the iTunes 443 firewall port

I get a mistake iTunes on the firewall and ensuring that allow port 443.  I have read other responses to a similar question and what they are talking about is way over my head!  Please let me know how to check this. Thank you


I just let it go, and it ceased to appear.

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  • The 113 Windows Firewall port


    I connect to several network devices using telnet, ssh, and ftp.
    If I activate the Windows Firewall connects it to take about 10-15 seconds to reach. If I disable the firewall it is instantaneous.
    What I've read I need to allow TCP Port 113 (auth / ident) to pass the firewall Windows may reject it properly.
    I added a new rule for Port 113 and rebooted, but I still have the same question.
    If I turn off the firewall, it works fine, so I know there is not no process running on my PC which interacts with port 113.
    In windows 8 I got this problem and never solved so I installed ZoneAlarm which has worked well and I have no problem connecting.
    Now, I've upgraded to Windows 8.1 this problem is back and ZoneAlram is not supported.

    A certain offer any advise how it opens correctly on the firewall and if there is anything else I need to do.
    Thank you

    No do you have ideas on this?

    I tried to add inbound and outbound allow rule of traffic, I tried a block but neither seems to help.
    Disable the firewall, it works very well!
  • How can I put the Windows XP firewall in a port configuration 'allow all' and only block some ports?

    Without going into the details of why I need to do this, I'm putting the firewall of Windows XP in one allow all the configuration of ports and only refuse some ports I have in a list.

    I train this script via the command-line batch with the netsh firewall add portopening command.  From what I've read, if enabled the firewall denies all traffic and only allows ports with exceptions, so through batch scripts, I opened all the 65 000 + ports TCP and UDP, essentially with the firewall turned on but in a configuration of "allow all the»  I don't deny the 100 or so ports to my list that I want blocked after they are all open.

    This strategy seems to work, but the problem I waited and I now see is that svchost.exe takes 50% of my CPU time, have to deal with constantly these firewall rules.

    "From what I've seen on Windows XP, there is no way to have the firewall ON, and in a configuration of" allow all the "" because the XP firewall may not have defined port ranges, they must be defined one by one.  It looks like Windows Vista or 7 would be much easier because the firewall has got a re vamp of advanced features.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how to realize this "allow all", deny some' strategy?  I know it's a strange use of the Windows Firewall, so let's please jump in front of a 'why would you do this incredibly stupid thing?"messages.

    Also, if it was the wrong forum (or website) to post on for this kind of question, I'd appreciate a recommendation of a more appropriate forum.


    See the steps in the following article.

    How to manually open ports in Internet Connection Firewall in Windows XP?

  • Required for PeopleSoft Campus Solution firewall ports

    Dear gurus,

    We are using PeopleSoft Campus Solution and running on Windows Server 2008 R2. Now, we are working on the conduct of firewall does so we can allow only the required ports for the application to work. Could you please tell what are the ports required on the demand side?

    Thank you.

    Only two ports is required to open the firewall if you use SSL and NON SSL via internet.

    Assume that your Web server uses port 80 and 443 for SSL and Non SSL respectively. Then, you need to open these 2 ports in the firewall.

    Hope that helps.

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  • How can I get the airplay icon to appear? Changing the settings of firewall does not work

    How can I get the airplay icon to appear? Changing the settings of firewall does not work

    Hello Drjoe378,

    I understand that you do not see the AirPlay icon in iTunes on your Mac. If you have verified that your firewall is disabled or that the problem occurs regardless of the status of your firewall, there is a little more that can help return your ability to connect to AirPlay devices.

    1. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes and Apple TV software.
    2. Connect your computer and other devices on the same network Wi - Fi. If you are using Ethernet, connect the two devices on the same router or hub. If you use the Wi - Fi and Ethernet, plug your device AirPlay the same router that your computer uses for Wi - Fi.
    3. Restart your computer, device AirPlay and network router.
    4. Because some Airplay devices include a power switch for AirPlay option, look for the option in the settings and make sure that the feature is enabled. Refer to the user guide of the device for more information.

    Use AirPlay to stream content from iTunes on your computer wireless

    All my best.

  • I can't access the itunes store. It telling me that my network connection has timed out or my network settings are not correct.

    Original title: problems with itunes

    I have recently purchsed an ipod and downloaded the itunes program.  Everything seems to work fine except or the fact that I can not access the itunes store, so have created new problems.  It telling me that my network connection has timed out or my network settings are not correct.  What settings should I have on, how can I make this work?


