Why my HP Scanner does not start?

Why the scanner will not start on my printer HP Deskjet HP1050?

The installation is correct and the scanner works fine once I get the logon request.

Very often the application scanner will not start using either the icon or running in the start menu.

I found that just by closing all applications loggin consumer and restart will be the application and run it.

Clearly a bug in the HP software.


I'm sorry you have a problem with your features. It seems that there might be something in your Windows causes this problem.

You can stop and restart the printer spooler.

1. click on Start Menu

2. click RIGHT on COMPUTER

3. choose MANAGE

4. select Services and Applications. Click on Services

5 down to the printer spooler. Stop and restart. Make sure it is on AUTOMATIC AND NO MANUAL.

Then see if it works.

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