While the suite war Thunder game stops and restarts my laptop

Original title: war Thunder crashing


I have a Dell Inspiron 7420. Recently, when I play War Thunder, the game just stops and restarts my laptop. There is no warning, all of a sudden shows a black screen and the auto restart my laptop. What happens to the login screen.

Hi Pinaki displayed,

Really sorry for the relply ULTRA end. BTW, it's always the same Amos. I tried reinstalliing the windows 8 and all that kind of stuff and I think it's a hardware problem. I'll be sending my laptop to a PC repair shop soon. Thx for your help! Really of sry for long wait.

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    Check that the Big Fish Games support the site http://bigfishgames.custhelp.com/app/home to see if it's a known issue.  I hope they don't send you here :-)

  • Problem stopping and restarting the computer


    I searched for so long for a solution, until I decided to post a question here.

    Whenever I have shut down my computer (via Start menu / alt + f4) the computer off first and perform a restart immediately afterwarrds.

    Well, this is what happens ALL the time. My computer stops and restarts, until I am led the newspaper to the page. On the page (after ctrl + alt + del) to connect, I keep having the same problem after pressing the off button.

    It's extremely frustrating because I have two options:

    Leave my computer running in locked mode (allowing my computer to heat and drain its battery)


    Force a stop down by holding the power button down (damage my computer system - directed to a page (for running normal windows not start))

    Here is my contact information for the computer and all the...

    Lenovo G400

    (Standard plug)
    500 GB WD hard drive

    Windows 7 ENTERPRISE

    If you need more details let me know, so I can help you.

    Hope to hear something soon!


    In order to diagnose your problem, we need run Windows performance toolkit, the instructions that are in this wiki

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask

    Please use the restart configuration.  This will reboot your computer 3 times then save your work

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    Need advice on what is the right way to start, stop, and restart a Java task?

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    Tasks are designed to be run once. If you want to restart features, use a service:

    Service I posted in the following thread shows how to proceed:

    Use of executors is unnecessary because a Service encapsulates the management of execution threads (although you can set your own liquidator on the service if you really need). Everything you need to do is use the start of the service, cancel, restart, and reset if necessary. If you do not use the cancel method, then you must ensure that your service is properly interrupt the current to cancel it for function, as you expect.

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    Release our system to operate under linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5.3 (Tikanga) 2.6.18 - 128.1.1.el5
    Our ASM is block of POWER 2
    Only ASM is clustered. Databases are not.
    2 cluster nodes (Clusterware

    I have two questions:
    1. we need to stop and start the cssd (crsctl stop crs, crsctl start crs) on both our 2 nodes of clusters.
    In our test group, I stopped first the ASM and dbs all running on 2 nodes
    Then I got arrested and restarded the cssd on the first node, and then on the second node. What is the good order or procedure?
    I noticed after the cssd (crsctl stop crs) stopped the process "/ bin/sh /etc/init.d/init.cssd fatal" was always present. I waited for 30 seconds, but he was always there. Then I restarted the cssd (crsctl start crs) in any case. Why was the fatal process always there? It happened on both nodes. After you restart the cssd, I killed the "/ bin/sh /etc/init.d/init.cssd fatal" on both nodes. He was evidently reappear.

    in the event that we want to restart both nodes of the cluster, should 2 - I start by disabling the crs before restart the cluster of 2 knots (crsctl disable crs), and then turn it back on after that 2 linux servers are back (crsctl enable crs)?

    Thank you, man


    So, for the closure of this thread, which is the appropriate procedure - for them stopping and restarting the cssd on the two cluster 2 node - among the two below:

    1 - do a "crsctl stop Sir' and then 'crsct start crs' on the first node. Then do the same thing on the second node
    2. make a "Sir crsctl stop" on both nodes. Then do 'crsct start crs' on both nodes

    I want to avoid is the two nodes start to restart because of the cssd.

    You can run 'crsctl stop/start' at the same time on both nodes or so as you want (1 or 2), no problem.

    If you start the clusterware on a first node and later the second node, just make sure that all services who were on the first node the second node have been properly resettled on the second node.

