Problem stopping and restarting the computer


I searched for so long for a solution, until I decided to post a question here.

Whenever I have shut down my computer (via Start menu / alt + f4) the computer off first and perform a restart immediately afterwarrds.

Well, this is what happens ALL the time. My computer stops and restarts, until I am led the newspaper to the page. On the page (after ctrl + alt + del) to connect, I keep having the same problem after pressing the off button.

It's extremely frustrating because I have two options:

Leave my computer running in locked mode (allowing my computer to heat and drain its battery)


Force a stop down by holding the power button down (damage my computer system - directed to a page (for running normal windows not start))

Here is my contact information for the computer and all the...

Lenovo G400

(Standard plug)
500 GB WD hard drive


If you need more details let me know, so I can help you.

Hope to hear something soon!


In order to diagnose your problem, we need run Windows performance toolkit, the instructions that are in this wiki

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask

Please use the restart configuration.  This will reboot your computer 3 times then save your work

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    1. do you get an error message when you try to download files?
    2. you have any third-party burning software installed on your computer?
    3. do you have Internet Explorer 8 is installed on your computer?

    Follow the steps mentioned below and check if it solves the problem with Media Player:

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    First, disconnect all the external devices connected to the computer, and then try to start and check what is happening. If the same happens, then you can try to start in safe mode and check if you are able to boot to the desktop. Only basic files and drivers needed to run Windows are started. If a problem doesn't reappear when you start in safe mode, you can eliminate the default settings and basic as possible cause device drivers. To start in safe mode follow the link.

    Start your computer in safe mode

    Hope this information is useful.

    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Stop and restart the cssd on all cluster nodes


    Release our system to operate under linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5.3 (Tikanga) 2.6.18 - 128.1.1.el5
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    2 cluster nodes (Clusterware

    I have two questions:
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    I noticed after the cssd (crsctl stop crs) stopped the process "/ bin/sh /etc/init.d/init.cssd fatal" was always present. I waited for 30 seconds, but he was always there. Then I restarted the cssd (crsctl start crs) in any case. Why was the fatal process always there? It happened on both nodes. After you restart the cssd, I killed the "/ bin/sh /etc/init.d/init.cssd fatal" on both nodes. He was evidently reappear.

    in the event that we want to restart both nodes of the cluster, should 2 - I start by disabling the crs before restart the cluster of 2 knots (crsctl disable crs), and then turn it back on after that 2 linux servers are back (crsctl enable crs)?

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    So, for the closure of this thread, which is the appropriate procedure - for them stopping and restarting the cssd on the two cluster 2 node - among the two below:

    1 - do a "crsctl stop Sir' and then 'crsct start crs' on the first node. Then do the same thing on the second node
    2. make a "Sir crsctl stop" on both nodes. Then do 'crsct start crs' on both nodes

    I want to avoid is the two nodes start to restart because of the cssd.

    You can run 'crsctl stop/start' at the same time on both nodes or so as you want (1 or 2), no problem.

    If you start the clusterware on a first node and later the second node, just make sure that all services who were on the first node the second node have been properly resettled on the second node.

    Kind regards
    Levi Pereira

  • When I try to delete anything out of my windows mail Inbox stops and restarts the imedietly.

    Restart mail Windowas

    When I try to delete anything out of my windows mail Inbox stops and restarts the imedietly.

    Try to compact and repair the database (see  There is likely an inconsistency between what is really there and what think the database is where and who must reconcile the two.  So beware of interference from antivirus software which can cause these issues (see


  • Would never be able to stop or restart the computer in the menu after the 10.11.5 update and cannot get the 10.11.6 because iMac restart

    After the 10.11.5 update, that I could never restart or shut down my iMac (late 2013, 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3) using the new menu. I can only stop it by pressing the button for a few seconds. I saw a few discussions addressing the question here and have tried to implement some of the solutions proposed, such as restarting in safe mode, deleting the application from Wacom-, but nothing has worked. Now I can't get the 10.11.6 updating or update my Adobe Creative cloud, incidentally, which became available to me, because I can't restart the computer. Do you know if this update would be better and solve the problem? Is there a way I can get this update even if I cannot restart the computer, or even to restore the system to an earlier version?

    Perhaps run EtreCheck and post the results here.

  • Message Stop 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF880E9AC, 0xF89359B4, 0xF89356B0) when to stop or restart the computer.

    Original title: message of stop 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF880E9AC, 0xF89359B4, 0xF89356B0).

    Hello. I am running windows xp sp3 (sp2 initially update) when I try to stop or restart my computer I get a blue screen that says stop: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF880E9AC, 0xF89359B4, 0xF89356B0)

    address F880E9AC
    F880E000 base
    datestamp 48025372
    Help, please.

