Tecra 8000: xircom realport modem cem56G-100 lan install problem

Hi, I have tecra8000 win98 on which I'm trying to install a xircom realport cardbus modem. I downloaded of updates (always available) on the site of intel as well as of the last update of the firmware to resolve installation problems. None of these helped to solve the problem that I encounter, for example, it seems that my xircom is not accepted (windows cannot install the adapter) and on reboot I get a message that the card does not work correctly. Also, I can not select the realport modem card from the adapter list because she isn't here. each index or tip is welcome thanks in advance

Hi Stephan,

Is the latest version of the driver

Can you please check in the properties for your modem under device status if there is a message (for example Code XXX).

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  • Tecra 8000 laptop don't dΘmarre

    Hello. I have a Tecra 8000 I used for 3 years with no problems. I recently gave to someone, anyone, but she gives it telling me that it has stopped working.
    The problem is it does not boot, it gives me the TOSHIBA logo, then the screen "booting Windows 2000 upwards", then again TOSHIBA logo and new "Windows 2000 is starting up". It just keeps going forever.
    One of my fried said that the NETDETECT.COM file may have been tampered with. But how do I get that back and if I can't go beyond these 2 screens. Help please.

    See you soon


    one of my friends had similar problems with his notebook of W2k, so I searched in the Ms knowledge base and found this article no. 281770

    Go to http://support.microsoft.com and search for this number.

    This article contains a description of the Safe Mode and safe boot sequence.

    Goodbye, Sam

  • Tecra 8000 product Recovery CD-ROM expired!

    I'm trying to restore two Tecra 8000 computers laptops, but I have the following problem...
    "This pre-release version of Windows has expired. Please contact your dealer for a new version of Microsoft windows 98 "
    No idea if I can get a new drive from Toshiba?


    Please contact the SAV Toshiba partner in your country. They can help you and also order original recovery media for your device.

    Good bye

  • Need new card XIRCOM dongel for Tecra 8000


    Thank you

    I HAVE A TECRA 8000


    Looking for some online retailers that offer these cables?
    I typed in the google search form and surprise, surprise XIRCOM CABLE ETH212 :D

    I found this site that offers different parts Xircom:

  • Tecra 8000 TV out when it is docked

    The docking station for the doen't Tecra8000 replicate the TVout connector, but I have a cable to right angle that matches the TV normal port when connected and allows the cable out the host unit. TV connector normally output is disabled when it is docked and is there a setting in the registry or something in 98SE to re - activate?

    I connect my Tecra to a TV to watch DivX movies on the big screen, with the audio goes to my stereo, but I need to use the device with the Replicator, because the server containing my video files on a network, so I need the capacity of the network. I COULD use a network adapter, but then that beats the purpose of a docking station with the LAN!

    Retro Hi

    I'm a bit confused. As much as I know some Tecra 8000 have no LAN card. If your camera has card LAN and LAN port why you n t plug it directly into the TV and LAN without Port Replicator?

    I'm not sure if the port is disabled, but you can test if you can 100%. If there is no success, you must use the PCMCIA network adapter.

    Good bye

  • How to connect Tecra 8000 to my local network?

    I have tecra 8000 laptop and I want to connect to a network of small size but I can't find any network port on the sides of the laptop... what should I do?


    There is no reason to panic. Please check in electronic stores if you find solution PCMCIA (PCMCIA 10 / 100 M Fast Ethernet LAN Card).

    Good bye

  • Need driver for PC or TP04GMV561 - Tecra 8000 advanced card

    I just rebuilt a Tecra 8000 with Win98SE and now need the drivers for the Advanced PC TP04GMV561 card which I can't find on the web.

    Thank you


    Hello Chris

    I'm not 100% sure but I assume that you need a modem driver for your device. Please see the download page for Toshiba under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=EU

    Chose your device and you will find all the drivers you need.

    Good luck!

  • Tecra 8000 and broadband connection

    Hi all

    I recently asked to watch Tecra 8000 a friends (PII 233) and give it a bit of an update... Don't know why the most I've ever done, is to add a few small components in my PC at home!

    My question is - is this possible for a connection broadband to be put in place - I looked all over the laptop, but don't find nothing which would suggest it is possible.
    (Also what other improvements should be can) watching us.

    Sorry for the noobness, but any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Wow this is really an oldie
    Broadband do you mean the LAN port?

    As far as I know that the Tecra 8000 was not equipped with LAN port.
    It s really amazing but it is a fact

    However, if you want to use LAN then I advise you to buy a PCMCIA (Cardbus 32-bit) LAN card that would be allows to connect the Tecra 8000 to LAN.

    See you soon

  • New Tecra A4 - 170 - slower than my old Tecra 8000


    Since yesterday, I have my NB again at home and so far, I'm happy with it!

    It has a processor M760, with 2 GHz, 100 GB HDD, FSB 533 and such - but it is slower than my old Tecra 8000 with PII and 366 MHz with only 8 GB of HARD drive.
    Y at - it a tip or something I should fix, or is it quite normal when there is now software for nearly 10 GB (nothing special, just the software more pre-installed desktop, antivirus and internet, no games) on this subject?

    Would be happy to help!


    HI Meike,

    Your new Tecra running the same OS as your old?