    The reason for not being able to connect to the iTunes store may be due to the "hosts file" blocking the iTunes Store, or it can also be caused by security software, most likely, it might be Norton Firewall.
    Step 1:

    Note: Please make sure that you enable the antivirus/firewall software after the test to keep your computer protected.
    Step 2:

    See the link below for more details:
    Unable to connect to the iTunes Store

    Follow the steps in troubleshooting mentioned in the above article. If the steps listed in the article do not resolve the problem, contact the Support Apple technique.

    Can run the fixit tool mentioned in the link below: you can try to disable the firewall completely or include an exception for the iTunes application in the firewall and check for the issue.
    Thanks and greetings
    Umesh P - Microsoft technical support.

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  • By the way a specific port number


    My question is about the PIX515e. We have a Server Windows ISA firewall we want to retire. I need to move the ports that have been opened in this area of ISA for the PIX. On AIS, he simply says "send and receive port tcp 5510' for example. Is it possible on the PIX of this port is very simply to apply. Without having to create a static entry? A way to simply open a specific port number?

    Suggestions, ideas or advice greatly welcome,



    Which starts the connection, the interface of high security to low or low security interface to high? If she is brought down, do nothing, it will allow by default. If it is low to high, you must 1) of static type and 2) an access list. The acl is not reference IPs, but it should (security reasons - the whole point of the PIX). For example:

    (1) static (inside, outside) subnet to the x.x.x.x mask (or use a range of IP addresses)


    static (inside, outside) (if nat disabled)


    (2) access list 102 permit tcp any any eq 5510


    access list 102 permit tcp any host x.x.x.x eq 5510 (better)


    access-list 102 permit tcp host y.y.y.y host x.x.x.x eq 5510 (best)

    Access-group 102 in external interface

    It will be useful.


  • Cisco Clean Access Update website and Firewall Port required


    I was wondering if anyone might know the site that would be to use the clean Access Manager to put as well as the required firewall port. This is due to a firewall in place. From reading, do not know if it uses another website besides as the next on port 80.

    Thank you.


    For CAM checks and update the rules, this is the only site required.




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  • The security design: DMZ ports on internal switch - bad idea?

    Hi all

    I'm looking for a compelling - or he said is not serious - why a customer should not creator of DMZ VLAN on a cat internal-6509.

    Basic topology is a 6509 in a controller area and 2 x ASA - 5510 to active / standby. They finally agreed to start using the DMZ for different services, but because they have no other switch on the domain controller, they are happy to have these DMZ on VLANS separated on the 6509.

    Is this a security risk? (They do NOT use the 6509 as an 'outside' switch so it's something that I guess)

    How the risk can be mitigated?

    How their environments could be compromised?

    Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks in advance,


    I don't see a problem with this setup as:

    (1) External / DMZ is LAYER2 ONLY! Use a safety device to manage all Layer 3 (Firewall, FWSM, etc...)

    (2) you turn off the proxy arp on ALL layer 3 interfaces on the switch.

    (3) you don't give anyone access the switch unless they know what they do (understand the implications of having mixed traffic on the switch)

    (4) configure you a vlan fake, make sure that everyone knows what it is (put a name in it and it document) and make the vlan by default for your switchports.

    (5) you turn off the trunk negotiation (all ports must be configured "switchport mode trunk" or switchport mode access and also "switchport nonegotiate". If you use 802. 1 q (or isl - ugh), explicitly set the VLANs that are allowed to pass "trunk allowed vlan switchport x, y.

    (6) use VTP transparent and not trunk VLAN external to other switches, unless you know what you're doing.

    The most important is probably #3. A layer interface moved 3 or IVR and game over, you filled just Internet to your internal network. I can't emphasize enough that, if this is possible and safe if done correctly, it is VERY dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Some consider too high of a risk to take and to believe in the physical separation to eliminate the risk. I agree, however, I understand that not all of us can afford to purchase several 6500 s.

    Another thing to consider, did you think to use VRF-Lite?

  • RV042 firewall & Port forwarding

    I install a RV042 on a SBS client network.  In the configuration, I noticed that there is a place for port forwarding where I guess I could open the smtp, http, https ports...

    But there is also access rules in the firewall section that seem to be the same, except that you can program them.

    This is, do I have to set up the two, or if only one of them, which one?

    Thanks in advance for the advice.

    Bob Showalter, Packer International


    You must configure the port forwarding, except if you want to specify a source and a destination that the package is granted or denied; you would then both.

    hope this helps,


  • Why don't the addition of metadata to be added manually in the iTunes library song change metadata in Windows Explorer and anywhere else?

    Adding metadata to a song in the iTunes library has no effect anywhere else (as in Windows Explorer or the Groove music).

    I would like to know if I have disabled this in error or if it is not guaranteed to all visitors.

