Using the DAQ USB-6009 meter and an analog input voltage at the same time.


Currently, I'm reading the two channels of voltage with the USB-6009. It happens that one of the channels is the output of a digital coder, and it would be much easier to use it directly to the PFIO entry that is defined as a counter. The problem I am facing right now, it's that I can't use the DAQ Assistant to use the analog voltage to a channel and the digital channel counter at the same time. Once I put the DAQ Assistant to read the input from analogue voltage, I won't be able to add analog inputs. And as I put the DAQ Assistant to use the PFIO as a counter, I can add more entries to read analog voltage is.

I wonder if it is possible to solve this problem using the lower level data blocks? Another solution would be to read two channels in analog input voltage and that the use of Matlab to process data resulting from it, since I was not able to do the counting to work simultaneously with the acquisition in Labview to impulses.

Hope you guys can help out me.

Thanks in advance.

Using a simple wizard of DAQ is incorrect. You need one to acquire analog inputs and one for the meter.

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    My problem appeared when I tried to update my traditional NOR-DAQ legacy code to DAQmx.

    I use 2 meter (meter 5 and 7 meter) on PCI-6602, to generate trains of pulses, as well as the lines of e/s digital port 0 (the form lines from 0 to 7). What I do in my request, it's that I'm starting to generate the pulse train on the output of 2 meters and after that I play with the State of digital lines.

    Traditional, it was no problem to use the meters and digital lines at the same time, everything went perfectly, but in DAQmx, is not possible.

    What's happening: I start generating train of pulses on the output of counters, no errors, but when I try to change the State of a line of digital port the generation of the pulse train is stopped. What happens when I start the task associated with the digital way.

    My question is: is it possible to create a channel on digital lines without changing the channels created for meters?

    Another thing that I managed to do with the panels 'Measurement and Automation Explorer' and Test for PCI-6602, is basically the same thing, I generate trains of pulses on the output of the 7 meter and try to start a job on the digital line, but I get an error:

    "Error-200022 occurred in test Panel.
    Possible reasons:
    Measurements: Resource requested by this task has already been reserved by another task.
    Device: Dev4
    "Terminal: PFI8.

    On the contrary if I use the counter 0 or a counter 1 to generate trains of pulses I encounter the same problem.

    What resources are used by 2 to 7 of the PCI-6602 card counters and the counters to 0 and 1 do not use?

    Thanks in advance for any answer!


    After doing some real tests on this device, I found that it is a normal behavior for the jury of 6602.  This is because when you start a task digital all 32 lines are configured for digital i/o, so it replaces your meter operation.  The article below the link explains a little more on this subject.  You must start the digital task before the task of counter to use the features of both in your program.

    2 meter and above will not work correctly when you perform digital i/o on NI 6601 or 6602

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    Thank you for your thoughtful replies.

    As you asked specifically about the compatibility of the USB cable, I would say that it will work because both devices support USB 2.0 (that is, both devices can be used with the same USB cable alternating).

    Installation of the software for the two devices must be made successfully to use various functions.

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    Yes, you can do both.

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  • DAQ Assistant Express Vi to acquire and generate data at the same time in LABView

    Can I run acquire it and generate the Express Assistant DAQ Vi at the same time in a LABView program? I am using LABView 2010.  It's acquire and generate a NI USB-6009.

    Thank you


    You can acquire and generate the same VI but obviously you can't generate a wave form unless you do a single point at a time inside a loop with a sample on request and can live with low samples/s specifications.

  • Acquiring bipolar signals NI DAQ USB 6009


    The NI DAQ USB 6009 case is capable of acquiring biploar waveform?  I have a signal generator that provides a 0.5V wave triangular amplitude in the NI DAQ USB 6009.  The NOR-DAQ is connected to LABView and acquire signals using the LabVIEW express vi. The waveform that appears is unipolar.  Terminal configuration is set to differential. Is the waveform which is seen. Thank you. Mary

    Hi Tupaj,

    See a voltage floating as this can sometimes be the result of a measure badly grounded.  It would be useful, like Dennis, to know how you have this wired up.  Please take a look at this guide to make sure that the device is properly connected to Earth:

    Field wiring and analog noise -

    In addition, information about the configuration of your software are also important.  Here's an example of how implementing a fundamental mission of analog input for your 6009:

    Video installation instructions -

    The example Finder has also several screws that already do it for you.  If you work in 2012 before LabVIEW, look for Acq Cont & chart voltage-Int of the in the Finder of the example.  LabVIEW 2012 will have a similar named VI voltage - Software-Timed

    Kind regards

  • USB-6009 HAVE and AO


    I have a USB - 6009 DAQmx. I want to measure an analog input with the highest possible sample rate (48 kHz). At the same time, I need an analog output in voltage from 0 to 5 Volts, lets say 2 minutes of the ramp. Both of these tasks require no synchronization of relatives. With respect to the specification, the highest rate of the AO is 150 Hz. It's ok for my application.

