Time Stamp control day increment


I want to use a date/time stamp control with only the visible date and the incrementer for days instead of seconds.

I know how to 'hide' the hour for time display however the rest of the increment in a few seconds.

Someone if there is a place to change the amount of a framework?

Thank you


In the data entry tab, you can mention the increment as ' 24 * 60 * 60 = 86400.

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    I am in the time zone of + 1. I did not write on this subject, but I already tried to change the time zone, without result.

    As an attachment, I write a simple example, which is also shown on the image below. 3 control set shows the result of the new control on a Panel, which has not been affected and 2 other pressed button controls, upwards or downwards. As you can see, walue of 00:00:00, 000 (this time has not remove date time and the part of the fraction) in the background is equal to 01:00.


    I found a solution that works for me on stack overflow.

    I use digital control with the display of the relative time format.

  • Script Automator for the DATE and TIME stamped record

    Hi all

    I'm not a scripter, but are in need of a DATE and time-STAMPED folder (or file) I would like to put on my desktop and have updated automatically so that I can use this tool to quickly see if a backup external (or internal) is current. probably I could also use it to quickly find out how /old/ a backup is.

    for now, I do this manually if I want to quickly verify that a backup works by creating a "date named folder" on the desktop - such as '-2016 03 26 "."» so I can quickly see if a backup I just ran ran.

    I have a lot of backups (internal, external, off site, etc.) and it would be super useful for me to have.

    I consider the name of the folder to be customizable (potentially) in case I need to change it, but a good default would be "-YEAR MONTH DAY" so that I could see easily when this backup has been but also I name my files in this way so they can appear in chronological order "."

    is anyone able to help me with something like that or suggest another forum for cross-post this?

    Thank you



    Create the the ""new folder " action, like this:"


    Drag and drop the 'Shell Script' variable in the "name:" field.


    Double click on the variable in the "name:" field:

    Copy and paste this text in the field 'Script ':

    date "+%Y %m %d"
  • bad time stamp difference. Why?

    Hi all

    I have a very intuitive when behavior time subtracting one from the other stamps. Can you tell me why 'hour' shows '1' where obviously '0' would be correct?

    Subtract the two time stamps as you are now.  Which feed a digital indicator.  Set the display format for this digital indicator be relative time.  There is a choice for days to hours and minutes that resembles % <%H:%M:%S> in the output format t advanced.  If you want to display days, so do % <%D:%H:%M:%S> t there is no need to mess with cords.

  • Time stamp indicator system?

    I try to use the theme of the 'system' for my front panel, and my orders and simple digital indicators converted (from 'modern'). However, I noticed that there is no indicator of stamp simple 'time' apparent on the system > digital (or elsewhere).

    Is it one that I can't find? Or do I have to hard code it so that it displays using the theme of the system?

    Thank you

    The more trivial would be to simply use a double floating point control and set its absolute timestamp format. Then convert the type timestamp in DBL with the conversion function according to.

    If you really want to go the way of a genuine system of type control, you will need to go into the control editor, which is a bit tedious editor that shows its age of beginnings of LabVIEW and William. It you start with a classic time stamp check and replace the cosmetics with a string of system or a similar control. It takes a little time to get to know the editor control and work around his troubled behavior sometimes.

  • Date and time stamp not updated

    Following my previous posts, the date and time stamp of the files updated don't are not updated in the RoboSource Control, i.e. the column changed in the Explorer RoboSource Control. However, it seems that changes are stored on the server when the topics are archived, as I can right-click a file to source code control that I've changed, choose the command view and see the changes in the HTML code.

    Basically, this means that source code control is not recognizing that the files have changed and that's why when someone is trying to get the last version he thinks he's one because the date and time are the same as the previous version.

    Everyone knows this behavior before or know why the modified column suddenly stopped updating?

    Thank you


    After a few Google searches of the digging and random, the following article seems to have solved my problem.

    It seems that if you run RoboSource Control on 64-bit computers, there are problems with checking in files.