    Hi monicashannon,

    1. are you experiencing this problem after installing Service Pack 3 or you have made other changes to your computer?

    2. what processor you have on your computer?

    You can follow this link & check if the problem persists:

    Error after you upgrade a computer that uses one processor other than a processor of Intel for Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3 for Windows XP: "STOP: 0x0000007E"

    Reference: How to troubleshoot a Stop error 0x0000007E in Windows XP?

    Hope the helps of information.

  • Vista update: he couldn't stop to restart the computer. Help!

    Once more Windows Update restarted the computer, loss of data and working hours.  It is true that this cannot be avoided?  He took over & could not be stopped.

    I was just finishing a long process of renaming & move files on a DVD burning program, when I saw the Windows Update window that displays a countdown to restart.  There are 2 options: (1) restart now & see (2).  But the option to "Defer" is grayed out.  Nothing could be done.

    I saw the site of Windows Update program may restart the computer when the computer has not been used for some time - but the computer has been used nonstop.  The window on the reboot warning do not appear & was rather hidden under ROM burning software

    Any suggestions?  Will be Microsoft to solve this?

    It is not Microsoft.
    These are public Forums.

    Change the way you receive updates:

    Understanding Windows Update and Extras in Windows Vista

    Vista offers four different methods for how Windows Update updates your computer. Below, we explain each method and when this is the recommended setting.

    Install updates automatically (recommended) - if you select this option, then all the critical updates will be automatically downloaded and installed on your computer. These updates will install at the time, you specify the fields to install new updates. This is the recommended option for the majority of people because it ensures that you have all the critical updates installed automatically on your computer.

    Download updates but let me choose whether to install them - if you select this option, Vista will download the updates on your computer, but not install them automatically. If you want to install updates, then you must install them manually. You should only select this option if you have a reason to not install updates automatically. Only advanced users should use this option.

    Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them - if you select this option, you'll be alerted when there are new updates available for download and install. You can then choose to download and install the updates that you want. This option should really be reserved for people who know exactly which updates they need, or those who have little access to the Internet.

    Never search for updates (not recommended) - if you select this option, Vista never automatically checks updates. This option should never be selected as it puts your computer are likely to be affected, infected or hacked.

    Choose one of the following Options:

    Download updates but let me choose whether to install them

    Look for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them

    Read the news and see which you prefer to use.

    See you soon.
    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How to start, stop and restart the task

    Hi all
    Need advice on what is the right way to start, stop, and restart a Java task?

    I tried with Executors.newCachedThreadPool () or fixedThreadPool(), however I could not present the task once. My program crashed when I tried again the task again after a shutdownnow command()

    Tasks are designed to be run once. If you want to restart features, use a service:

    Service I posted in the following thread shows how to proceed:

    Use of executors is unnecessary because a Service encapsulates the management of execution threads (although you can set your own liquidator on the service if you really need). Everything you need to do is use the start of the service, cancel, restart, and reset if necessary. If you do not use the cancel method, then you must ensure that your service is properly interrupt the current to cancel it for function, as you expect.

  • frequent "no signal" appears and restart the computer?

    Started last week as MS Essentials... ran both 'quik' and 'full' scan (full scan takes HOURS to do, but never find a problem?) clean all the hidden files, cookies, data apps, etc... well all I know not what and where clean have another cleaning system "analyze" supplied with the computer, which also searched on 'google' ran for answers, still want to sell some software of scam fake 'cleaning' or ' gee, you have a virus or a "bug"! called cable and they made a check and no problem with that nothing ends up in the news or newpaper on any bearing "Brown on ' or 'Blackout' in our region so... That's my question above... my last resort to take to my store "Dr. nerd" and then should be careful that these troublemakers 'money' don't want or add other not needed stuff... that's happened... I have most of my software that is located on drive C 'remember' AND if something new or strange "gets in", I do a search, if it is not wanted to 'delete'... also don't have that ONE site that I used it for three years and not venture out to others... when I get this setting warning "yellow Strip" at the top of the screen 'conflicts' I immediately ' get the * on '!... don't let anywhere close to the grandkid and put warning a "threat of anger" if it will download almost ANYTHING!... nobody else uses this computer... it of my lifeline to a lot of my college class homework and some of these sites are "asked"? thx for this time...

    Try to repair the operating system using the installation disc.

  • error kernel_security_check_failure when starting photoshop 10 Windows and restart the computer every time

    I got this

    error kernel_security_check_failure

    When you try to start Photoshop CC in Windows 10.

    I could open before but now I can never open it it always restart my computer.  I can always use other Adobe applications however.

    Hi pongsatit,

    Please see this thread of photoshop, "the kernel security audit failure" and let us know if this helps.

    Kind regards


  • stop and restart the BIOS G470 2.19 problem 40cn33ww_64

    Hi there, please kindly help me.

