Validation message. Cannot validate a new computer.

My old computer crashed during my trip to China. I bought a new laptop with Windows 7 China. The validation error message keeps popping up. I returned to the store Sony here, they said they had to load an English version of Windows 7 for me on the laptop. But they told me before that I bought Windows 7 came with the operating system that you are Chinese / English optional. Basically, the new computer will not activate since they installed an English version on Windows 7. The product key on the bottom of the computer does not work and the only thing they tell me is "Reinstall windows 7. This problem will always be that if I did, it seems. I have to buy a new product key for the English version or what? Don't know what the real problem is here.

Windows product ID: 00426-067-2898503-86469

The ID of the product - 067 - indicates a not for resale MSDN account. If you are not the account holder and you bought it in a box at retail, the box and its contents is counterfeit. Request an immediate refund from the seller

For more information, see this:

And this:

To see how these counterfeits are more, see:

You need to buy a legitimate windows from a legitimate retailer or go back to the windows, your computer comes with that

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