Toshiba excited the Pro AT10LE-A-109 tablet screen


my Tablet Toshiba excited Pro 10.1 AT10LE-A-109 inch screen is broken.
I am trying to buy a new one.

My questions are:

1. is the screen called 'screen glass digitizer "?

2. I found the next part on Ebay - 'Toshiba excite Pro AT300 AT305 10.1 Touch Screen Digitizer glass lens part 10' outdoor, it works for my Tablet?

3 AT300 scanner of the series works for my Toshiba excited Pro 10.1 inch tablet AT10LE-A-109?

4. can I replace the screen on my own?

5. I found one online, but is not in the USA, do you know any place that sell this part to the United States?

Thank you very much

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The screen called 'screen glass digitizer "?

In line with the Tablet Toshiba screen that is built into the page it is called - Toshiba PixelPure WQXGA 10.1 IPS "high-brightness touchscreen

I found the next part on Ebay - 'Toshiba excite Pro AT300 AT305 10.1 Touch Screen Digitizer glass lens part 10' outdoor, it works for my Tablet?

I guess this can be answered only by the merchant who sells this part.

AT300 Series digitizer works for my Toshiba excited Pro 10.1 inch tablet AT10LE-A-109?

I'm not sure about this, but I guess that these two parts are different. In addition, AT300 screen resolution is lower and probably both screens supports different connection available to the pins...

I can replace the screen by myself?

Have you done something like this in the past? I guess that this replacement is very delicate, and I guess that a common user will be unable to such product be upgraded successfully...

I found one online, but is not in the USA, do you know any place that sell this part to the United States?

Toshiba excited Pro AT10LE-A-109 is out in Europe... I guess that the compatible parts can be ordered from ASP located in Europe.
However, you can also try to contact the authorised Toshiba partner in your country and could ask such compatible screen... maybe, they will be able to provide these compatible parts.

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  • Toshiba excites Pro AT10LE-A-108 the battery

    Hey everybody,

    first of all, I got a Toshiba chance excites AT10LE-A-108 Pro in a common store in Germany.
    Everything was good except the battery won't charge.

    He always showed 0% after plugging the cable it immediaetly turned off and would not turn on without the cable connected.

    Then I got a brand new Toshiba excites Pro AT10LE-A-108.
    I did all the updates, while I was already wondering because the batterystatus switches always between 0% and "full."

    After several hours, I plugged the power cable and the same story the Tablet immeadetly turned off. Yet once, wouldn't turn on without the power cable plugged in:)

    Now its all yours :) It is just bad luck, or is this a common problem?

    What I have to change something in the settings?
    I don't know and I'm not going back again via post :(

    Best regards, Tom

    Hi Tom

    I don t think that it is a case of some incorrect settings.
    To me, it seems that the battery does not charge and from my point of view it s a hardware problem of battery.

    I think you have two options for a fix: you can try to get another new AT10LE-A feature from a dealer or you can contact the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country for a fix.

    On Toshiba supports support ASP page, you can find the service partner in your country in the region.

  • Excite the situation of update for the AT10LE - A-> Pro


    I was wondering about the status of update for the Toshiba excited Pro.

    _Specifically: _

    -It's going to be an Android 4.3 or 4.4 update? After all, it's a tablet of the premium segment, and I expect the usual level of support. Another manufacturer usually release one or two updates.

    -is yet to come miracast? He promised during the liberation, but then he got the silent about it.

    -the problem of thermal regulation has finally been resolved? Again, this is not rocket science, other manufacturers seem to be able to produce pills that work without overheating.

    -It will never be a way to root it or unlock the bootloader?

    I'm sorry if this seems critical, but given the reviews I had read, I think that these issues are very relevant.

    Updates for both devices excite Pro 3 G and WiFi were released last week.

    Excite Pro AT10LE - A WiFi-> update V4.3.001120220.05
    Excite Pro 3G AT10LE - A-> update V4.3.201121220.35

  • Change the language using the cover of keyboard to excite Pro AT10LE-A-108


    I bought a Toshiba * excite pro AT10LE-A-108 / PDA0EE tablet (Android 4.2) *,.
    It's Toshiba * UK cover of keyboard (English keyboard) / PA5132E-1EKB *.

    I want to change the language by using the keyboard from English into Greek.

    The tablet includes Greek for the supported languages, I can write about it in Greek
    but I can't change it is + keypad +.

