Windows driver 8

I need to add my name to the list of people.

My copy of eval to win 8 needs to activate and to do that I need wireless capabilities.


I think that the drivers have been released only if win 8 a paassed the beta phase.

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  • attempt to copy to the windows drive is not an unknown error occurred (-54)

    When syncing my iPhone, I get the following error message near the end of the processs of 6s + 128 GB

    attempt to copy to the windows drive is not an unknown error occurred (-54)

    Someone has an idea what is the cause to happen and what I can do about it?

    Thank you


    Here is a solution for your problem're-your-fix

  • What device does support these drivers: driver in user mode WUDFRd.sys, miniport driver AMD multi-vendor, driver Windows Driver Foundation-user mode?

    I'm having a lot of problems with my computer because of those mistakes: I have these drivers but don't know what they take over pilot mode-user WUDFRD.sys, multi-vendor AMD miniport driver and driver windows driver foundation - user mode.  It states that if I no longer use this device to remove.  I don't know which device this is for on my computer.  Someone can help me.  Yes I know nothing about computers on this level.  I only know that I lost a computer and I don't want nor can afford to lose this one too.

    Also I have errors on the following reports: iexplore.exe version 9.0.8112.16464 has stopped working.  I need a PnPDriver (States is necessary).  I hope someone can help me with these problems.  Thank you for your time and your consideration.


    1. What is the full error message?

    2 Windows operating system is installed on the computer?

    WUDFRd.sys is a Universal Disk Format (UDF) file system driver that Windows uses to read CD/DVDs in the UDF format.

    Multi-vendor AMD driver Miniport is a type of device / integrated module is an AMD processor-based motherboard or video card AMD (ATi).

    For more information about the Windows Driver Foundation-user-mode driver - see the link:

    Also check out the link and follow the steps in the article to resolve the problem with Internet Explorer.

    Tips for solving problems when Internet Explorer hangs or stops working

    WARNING: Reset Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings.
    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.
    I hope this helps. If you have any other queries/issues related to Windows, write us and we will be happy to help you further.
  • Bad Windows driver

    Install a USB to Bluetooth device as well as drivers.  Shortly after, Windows update indicated that he had to install two bluetooth drivers.  Device don't start later.  Error message reads: this device cannot start. (Code 10)

    Click on 'Search for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available.

    No solution was available.  How does a report to microsoft windows driver problems and how one continue with troubleshooting efforts.  Advice requested

    MNewsome salvation,

    Try the methods listed in the link below: errors description 10 Code that generates the Device Manager in Windows on computers:

    Let us know if this helped.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Impossible to uninstall Windows XP SP3, need to do this to re - install MS games from my Windows drive that has SP2

    Original title: can not remove my XP Pro SP3 system as there is no 'delete' fast in the control panel. I need to do to re - install MS games from my Windows drive that has SP2

    I cannot remove SP3 my system (XP Pro) that there is no prompt to 'remove' in 'Control Panel '. I need to re - install MS games from my (authentic) XP drive which contains SP2.

    If I can do this I will be then re - install SP3 - hopefully!



    You can try the steps in the link below to uninstall Windows XP sp3 from the computer.

    How to remove Windows XP Service Pack 3 from your computer


    Windows XP SP3 provides more stability and better performance for the Windows XP computer. We recommend that you reinstall Windows XP SP3 when you re-install MS games from my Windows drive that has SP2.

    To download Windows XP SP3, click the link below.

    How to obtain the latest Windows XP service pack

    Learn how to install Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3)

  • Update for Windows Driver Framework Version 1.11 for Windows Vista

    I already posted a comment/question and answer regarding the update above.

    Like MANY others who have difficulty with this update could not Support Microsoft people come out of their hole "hidey" and we give information on exactly what is causing this problem?

    It would seem that the solutions that have been posted to try to solve the problem have failed and it is a constant problem.

    Also it seems that the solutions are very convoluted and problematic with a comment "to proceed at your own risk!

    This update appeared on my screen every day and produces every DAY to download this update, which tells me that curiously his was successful, but when I check by looking at the history update failed. My machine is then blocked so that it resets.


    Now Windows 'experts' make it work on this update that I can't believe it's a defect on the computers of users, but is a problem at the end of Windows.

    Please respond quickly to this concern, the support of Windows, by contacting me directly.