  • Time stamp generated by javascript Turning time of zeros


    I am trialing Adobe Acrobat XI for my company and I'm trying to create a form with a unique timestamp using this script:

    var f = this.getField ("UniqueID");

    f.Value = util.printd ("mmddyyyyHHMMss", new Date());

    However the part output HHMMss begins to turn to zeroes so it will look like:


    Instead of (for example)


    However, the time appears when the box is checked, but when it is deselected it goes back to 000000 as the time.

    This is a problem because these time stamps must be unique each time slot this form will be used more than once per day.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm still really new to Javascript.

    Thank you


    Where place you this script exactly?

    I put it under the fields calculate the parameter, under custom calculation script.

    You define the category format to anything?

    I put the date format category, then customized and implemented as mmddyyyyHHMMss

    Clear formatting fixed the problem.

  • How time stamp a document similar to a timestamp of fax

    We use PDF files extensively in our billing process. Validation of the day and time of reception we have generally invoked the fax put a stamp of time on each pdf it generates for us.  The problem is that now that many vendors are sending scanned documents, we get bills that have no date/time stamp.  I'm looking for a way to put a stamp of date/time on the document in order to authenticate the date of actual receipt.  Any ideas on how to achieve this with Acrobat 8 Pro?  Instructions on how to implement would be appreciated, as well. Thank you!

    Have a look here for some good tutorials on how to make your own dynamic




  • on the time stamp

    Hi guys

    I have a table and the date in a column value is stored in varchar2 (35)

    It is stored to take time up to milliseconds as below

    Select transaction_date in the table

    12:43:04:651 09/09/2009

    now, I want to vatchar2 convert timestamp data type in my table

    to keep the data in the sound and start with the exception of the new data according to the timestamp data type

    I don't know why the previous developers took varchar instead of timestamp

    our production server is in the United States and the data entered through the India and business also

    So they used the varchar data type to store the milliseconds
    Use a procedure to have time ist

    now I can change the timestamp data type without affecting the data

    I think that its really need and it is not good to store the date in varchar

    the procedure I know to change the data type is as below

    1. Create Table smsrec_dup as select Rowid Row_Id, transaction_date sms_rec;

    2 update sms_rec Set transaction_date = Null;


    4 Alter Table sms_rec change transaction_date timestamp (3);

    5 setting a day sms_rec B Set transaction_date = (Select transaction_date of smsrec_dup A where B.Rowid = A.Row_Id);


    above to change the data of TIMESTAMP type


    CURRENTLY developers use a procedure for STI


    CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE current_tstamp (real out varchar2)
    var_sign varchar2 (2);
    var_zone varchar2 (35);
    time TIMESTAMP;


    Select substr (systimestamp, 30.1), to_char (systimestamp, 'tzr') in var_sign, double var_zone;

    IF var_sign = "+" THEN

    IF var_zone = "+ 05:30 ' THEN"

    SELECT to_char (systimestamp, ' dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss:ff3 "") in the double real;
    dbms_output.put_line (actual);


    Select to_char (systimestamp + (1/1440 * (330-(to_number (substr (systimestamp, 31,2)) * 60 +))))
    TO_NUMBER (substr (systimestamp, 34.2))), "dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss")
    TO_CHAR (systimestamp, 'ff3'),

    dbms_output.put_line (actual);

    END IF;


    to_char(SYSTIMESTAMP +)
    (1/1440 *)
    (to_number (substr (systimestamp, 31.2)) * 60 +)
    TO_NUMBER (substr (systimestamp, 34.2)) + 330)), "dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss")
    TO_CHAR (systimestamp, 'ff3'),

    dbms_output.put_line (actual);

    END IF;


    and to call that trigger in

    CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER 'TEST'.trg_tctn_dtinsrt_sms
    BEFORE INSERT ON sms_received
    VARCHAR2 (55) DT;
    current_tstamp (DT);
    : new.transaction_date: = DT;


    I just want to explain about this a bit...

    change time zone at the database level is quite a bad idea...
    because if you change the time zone then what about all the data that might be present in the same database used by other applications, as appropriate.
    I'm not sure, but if dbtimezone is changed so if you have date or timestamp columns with tables so the values inside of get them adjusted to the time zone has changed.

    first of all understand the diff between...

