Time Machine can't see my passport

I use OS x captain and time machine can't see my passport.  It is a new issue as it worked yesterday.  Is it possible to add a link to it?


The WD passport seems to be very reliable. Or with TM.

I see several complaints here with this kind of question. Try connecting to a different USB port. I guess it is plugged directly into your computer?

No chance get a disk with disk utility repair... Although disk in El Capo utility is a shadow of his old self useful.

People even load the version of Yosemite in El Crapo.


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  • Time Machine can't see NAS to format / partitioned in El Capitan

    We have two MacBook Pro and 4 car TB WD MyBook attached to our wireless router. This disk is partitioned and used for Time Machine backups. We did not have problems with this configuration, up to yesterday, that we decided to format the disk and repartition it. We did it with my MacBook Pro which is running El Capitan (10.11.3) and the newer disk utility program. I plugged the drive locally on the laptop and he came back and said that through fine form/partitioning layout. However, I moved to the router as a NAS and went to setup Time Machine... Time Machine could not see the player. I could map the drive and write to her through 'connect to server... ". "without any problem. Even tried the thing to "map the drive on the desktop" to make it appear on the list of drives available in Time Machine. Nothing worked! I thought something may had been bad installation, or gone bad, partitioning and started... always the same results. The third time, I decided to use MacBook Pro my wife who still works Yosemite with the old "Disk Utility" program on this subject. I went through and formatted/partitioned it the same as before. However, when I hooked up like the SIN this time and the mapped drive he appeared right on Time Machine just as it should have the first time.

    Is there a problem with Time Machine, find readers NAS to format / partitioned in El Capitan? Is there a setting that needs to be changed in the new "Disk Utility" program to make it work? I'm a bit of a loss here...

    The router cannot possibly recognize a drive formatted by OS X. It uses an operating system that is totally foreign.

    A device third-party network attached storage (NAS) or a router is unsuitable for use with Time Machine, especially if it's your only backup. I know that's not what you want to hear. I know that Time Machine accepts the device as a backup destination. I know that the manufacturer says the device will work with Time Machine, and I also know that it usually seems to work. Except when you are trying to restore and find that you can't.

    Apple has published a specification for network devices that works with Time Machine. No third party provider, AFAIK, does meet this specification. They all use the application of Netatalk incomplete, obsolete Apple Filing Protocol.

    Apple does not endorse any device third-party network for use with Time Machine. See this support article.

    Network backup, use as destination an Apple Time Capsule or an external storage device connected to another Mac or a 802.11ac AirPort base station. Only 802.11ac base stations support time Machine, not older model.

    Otherwise, use Time Machine at all. There are other ways to save, although none of them are nowhere near as effective or as well integrated with OS X. I don't have a specific recommendation.

    If you are determined to continue to use the device with Time Machine, your only remedy for any resulting problem is the manufacturer (who will blame Apple, neither you nor anyone else but herself.)

  • Time Machine can't see the 2nd Logical Volume

    I have a RN104, there 4x3TB disks in there, configured in 2xRAID 1 volumes.

    The 2nd Volume has recently added so that I can activate and use Time Machine for backups of my Mac.

    That's the problem, when I start to set up Time Machine, it cannot see the remaining space in the 1st volume, I can't find a way to set up Time Machine to see or use the available space of the volume, I have installed specifically for Time Machine backups.

    All the thoughts/views/answers?

    Kind regards


    Hello Thresherinc,

    The /data/home/USER/.timemachine is where Time Machine stores data, this folder is always the default value / 1 volume of the NAS and can never be moved.

    Kind regards

  • Time machine can finish no backup on airport time capsule

    Time machine can finish no backup on airport time capsule.

    explanation: there is no access to the/volumes/data-1/macbook diskcopiefile xxxx.sparsebundle that is used to back-up pro (error (null))

    The network failed to halfway through the backup.

    To resolve this problem, we need to know your complete network type.

    This modem do you have? Brand and model please.

