Various HP LaserJet: Printer Control Language (PCL) to help to increase the left margin

Escape sequences the PCL (GUE, printer reset, set left offset, move the horizontal slider) in the separator page will be almost certainly ignored if (as is likely) your application is the use of standard Windows printer driver to generate the print job, because orders generated:

  • Will begin with another sequence of LSE, which resets the default power values (so too riding all the separator page settings).
  • Will contain the size of the page selection and definition of margin sequences as requested by the calling application.

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  • Web site fidelity problem - when filling out forms for 5 tables of column, the left margin print with a left margin of 3 inches, thus losing the 3 columns on the right of the printed table. d instead prtints with 3 inch r

    The url of the problem page is shown below. When the 4 additional columns will have been completed and sent to the printer, the left margin is 3 ", which does not show the 2 right hand colums in portrait mode.
    Before installing latest versions 5 and 6 of Firefos all columns have been printed.

    In my first attempt (Firefox 6), he did cut the 2 right columns, so I followed the advice of the-edmeister and changed to landscape. Then I reset my portrait layout and with "Shrink to the width of the page" checked, all 5 columns show in portrait view.

  • PSC 2510 double prints the left margin - transport stops

    Hi, my 2510 double print the left margin so as to look as if the letters are ghosts, now it started to leave a wide width of letters about an inch from the left margin. At the same time, he will start a print job only to have the transport stop about 1/4 of the way, I have manually position the carriage to the position of Park - the menu says so is printing - it is not. I unplug the AC for 10 seconds and when I reconnect the printer resets and continues its merry way, until at the latest.  Thank you Kent

    You probably have a buildup of ink on the MICR band used by the printer to tell where is the transport.  Gently clean the Strip as shown here.  Don't forget to respect the warnings, if you do not you may damage the delicate MICR band.

    Kind regards
    Bob Headrick, Microsoft MVP printing and imaging

  • Vertical line on the left margin of all pages printed (1200 HP)


    Everything I print, on some paper, a vertical line scraggly appears in the left margin area. In my view, it is ink that has leached out, but I don't know where or how clean it. Ink cartridge seems solid. TIA and Happy New Year.


    Take a look at your fuser unit, could be something wrong with that.  Make sure you leave cool before you go poking in there.  If this isn't the case, it might be a mark on your imaging drum.

  • OfficeJet 6500 e709: prints w / scale on the left margin and does not print right side of the page

    Prints with a wide margin and does not print the last 2 "or 3" on the right side of the page. This occurs even when the value of the left margin to little or none.

    HP trouble shoot said there is nothing wrong and test page prints fine.  Then back to the problem so try to print.

    HI @philg2,

    I see your thoughts produce a wide margin left and right of the page is cut off. What program are you printing from, and this occurs when you print from all programs or just a particular program?

    I see your post that this is not happening when you print a test page, so I think the problem is somehow related to the driver or program that you use. Let's start with the HP print and Scan Doctor is a free utility (tool) that allows to quickly resolve problems printing, scanning and connectivity, including but not limited to:

    • Connectivity:

      USB: Check that the USB connection from your computer to the HP product works properly.

      Network: Verifies that the network connection between your computer and your network is working properly.

    • Device Status Test: checks the errors of the device, such as paper, paper jams, stands transport and paper issues and provides instructions to resolve the error.

    • Driver: checks the driver missing or corrupt files.

    • Device Manager: check the problems in Device Manager that could prevent printing.

    • Device online: check if the product has been suspended or put in offline and then sets the State back in line if necessary.

    • Print queue: checks and clears pending print jobs in the print queue (a newspaper for printing waiting to print).

    • Port Match: check the port settings for the HP product.

    • Device conflicts: check the conflicts with other drivers, such as the other brands of printers.

    • Ink issues: check the cartridges and the ink levels for issues that affect the print quality.

    • Print settings: check and adjust the print quality settings.

    • Test print: print a test page for the assessment of the print quality and provides options for cleaning and if necessary print head alignment.

    • Scan tests: check the scanning mechanism, drivers, and registry entries.

    Source:try the HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows

    Click here to download and run the print and Scan Doctor > >

    If this does not resolve the problem, after back and let me know if there are all the symbols except the Green checkmarks and what they are next of course. The key is not always easy to identify the key and check mart are in the green circle.

    • If you see only the Green checkmarks (), the tool did not find any problem.

    • If you see green sides (), the utility identified a problem and fix it automatically.

    • If you see yellow exclamation points (), the test failed and requires monitoring of the user, but the step was ignored.

    • If you see a red X (), follow the onscreen instructions to fix the problem.

    Thanks, I look forward to hearing back on your part.

  • When I print from Windows Live Mail, the left margin is far more than the first letters of each line are missing. Where can I go to change the margin?

    When I print from Windows Live Mail, the left margin is far more than the first letters of each line are missing.  Where can I go to change the left margin on Windows Live Mail?

    Print settings are in Internet Explorer, the file (ALT + F keyboard), Page Setup

    Increase the left? the margin of

  • When I print a web page there is a large margin left even if the left margin is set to zero, which also shows in the preview before printing.

    Change other printing settings does not resolve the problem. Firefox is perfectly up to date.

    What paper size?

  • HP3070 b611all in a printer: HP3070 unable to scan from the printer control panel


    Although I can scan a document from my laptop I can't do it from the printer control panel.

    I tried following the instructions in the Support Center
    "HP Deskjet 3070 e - all-in - One Printer Series - how Scan: from the control panel" but I didn't know where I could: ' activate the scan to the computer connection (Windows only).