    I have laptop of G470, Lenovo. Core I3, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Bios Version 2.19 (updated)

    in fact, after I have updated to version 2.19 bios I got these problem.

    When I click on stop. the disc but stops the power still running.

    When I click on restart (on battery) my laptop goes off completely

    When I click on stop (on the adapter) my laptop will reboot.

    first of all, I think that it is BONE, I have try all the BONES, but it is still the same problem.

    Please give me a solution. Thank you.

  • Stop and restart the virtual machines in the remote server

    I need to close virtual machines running guests 4 1 ESX from a remote server (IBM System i).

    The remote server in fact control the storage used by ESX and VM OS, so I'll have to scripts running on the remote server that:

    Stop the virtual machine

    Performs maintenance

    Reboot the virtual machine

    I tried to understand the big picture of the reading discussions here, but I'm still confused.

    VMA is to provide the best way for the virtual machines of withdrawal from a script running on a remote server?

    Scripts can I use SSH to connect to the vSphere environment to run scripts or issue the command?

    Thank you.

    vCLI (really its vSphere SDK for Perl), PowerCLI, VI Java, etc are all vSphere SDK to correct and they are a of the client-side bindings different scripts and programming languages which bind to the vSphere API. When I say 'API', I mean using one of these SDK is you use the vSphere API to perform the work.

    The SDK is initiated on the remote server, this can be windows, linux, etc as long as it supports one of these boxes to tools. In general, for admins, you will use either vCLI (vSphere SDK for Perl) that supports Linux and Windows, or if you are more windows-oriented, you can use PowerCLI.

    Documentation has been referenced in my first post, please take some time the documents because they provide much more detail on the use cases for each + a lot of examples with orders. Yet once, there no involved SSH if you use the vSphere API. As I told, vMA is a virtual appliance, you can download and start using if you do not want to install vCLI or PowerCLI on a remote system, this is assuming that you are comfortable in a Linux environment. If you're not, then I highly recommend using PowerCLI, who will need a remote server for Windows.

    Here are a few started getting additional resources:

    vSphere SDK for Perl + vMA:

    Getting started with vSphere SDK for Perl

    Introduction to the vMA (tips/tricks)




    William Lam

    VMware vExpert 2009

    Scripts for VMware ESX/ESXi and resources at:

    Twitter: @lamw

    repository scripts vGhetto

    Introduction to the vMA (tips/tricks)

    Getting started with vSphere SDK for Perl

    VMware Code Central - Scripts/code samples for developers and administrators

    VMware developer community

    If you find this information useful, please give points to "correct" or "useful".

  • After firefox is closed and then reopened, a message indicates that firefox is already running (in the background) and restart the computer.

    the window closes normally, then when I open it I get a message that Firefox is still running. I open the Task Manager and it does not appear in the application tab, but appears in the processes tab, where I "end process" I'd appreciate any help. Thank you

    See "hang out":

    See "Firefox crashes when you exit it:

  • W7 - Windows stop at 15%, stop/start pc update and cancel the update automatically before restarting the computer properly

    I recently bought an asus UL30A with W7. Since December, the system tries to install an update, stop installing at 15%, stop and restart the PC and automatically cancels the update, stop the pc again and restarts correctly. Watch the status of Update window, I've not opened updates, message,... all previous udpdates have been correctly installed.
    I tried a system restore by selecting various old success to restore update, but I have not one mentioning an error message that it cannot restore the system.
    Thank you for your help


    References to Vista also apply to Windows 7.

    You can use the solutions in this KB - 3 methods and I listed a little help for them below

    The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to
    install an update in Windows Vista and Windows 7

    Method 1: Start Windows Vista/Windows 7 with the Windows installation media and use the repair feature

    How to do a startup repair in Vista and Windows 7

    You can also do a safe mode startup repair to access the Recovery Options If you have them available
    or use the DVD as described above.

    This tells you how to access the system - Vista Recovery Options

    This tells you how to access the system - Windows 7 Recovery Options

    Try recovery options Startup Repair

    How to do a startup repair

    Method 2: Start the system in safe mode and then use the system restore feature

    How to do a system restore in Vista and Windows 7

    You can also do a restore of the system of starting with a disk of Vista or Windows 7.

    Method 3: Use the downloads at the end of this article - note for Vista x 86 versions 32 bit and Vista
    x 64 64-bit.

    The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to
    install an update in Windows Vista and Windows 7


    Once you are in Windows I was running once again reset here as a precaution.

    How to reset the Windows Update components?


    If necessary, you can get free reports of incidents.

    Windows updates - free Incident report

    Go here and click on-> Windows Update fails while searching, downloading or installation of updates

    The security updates, you can get free support Incident report

    Hope this helps sort it out for you.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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