    Can someone help me to do?

    I assume that you have not configured the settings for the external keyboard.
    In Android settings: language and entrance you need to find the option to set up the input method

    Downstairs, you will get the option for physical keyboards.
    Him that you have to touch the Bluetooth keyboard. Then you should be able to choose the keyboard configuration. Now select the language of the keyboard.

    In the new window, you will find the advanced option
    Here, you can also choose the layout for external keyboards

  • Excite Pro AT10LE - A - camera Flash LED permanently on all the time


    I have a 3 week old AT10LE - honestly and the led on the camera on the back cover is permantly on. As soon as I turn on the unit the led (bright) and stays on all the time. It remains on standby.

    I searched all the settings and there is nothing which could indicate as to why it remains on.

    Modellnumber AT10LE-A
    Android Version 4.3
    3.4.57 - gc710e6f kernel Version
    [email protected]
    The JSS15Q.001120220.05 build number

    Happen now everyday for over a week now.

    Anyone have any ideas as to why and how I can fix this behavious

    Thanks in advance

    Very strange

    Try resetting the Tablet back to factory settings.
    Press power and volume button at the same time to access the start menu.
    Here, you can use the volume up and down keys to select factory (in the middle of the 3 choices)

    Note: this would erase all personal data from your tablet.

  • Toshiba Excite Pro - Toshiba service station has disappeared from my Tablet

    Toshiba service station has disappeared from my Tablet (and there is no checking system update option in the settings). What is the problem? (no root or any modification of the system.) Systeme_d'_exploitation - 4.3 android). How can I download it again?

    Try resetting the Tablet back to factory settings.
    Press and hold the volume button upwards and the Start button / stop.
    A menu appears then where you could choose factory reset by using the buttons up/down volume.

    But beware: all data will be erased!

  • Excite Pro AT10LE-A-108 - enrollment fails - no network connection


    I bought the Tablet Toshiba excited Pro AT10LE-A-108 with SN XD187362S on July 14, 2015 and the product was shipped to me on August 22, 2015.

    After the Android 4.2 update registration of the device fails every time that I reboot the system, after about 1 minute, with the network error message.
    No internet connection available. Connect to internet, and then try again to update your software.

    In addition, I can't use the Toshiba App Manager (App Installer), with the same message.

    My Internet works perfectly, so the problem is elsewhere.

    What should I do?
    Thanks for your help!

    Hey Felix!
    I had the same problem for a long time now, with my Toshiba excited AT10-A. It all started after leaving my Tablet for services (workload issues). Please tell me if and how you resolved this issue. I googled a lot but did not find anything useful. It's really frustrating with the enrollment of device message... #£@ % #! % # !
    See you soon

  • Toshiba Excite Pro - Excessive battery drain

    A few weeks, my Toshiba excited Pro started draining battery standby time ago tomorrow. He's going in less than 24 hours from full to empty. On the battery monitor, it says 'Tablet standy' is originally battery drain - isn't an app has become crazy.

    I tried to restart, I tried to use not all the apps that I have installed, I even tried a factory reset. Yet the battery drain. I have a feeling that it could be linked to an update of the infrastructure of the Google Services.

    Anyone who knows the same problem? I guess we need a firmware update to solve, and I'm not optimistic to see everyone.

    So should I return it? I'm put off by the clause of the Toshiba warranty that says they're going to charge me 60 pounds if the Tablet 'requires only an update of the firmware'. I think it is exactly what it takes, but first Toshiba would need produce the new firmware. I guess I should go through the retailer then?

    Up to now nobody has reported such similar behaviour of the Tablet and so I think that the theory about the Google service infrastructure could not be completely correct. But that's just an assumption...

    AnywayI read some reviews on the battery drain problem in mode 'sleep' with other android tablets.
    Someone wrote that partition the cache wiping system can help if the appliance starts to behave strangely or slowly, or in the case where the battery would start to shift very quickly.
    System cache partition is a system such as the log files data storage area, frequently accessed data app which has been temporarily put in cache, and downloaded apk Installer files from the game of Google.

    In order to clear the cache partition, you need to access the Recovery Menu (button / stop + volume up).

    However, there is a proposed solution that has been suggested by other users of android. Not sure if this might help you.

  • Toshiba Excite Pro - WIFI dropouts very often


    I recently acquired a toshiba excites pro 16 GB tablet.
    The problem is that I * disconnections wifi * very often, so that all my other devices still connected at the same time.