    I would be interested to know if slow is during the initial loading of the operating system or if it appears when you actually use the system.

  • Tecra 8000: No memory available to connect with area map PC

    I have a Tecra 8000 running Win98 SE and use a card PCMCIA 3Com for my Internet connection. I was troubleshooting my computer on another issue and in the process disabled Cardbus PCMCIA Toshiba ToPIC controllers. After you have enabled these again once I am more able to communicate with the PC card and so unable to connect to the Internet.

    Card troubleshooting agent PC States: "Windows is not able to identify or use the inserted PC card device because there is no available memory area to connect with this device. You need to do an area memory available before this device can be used. Check the CONFIGURATION of your computer. A memory manager that is excluding the regions of superior memory between A000 and FFFF in the SYS file '.

    My Cardbus controllers are defined as follows:
    1 memory range - 0c 000000 - 0C000FFF
    2 memory range - 001000 0c - 0C001FFF

    My PC Card (PCMCIA) properties are as follows:
    Card services shared memory:
    Start 000c 0000
    End 00FFFFFF
    Length 00001000

    While the PC Card Modem is recognized at the Port, it can be communicated with and error message is shown as follows:

    ' Error 666: the modem is not plugged in or is out of service. "Connect a modem to your computer and try again.

    When I run the Diagnostics on the Modem does not respond to the exception of the following:

    "' Open Comm: cannot open port"

    Any help or advice will be appreciated.

    Have you tried to uninstall the Cardbus drivers? Not sure about the location in Win98 (in XP it is in Device Manager), go to "PCMCIA adapters" and uninstall all entries in controller.

    Reboot and Win98 will perform his routine "new hardware found". This is going to re - install drivers and with a bit of luck should solve your problem.

  • Memory config for Tecra 8000 PIII/500

    Can someone clarify this for me - I guess that the memory config for it would be the same as for a PC. Can I mix and match modules memory too long that I do not exceed the maximum of 256 MB. Apart from the conflict, a 133 MHz module would just run at the 100 MHz FSB speed.

    So I could add a module of 128 MB 100 MHz for the standard 64 MB DIMM equipping the Tecra 8000 do 192 Mb or a single 256 MB 100 MHz module... OR 2 x 128 MB...

    Thank you very much


    as far as I know the Tecra 8000 has no FSB 100 speed!

    So pay attention to your turn to mixture.

    There are a few Tecra 8000 who BusTyp: 66 MHz Front Side Bus (1.6 volts).

    Good bye

  • Tecra 8000 wireless

    I got a Tecra 8000 with a 10/100 network port replicator which will be used as a second home office. On my main PC, I use a Netgear DG834G ADSL wireless router (802. 11 g) for wired broadband. What is the best (or too cheap) way to establish a wireless connection with the Tecra?
    There seems to be a number of adapters (for example Netgear WG511) or USB (for example WG111T) adapters. Is the Tecra 8000 USB v1.1 or v2?
    I might just put the router close to and click on the ethernet link but I'd rather have the laptop away from phone available catches.


    As far as I know that the Tecra 8000 has two ports USB 1.1 somewhere on the left side.

    In my opinion the Netgear WG511 is much better solution.

  • Need help installing a Tecra 8000 wireless

    I just bought the wife an old laptop tecra 8000 and like to run wifi on it, I bought a d-link router and a d-link usb adapter, but he said I would impose a usb high speed and it n, t, raise the router a pcmia card would work better, also can anyone suggest a modem/router and card that works on it, any help is appreciated...


    The Tecra 8000 supports only USB 1.1 standard.
    Are high speed USB 2.0 ports
    Many USB devices are designed only for USB 2.0 and I guess that your USB WLan adapter also supports the 2.0 standard.

    The PCMCIA should work better. There is no standard limitations as on the USB ports.

  • Updating BIOS for Tecra 8000 without floppy

    I searched this forum a solution update the BIOS without a floppy drive. The only one i found was this thread [http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=66966&tstart=0], but there is no file .iso for the tecra 8000 series.
    is there a solution to get the new bios installed on my tecra 8000 without any floppy drive?

    I checked Toshiba BIOS download page on http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_bios.jsp and TRAD BIOS version is proposed. This old Tecra is maybe 10 years and now, Toshiba has offered traditional update the BIOS only.

    Win versions are later available with latest Tecra 9000/9100.
    I'm sorry.

    Maybe stupid question now, but why do you need the BIOS update?

  • Tecra 8000 - failure to CD-ROM - new installation disc?

    The CD-ROM drive in my Tecra 8000 has a defect. It attempts to load a CD-ROM, LED is flashing, it stops, and then the drive LED is lit.
    So I guess the drive is down.

    What kind of new CD-ROM is suitable for this laptop? Toshiba only original ones?


    Wow, the Tecra 8000 series is really old. Do you use yet this laptop?
    It feels like the notebook would come from the stone age ;)

    However, I think that the CD/DVD drive supports * interface IDE but not all readers would be compatible due to master/slave/cable select settings

    It seems that the reader of DVD-ROM + Toshiba - SD-C2002 + would be compatible.
    Not sure if you'll be able to get this disc because of the age of the unit, but probably the authorized Toshiba maintainer in your country could provide some readers compatible optical disc

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