To access the data from the old hard drive connected to the HP Pavilion 500-242ea

Recently I bought HP Pavilion 500-242ea (Windows OS 8.1) as my old pc died. I connected the old hard drive via the Usb Adapter kit. The old drive appears in the Device Manager and file Explorer and disk management in drive F, but shows no volume. I know that the old drive is not complete and the drive works as I put the disc in and they charge. When I click on the old drive-F car - in the message "Please insert the disk" leader explore appears. Anyone know how to access the data on the old drive which has the cable IDE.

Please help need to copy the old drive imporatant files.

Thank you

Just had to ask, you know the difference between the hard drive and CD/DVD drive?  Don't get angry, read this.

You said "I know that the old drive... works as I can put disks and they load. When I click on the old player disc-F-in the message "Please insert the disk" leader explore appears. »

Anything that involves a CD/DVD drive. You can't put a disk on a hard disk.

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    Symptoms: It began at the start, kept a beep, sometime just close and will start.

    In any case, I guess that my laptop went kaput. Now to the point of this thread. I had not been a recent backup and can't remember when the last backup was actually made. Assuming that my hard drive is ok, I want to get all my data, so I saw several options:

    -Send the system to a data recovery service where I will not pay less than $300, but probably 2 to 3 times what

    -buy an equivalent model laptop and put the HARD drive in there

    -by an external SATA hard drive enclosure and mount it via USB on another computer

    I bought a box external and assembled this evening. I had read about the data access of difficulty with a system non-Lenovo because of encryption of the data. I proved that by linking it to my work (a Dell) laptop and I couldn't access my data directories. If I have access to an another Lenovo Thinkpad, I'll be able to access the data if connected via USB? I had read that I can access the contents of disc hard if it is connected to an another Thinkpad, but I knew not that if it means that I have it connected via SATA connection or if there is work through the USB port.

    I'll appreciate any suggestions for accessing my data.

    Best regards!


    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I was able to recover my computer and all data on it.

    Just to describe what I have done, here are the details.

    Because of my concern about a failure of the motherboard, I bought a used/given new keyboard and an external SATA drive enclosure. I was not able to properly take possession of the car from my other laptop, but I was able to access the data in Mode without failure. With my data, I plugged the hard drive and the new keyboard in and started without problem.

    Thanks again,


  • Need data from an old hard drive

    I have an old HP Pavilion 8275. It's a Windows 95 machine with an ATX40R80 (8 GB) hard drive.

    I bought a new HP Pavilion, a6152n Vista running.

    Because I could use some of the data on the old disk, I bought a USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE, an ADA-2020, to see if it would work. That documentation is rare is an understatement, but everything seemed to work.

    Adapt in the caps, my Vista machine, said the USB mass storage driver correctly loaded, the leds came and the player seems to run properly.

    A new drive letter. No display of records or anything like that I know. Everything works fine, I think that, just no data in the view.

    Am I missing something obvious?

    -I ran the connection through a hub 4 ports and an extension of the short to join the back of the computer because it is in a very cramped place.

    After reading some of the other posts, I decided to bite the bullet and connect the player to the back of the computer.

    It worked. I now have a new reader J.

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  • I need to get data/files from my old hard drive that won't start no-how I connect it to my new computer?

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    Connect the older hard drive to your computer and transfer the content:

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  • How can I reinstall windows from my old hard drive on a new solid state drive?

    I'm considering buying an SSD and want to reinstall windows from my original hard drive (there is only a recovery partition on the original hard disk and no drive of the Windows operating system).  Anyone can guide me through the process or do I buy a new copy of Windows.


    You can create a recovery from your old hard drive disk, or you need to contact HP technical support and order the part or click on the link given below on a command line drive by yourself.

    Create a set of recovery disks operating system

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  • I can unzip software xp from my old hard drive and cd keys etc?

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    I can unzip software xp from my old hard drive and cd keys etc.? I have probably 4-5. I'm sure that in time prove a less automated process for drivers, I recall. Suppose I could provide proof of purchase, cd key of certificate etc, so how can I get a cd of xp? the cost of quality? or better yet download?

    You may be able to put the old disks in another system, activate by phone (unless they are OEM, in which case you will need to have the original material) then create an image of the operating system and move to any material you like. This isn't a guarantee that it will work and the process is not valid if your copy of Windows is retail. Regarding imaging software, XP does not come with one, so you will have to seek support 3 left.