    Kind regards
    Levi Pereira

  • screen flickers and the game stops, and table appears all playing the cfs3 game

    Original title: cfs3 crashes to the desktop

    Hi, a friend gave me used fcs3. It installed fine, everything works fine, but after 30 to 60 minutes, the screen flickers and the game stops, and my table is displayed. I get no error message at all and I went topics in microsoft help for cfs3 specific website if overwrite problems cfs3, which there was a huge page full of symptoms and types of accident etc but since I got no error message number refer to I have read the whole search'm thiing and the causes and resolutions , but found nothing there.

    I tried to restart and the program should run for a while then crash and return to the table.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but I got the same results.

    HP a6110n

    AMD Athlon 64 x 2 Dual Core processor 4400 + 2.30 GHz

    RAM = 4.00 GB

    32-bit operating system

    Note Windows experience 4.9

    80% of my disk space is available.

    Also the power supply 450w

    Map of Envidea 8600

    Whole body there suggestions?

    Thank you, Ed S.

    Hi P.K.

    The information and links have been informative and educational and I'll save that for a later use. However, the graphics card was the problem (I discovered) so I'm upgrading and also I move FSX on my new pc (a pc gamer VELOCITY) and it works perfectly. Thanks again for your contribution.

  • installed the game CD Gears of War on my computer (Windows VISTA) and make me "Please insert the correct DVD - ROM, click OK and restart the application" - but the disk is IN the drive.

    original title: Gears of War for PC (Vista)

    I installed Gears of War game CD on my computer (Windows VISTA) and make me "Please insert the correct DVD - ROM, click OK and restart the application" - but the disk is IN the drive.  I've been on the net and does not know what is the problem and why this game will not run.  I've installed, uninstalled, reinstalled tried to run as administrator, got the latest patch, all the things that have said all sites to do - anyone have any ideas?  Any help would be appreciated!  Thank you!

    Hi NoOneSpeciale,

    It is very possible that your CD may be damaged.  Is it possible to get another copy to try on your machine? Or try this copy on another machine to see if it works or not.
    Also check in control panel--> system--> for you Device Manager make sure that there is no yellow/red icon next to the CD player and it's function correctly.

    Let us know the result, Kevin
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Frequently, my computer stops and restarts all am surfing the net? What should I do?

    Frequently, my computer stops and restarts all am surfing the net.  What can I do?


    1. what type of internet connection do you use? What is a wired or wireless?

    2. you receive messages or error codes?

    2. did you of recent changes on the system?

    Step 1:

    You can check the following items and check if the problem occurs in safe mode with network.

    Start your computer in safe mode

    Startup options (including safe mode)

    Step 2:

    If you do not experience the problem in safe mode with networking, you can perform a clean boot and check.

    A clean boot to check if startup item or services to third-party application is causing this issue.

    You can read the following article to put the computer in a clean boot:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    After the troubleshooting steps, please refer to clean the boot link to put the computer to normal startup mode.

  • Hi, I have a toshiba tecra 5000 I downloaded updates when they try the third phase of the update download the computer stops and restarts.

    I'm a newbie with this stuff so bear with me.  I updated charges, when they get to the third stage of the download the computer stops and restarts. I tried all types of restart, the system is unable to connect. now the hard drive light on the face of the computer won't lite, the laptop won't even consider itself restart any ideas


    1. the updates you downloaded?
    2 a successful installation of updates?
    Follow these methods and check
    Method 1:  If you are still not able to start the desktop computer, you can rename pending.xml and check.
    Renaming or removing the pending.xml file booting from the Windows Vista disc.
    a. Insert the installation disc.
    b. restart your computer.
    c.Press any key to load the disc.
    Note: If your computer is not configured to start from a CD or a DVD, see the documentation provided with your computer. You may need to change your computer's BIOS settings.
    d. choose your language settings, and then click Next.
    e. in the System Recovery Options menu, click command prompt
    f. at a command prompt, type the following command below and press ENTER
    CD C:\windows\winsxs
    g. now, type ren pending.xml pending.old , and then press ENTER.
    Restart the computer and check.
    Method 2:  Once you are able to boot to the desktop, follow this method.
    An update is not installed successfully when you try to install the update in Windows Vista and Windows 7:
    Thank you
  • When I try to delete anything out of my windows mail Inbox stops and restarts the imedietly.

