Why didn't muy 6s Peek 3D Touch app iPhone

I just got my iPhone 6 s and does not appear the 3DTouch glance... why?

Hi Karlagtz,

I understand that you are having trouble using some aspects of the 3D on your iPhone touch functionality. In such a situation, it may be useful to change the sensitivity of touch 3D. The article link below details how to do this.

Change 3D on your iPhone 6s or 6s iPhone tactile sensitivity more

Kind regards!

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    Hello Ladro Maltese,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    If I understand your message when you shut down your iMac a few days and then go back on you have to turn off your Time Capsule, then on again as well. I know how it is important for you to be able to have your Time Capsule works well. The first step that I recommend is to make sure that your Time Capsule firmware is up to date.

    This article includes information about how to manually and automatically check updates the firmware for your Time Capsule:

    Keep your base station to day.

    After updating the firmware see if the problem persists.

    Best regards

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    Given that you have provided no details about your problem, I cannot say.

    I would contact Apple iTunes and the iPod being their products.

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    Menu Filter > esthetics > oil painting

    If it has dimmed to read this: oil paint is gray

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    Link to the problem

    Maybe the font you use has no good capital o., otherwise this could be a CSS text transformation, in order to check the settings for the layout.


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    I had the same problem at first but I was testing the first version of ios 10.  but the reason may be due to the low storage? If your storage space is ok please go to settings then general try to look for the software update again just to make sure that you use the latest version of ios usually there a few times an update immediately. If none of these solve the problem, try now button the power button and the home button at the same time (the screen of your iphone turns off a few seconds) touches both simultaneously when you see the apple logo on your screen if all else fails you can try connecting your device to itunes on a pc and run a quick diagnostic test? you go to itunes on a pc if you have already installed on your pc, laptop etc... Look at the upper left side... Click the help... Go to the bottom of the list to "Start the diagnosis" (make sure that all the test boxes have a tick and click ok to run the test) PLEASE NOTE your iphone you will need to be connected to the computer before hand... hope this will help you know if there is a problem, but when I came across this problem with my camera it was because my storage was almost full on my device and in icloud if This is the case then you need to maybe buy more storage or delete applications or games, you do not use this should help solve the problem of storage (if your device is low on storage)? hope this helps somehow.

    Nice day.

  • Is this possible with the 6 having touch 3D iPhone

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    What seems to offer the best chance is to do a system restore XP from a restore before the BSOD Point - but I don't know if the Restore Point contains a version of the iPod data files, which are stored in the hidden folder C:\\Documents and Settings\ (username) \Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup.

    I found a note saying: the XP System Restore saves nothing of My Documents, but wonder if it means really nothing is recorded in Documents and Settings...

    Can someone enlighten me as to the probability of the iPod Touch App data being in a Restore Point, please?

    Hi BrianCrabtree,

    I suggest you to send your request to apple support because the problem is with IPod touch applications.

    Link: http://discussions.apple.com/category.jspa?categoryID=201

    You can also check out: iPhone and iPod touch: about backups: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1766

  • Download the adobe photoshop touch app

    I am a member creative cloud and I have many mobile applications. But I can't find the adobe photoshop touch app

    where can I download this app.

    Photoshop Touch should be available in the Apple App Store/iTunes (if you are using a Tablet from Apple) and Google play (if you use an Android Tablet) online markets.

    PS Touch is a purchase separated; It is not free, even if you are a subscriber to creative cloud as you and I are. It has always been like that.

  • Photoshop touch app for IPad in German

    How can I get the photoshop touch app for iPad in German (I'm in Italy at the moment)? Thank you!

    You have your OS German language?

    Thank you


  • Photoshop touch app

    I have

    you are a member of the creative cloud is photoshop touch app included in the subscription?

    Hi Bob,

    Welcome to the Forums

    Photoshop touch is not included in the creative cloud memebrship.

    The features of the CC [ http://www.adobe.com/products/creativecloud/tools-and-services.html ]

    For Photoshop Touch App [ http://www.adobe.com/in/products/photoshop-touch.html ]

    Let me know if it helps.

    Thank you!


  • How do we install the Creative Touch apps cloud

    Supprt would not help

    I just had a smartphone and downloaded the touch applications. They download but said he could not install and I couldn't find them on the computer.

    I was told are destiny to smartphones, I don't want to pay for the app on the android market

    I'm lost

    Thank you



    Sorry for the confusion. Here's a little story about what happened.

    Our intention is to have the Touch Apps included in the annual subscription however we use app market to deliver this software and unfortunately, markets on the app infrastructure were not designed to provide suites of software by subscription that work on all the computer desktop, Tablet and mobile devices. This is not surprising given that Adobe doing here is so unique. The Touch Apps seamless integration with all aspects of the creative cloud, but for now they must be purchased separately through the app markets. We work closely with the markets of the app to develop this ability, but so far, Adobe Creative cloud of the annual plan, members will receive a free month of membership, $ 49.99, with the purchase of three skills Adobe Touch Apps, which is about $ 30.

    With respect to the site, the info is there, but it has been forgotten by mistake, I added the screenshot below (there is a cross symbol next to the app touch references, you can see on the screenshots)

    Thank you


  • Adobe Touch App plugin for Photoshop CS6

    I need to keep working on a 3rd file from my iPad Genration inside Photoshop CS6, however, it seems that a plug-in is necessary and the only one I can find is for CS5. Does anyone know if this is currently available

    I forgot to mention that CS6 is on the MacBook Pro OS X 10.7.4

    Thank you

    You can download the CS6 touch plugin form the Creative Cloud Installer homepage: https://creative.adobe.com/apps. See the screenshot:

    This will call the Adobe Application Manager where you can choose to install the App Plugins Touch:

    Also check out the following video: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-creative-cloud-/opening-touch-app-files-in-desktop-apps-/ that covers the process in a video tutorial.

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