    So far I use the internal clock of the device, and the OD does not work with a timing of software. Is it possible of ramping regardless the voltage output and at the same time reading analog input? If not, is there a work around for this device?

    Thanks for the tips!

    Kind regards

    HI Blook,

    your VI test seems ok. Of course, given that the AO is in sync SW and you run it on a Windows platform may be you will see some jitter on the output. But you said, you don t need a thight synchronization, so it shouldn´t be question.

    For what concerns the way in which LV manages data acquired from a multiplexed DAQ card, that should be kept in mind

    that the timestamp of the waveform is generated from the driver on the PC and not directly on the map. This means that even if the sample of both channels are acquired in two different

    moments (like you supposed to separate by the time of the ADC) this will be transparent to the SW and they will be considered granted exactly at the same time.

    National Isntrumetns offers also simultaneous of sampled acquisition card (and not multiplexed) to overcome this problem.

    Best regards


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    I know this sounds a bit garbled but I did my best to explain what I'm asking, and if someone who can understand what I'm going to talk can help, please, it would be so awesome.

    Thanks for reading.


    My blade of ebay 1 megabytes/s usb adapter worked litle, for keyboard and mause but it wont charge the tablet.

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    I m wondering if the same problem is displayed using another computer or another USB hub with an additional power supply.

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    Thank you


    The images do not explain everything. You must explain what are the sensors. I think you totally wrong on how they should be linked. CSR, all sensors must be a common understanding and the outputs not individual channels as I have already explained. If you are unable to do this, you should probably not use CSR and you have the wrong data acquisition device. If you want a side of a sensor as a reference, you need differential connections.

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    Thank you in advance, all the tips


    Create a task and add channels to the task, as follows:


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    Thank you.

    Hi Muhammed.

    You can connect your PIXMA iP8720 to a computer with a USB cable and also use wireless with other computers and devices at the same time.

  • How is it that a computer which works very well with a direct Ethernet connection won't work with a switch, however any other computer using the same port, cable, ect, and so on, can?

    Switch issues. Help, please.

    How is it that a computer which works very well with a direct Ethernet connection won't work with a switch, however any other computer using the same port, cable, ect, and so on, can? We already checked the firewall as a question, that it was not, and now, we are puzzled.

    Well, I know that the issue is long-term... believe me, it's a long, but as they say, the devil is in the details. Anywho, the question is, my grandfather has a HP laptop, which for two years has been able to run through a Linksys switch to his router and connect its printers to his laptop. About two months ago it suddenly doesn't work like that. Now, it works fine if it plugs directly into the router/Ethernet. My uncle suggested that the switch was bad, but after testing the same port, cable and all, the switch worked well for him. ' GRAMPS really needs this answered, but someone else, it is called can not understand and now I, in turn, ask you all for what you can offer. Here are the ideas that we have already discredited.

    -Switch bad: as above, is that this particular laptop, even under identical conditions, the works of my uncle very well.
    -Bad NIC: debunked through the fact we connected to the computer directly to the router and it worked fine.
    -Bad configuration of the firewall: we have disabled the firewall (please do not notice, he wasn't the smartest idea, we already know) and even if she recorded the switch exists, the internet is always triggered when you are connected with the switch.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can provide and Merry Christmas to you all.

    It would be useful to consult the results of the ipconfig/all command both when it is connected to the switch and when it is connected directly to the router.  In addition, what is the model of the switch?

    To save the manual copy and the new hits of the ipconfig/all command output-

    First connect through switch.
    Open a command prompt window (start > run > cmd > OK)
    Type the following lines in the black command prompt window and press ENTER after each line

    echo "Connected via the button" > "% UserProfile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt".
    ipconfig/all > "% UserProfile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt".

    Now connect directly to the router, type the following lines in the command prompt window and press ENTER after each line

    echo "Connected to the router" > "% UserProfile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt".
    ipconfig/all > "% UserProfile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt".
    Notepad '% UserProfile%\Desktop\ipinfo.txt '.

    Copy the contents of the Notepad window in your response (if you use the laptop when it is connected directly to the router) or close the Notepad window, and then copy ipinfo.txt of the laptop to the Gramps in a USB FlashDrive you can connect to any computer allows you to answer.

    You can delete ipinfo.txt on the desktop when you are finished.

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