    When falls the wifi, it is very difficult to reconnect even if I restart several times the Tablet (perhaps after the fifth, but it remains not connected for a long time).

    If I stop the Tablet for a while then I connect immediately - until it disconnects.

    I already get into recovery and restored the tablet with no result.

    Any suggestions?

    Try this:

    Go to advanced wireless settings and check if + WMM + is activated.
    This option must be checked to have a stable connection between the Tablet and route

  • Excite Pro AT10LE-A-108 - WiFi of abandonment

    I have an excite Pro AT10LE-A-108 and (as well as suspended too frequently) almost every time that I try to use Chrome or Firefox it disconnects from the WiFi signal.

    The router is not the problem, as many other cameras use it without any problem.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.



    I recommend you to reset back to factory settings table.
    You could do a hard reset, press and hold the volume button upwards and the Start button / stop.
    Choose the factory (in the middle of the 3 choices) settings using the volume button to navigate.

    Note: your data and settings will be reset too!

  • Excite Pro AT10LE - A - battery remains at 98% when running on AC Power Suppy


    I have a 4 weeks AT10LE.-a. I like to operate the unit from the mains as described in the manual, it saves the battery and is ideal when you watch long movies, I even asked a power outlet extra for this next to my sofa!

    When I connect the suppy the fresh battery from 15% to 100% network and is no longer dependent (status message on the screen saver and battery settings). After a few hours on food (about 4) the battery capacity suddenly drops to 98% and line status shows load. With the network connected power this status remains at 98% for days, it never comes back 100% and stops loading.

    My questions are:
    is, the battery charge still ist?
    can I trust the status line?
    can I use the unit for long periods, connected to the power supply without damaging the battery?

    I got it by my dealer and we tried two other tabletts of his stock and they exhibit the same behavior. His demonstration unit operating for months now on the current and remains at 98%.

    Sector is of 230 v 50 Hz (Germany)

    Details of the repetitive
    Modellnumber AT10LE-A
    Android Version 4.3
    3.4.57 - gc710e6f kernel Version
    [email protected]
    The JSS15Q.001120220.05 build number

    Thanks in advance


    Not very well why the battery status shows that 98% of load, but AFAIK new battery needs to be calibrated first.
    Calibration means that the battery must be charged and discharged several times in line.
    The battery must be completely empty and discharged before you would reconnect the AC adapter.

    I think you should try this workaround first.

  • I have XP pro and you want to connect to the MSN remote connection that uses my computer through my D Link router so that I can use the router to connect a tablet.

    How D link to connect to the modem connection

    I have XP pro and you want to connect to the remote connection MSN my computer use through my D Link router so that I can use the router to connect a tablet like Kindle Fire.

    Hi Bob,

    You can follow this link & check if it helps:

    How to set up and use remote connections in Windows XP?

    Internet Connection Wizard

    How to configure Internet access in Windows XP Professional?

    Hope the helps of information.

  • Auto contrast/brightness on Toshiba excited write


    I have a problem with my new Tablet Toshiba excited write.
    I disabled the auto brightness, but I see constantly changing the brightness/contrast in any case.
    If I understand correctly this is a technology from Toshiba which is supposed to do.

    On your page on the Tablet, it says:

    + "Features Toshiba excited write a resolution PixelPure WQXGA 2560 x 1600 screen for movies, pictures, web pages and games with definition of clarity and dynamic. The display of a capacitive touch screen HD 25.7 cm (10.1) with scratch-resistant glass provides wide view angles and control precision, * while our exclusive technology adaptive screen adjusts the brightness and contrast to the surrounding light product.* «+»

    How can I disable this function?

    Thank you

    You can use the quick settings for frequently used settings.
    Press on & keep the status icons area until a flashing line appears. Then slide down the line to open the quick Control Panel.
    You should see the brightness option. Tap to set the brightness of the screen.

    Also, in the power management settings, you will be able to set up profiles to individual.
    Here, you can set the brightness of the screen too.

  • Shortcut that replicates the button sleep for Windows Tablet 8.1

    I am trying to create a shortcut icon on a Windows 8.1 tablet that does the following.  I hope someone with knowledge of Microsoft can answer definitively.

