Trash, missing mail

Well Yes, this still happens.

Suddenly, missing the basket of e-mail on one of my computers. Don't know if it happened in Yosemite or El Capitan, but he disappeared for months.

Anyone else?


Make sure you have created a Trash mailbox

Mail > Preferences > accounts > mail box behavior

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    Why is there not a 'button to empty the trash' under mail.  How can I empty trash?

    Menu/Mailbox/delete mail items deleted.

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    I have a dell computer and after an update of Microsoft it deleted my toolbar that had my trash, e-mail, music and video icon in it and I can not find it. Dell is no help so I hope you can help me.


    You probably need to reinstall the Dell Dock.

    Reference Dell Dock

    See for more information about the Dell Support, their own online documentation and the Dell forums.

    Dell support

    Dell support drivers - product manual & warranty Info (left side) - and much more

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    I hope this helps.

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  • missing mail

    After installation of Sierra and opening mail 10, the database has been converted and lost about a year-old mails saved on my mackbook pro.  Use the reconstruction and did not retrieve that email post November 2015.

    I had the same problem. To be clear, the records that were missing for me are personal folders and all existed for pop accounts

    I solved it by first creating a new personal mailbox with a distinctive name "on my Mac".

    With Mail quit, then I went to the folder ~/Library/Mail/V4 and watched in folders that have various alphanumeric names until I found a new one with the distinctive name.

    I then open my drive Time Machine from the Finder and drilled until the last backup of El Capitan and is gone in the ~/Library/Mail/V3 folder and found my mailbox personal registered previously and dragged a smaller folder in the hierarchy of the V4 with the mailbox created in. I just use a mailbox to verify if the process worked.

    Once he had copied everywhere I went in the ~/Library/Mail/V4/Maildata folder and delete any file with "Envelope" in its name.

    I then restarted Mail and got a dialogue that it was important to mail and when it in place, my personal mailbox has been recreated in the Mail of Sierra of macOS application.

    Then I repeated the steps above with all other other boxes to my old V3 messages and letters once they all copied everywhere, deleted the files of 'Envelope' again. It takes quite a long time because there was a certain worth years of mail move above but it worked perfectly since that date (as far as I know).

    Hope that helps.

  • My Downlaods, located just above the trash, missing folder

    Earlier, I noticed my missing download folder disappeared from my Dock and appeared on my desk. I tried various methods, including "alias". I do not remember what 'method of duplication' last used but suspect it has been "duplicate" and place the file original in the dock and renamed the "double" to match the original.

    I noticed today on the dock seems to gather again correctly while the one on the desktop does not collect. What will happen if I removed one of the workstation (there were three of the four icons given to the docking station)? that is something would happen to the docking station, such as the three icons in the desktop as well disappear?


    Check your folder for user to ensure that the download folder is there. If so, you can delete the folder on your desktop. I did drag the folder on the dock and replace it by dragging the folder of your user folder / at the dock. Who should go back you to 'Normal '. If all goes well, you can then empty the trash.

  • Trash, missing desktop

    De : Steve W

    My deleted folder is missing on my Desk Top.  Does anyone know how can I get it back?

    De : Michael Solomon

    If you are referring to the trash, right-click on an empty space on the desktop, click on 'Customize' and click on "Change desktop icons" under tasks on the left column, a check mark next to the trash, and then click on apply and ok.


    Michael Solomon
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  • Send to shortcut - Missing Mail recipient

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    IE8 + Vista - Windows Explorer.

    In the menu of the right click option send to displays a number of items, but 'recipient' is missing.
    How can I restore it?


    Hello 56vla,

    This is the living part and the easy way to do it.

    This should do it for you.

    Thank you.
    Uday $012

  • Trash e-mail empty in RT?

    How do empty you the trash 'deleted items' e-mail on RT Windows without using a keyboard connected? The only way I've found is to remove each individual message because you cannot get a keyboard on the screen will appear. A brake when you get so much e-mail marketing as I do...

    I know this is old, but the Mail app has been updated several times since your post, and now there's a "folder options" button on the lower bar of app, which includes an option to empty the folder.  In fact, you can do this for any folder, not just in the trash.

  • Plist missing mail

    On a MBP upgrade Sierra retina I was getting no audio alert when I did the update that made me go and look at the prefs. and here there was no plist for Mail just a 'shared '. (I have no idea how long this has been the case). So, what should I do to get it back. All new mail loading did not he nor did a reboot.

    Sound alerts for mail can be enabled by going to the Mail > Preferences > general - new sounds of messages and also checking the checkbox for the sounds to the other actions of the mailbox.

