Touch screen on the iPhone issues 5 after SW upgrade 9.3.2


I have an iPhone 5 that I bought just two years ago. The phone worked perfectly despite the fully loaded with applications, images and music. About two weeks ago, I upgraded the software to 9.3.2. Just after that, the touch screen started to work intermittently. When I managed to unlock, it will take seconds of use of the phone before that the touch screen no longer works again. I have to press the button several times until the touch screen comes back to life (only for a short period of time). It's totally unbearable. I can't yet answer phone

I contacted the technical support and all they got me to trying: restart the phone, restore it via iTunes for a backup, give it a new phone... and the problem is always the same. I've updated then 9.3.3 and same thing. I was informed by the technical support that this could be due to a problem with my hardware only made visible by a heavier operating system. Well, it's just not possible. It is not possible that my phone with applications 0 is unable to deal just with the operating system while running smoothly with the phone completely full before the upgrade.

Someone faced the same question? If so, did you solve it? Thank you


He Jeinser,

Thanks for checking out the communities Support from Apple! I understand that you are having problems with the response of the touch screen on your iPhone. I can understand who want to ensure that you are able to use your iPhone, the way that you expect.

You have already completed all the steps that I would normally recommend to solve a problem with your touchscreen, including restoring the iPhone and set up as a new device. From the information provided, it seems that your iPhone needs to be repaired. The following link should help you get started with the process and has links with additional information on topics such as the warranty and pricing of the service, replacing the battery and express alternative service.

Repair - iPhone official Apple Support

See you soon!

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    Last Friday I went and waited all night to buy an iPhone 7 hoping being dust-tight its screen would be perfect, and as I got it, I saw something under the protection of screen thinking it was something that got stuck all by placing, but today, I deleted and found which can be seen in the attached picture (he can be seen in the crossbar left angle)

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    1st world problems are something to see indeed!

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    Hello. There is a problem on the IPhone s 5 - after reset, the display flashes on the sides for 10 minutes, then the flashing stops. And the problem does not appear again until they do not use a Hard Reset (Power + Home).

    The phone is new (5 days). It's a wedding?

    If you encounter this flicker, then the next troubleshooting step is to restore from a backup. If the behavior persists after the restore, then the last step is the factory restore. If after the factory restore and adding no additional content, you see always this problem, then you must make an appointment at the Genius Bar to the nearest Apple store or service provider authorized Apple to have the material examined. If the behavior goes after the factory restore, then sync again your content manually, without using the backup. It seems to me it's corrupted content in the backup.

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    We had a video-conference in our society, here is the list of endpoints participating in the Conference

    Tandber C60 - TC5.1.3.292001
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    Cisco TP MX 200 - TC6.3.0.3d8e7d1
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    Can you please let me know why this problem is intermittent.

    Hi Sandesh,

    If a conference is reserved as booking of TMS, it is expected that the keys 'register' on the endpoints are disabled.

    For more information on how and why reservations from Outlook could be "downgraded" to booking, see page 59 and 60 of the TMSXE Deployment Guide.

    Kind regards

  • Problems with the touch screen of HP all-in-One after upgrading Windows

    I recently updated my version of Windows (64-bit) with system updates and then a full version updated to version 8.0 version 8.1.  After the update is complete, I started to experience a strange problem with the touch screen on my HP Envy Rove.  The screen would flash repeatedly one set of points in the right lower quadrant of the screen as if the simulation random screen button.  There is no way to stop this.  If the screen on a keyboard was pulled up, letters in the place of the flashes would be broadcast in the fields on the screen.

    The only way to stop the flashes of screen has been to go into the Device Manager and disable the HID-Compliant device driver.  It stopped (system generated keys) flashes, but also disabled my touch screen input.  So now the system is usable, but without the benefit of the touchscreen.

    Here is the information on the driver:

    HID-Compliant device

    Date: 21/06/2006

    Version: 6.2.9200.16851


    I tried updating the driver, but this seems to be the latest version available.  Go back to the previous version of the driver, could solve the problem, but I could not locate on the support web site.

    Any suggestions on how to solve this problem and re-enable the ability of my touch screen?


    Downloaded drivers from the manufacturer will be the most tested and up to date available. The best place to download a driver is directly from the manufacturer of the equipment.

    So I suggest you to install the driver that is available on the HP website for your model.

    Troubleshooting of touch screen in Windows 8

    Just reply with the results.

  • Re Bios Update issues: how to disable the touch screen on the x 360 Pavilion

    I applied the recommended bios update yesterday and now the touchscreen active almost continuously when I do not use it.   which makes it pretty useless mouse too.   I know that HP will release a bios that resolves this problem later, but in the meantime how do I disable the touch screen?

    Thank you google for helping me solve my problem

    now can someone let me know once an another bios update solves the problems of touchscreen presented the last of them?

  • XPS 18 - touch screen in the BIOS?

    Hello world

    Anyone know for certain if the touch screen on a tablet PC from Dell XPS 18 should work in the BIOS?

    There are buttons in the touch interface and a tactile keyboard in the BIOS, Dell support seems to indicate that the touch screen probably would not work in the BIOS but there is no windows drivers.  I thought that it was strange to have one without the other, but it only would be not the first time the options were left in a tech design.

    The tactile feature on the one we have here in the Office has stopped working and still does not work after that Dell has replaced the entire screen.  I'm hoping to make sure that we indeed have a hardware problem and not an obscure issue of Windows 8, but I don't know how to test it outside the Windows environment if it is not designed to function in the BIOS.

    Thank you.

    I thought that I would like to boot in the BIOS and try out it for you. Drum roll please... Yes! Touch works very well on all the screens of the BIOS on my own.