    Restart mail Windowas

    When I try to delete anything out of my windows mail Inbox stops and restarts the imedietly.

    Try to compact and repair the database (see www.oehelp.com/WMUtil/).  There is likely an inconsistency between what is really there and what think the database is where and who must reconcile the two.  So beware of interference from antivirus software which can cause these issues (see www.oehelp.com/OETips.aspx#3).


  • Get the message when running Norton - OS file system error (C :), advised stopping and restarting,)

    Original title: what is system problem Partition OS operating system error (C :) file)

    get the message when Norton - OS file system error (C :), recommended stop and restart running, did not help)

    Hi catherinegood,

    1. When did you start to question?

    2. you remember to make changes to the computer before this problem? Hope this information is useful.

    This is error occurs when Norton scan, then you can check with Norton and check:

    Check the link for the support of Norton:



    If you try to run a scan, you can check out the following link and try to download the Microsoft Safety Scanner and analysis complete on your computer and check.

    Note: When you perform the analysis, there are risks of data loss you can take a backup of important data before performing analysis.

    Check out the link:


    Hope this information is useful.

  • window will stop in less than a minute, stops and restarts everytime I use the computer

    message-windows will be stop in less than a minute. appears, and then the computer stops and restarts. It's windows vista and it's this evertime I use the computer


    ·        This happens randomly, or when you open any application on the system?

    ·        Since when are you facing this problem?

    ·        Remember to make changes to the system?

    Check the event viewer for the newspapers and let us know. Follow the steps mentioned in the link below.

    Open event viewer


    What are the information contained in the logs of the event (Event Viewer)?


    Method 1:

    Step 1:

    I suggest you to check in safemode, if the problem persists. Follow the steps mentioned below.

    a. restart the computer and keep tapping F8 until you reach the start menu.

    b. Select safe mode and press ENTER.

    Step 2:

    I suggest you do a clean boot and see if the problem still occurs.

    To perform a clean boot follow the steps mentioned in the link given below.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7


    Note: Follow step 7 to start the computer in normal startup.

    Method 2:

    It may be there is a scheduled task on your system. Check in Task Scheduler and if there is no scheduled tasks then, remove and check if the problem persists.

    Automate tasks with Task Scheduler


    Schedule a task


    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
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  • OK, I imported the files movie maker game cam and yet they you can read in the as fast forward spped, how to fix this pls__

    OK, I imported the files movie maker game cam and yet they you can read in the as fast forward spped, how can I solve this pls

    OK, I imported the files movie maker game cam and yet they you can read in the as fast forward spped, how can I solve this pls

    Might be interesting to try to convert the files in the
    format .wmv before you import it into movie maker.

    John Inzer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • What is the difference between the stop and restart?

    What is the difference between the stop and restart?  I feel that stopping closed all processes, completely erases RAM memory and clears the cache of the processor.  I need to know if 1) this is a correct assumption and 2) which is better for daily maintenance of the system.  Thank you in advance.

    Hello Jeremy_1976,

    Your support when the judgment is correct. Basically, it stops the process and completely turns off your computer. Reboot, however, temporarily your PC stops, then turn it on again. This happens usually when Windows updates are installed. After installation, the system is restarted (rebooted) so that any update has been successfully installed and works as it should. You can be a little mixed upward the reboot and the hibernation. Reboot is, as I have indicated previously, basically a reboot of your machine. Ultimately, your PC is on again after a reboot. However, hibernation, stores all data currently in memory in a special file, then the PC turns off. When you then turn on your PC, that is, coming out of hibernation, hibernation files is used to restore the status of the PC than when you initially put into hibernation. In other words all the programs you had open before will automatically open and be ready to use hibernation.

    Hibernation or sleep for that matter is for short-term use. It is normal in Hibernate, or sleep if you want to be away from your PC for half an hour or so. If you leave more than I suggest you stop completely.

    A point to remember about hibernation is that, if you use put into hibernation, you can't, once you get out after hibernation, install programs or updates. You have to stop and restart normally to do.

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Expert - consumer: www.winuser.co.uk |  vistasupport.mvps.org | xphelpandsupport.mvps.org | www.silversurfer-Guide.com

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