    Warning: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

  • How would recover my photos from my old hard drive?

    Original title: Please help.
    How would recover my photos from my old hard drive? I have the old and the new hard drive in the Tower?

    Reach... Start / /My computer... and you must
    See the drive letters for the two hard drives.

    Just copy / paste... old record again.

  • How can I copy all the content from my old hard drive on my hard drive again?

    My old PC is on its last breath and I decided to replace it. I bought a new more powerful PC and thought that by installing my old hard drive (Windows 7 on a Sata Drive) be simple and give me all my current programs without the need to install again. Unfortunately, my new PC refuses to recognize the old drive and I need these programs. How to copy all the contents of a new (bigger hard disk) without loss of functionality.

    Any help greatly appreciated

    Original title: old to new hard drive

    Remove the old drive, (just unplug its cables) reboot the PC, it does not start?

    If the method of connection of the old drive was at fault

    (Or bother readers origonal connections when you installed the old disk)

    BTW, you can not use the old drive as primary boot on your new PC drive, or you can access all the programs that have been installed on this subject.

  • Recovery of my favorites from an OLD hard drive to a new PC

    I took the old drive from the laptop and put it in a USB enclosure, so I now my whole OLD hard drive as drive E... .but no applications will run in fact of course.
    Then... I want to find my OLD profile on drive E (especially the bookmarks) and the copy and put it in my NEW installation of firefox on the C drive. The two computers were / are running Win7 64 bit if that helps.
    Thank you very much in advance for any help.

    If explore you the following folder, it should contain your profiles:


    You may need to display the hidden files and folders:

    If you find more than one folder, try the one with the most recent modification date and look inside a folder bookmarkbackups. Here you should find the individual .json files with dates in file names. The most recent copy to a more convenient location like your Documents folder. Then, you can use the steps in the following article to restore to your new installation of Firefox:

    Please note that the restore process completely replaces all you have in your new Firefox. If you need to preserve the new bookmarks you have saved, you can use the import/export process, as described in this post:

    A little luck?

    Note that, there could be other data you want to recover. This article can help: recovering data from an old profile.

  • My old computer died and I want to save filed from my old hard drive to my new computer


    My old computer died, and I purcassed a new p6230y of computer a HP. I installed my old hard drive in to the new computer as a second HD in hard drive Bay 2. I would like to transfer my files from the old HD to the new HD. I would then format the old HD and use it internally as a second HD. After the installation of the drive hard I can't find the old man (HD) on my computer. I see that the old HD has been installed successfully by running a diagnostic of the car. All this out OK. I can't access the old HD in some way other than the quotes, and when I start the computer I can see that a second HD is installed. What I am doing wrong? And what can I do to access the info on the old HD and use it as a second HD in my new computer? Am I missing some step in the implementation / install? Help.

    Thank you so much. My knowledge of windows 7 is very limited. You helped save all my files on my computer. Thank you once again.

  • Can I transfer files and settings from my old hard drive after replacing with a new one?

    the old hard drive developed a kind of problem and was still running out of space. I replaced and recharged my CD XP. the old hard drive is still readable via USB adapter system and I want to what I can from him toward the new restore disc. the old drive is not in a computer. can I use FAST to transfer the old disk directly? I can't find this scenario in all the help files.

    Thank you.


    I'm sorry, but this is not possible.  FAST is available only when Windows XP is actually running on the hard drive. Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

  • I can't access my documents on an old hard drive of my broken laptop which is now an external drive.

    I have a nc6000... and his mother did not... it was not worth to fix it because I had a spare laptop... an other xp one... a lower model of lil...  So I took my old hard drive of my NC6000 and bought an external enclosure so that it... I then plugged to my laptop and opened the drive... I can make files and access my program files... but I tried to access my F:\Documents and holder which is my account for my old laptop... the only ones I can access are the user accounts of comments... which are useless... when I have access to the main folder, it says access denied... and when I check the properties it says that the folder is empty... can someone help me please? where are my files?

    You simply have to take possession of your files.

    Appropriating a file or a folder under Windows XP [Q308421] -

    How can I get the Security tab in the folder properties? - MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • How can I recover the modules and their data from a failed HARD drive (the lost BONE areas, but data files are readable)?