    Where it is not provided to customers, I would like to know how iTunes stores this metadata and whether it can be automatically sent to the library of Windows.

    Thank you.

    A reason of changes committed to iTunes cannot be is covered in the tip of the user, fix the iTunes for Windows security permissions but iTunes usually returns to the original data if you probably don't see this particular problem. The other possibility is of several tags.

    Several tags (Mp3 files only)

    The ID3 specification allows files to have several tags in different versions and languages, but iTunes does not work properly with simple tags. When multiple tags are present it can sometimes do not apply updates to the tag that reads back (probably update one of the others in the file) and it is also possible that the iPod and iTunes may have different rules for the tag that they give priority to. This could lead to situations where everything is properly organized in iTunes, but then inexplicably collapses on an iPod, or tracks that display different information in Windows Explorer or another media player. There are tags 3rd party editors that allow to manipulate several tags, but I don't have a casual recommendation. A workaround in iTunes is to use the context menu convert the ID3 Tags... > None a few times to remove all the labels, then convert ID3 Tags... > v2.3 to build a cool tag with information still held in the iTunes database. I've read in the past that iTunes is not completely compatible with the specification v2.4, although this may be the case, support is more however for v2.3 is widespread, then I would say using v2.3 to v2.4. All embedded work will be deleted so it must be replaced if wanted. For Windows users running a script named CreateFolderArt before and after the cleaning process tag should handle this.

    Note that some data, for example the sides and the counties of game, is only stored in the database internal iTunes and not surrounded by tags.


  • How can I change the network settings and air play setting up the itunes which is running on my laptop (windows 10)

    A few weeks ago, I was streaming of photos to my TV using my apple TV. Now, whenever I try to play music in my laptop itunes I get the error message "the airplay APPLETV device is not available," he goes on to say "Please check your airtime... configuration and network settings. "I searched for days for these parameters.

    Now the itunes on my laptop has no audio data.

    The only way I can hear the track I'm playing, is to select the option at the foot of the error message that says "use this computer for now" - this gets quite annoying after awhile!

    any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    Hello [email protected],

    I understand that you encounter some problems with the sound settings on your PC after using a home since iTunes for Windows sharing.   The resources below has some basic for home sharing troubleshooting. Specifically, I would say the software updates, cycling the power to the modem/router and check the sound settings in Control Panel to do the internal speakers are of course selected.

    Get help with sharing at home

    Where is the control panel?

    Take care.

  • Home of the iTunes sharing works on Mac, not on iOS


    I'm trying to use home sharing to play music from the iTunes library on my Mac on my iOS devices, but it does not work. The devices that I use are a Mac Mini Sierra, who has my iTunes library, a 5 c with iOS 10.0.2, iPhone an iPad 2 running iOS 9.3.5 and a MacBook Pro 2011 Sierra running. I have iTunes running on the Mac Mini, with home sharing enabled. The MacBook Pro, I can see and play the shared library. I am connected to the same on all devices iCloud account, and I am connected to home sharing within the parameters of the music on the two devices with the same account. All devices are connected to the same WIFI network to a router TP-Link Archer C7. On the iPhone with iOS 10, home sharing must be one of my options when you click the library, but it is not. On the iPad with iOS 9.3.5, home sharing should appear in the dropdown at the top of the screen my music, but it does not appear. I tried to turn home sharing and turn it back on to the host computer, turning home sharing and turn it back on client devices, restart the host computer and restart client iOS devices. In addition, I tried this on a 4th generation iPod Touch (does not work) and MacBook Air my wife (works). Why is it not this work for my iOS devices?

    I thought about it. In addition to activating iTunes home sharing preferences on the host computer, you must also go to file > home sharing > turn on home sharing and enter your iTunes account information. I doesn't make sense to me that you would have to enable home sharing on two different places to do work with different types of devices, and there is no explanation for this data in the documentation I've seen.

  • Others become the iTunes update server message connection failed?

    Others become the iTunes update server message connection failed?

    My iPad has the logo of iTunes with the load icon and cannot update or restore on computer at home.

    All internet connections are very good.

    I'm having the same problem I tried 3 cables of computers 4 and my ipad won't restore or update.

  • I NEED HELP Please im having a problem to forget my password and when I plug it it says its locked with a password he try to put the itunes thing but

    NEED HELP Please im having a problem to forget my password and when I plug it it says its locked with a password he tried to put the itunes thing but it says enter password I put in what I rember, then said lokced for five minutes help me pls

    Without knowing the password for your iPhone, there is no way to unlock it, bring even you to the Genius Bar. If you continue to enter the wrong password, you will be locked out of your iPhone, and your data will be unaccessable.

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