  • Missing mail messages...

    Don't know if it of a question of Sierra or not, but it's the first time it's happened and in 2 days to upgrade to Sierra.

    My mail main account of IMAP e-mail was working fine this morning.  About 49 000 messages.  I looked on the message window this afternoon and it was completely empty.  No messages.  Title bar displays "0 filtered messages.

    Messages appear on my phone/ipad/webmail, but not in Apple Mail for this particular account.  Other accounts appear correctly.

    I tried to rebuild the mailbox, without change.

    I deleted the IMAP account and she recreated, it again downloads the messages from 49 000, but does not display them.

    The messages are still on the IMAP server, I can do a 'about this account"and it shows there are 49 000 messages in the Inbox.

    So, now what?

    With Mail leave...

    Navigate to the folder of the user library. This folder is hidden by default. In the unhide: select the Finder in the Dock. Less go in the Menu bar > hold down the Option key and you will see the library.

    • Access to containers.  Drag the desktop folder

    • Navigate to the Mail folder.

    Select the V4 > MailData folder.

    Delete all files in MailData with envelope in the name. (or 3)

    Open Mail. It will re-index your files.

    Let me know if it solves your problem.

  • Restoration and upgrade missing mail


    I restored ACS config and later, we went to 5.5 patch 11. Before that, we have received emails during backup and purge of the database have been carried out. But because we did this restoration and improved 5.5 patch8 patch 11 we do not receive these emails. Where is made this config? I checked the config and it seems fine. How will I know if these emails are sent to the ACS? Where in the config set us this up? any advice?

    Thank you very much

    Hi Jesus,

    I'm suspect Alert Manager is not started correctly. Could you please restart the "view-alertmanager" (stop view-alertmanager, start alertmanager view acs acs) and check if we get alarms or not?

    Thank you


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  • ios10 order No. Trash all in Mail

    iOS 9 had a command all the trash in Mail and iOS 10 does not work. Big mistake to remove because it's a total pain to use Mail now. If I had known that the order would be deleted, I would not have "upgraded" to iOS 10.

    Here is a workaround until Apple restores the Select All - deletion in 10 iOS feature:

    1. open the Inbox that you want to delete all

    2. tap on edit (top-right)

    3. press to select any email (this will allow the move feature)

    4. press on and hold 'Move' (down in the Center)

    5 now the 'Move', click to deselect the email from step 3 (you do this so all e-mails, not only the selected e-mail to move)

    6. release 'Move' (this will bring up a list of destinations to move your mail

    7. press on 'Trash' or 'Archive' to move all messages to the respective destination

    It's complicated, but a workaround, however.

  • Mail missing after restoring the messaging profile folder

    Hello, I had problems with my file sent and had to restore my profile folder to an old copy of 3 day, but after that my Inbox is missing mail for 16 days, the mail is extremely important because it contains all my orders and working material and I need a way to recover. Please help me! At the moment there is no earlier version or which folder to restore once I open his options on the file to the Inbox, what do I do now?

    restored what and how is the first question. If you mean windows restore, I'm from here. It's a mess of Microsoft, with that I want nothing to do.

    The only constant I can suggest is the right click on the folder in Thunderbird, select Properties, and then store the button fix to force a re-indexing of mail.

  • mail for Mac do not trash a message

    I have a mac mini running El Capitan. I use Mac Mail. Today, I got a message I wanted to trash. Mail don't trash the message. I got the error message: cannot open the file '48948.emlx' because there is no file.  Anyone know what this means? I don't want to open the file; I want to trash! All other messages went in the trash very well. Thank you all.

    Fred J.

    I had this same problem and found the answer that worked. Go to the involved mailbox, like "manyproblemsmail" and click on it. Then go up to 'Message' in the top bar and when you click on it there will be a drop-down 'rebuild '. Click on it and it will rebuild this mailbox and eliminate messages affected by the message "the file '150982.emlx' could not be opened because there is no file of this type." I hope this helps.

  • mail does not remove the trash after 30 days selected in the preferences. Why?

    I selected emails in the trash in mail should be deleted after 30 days.  Messages in the trash are not deleted.  It started recently, after the upgrade to El Capitan.  Can someone help me?

    Same problem here. The e-mail rule--> accounts--> Expunge deleted e-mails after one day. week | month becomes active. I installed Spamsieve, but should not intervene. Someone suggested to delete the respective Mail.plists, but there is nothing else than - shared.plist in ~/Library/preferences.

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