    Anywhere there is no mention of "Scan" under settings B3070 only in a separate file, HP Scan on my system...

    Thanks for your help so far.  I now have much more HP files/programs that I started with.  What can delete and to be able to continue to print wireless & scan of the computer, or maybe I should ask what files do I need and I can uninstall.

    I ordered the following cable to establish a connection between my laptop and a printer?  I hope it is the right one.

    USB printer cable lead for HP Hewlett Packard and Lexmark A - B

  • LaserJet print several copies on Windows 7

    All functions are working correctly on Windows 7, except when I select multiple copies, only one copy prints.  As he simply ignores the number or the requested copies.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.

    Right after that I posted it, I found the solution. Figure that I'll post here in the case where it help someone else...

    Select Start, and then click Printers

    Right-click on the LaserJet printer icon, then select Properties.

    Select the device settings tab.

    Find the parameters of the Mopier Mode and storage of the work.

    Change the active settings to disabled.

    Click on apply and OK.

    Try again to print the job.

    Worked like a charm.

  • Printed Web page shows only about 20% of the page, centered

    Never had a problem, all of a sudden I can't print a Web page. Instead of everything on the page, it displays only about 20% of the horizontal line, from the left margin. the printed area is centered on the paper. In addition, the amount that is printed extends over five pages, when normally I could print the Web page on a single sheet. Maybe it's the best description printed looks as if the printer thinks the paper is 2.5 x 4 inches. Check the paper size, margins, etc..

    You check in properties of this printer from Firefox?

    See this:

  • I have win xp IE 8 hp printer unable to print all words/lettrs left margin outlook express

    My PC has crashed & since I had to fix, I can't print the email from outlook express or windows live, I at first glance, my printer had crashed also replaced still does even (the first 2/3 letters of a word on the left margin) are cut.

    Someone said maybe it's IE8, but I don't know how to change the margin can 't find any help.

    I got online to HP for 6 hours a day 4 hours another they don't say ther problem must be IE 8

    Thanks in advance montie * address email is removed from the privacy *

    Outlook Express uses the same as Internet Explorer print engine.
    For print size: IE | View | Text size | Carry out the adjustment.
    For the margins: IE | File | Page layout. Default is 0.75, (19mm), all around.
  • HP LaserJet M2727 MFP Series PCL 6 - prints the blank page before and after each document in all cases

    HP LaserJet M2727 MFP Series PCL 6
    prints blank page before and after each document in all cases
    Does anyone else have this problem.

    It must be a preference setting, but I watched three times and CAP does not seem to determine what setting to change.

    See if they help you:

  • LaserJet p3015: print with the printer driver universal pcl 5 of Collator

    We use the universal PCL 5 driver for printing on a Windows 2008 R2 file and server to our printers laserjet printing network.  Our enterprise application doesn't have a way to bring together several pages together, so this will be done by the printer driver and settings.  However, I don't see an option to collect pages in the printer settings.  Is this possible with the PCL 5 UPD or it will need to be upgraded to achieve?

    As I mentioned in my previous answer, most small LaserJet printers will not print collate.

    They will just print a copy, or (as your symptoms seem to suggest) just ignore the Collate setting.

    This is because the true ranking of multiple copy requires the use of Mopier Mode, which in turn requires the availability of a hard disk of the printer - printers in most small do not have a mounted hard drive.

    To get the same effect as the standings, drivers for these printers will send multiple copies of the print job in the same connection.

    But they do if the driver configuration indicates that Mopier Mode is activated, so you must ensure that the configuration shows that it is disabled.

  • HP LaserJet 500 color M551 PCL: printer HP LaserJet 500 color M551 PCL6

    We had our color HP LaserJet 500 M551 PCL6 for a couple of years.  It has worked very well.  For the last two months, it keeps going offline (depending on the driver on the client PC).  He is in fact under tension and most when he's awake.  I was not able to find all the parameters that will keep online via the network.  I logged into the printer to see if I could find all the parameters.  The only thing I found was to tell him to wake up at 7:00 in the hope that it would help connectivity.  It helped, but it has not cured the problem.  I can ping any of the workstations, but they cannot print on it intermmitantly.  We use the Windows7 PC.

    I wonder about the network card in the printer?  I each printer set up a connection direct tcip (as this has always been the freest badly to connect to printers method).

    Only two options work most of the time to get the user online to the printer.  One is to turn off the printer and restart it, then most of the PC will recognize.  The other method is to remove the printer from the PC and reinstall the print driver, which works so far.  When re install the printer driver it auto detects the printer, but not as much as usual is discovered in the process.  Usually, I have to tell him that he has a jetdirect card, etc..  He then makes me to find the driver in it have list under HP disc.  It lasts longer that the other HP printers usually do.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Your information has led me to the solution (I think).  We use a static IP addressing scheme.  DNS servers had changed so much since this printer has been installed.  I corrected them on the printer and wait that will correct the problem.

  • Driver for HP Color LaserJet MFP Pro M PCL 6

    64-bit driver for HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477 PCL 6: I have one of these printers, which is able to print double-sided automatically.  The new driver (64-bit) will not accept when I switched to a new laptop, manual duplex printing.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I updated the driver, but the problem persists.

    I managed to find the solution... it is a lot harder than I imagined composed I don't remember clearly how I found it.  But I think it's what you do... Use the control panel to get to the devices and printers, right-click for properties of the printer, then select device settings, then select installed in the duplex unit.  Yes... complicated.  How the average dumb guy like me never to solve such a problem?

Maybe you are looking for