    It must accurately reproduce the function being called when I quickly press the power button on the side of the tablet. What do I mean by that?  I mean that when I push the power button.  The Tablet goes into a State of "sleep".  If the button is pushed once again, or the menu button 'Start' then the Tablet refers to the lock screen.  I currently have a Toshiba Encore 2, but I am aware of postings on the internet that others have different tablets like Dell coming Pro.

    Because someone will suggest.  There is a particular reason, I want to avoid the power button.  These tablets seem to have a very small, delicate, poorly designed power button that slides out of the internal contact.  I'm afraid that the button won't survive the abuse of my children, so I'll try to give them a soft touch.  The goal is to reduce the time they need the physical button.

    I've been around the internet on this.  I want to clarify things that DO NOT WORK on THIS TABLET.   In addition, nothing is 'evil' with the tablet.  This is something that is not well documented, or is not possible on Windows 8/8.1 Microsoft

    1. it DOES NOT WORK: Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState - it hibernates the tablet. What I'm looking for.

    2. it DOES NOT WORK: Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState sleep - this also extended to the tablet. What I'm looking for.

    3. it DOES NOT WORK: Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState 0,1,0 - this also extended to the tablet. What I'm looking for.

    4 powercfg-h off failover makes 1-3 doesn't DO NOTHING, don't sleep reported, suggested, documented

    5. in the course of running powercfg /a reports that s1 - s3 sleep and hybrid are not supported "when connected standby is supported.

    6. I don't want a solution consisting in autohotkey - I'm looking for a management system dll that can be called from a shortcut without having to install a utility

    7. it would seem that the bios/firmware that supports connected disabled standby mode options 1-3 + 4 as viable

    8. the shortcuts are not what I'm looking for on a tablet like win - x or alt - f4 - I am aware of these and how they work

    9. I know that I can get to sleep using the power icon in the menu of charms.  In fact, this icon works in the way, I'm looking, but is less convenient that just touching an icon in the start menu.

    I guess what I'm looking for is.

    1. explanation of this sleep mode, I want to talk to (is it connected standby?)
    2 clarification about whether this "standby" is accessible via a dll or another system call which can be shortened would be - of course there is a system call because the charms of power icon is accessed.

    Thank you for any input constructive or educational.


    The closest I could find is to create a vbs script and save it > create a shortcut to the vbs script

    Dim ObjShell
    Set objShell = CreateObject
    Set objShell = nothing
    Set WshShell = CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")
    With objShell
    WScript.Sleep 200
    WshShell.AppActivate "closing Windows.
    WshShell.SendKeys "ss".
    WshShell.SendKeys "{TAB}".
    WshShell.SendKeys "{Enter}".
    Ends with
    Set objShell = Nothing

    You can also consult the RCMP in any kind

  • The AT200 tablet screen turns off


    I had my AT200 for a little more than 24 hours and the sceen went now empty, but the Tablet is still on, screen is blank, but on and the unit is completely insensitive.

    Can not switch it out... don't know what to do now?

    Really disappointed :-(

    Can someone help, please?

    Thank you

    Hi Catherine,
    This happened to my Tablet too early. But after that in the past few weeks, my Tablet ran completely without this problem occurring again (after installing a few fix, see below). So there is hope.

    Certainly your tablet is at a standstill. A software error has occurred which even turned off the power button.
    There are also no way for a hard reset on the AT200 (like removing the battery).

    You can try in any case to press the longest power button (5-10 seconds) maybe it helps.

    My solution is:
    Let your only Tablet for a few hours. Important: Do not plug the power supply!

    After a few hours (I think that mine took about 12 to 20 h) battery will be (nearly) exhausted, and I hope that the material will turn off the tablet at a standstill to save the battery against damage.

    At any time, you can try the power switch. I have the Tablet is at a standstill should not react. If the Tablet is turned off, the power led should continue for a second, then turns off. (Because of the battery it won't turn)

    Then you can connect the power supply. The power led should go on now, which indicates that the Tablet battery is charged.

    After a few minutes you should be able (I hope) back on the shelf. (Leave the power supply connected)

    It worked for me.

    Now, of course, an Internet connection is present (active Wifi).
    Open the App 'Toshiba Service Station', updates, and then install the hotfix for 3.2.1. (I guess that the Tablet has not already the 4.0? Mine doesn't).

    If you get no reaction against the ignition switch after waiting a longer time. Alternatively, you can connect the power supply for a trial. If the power led lights which can be a good indicator that the Tablet is alive again.

    Good luck!

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