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is windows THIS 6.0 5.0 support 3G, 4G or wifi usb dongle?



Windows Embedded CE 6.0 is designed specifically for the embedded professional developer who needs software to put a device on the market. CE 6.0 helps a device manufacturer succeed by providing a hard real-time, small footprint of the system operating system (OS) with a redesigned kernel and specific integrated development tools.

Windows Embedded CE is a portfolio of tools and features of the OS that interacts with the industry standards and Microsoft desktop and server technologies. Windows Embedded CE improves the ability for a developer to innovate and create devices differentiated for a wide range of categories of equipment with fast time to market and reduced development costs.

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  • I'm trying to install Acrobat 8 Std on a laptop computer that was in need of a restoration.  He asks the file AdobePDF.dll since my Vista CD - I do not have.  How can I get this file or another which will allow my Acrobat 8 work on this laptop with Win 8

    I'm trying to install Acrobat 8 Std on a laptop computer that was in need of a restoration.  He asks the file AdobePDF.dll since my Vista CD - I do not have.  How can I get this file or another which will allow my Acrobat 8 work on this laptop with Win 8.1, which she did before restoring?


    AdobePDF.dll is in the file Mine is located in C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Acrobat8\Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional\ You need to extract the file "AdobePDF.dll_64" from the .cab file. You can do this with WinZip or 7-Zip. Everything you need to extract is this file, nothing else... Once you have extracted it, remove the _64, so the name of the file is AdobePDF.dll. Then place the file in any location you want and run the program it when asked. For a file location, I suggest to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Acrobat8\

    Hope that helps.

  • Am ok with this installation route win 8 and oops.

    HP dv7 7247 cl

    Here is where I am. On my SSD, I could only install via the legacy mode. HP Bios/UEFI wouldn't let me go this route (at least no I can see). So I made the mistake of putting in my drive HARD ((2nd bay) (unformatted) and he replaced my SSD.)  After a few hours of violin. I finally got this:

    Win 8 is installed on the SSD with the legacy
    Old primary as storage device

    I'm just curious to know if this way is ok and I'm missing something if I could have installed by UEFI?

    You should be fine. I don't see you have a problem or missing something.

    Just make sure and go to the drivers of the page and download what you need.


  • How can simple Backup 2002 Version by Veritas Question, I get DLA for this for my Win 7 32 bit?

    At the time where I got a Win XP 32 bit computer I had downloaded an item called "Simple Backup' nice by Veritas... a pure program so I can save my photos on a CD. I'm trying to get these pictures on the CD and I'm running out of problems with it. Is there a certain driver as a DLA I can get to help me with this problem? There must be a way to get pictures on the CD. I thank very you much for your kind reply. BTW, I received this program of PC World online. I think it was in 2003 or 2004.

    Hi, Deb

    Im having the same problem with Veritas, I too know more have windowXP, and my photos are held hostage on my CD was recently changed to Windows 7 Ultimate and I tried and tried to recover my photos, please can you me the exact site for the Stomp of Simple Back Up version please, I don't want to lose all those memories.
  • How can I avoid that this case WordPerfect win 7 having to ask for permission to start a program all the time!@#!@#@!#__In. He did not this in the draft.


    Hello arcangelbc,

    Right-click on the executable of Wordperfect.  There, select Properties.  Select the Compatibility tab.  Check the box for run as admin.  This should prevent UAC from prompting the user each time you.  It is essentially a method of cheating to get around UAC.  It is not advisable to do so, but this is how you do it.  Bypassing UAC can leave you open system for security risks.

    Kind regards
    ~ Alex T. ~.
    ~ MVP Windows desktop experience ~

  • Win7 - 3Com Etherlink XL 10/100 PCI is not compatible with this version of win

    Microsoft was informed by co manuf. updates will not solve the problem!  What can I do?

    Use a compatible NETWORK adapter.

    This site covers Windows 8 and 7. Change to Windows 7 and then look in the section "DEVICES"...

  • Satellite A30, Win XP Pro SP3 - modem does not work

    Another problem with this laptop Satellite A30
    The built-in modem does not work.