    Who is your ISP? It is important for the IPv6 configuration.

    What model is the TC?

    What the configuration of TC in the network?

    How old is the MBP? If you have an ethernet port that you use it instead of wireless?

    Is this a first backup? Or were you works well for awhile and it's broken now?

  • Time Machine won't see drive connected to Airport Extreme

    I have a MacBook Pro 2009 (5,5), El Capitan running. I just replaced the HD with an SSD. The OWC kit, I bought came with a USB for my old HD box. I want to use this drive as my Time Machine as my old drive to WD firewire crapped out. The old MBP disk is inside OS X extended (journaled) formatting and goes up as a network drive in my finder when it is connected to my Airport Extreme. Time Machine won't see unless it is connected directly to the USB port on the MPB.

    The first thought that comes to mind here is to make sure that you have the latest version of 'tour' of the AirPort Extreme, which officially supports Time Machine backups on a drive to the USB port of the device.

    Is this the case?

    All the old 'flat' or 'square' of the AirPort Extreme versions don't support officially the backups Time Machine on a drive to the USB port on the device... even though we used to see messages from time to time users who claimed that it worked for them... at least for a while before he didn t.

  • Time machine does not see the existing backups

    When I tried to make a backup of TM to my doesn.t TM HD external see my existing backups and trying to do a new backup complete. Firstly, it said "preparing backup..." "that takes a long time before you go make a new backup full not not using the existing to make a differential.

    You're talking about two different things that above:

    • Create a new full backup
    • Recognizing the existence of previous backups

    You seem to be assuming that because Time Machine seems to be to create a new full backup, so should not recognize the existence of all the previous backups.  This assumption is wrong.  New full backups are created, for example, when the update of OS X.

    The way to check if the Time Machine recognizes the previous backups would be to use the Time Machine application to check if you can see previous versions of files.

  • Time Machine can't find my Airport Extreme disk

    I have a 3 TB Airport Extreme connected via USB to my iMac.  iMac is El Capitan (10.11.6) running my iMac is a mid-2007.  When I try to set up Time Machine to back up on the AE, it does not offer me EI in option for a backup drive.  In fact, when I look on the Finder, I don't see not EI there either.  What's wrong?

    The USB port on an AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule of airport is here to add an additional hard drive for storing data... or... a compatible USB printer.

    The USB port can be used to connect a Mac or any other computer.

    Instead, your Mac connects to the airport using the wireless or if you want a wired connection, it's via an Ethernet cable.

    AirPort Extreme is not an internal hard drive at all, so you could say you have a 3 TB Time Capsule airport, which does not have an internal hard drive.  Please specify if you have additional questions.

  • Time machine automatically upwards a WD passport when its plugged into the machine of time rather than the macbook?


    I have a Macbook Pro with a WD passport for mac that I keep all my photos on.  I know that time machine will back up there if I plug it into the mac and select it to be excluded from the United Nations through the time machine preferences, which I did, but I generally keep the Passport plugged into the time machine itself and use wireless.

    However, I don't really know if time machine is it backs up this way, or if it's just a wireless router that allows me to access the Passport.

    How will I know if it is saved?  And if not, how can I save it while it is plugged into the time machine?

    Unfortunately, it seems as if you are confused about the terms of Time Machine and Time Capsule.

    Time Machine is a software on your Mac, which is used to back up your Mac hard disk... like a Time Capsule

    A Time Capsule is material... more precisely a wireless router with a built-in hard drive that can be used to store backups Time Machine .

    With this information in mind, can clarify you what it is you want to do?

  • Backup Restore Time Machine does not see RAID external drive

    Hi all

    I have a problem with my iMac restore from a Time Machine backup, and I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem already.

    I had to reinstall OS X El Capitan from scratch, based on education, I received Support from Apple. That worked without problems and my iMac works fine. However, I wanted to restore it to how it was before, using Time Machine. I keep my backups on a LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 2 and never had any problems with it.