    If you use systimestamp (which is not really a timestamp data type appear perfectly what timestamp with time zone) must always dbtimezone time zone (as obtained from timezone database).

    You use localtimestamp (which is a timestamp data type) if the timestamp at the session that you set for him. by default, it will take the client's time zone.

    If you use current_timestamp (which is a local timestamp with time zone data type), we have to the time stamp and the time zone at the session that you define for him...

    SQL> alter session set time_zone='+05:30'
      2  ;
    Session altered.
    SQL>  select systimestamp,current_timestamp,localtimestamp from dual;
    10-SEP-09 AM -04:00
    10-SEP-09 PM +05:30
    10-SEP-09 PM
    SQL> alter session set time_zone='+04:30';
    Session altered.
    SQL> select systimestamp,current_timestamp,localtimestamp from dual;
    10-SEP-09 AM -04:00
    10-SEP-09 PM +04:30
    10-SEP-09 PM

    See above see you systimestamp does not change but current_timestamp and localtimestamp change with session timestamp...

    Until this is localtimestamp... speak frankly... it will get the time stamp of the client... If you use a sql developer then it will show the timestamp on your desktop... But in a 3-tier application... I mean applicationlayer-customer data base, the database client is application layer not the end user PC. He will get the time zone of the server application. So using timestamp with local time zone can be waived if you use 2-tier application or desktop.

    Here's the real story...
    So what I mean is that... This is the application layer send the time zone of the client to the database... If the database when inserting (indirectly, your willingness to insert queries) convert the timestamp to whatever you want...

    for example...
    I am inserting a record into the database table that has a timestamp data type... so... I inserted at 14:56 IST

    SQL> insert into test_tz(col1) values(systimestamp);
    1 row created.
    SQL> select col1 from test_tz;
    10-SEP-09 AM

    If you see he showed he showed the time server by deleting the part of zone. Since then, you would like to insert in the TSI data then...

    SQL> truncate table test_Tz;
    Table truncated.
    SQL>  insert into test_tz(col1) values(systimestamp at time zone 'Asia/Calcutta');
    1 row created.
    SQL> select col1 from test_tz;
    10-SEP-09 PM

    He showed the real time of the insert as IST.

    If you want to set the level of the session then you must use localtimestamp as you used in your post...

    But regardless of how you use... you must spend the time zone of the client to the server, I mean 5:30 ' or "Asia/Calcutta" whatever inside your sql queries.

    Ravi Kumar

  • Count the hours between the times of the day


    It is a timesheet, calculation of payment:

    I'm trying to find a way to calculate how many hours is between two specific times of the day.

    I enter a start time and an end time (in 2 different items), I calculate the number of hours that is. What I can understand.

    Then I need to know how many hours is between 16:00 and 22:00.

    The reason is that there is an additional extra payment for those hours.

    So: "payment on time' X ' total hours work in a day ' + 'bonus' X ' hours between 16 and 22" = "total wages for a day" "»

    Thank you

    Enter the full date and time in columns A and B (for example ' 12 Sep 2016 8:00 AM "or you like the what ever valid date time value):

    C2 = B2−A2

    D2 = C2−DURATION (0, 0, 24 × MAX (TIMEVALUE "(04:00 PM)") −TIMEVALUE (A2), 0)) −DURATION (0, 0, 24 × MAX (TIMEVALUE (B2) −TIMEVALUE (' 22:00 "" "), 0))

    Select cells C2 and D2, copy

    Select cells C2 at the end of column D, dough

    If you prefer the values in column D as decimal hours use the formula:

    dur2hours (D2)

    or replace the formula earlier as follows:

    D2 = dur2hours (C2−DURATION (0, 0, 24 × MAX (TEMPSVAL ("04:00 PM") −TIMEVALUE (A2), 0)) −DURATION (0, 0, 24 × MAX (TIMEVALUE (B2) −TIMEVALUE (' 22:00 "" "), 0)))

  • Time-stamped comments adding in a DDHN file during logging

    I'm trying to find the best way to add comments in a DDHN file during logging.  I know that the fragmentation occurs when the properties are written for TDMS logging.  Should I write comments in the level in the logging file (maybe a case of Structure fires when a new comment occurs) or is there another way to incorporate comments into a DDHN file during logging that I'm missing?  Any help would be appreciated.