    * Explanation: *.
    The driver is correct and downloaded from the Toshiba support site.
    The modem is identified as "Toshiba software modem amr" and is installed on com3 port.

    When I click on "diagnosis" and "ask modem" (right labels can be different, since my is an Italian win xp, I just translated the Italian labels), a window pops up saying: it is impossible to open the door (port), the modem is connected to.

    I tried to change the com port of the modem to different numbers, but the problem is the same.
    I don't know if the modem is a real map connected somehow to the main Board or is built right on the main map. It would be the first case, I may change see ad. BTW, the mini slot pci is already occupied by the gigabyte of Wi - Fi, so the modem must be elsewhere.

    This is strange, since I've done at least 2 other win xp pro on this machine facilities, always download and install the appropriate drivers, and the modem has never worked.
    Thank you


    Have you installed the SP3 Windows XP Home edition, then the drivers or SP1 and later updated to level to the SP3 version?
    > It's strange, because I did it at least 2 other facilities on this machine pro win xp
    What other facilities?

  • Qosmio F60 - no additional touchpad and function Fn after Win 8 upgrade

    I have recently installed Windows 8 on my Qosmio F60 and now I have a few questions, I think it might be related driver but not sure what drivers in particular.

    1. the touchpad still works to move the pointer but sliding along the right edge does not scroll more, I had a look on the Web page of drivers but can not find the driver I need to install to make it work. Also, anyone know if there is a driver Windows 8 so that I can drag the edge to bring up the charms and the tabs?

    2. the FN keys no longer work, so I can't control the brightness or other features along the top row of the keyboard.

    If anyone can help with or the other of these questions would be great.

    Thank you


    As you can see that there is no special driver to win 8 BOF series Qosmio F60.
    This isn't win 8 supported.
    However, I think that you should be able to use the upgrade drivers to win 8 published for Qosmio F750.
    Try it.

    Recommend that you install the driver for the touchpad (from Synaptics), the utility of the feature key Toshiba value added package and system of Toshiba driver

  • Qosmio X 770-107 wireless problem after update Win 10


    When I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 everything worked very well without any problems. However, after a few weeks I could not turn on wifi or connect to the internet. I tried to activate using the touch button and the settings of windows 10. How can I solve it?

    Thanks in advance

    I agree with Z1305, but in addition, you should keep the laptop connected to the internet using LAN.
    In this case the Win 10 would be able to search for compatible driver online

  • error 0xc004e003 during activation of Win 7 Pro on Portege R930 - 17 L

    Toshiba Portege R930 - 17L
    S/N: 5D016093H
    (If I search on Toshiba after SN I only find in Toshiba - Ukraine)

    Bought at the shop online "Sigmanet" in Romania.

    It has a sticker on the back w / Windows 8 Pro (small sticker without product key).
    He arrived with the installation of Windows 8 CD.
    Now, it has been pre-installed Windows 7 Pro x 64 SP1 (this laptop has the right of use of Windows 8 and Windows 7)
    Of course, the preinstalled operating system has been slow and gave errors (pre-installed McAfee antivirus, a bunch of small apps, a.s.o.)

    I reinstalled Windows 7 Pro SP1 x 64 (original CD) on a clean partition.
    I can't activate it with the following text:
    Product ID: xxxxx-OEM-xxxxxxx-xxxxx
    Error code: 0xc004e003

    Now, I spoke with the Microsoft Romania, they tried to help me, but they failed.
    They told me that the license seems stuck at Toshiba, so they suggested to speak to them (Toshiba) to unlock the license or provide a new product key.

    So, I contacted the seller. They passed me at the service of Toshiba authorized in Romania which avoids to help me.

    Now I'm stuck. What to do or who to contact. Everything is so blurry...

    I appreciate any response you can give me. Thank you!

