Why the file name of the file as an attachment with Annotations "attach a file" (trombone) become unknown when the observations are published?

Our company recently purchased Adobe Acrobat Pro XI intended to be used for shared electronic reviews.  We use the send for shared review in Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, and all the comment tools work as expectedexcept the trombone in Annotations.

When a Word or Excel or Image (png, jpeg) file is attached using the trombone of Annotations, the initiator may initially see and open. But once feedback is enabled and the review file is closed, the file 'Name' becomes 'Unknown' (even if the Description is the correct file name and extension).  Change information are unknown, such as size and compressed size.

When the control file is then reopened, even the initiator cannot open the file, although:

  • The location of the file is marked with the paper clip in the document.
  • The file name is displayed in the list of comments with the name of the initiator.
  • In the list of attachments (the paper clip under the thumbnails and bookmarks), the name appears as unknown, shows the file name Description, update is unknown, the size is unknown and compressed size is unknown.

The file name cannot be published, although the Description file can be.

We have followed the procedure described in the tutorials but may not know how to resolve this situation.  As this feature was the reason for the purchase of Adobe Acrobat Pro IX, we would any help. Please leave out the basics because we are new users.

We have several people with Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and the rest have Adobe Reader XI is a Windows platform.  Can someone please give us some advice how to get this function runs as described?

The bug is fixed in the latest Adobe Acrobat Pro XI 11.0.09 update (update: in Acrobat Pro, go to help-> Check for Updates...).

-Rohit Sharma

Tags: Acrobat

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