    Nathan, do you really care about fragmentation? If this isn't the case, you could do it just like that. If you really care fragmantation, you could write Time-Stamped comments in a separate file, PDM, or any, Time-Stamped cache and write cached put comments in the PDM file after cutting.

  • Acquisition of data high-speed with time stamp

    I am acquiring data at a fairly fast speed (5 to 25 kHz) for a few seconds and then writing in a spreadsheet file. Is there a way to set up so that it displays the time stamp for each data point instead of just the data point number?

    Of course. Change the type of data returned by DBL 2D to 1 D wave form. This is doen by clicking on the polymorphic selector or right-click and choose 'select the Type '.

  • How to add a time stamp to a PDM file

    I need to add a time stamp to my PDM file.  Currently, I take an array of doubles, their conversion to a type of dynamic data, then send to tdms_write.  I have to add a timestamp, but I can't find a way to do it.  I also tried holding the timestamp, converting it into a doube, U64 and I64 and adding that to my table before the dynamic data conversion type, but when I lose precision.  I need to have at least millisecond resolution.  I know that I lose accuracy because the timestamp is two 64-bit values.  top 64-bit are set to seconds since the epoch and lower 64 bit are fractions of a second.  I would even send these two numbers divided in my happy tdms file and conversion at a later date, but can't seem to do it again.  Any help would be appreciated.

    The natural way would be using a waveform.

    You can add your timestamp as two U64 (using cast to array U64) as properties of the channels as data t0.


  • TDMS of MDF time stamp conversion error / storage date time change

    I fought it for a while, I thought I'd throw it out there...

    Let's say I have a file TDMS which has a channel of labview time stamp and thermocouple 2.

    I load in DIADEM, I get this:

    Perfect!  But now let's say I want to save the PDM as a MDF file so I can see him in Vector sofa.  I right click and save as MDF, perfect.  I started couch and get this:

    The year 2121, yes I take data on a star boat!  It seems to be taking the stamp of date/time storage TDMS as starting point and adding the TC_Timestamp channel.

    If I change the channel of TC_Timestamp to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc... and save as MDF, I get this:

    Very close, 2012!   But what I really want is what to show of the time, it was recorded what would be the 10/09/2012.

    The problem is whenever I do like recording, date storage time is updated right now, then the MDF plugin seems to use it as a starting point.

    is it possible to stop this update in TIARA?

    Thank you


    Hi Ben,

    You got it right that the MDF use written the time of storage to start MDF that is updated by DIAdem when writing time. We are working on this and will return to you, if there is no progress.

    To work around the problem, you can try convert TDMS MDF in LabVIEW storage vis.

    Something like the following, you can write your start time of measurement to the MDF file.

    Hope this helps,


  • PDM Viewer do not display data with time stamp

    Need help with the timestamp of the data in a PDM file generated by the DAQ Assistant.

    When I use the PDM Viewer, with x the value absolute time scale, the date starts in 1903. If I use Excel to look at the file that the start time is correct (i.e. 2013).

    Bo_Xie, I simplified my VI and now able to display the correct time stamp. Thanks for your time!

Maybe you are looking for

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    trying really hard to find information on how to control a relay.  I am quite new to LabView program development and have kind of a problem.  I have a system that requires control of the solenoid valves.  I have three exits relay to drive solenoids t

  • IDS sensor blocking based on received syslog denied ACL messages.

    Hi / Help How to set up the sensor 4230 (from the CSPM) to receive and generate alarms (and block) syslog messages send a Cisco router when an ACL denied is detected. For example, how the sensor generates an alarm (and block) based on a like this sys

  • Custom and blackBerry 8520 my Smartphones just off cpmpletely back on.

    He had enough battery power but just turned off and won't turn back on, even after the load.  I tried to remove the battery and put it back, still nothing, only the red light is on regularly.  What needs to be done to restore the device?

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