    Thank you

    Fact: Important updates are not necessarily related to security.

    Reality: Microsoft offers support for security updates only.

    Fact: as the Windows Driver Framework Version 1.11 updates are NOT updates of security, Microsoft does NOT support at no cost for them.

    WARNING: Displayed AS IS without any warranty. MS MVPS represent or work for Microsoft

  • Why is this Windows driver Package take 37.3 GB?

    My drive hard to say that it is almost full, which surprises me. I check in programs and features, and it is said that my most important program (by far) is "Windows Driver Package - Cirrcus Logic, Inc. (CirrusFilter) MEDIA (13/10/2009 6.6001.1.16)"-which weighs in at 37.3 GB. "."

    I can't find information on the program, but it takes place half of my Windows partition. I found a page Yahoo! answers where a guy and his only fold unanswered were astonished that a similar program were taking up to 8 GB... But 37? What is this monster?

    I use a MacBook with Windows Vista on BootCamp. I don't know what other system specifications. I have to give. Thanks in advance for your help.

    20 GB is a very small amount of disk space for Vista or Windows 7.  Allocate more disk space.

    "sheffee" wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    I use a Macbook Pro and started twice as well, and I allocated only 20 GB because I'm using a program under Vista, but all of these updates are too much space. Is this because Vista is older and this is why there are so many updates? Should I just use Windows 7? It's frustrating because I have no more space on the left but as 57 Ko... KILOBYTES! >:(

  • Pavilion 17-f208ng: I need a Windows driver 8.1 for Bus SM on a HP Pavilion 17-f208ng controller

    Can you please tell me where I can download a Windows driver 8.1 for Bus SM on a HP Pavilion 17-f208ng controller

    It is the only device that 8.1 Windows can't find a driver for - I tried to update the driver software in the device to her manager and he doesn't find anything.

    Thanks in advance


    Download and install the driver from the Intel chipset from the link below.

    The second file on the list, it's self installation of the file.

  • Cannot copy the driver files in the folder of the Windows driver

    Title: windows 7 drivers

    I am trying to copy a driver file in the folder of the windows driver, when I get the message so I pantyhose administration required and when I OK this file does not copy, even if I am logged in as an administrator and in the properties of the folder admin log also scored as the owner.
    I am trying to install a virtual CD-ROM, which is a Microsoft product.
    Can anyone suggest a way around that?
    Thank you

    See if that solves your problem to get a virtual CD-ROM in Windows 7...

  • TAP-Windows Driver installs

    Recently, I have set up a VPN with OpenVPN to my house to increase my safety, but I get an error that prevents me to connect to the server that works correctly. The only problem (I think), when installing, I get an error that says something similar to:

    The TAP-Windows driver installation error. Even when I run the installer as administrator, it fails. In the installer, the explanation of this is "devcon.exe failed. I can try to implement an OpenVPN server, but I believe devcon and TAP are developed by Microsoft. The server and client are running Windows 7 Professional.

    I installed OpenVPN on another computer I own without problem, but I need to work on my computer.  In addition, if this is in the wrong section, please forgive me.

    Help is greatly appreciated.


    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the link below.

    Windows 7 IT Pro category

    Good day!

  • How to associate VM Windows drive letters with the vmdk file?


    I couldn't find a forum ESX 3.5, so post the question here.

    # vmware - v
    VMware ESX Server 3.5.0 build-317866

    with Windows 2003 SP2 invited and many readers of mouted on clients.

    I need to know how to map the Windows drive letters to the vmdk files on the host. for example

    C:\ > hand NET

    Share name resource remark

    $           R:\                             Default share
    $           B:\                             Default share
    $           C:\                             Default share
    $           S:\                             Default share
    $           X:\                             Default share
    $           P:\                             Default share
    $           Y:\                             Default share
    $           Q:\                             Default share
    $           I:\                             Default share
    $           F:\                             Default share
    $           W:\                             Default share
    $           G:\                             Default share
    $           D:\                             Default share
    $           T:\                             Default share