    > It has a sticker on the back w / Windows 8 Pro (small sticker without product key).
    > Happened with Windows 8 installation CD.
    > Now it was preinstalled Windows 7 Pro x 64 SP1 (this laptop has the right of use of Windows 8 and Windows 7)

    Laptop Toshiba computers are preinstalled with Windows systems that are already activated.
    The stickers that you will find at the bottom of the units are the serial OEM key and these keys don't work in relation to other different systems. The OEM key belongs to the preinstalled image.

    So in case you would use the Toshiba Recovery disk and install Windows system using this disk, the serial key is not necessary.

    According to the technical specifications of Toshiba: the laptop has been pre-installed with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

    This means that Win 7 Recovery DVD was not part of the package. Why?
    because the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator software has been pre-installed on this laptop. The software allows you to create the recovery DVDs containing Pro Win 7 64-bit system and the image that is activated.

  • C850-A797 - Bluetooth driver satellite does not work after upgrade to win 10

    My laptop Satellite C850-A797 upgraded to windows 10 last week and Bluetooth driver not working since upgrade,

    I installed the battery Bluetooth for windows ver.9 but it also does not work.

    can someone help me with this please?

    C850 satellite is not listed as a book of 10 Windows compatible.
    This means that Win 10 drivers are not available for this unit.

    In any case, I recommend you to go to Device Manager and remove / remove Bluetooth all the partners of the devices and entries.
    In the view of mark tab also the option Show hidden devices in order to get the big picture complete.

    Now after reboot, win 10 must search for removed devices and drivers missing.

    I hope this could solve your problem of BT.

  • Equium A110-252 gel in win 7

    Hi I have a big big problem with my laptop which is Equium A110-252.

    I installed win7 and I tried to install all compatible drivers, only those who say win 7 x 32, however my laptop keeps freezing at random times and I don't know why.

    I didn't have this problem with win xp, can someone help me please, I really want to win 7 to work because it is much faster than xp.

    Please help me


    I doubt that Windows 7 is faster then XP. I also tried Windows 7 RTM and I must say it s faster then Vista but I think XP is still the fastest operating system.

    However, if your laptop crashes in Windows 7, you must use the preinstalled operating system which I think is XP. I mean Windows 7 isn't on the market yet and I doubt that enough old Equium A110 will support Windows 7.

    What you can do is to clean the laptop using a jet of compressed air because maybe it s an overheating.

    But I think that s all you can do.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300-1MT: where to download for Win XP Toshiba face recognition

    Hello. I bought Satellite A300-1MT, but installed Windows Vista does not suit me.
    I am install Win XP. I found all the drivers on the toshiba web site. But cannot find Toshiba face recognition.
    Please advice me something!


    I fear that you will not find this tool for Win XP m.
    It seems that this function can be used only under Win Vista OS.
    If page European driver of Toshiba does not provide these software for Windows XP, then you won't be able to find it on other sites

    So I see only one solution; back to Vista if you prefer to use!

    Welcome them

  • Pomp A100-773 and WIN 7: card reader and access keys Fn does not

    I hope that this question did not arise 100 times before. (I have not found an answer in this forum)

    Card reader and FN keys do not work, where can I get drivers?

    I installed Win 7 Pro on my laptop Satellite A100-773. Everything works great and Win 7 has all the drivers installed, but the card reader and FN keys do not work.
    On the support home page is not oder pilot anything for this laptop with Win 7.

    Can someone help me with this?


    PS: it was not the version upgrade of the United Nations.

    Hi all,

    by now, I tried the extra package toshiba for model serveral for win 7 and vista, but before the installation there is an error.
    the card reader is now working with the card reader for win vista driver.

    Doesn't anyone know how to solve this problem?

  • Satellite M300 with Win 7 64 don't register mouse bluetooth

    I have just updated my M300 to Win 7 64 and cannot get MS Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 to sign up. I've updated the BIOS and drivers. Any suggestions would be welcome. It worked perfectly on this computer with Win 7 32.

    Thanks in advance.

    Akuma is right.
    You need Toshiba Bluetooth stack!

    Reinstall the battery of BT and activate BT using the FN + F8
    Notes; the FN + F8 control WLan too. You will need to press this combination of keys several times in order to get the BT active.

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