Unimodem V of Microsoft.

Where can I download Microsoft Unimodem V.  for Windows XP? I can't get the distinctive ring feature to work properly with my 005605-00 56 K VoicePro USB modem in Windows XP Pro environment. When I try to install the distinctive ring feature, it is said of the distinctive ring tab (which does not exist) in the Properties window of the modem under the control panel. So something is wrong... HELP PLEASE?

This function according to the link below is not supported.

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  • How to reinstall sound Unimodem driver without reversing the BCM 56 K Modem update Windows automatically installs?

    I am using Microsoft Windows XP Professional, version 2002, Service Pack 3.

    I recently reinstalled my operating system on my Dell Dimension 2400 PC and allowed for automatic updates.  Previously I did not allow updates.  I use very slow dial-up on a BCM 56 k

    Voice/Fax/Modem.  My previous connection was about 26 Kbps.

    During updates of Windows XP, Microsoft notified me of the update following software:

    (Broadcom Corporation - Modems - BCM. v92 56 k Modem, size: 2.8 MB, Broadcom Corporation modem software update published on August 27, 2003.) only the Microsoft Update downloaded and installed on my PC.

    After the installation of update BCM, my modem went much more quickly in about 40 Kbps, however, I lost the Unimodem half-duplex audio driver configuration.

    After the automatic BCM update, my modem sounds is the audio connection as he had done before.

    I checked and the following driver files still exist where they belong: [C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ks.sys; C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\MODEMCSA.sys; C:\Windows\system32\ksproxy.AX; C:\Windows\system32\kuser.dll], however registration is missing in browser, under 'Sound, video and game controllers' Device Manager where it was previously before the upgrade.

    How can I reinstall my audio Unimodem half duplex driver without roll back my BCM upgrade?

    My audio driver is not my problem.  The speaker still works in my Modem when I have dial-up.  Otherwise, the rest of my sound works fine, so I don't think I need an audio driver.  What's missing on my upgrade was my driver for unimodem half duplex, and everything remained the same after the upgrade.

    Here's what's happening.   Often, I reinstall my OS together by formatting my hard drive.  After the initial installation and install the drivers for Dell provided, my modem works fine, but at a slower speed.  When I switched I hear the dial through my external speakers, which I prefer because I have restriction of hearing Audio and can hear it better amplified by the modem speaker.

    When I install the update to windows BCM, it accelerates the rate of transfer of my modem, I like, but it removes my driver audio unimodem half duplex, which means I can hear is no longer my dial-up connection to know everything is going well.  The sound comes directly to my modem card, however, due to the location under my desk, my PC I can barely hear the connection is established and can not use this sound for diagnostic purposes if I can't connect.  It allows to hear the connection to remind me in case the line is disconnected or the phone company disconnects and provides their voicemail automated on how to restore our service.

    I just want to still hear my modem amplified through my external speakers without losing speed BPS who provided me the upgrade.

    Not yet tried to use the dell service tag for Dell drivers.  Don't know how to specify this tag, or if it would provide other drivers that I already downloaded, but will check the next.

    In the meantime if anyone has a useful answer as to how I can get my external returning without sacrificing my BPS speed increase, I would like to hear it.

    Thanks for all the answers everyone, even if for the time being not useful yet.

    I don't think that it is half-duplex driver Unimode (even if I'm wrong).  My XP3 box has a Unimodem full-duplex audio driver "" list in the device under ' Audio, video and game controllers' Manager, and I've never had the modem sounds come through the main speakers.  [The difference between "half-duplex" and "full-duplex" is if you wait until a part expresses before the start of the other or if both parties can talk at the same time.]

    Rather, apparently some - but far from everything - modem drivers have a checkbox somewhere in the modem properties dialog box (accessed through Device Manager or control panel > modems Options and) who runs the sound of the system's external speakers.

    While you're in the control panel > phone and Modem Options, click on the "Advanced" tab and check the Unimodem 5 Service provider is installed.  It must have been installed by default, but if not, you might want to add (using the 'Add' button).

    I suspect that your previous modem driver - which limited the speed of your connection - had the external speaker box, but that the new driver - who has more speed - connect does not work.

    It is probably not very satisfactory, but you can increase the volume of the tiny speaker of the modem (a little) by using the "Additional initialization commands" box in the "Advanced tab" in the modem properties dialog box.  There are two relevant orders, the order of M (which determines when the speaker is on) and the command L (which sets the volume of the speaker):

    M0 speaker always off [that's a zero]
    M1 Speaker is activated when the modem is off the hook and the carrier is not detected. [default]
    M2 The speaker is always on.
    M3 Speaker is activated after dialing the ends and turns off when the carrier negotiation is complete.

    L0 low volume
    L1 low volume
    L2 medium volume
    High volume of L3

    Orders are entered, preceded by "AT" (without the quotes) in the box "Additional initialization commands", and there is no spaces.  Thus, for example, if you want to hear the sounds, most at very high volume (which unfortunately is usually not very high), you define L3 and M3 by entering the following text in the box:


    With regard to the number of Dell's Service: on the page linked in my previous post, there is a link "enter serial number".  If you click on this link there is a box to enter your Dell service tag (and yet another link to tell you how to find if you don't know where it is).  Dell uses the "service tag" to identify your specific computer hardware configuration, because the same model Dell (e.g., Dimension 2400) can come with a variety of different hardware options.  Using the service tag is supposed to customize the material presented to you so that it is applicable to your computer.

    Sorry I couldn't give you a better answer on your modem sounds.

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