  • Error of GPS in the iphone 6 more after upgrading to ios 10

    After updating my iphone 6 more iOS 10, the gps signal was missing, when I try to disable and enable the iphone you location is bloked, before the update that the gps is working properly. Can correct this feature in relese next IOS? Thank you very much

    Hi Chicojander,

    I understand that you have difficulties using your GPS on your iPhone. I know it's important to be able to easily know where you are located, so I'm happy to help you.

    Looks like you've already got a good start on your troubleshooting of switching location Services. On top of that, look at the troubleshooting we offer here:

    Get help with maps - Apple Support

    If you do not find your current location on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    1. Go to settings > privacy > location Services and to make, of course, this location Services and maps is set while it helps.
    2. Make sure that you set the date, time and timezone correctly on your device. Go to settings > general > Date & time. If possible, use the value automatically.
    3. Restart your device.
    4. Make sure that the cellular data or Wi - Fi turned on and that you have a connection active.
    5. Try another location or switch to another Wi - Fi network.

    Location-based services using GPS, Bluetooth, crowd-sourced hotspot Wi - Fi and the cell towers to determine your position. Learn more about The location Services on your iOS device.

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. See you soon!

  • Are the touch screen and the LCD on the Acer Aspire V5 - separate 122P?

    Dear members,

    I broke the touchscreen for my Acer V5 - 122P when the laptop has fallen. I'm trying to find out how I can have it replaced. How much should I order? The LCD works but the touch screen is not. The touch screen and LCD are separated? Alternatively, they are integrated? I'm not a computer person, so please excuse my ignorance.

    Please notify.

    Kind regards


    [under the direction of privacy - please do not transmit personal information]

    Yes, the touch screen and LCD are integrated.
    Now, regarding the resolution of the issue you have with touch screen of your laptop, we recommend that you contact your support center closest to Acer authorized as there was physical damage to your touch screen. This will give you a better idea of the intensity of the damage that has been caused to your laptop and help explore a suitable resolution for the same.

    Learn more about the location of the nearest support center Acer authorized, you can contact Acer support via the following link:

  • How to organize the order of the icons on the touch screen of the printer? (Office Jet Pro 8600)

    I use the touch screen only to scan documents. It's annoying to scroll through a series of unused icons to achieve the scan icon whenever I turn. How to reorder the icons so that the "Scan" icon is on the main home screen (on an iPhone that would be just pressed until it's mobile, but it does not work here).

    You can customize the selection and order of the icons in the Apps folder, but I can't figure out how to move the other icons. Come on HP, your intuitive user interface needs some attention

    Thank you!

    There is no option to rearrange the icons of an Officejet Pro 8600. Icons available is determined by the firmware of the printer and is immutable.

  • IPhone 7 and 7 more dimmer/yellowish screen than the iphone 5 and 6 years


    Everyone knows the same problem as me watching their new iphone 7/7plus?

    I noticed the two 7 resolution of the display of the model were more yellowish and weaker than previous models, even if each of them had their brightness set to the maximum value.

    Anyone has an idea why is it like that? Thank you!

    From left to right (iphone 7plus, 7, 6 and 5 years)


    I thought I was the only one with this problem! I noticed exactly the same where my 6s displays blanks that are white just neutral and my iPhone 7 tends to be on the warm side. I don't know why, but this effect when the iPhone screen 7 is dimmer reminds me of AMOLED screens.

    My idea would be that the glue between the LCD and the glass needs time to completely dry, but I m not sure.

    Also, I noticed that my iPhone 6s is much smoother. In particular, the animation when you click the home button feels liquid smooth on my 6 s, then the iPhone 7 feels like the animation is cut into two pieces.

    Last thing I noticed during the last 24 hours is overheating. If she's in charge, making simple tasks, this new phone overheat very easily.

    (I apologize if there are some grammatical errors in my post, I'm French)

  • Weird glow on the screen of the iphone 5

    I recently got my iPhone 5, but it's a second hand phone, so I can't replace. He has this strange glow behind the screen all the time though, and I don't know if it's dangerous or not or if I can do something about it? I can see when I switch my phone on the side.

    It is not dangerous, but if it bothers you then you should get it replaced. Have a second hand phone has no impact on your ability to be replaced. If it is out of warranty, it is likely, then you will have to pay for the replacement, but you are still able to get it replaced.

  • How to disable the touch screen on the Qosmio DX730?

    I want to use the calibrators of color such as colourmunki for my graphic work. These must place me something on the screen.

    How can I temporarily disable the touch screen while I do this?

    I tried Control Panel and manual with no luck.
    Thanks for any help


    Have you found a way to do it?
    I think that it of not possible to disable the touch screen.
    Found no information in the user manual. Maybe you can check the BIOS settings available. Switch on and press F2 to enter the BIOS.
    But to be honest, I doubt that a power option would be available there.

  • How to disable the touch screen of the Toshiba LX830 - 11 d


    I managed to break the touch screen on a Toshiba LX830 - 11 d.

    The machine runs Win8 and always works with a USB keyboard and a mouse, although he thinks there are plenty of touch of the finger around the damaged area.

    Is it possible to disable the touch screen feature so that I can use it as a 'normal' PC or remove the screen touch himself leaving a simple LCD screen?

    Thanks for any advice.

    You see the touch screen in Device Manager? Maybe you can turn it off in there.

  • Split screen on the iPhone 6 sec more

    Is it possible to get more split screen on an iPhone 6s?

    N ° split screen was designed for iPads, iPhones not.  I've seen videos of youtube on the 'hacking' iPhones to activate the split screen, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Maybe you are looking for

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