmio F20 - integrated HARD disk error

    My F29 took a very heavy today around the area of the HARD drive on the right forward, while my children played. Basically, I'm saying that when it hit it eclipsed the panal speaker close to the screen.

    For some time he continued to work but about 10 minutes later I got a blue screen with a load of text and then it is just rebooted.

    During the startup of the screen, an error come saying 'built-in HARD drive error... Now, I checked the connection, and they seem pretty solid. can I do to get my system working again?

    Thanks in advance


    Your HARD drive is perhaps a pity
    Can you see that the drive listed in the BIOS?
    Are you able to reinstall the OS?

    You should first check this.
    You could also test the HARD drive by using the drive fitness test tool:

    This will check the disk on some points.

    But if the HARD disk is damage need you a new!

  • 15 - e016TX: SMART hard disk error

    When I started the laptop before 2 days I got this smart disk check error 301. I registered number free and portable compain is under warranty, so I have no problem, but I want my hard drive data.

    It's true on some models, but see the manual. In your case, the hard disk appears in the section "automatic client repair" and there is an accessible sign of the customer in order to remove the hard drive and always keep the warranty. Just reseating and affects upward before sending it to HP.

    If he really bothers you to open it and I do not understand if this is the case, there are other ways to get data but require some advanced tech skills as booting from a live recording of LInux and these methods would still require some sort of external storage drive to store data. A large USB key would work. After the back if you want to discuss these possibilities.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

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