    To restore the system, I followed the instructions on the Support page. I restarted my system in recovery mode and selected the "restore from Time Machine backup". Unfortunately the LaCie 5big does not appear on the list of drives, so I'm stuck... When you use the system in normal mode, the external RAID is visible and Time Machine stores backups on it without any problem.

    Any of you are familiar with this problem? I would be very grateful if you could help me with this problem!

    Kind regards



    -While the system is booted in recovery mode, confirm that the Lacie 5big network is visible in disk utility.   You will need to disconnect / reconnect the Thunderbolt cable to the Lacie 5big be detected.

    -Once seen, a new attempt to restore from Time Machine backup.

    See you soon

  • Time machine can not read my previous record

    I have reinstalled mac system and erase hard drive 3 weeks ago, but I didn't completely copy all of the files of music, so when I use time machine to restore it save only sometime after I reinstalled my mac.

    I wonder how I will get my previous record? What is the problem of the authority, if time machine won't let me read the previous record?

    someone knows how to fix this?

    Should have immediately restored the files... It will now make a mess.

    I assume that all the music files means your iTunes library... If not, what do you mean?

    Did you use the same name for Mac as it did on the old installation?

    You did backup on top of the existing backup or did you start a new backup.

    If you started a new backup, you can migrate files... open the utility Directory migration wizard and select the previous backup...

    However, there are questions if you used the same user name that you currently have... Tell me if you use the same computer name or the same username.

  • Created in Esxi virtual MACHINE can't see the network


    I installed Esxi 5.5 and I have no problem to access and create a virtual machine.

    However, the virtual machine, which is 2012 Windows, does not begin with a network adapter.

    When I check the configuration of the VM, the network adapter is connected, turned on, E1000E but says directpath e/s is not supported. I don't have VMware tools installed in the virtual machine.

    I don't understand where the problem lies. I connect to Esxi ok. I can run the virtual machine in Esxi client ok, but the images says that there is no network.

    I created the VM Windows before 2012, outside of Esxi and the network built in card is detected ok.

    STOP PRESS - in computer management Windows, peripheral, the Ethernet controller is not recognized. So, how can I get the virtual machine to recognize when it is running in ESXI?


    Thank you


    Also can you check with adapter VMXNET or tru uninstalling and reinstalling VMware tools.



    Virtualization VMware on NetApp

  • to access my desktop on outlook web access, my calendar shows only one day at a time. Can I see a week or a month at a time?

    I can't access my e-mail Outlook, calendar and contacts, but some features that I enjoyed on my old PC has disappeared when I went to an iMac.

    upgrade your browser Firefox 8 and check

  • XP machine can't see Windows 7 machine on a local network

    Bought a new Windows 7 computer and added to my LAN, 2 XP boxes.  The computer sees the other 2, but they do not!

    Hi all!

    This problem occurs if the (LLTD) link layer topology discovery Responder component is not installed on the Windows XP computer.

    In order to establish the connection between the machine windows 7 and XP machine, try to download and install the fix Link - Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD). Click on the link below:

    Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) responder (KB922120)


    Let me know if that helps!

    Cody C
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Time Machine, you see only not the ssd internal

    Today, I had my old OWC replaced for a bigger Samsung 850 EVO SSD SSD internal flash drive.

    I named the new SSD, the same as the old.

    The new SSD is the boot disk and it works without problems.

    But now I see that Time Machine does not see this new SSD (he did see and save the old).

    This rather new Samsung SSD is not supported by Time Machine and therefore not show under the volumes available?

    I already tried the following Terminal command:

    : write com.apple.systempreferences TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

    But no success with that and in my case it is an interior volume, perhaps the command is wrong then?

    Or am I mistaking here and are the Time Machine preferences "Select disk" only discs showing where you can save to and not FROM (in the 'Options' section, you can exclude certain things and it shows the disc)?

  • I lost my favorite playlist... CAN I USE TIME MACHINE FOR HER RETURN?


    Try this discussion > to restore a playlist of iTunes deleted via Time Machine?

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