    The HARD drive that was my OS (Windows XP Pro SP3) failed and lost quite a few areas which are essential for the operating system running. Other data is still readable. A got another HARD drive and installed Windows XP SP2, Firefox and other programs. I was able to retrieve the bookmarks, security certificates, and other profile information using the information found in bandages.

    None of them addressed how do to recover the modules or their data. Specifically, there are several large, elegant scripts that took months to develop and customize.

    Articles related to migration and other do not work for me because they require the old copy of FF is functional, that is not because the OS on this HARD drive is damaged. Is it possible to recover these data, similar (or not) about how I could get the other profile info?

    Have you copied the entire folder C:\Documents and Settings\username \Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\ on the old drive?
    If this is not the case, can you?
    If so, make a copy and save this folder just in case.

    If so, you could replace this folder on the new facility by \Profiles\ [with your profiles inside] folder and the profiles.ini file [delete all other files / folders that may also be in the folder "Firefox"] -and then replace with the same folder named from the old failed drive. Note that you will lose what you already have with the new installation / profile!
    Your profile folder contains all your personal data and customizations, including looking for plugins, themes, extensions and their data / customizations - but no plugins.
    But if the user logon name is different on the new facility that the former, any extension that uses an absolute path to the file in its prefs will be problems. Easily rectified, by changing the path to the file in the file prefs, js - keep the brake line formatting intact. The extensions created after the era of Firefox 2.0 or 3.0, due to changes in the 'rules' for creating extensions usually are not a problem, but some real old extensions that need only "minor" since that time can still use absolute paths - even though I have not seen myself since Firefox Firefox 3.6 or 4.0.

    View instead of 'Modules' I mentioned the 4 types of 'Modules' separately - Plugins are seen as 'Add-ons', but they are not installed in the profile [except those mislabelled as a "plugin", when they are installed via an XPI file], but rather in the operating system where Firefox 'find' through the registry.

    Note: Migration articles can tell you do not re - use the prefs.js file, due to an issue that I feel is easily fixed with a little inspection and editing. I think you can manage that my perception is that you have a small shovel in your tool box, if you encounter a problem you are able to do a little digging and fixing problems with the paths to files - once you have been warned.

    Overall, if you go Firefox 35 35 or even Firefox 34 to 35, I don't think you will run in all the problems that you can not handle [that I cross my fingers and "hope" that I'm not on what it is obvious].

    With regard to the recovery of the 'data' for individual extensions - there are many ways that extension developers used to store their data and pref. The original way should save in prefs.js or their own file RDF in the profile folder. While Firefox has been developed more, developers started using their own files in the profile folder. And because Mozilla has started using sqlite database files in Firefox 3.0, Mozilla extended their own use of sqlite, as have extension developers.
    Elegant uses the file stylish.sqlite to store 'styles', but something in the back of my mine tells me that 'the index' maybe not in this file with the data. But then again, I can be confusing myself a question I had with GreaseMonkey awhile back where I copied the gm_scripts folder in a new profile and with already installed GreaseMonkey but with no script. These GM scripts worked, but I could not see them or modify them - they do not appear in the user GM extension interface window in Firefox.

  • transfer data from a dead hard drive on a laptop

    I have a laptop death containing a hard drive of y hdd2183 which seems to be a non-standard connector.  It is not IDE or SATA.  The player has a FEMALE instead of male pins or blades.  The CONNECTOR that attaches the disk has male blade fits into taking the hard drive.  I can't find anything on the internet about such a configuration, and I need to get data on this disc, but no way I can find to make it an external drive.  I COULD take the connector on the laptop and MAKE a cable or convert to SATA or IDE, IF I knew where the contact was supposed to go to which pin on the connector.

    Anyone know anything on this subject?  None of the standard boxes or conversion devices mount this drive.


    I think that the non-standard connector, you describe can be removed.

    Remove the disk from its metal case as shown in the image below.

    Once this is done, you will find the connector can be removed from the HARD disk by dragging as shown in the diagram below (it may take some gentle persuasion ).

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • I can't access my desktop on my old hard drive folder

    I followed all steps related to the definition of ownership and permissions and am still unable to access my folder on my old desktop hard drive (xp pro sp3 install). advice?

    Hey a-,.

    You can check if the following article helps resolve the permissions issue.

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