    [[email protected] DB1] # ls-l *.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 142807662592 6 June 2008 DB1_1 - rdmp.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 367 14 Jul 22:02 DB1_1.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 285615325184 6 June 2008 DB1_2 - rdmp.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 367 14 Jul 22:02 DB1_2.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 1073741824 6 June 2008 DB1_3 - rdmp.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 363 14 Jul 22:02 DB1_3.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 142807662592 6 June 2008 DB1_4 - rdmp.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 367 14 Jul 22:02 DB1_4.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 128849018880 6 June 2008 DB1_5 - rdmp.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 367 14 Jul 22:02 DB1_5.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 37580963840 Sep 26 17:58 DB1 - flat hard
    -rw - 1 root root 337 14 Jul 22:02 DB1.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 287762808832 8 November 2008 FOO-DB1_1 - rdm.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 364 14 Jul 22:02 FOO - DB1_1.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 21474836480 18 April 2009 FOO-DB1_2 - rdmp.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 374 14 Jul 22:02 FOO - DB1_2.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 42949672960 18 April 2009 FOO-DB1_3 - rdmp.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 374 14 Jul 22:02 FOO - DB1_3.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 429496729600 10 October 2009 FOO-DB1_4 - rdmp.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 350 10 October 2009 FOO - DB1_4.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 429496729600 10 October 2009 FOO-DB1_5 - rdmp.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 376 14 Jul 22:02 FOO - DB1_5.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 107374182400 18 December 2010 FOO-DB1_6 - rdmp.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 376 14 Jul 22:02 FOO - DB1_6.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 107374182400 18 December 2010 FOO-DB1_7 - rdmp.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 376 14 Jul 22:02 FOO - DB1_7.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 161061273600 Sep 27 2008 FOO - DB1 - rdmp.vmdk
    -rw - 1 root root 374 14 Jul 22:02 FOO - DB1.vmdk

    I need to know what vmdk is used for the drive in the Windows of the client prompt. I'm afraid that I could not understand it in the vmware.log or hostd.log files.

    Thank you!


    Hi Steve

    You cannot map the drive letter for the vmdk directly, but you can map the drive Win on a specific vm using the SCSI number

    An easy way to map the vmdk with disks of Windows is:

    On the virtual machine 'change settings', note in down all the vDisks SCSI address example (disc 1 = SCSI (0:1), 2 HDD = SCSI (2:4)))

    If you go to Windows disk management and right click the individual disks and select Properties, you will see that target and LUN ID discs

    where for 1 HDD = SCSI (0:1), 0 is target ID and LUN 1 ID and 2 HDD = SCSI (2:4), 2 is target ID and LUN 4 ID

    You map just for numbers of hard disk drive letters

    Please allow points to useful/correct answers

  • Adobe PostScript Windows Driver universal


    I tried to install - Adobe Universal PostScript Windows Driver Installer 1.0.6 - English - under windows 7 and got a serious error.

    Then, I realized that this estimé package is not provided for windows 7.

    Anyone know where I can find these PS drivers for windows 7?

    Thank you.

    The Universal Adobe PostScript Windows Driver Installer 1.0.6 was intended for use with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows NT 4.x.

    For all new versions of Windows, developed jointly by Microsoft and Adobe PostScript driver is provided with the operating system. Under 32-bit versions of Windows 2000 and Windows XP, the driver installation program serves simply to associate the PSCRIPT5 driver included in Windows with a designated user port and the PPD file. For the other 32-bit versions of Windows, the Setup program fails or gives incorrect results. It does not at all with all 64-bit Windows versions.

    It doesn't have the intention to release newer versions of the universal Adobe PostScript Windows Driver Installer. Use the 'Add printer' Wizard of Windows.


  • Windows driver Modem UMTS 8.1: 3 presents problems in Device Manager

    Since the update of Windows 8 Pro Win 8.1 Pro the driver for the modem-umts-do not work correctly.
    In Device Manager, it is marked with the yellow exclamation point.

    Where can I get a driver? In the download area, I still find that x 86 drivers for win8.1

    You haven't posted any info on your model of laptop, but I assume that these drivers are not released, if you have not found on the page of the Toshiba driver.
    But I think you should try the Win 8 driver since the 8.1 version isn t very different as the Win 8

  • Accelorator Windows driver stopped working

    Occasionally, I have a message that comes up saying Windows accelorator driver stopped working for Windows XP and has recovered. I have Windows 7 Home premium so why would this message keep appearing from time to time.

    I think you mean the error: display driver Intel Graphics Accelerator drivers for Windows XP stopped responding and has recovered

    This means that your graphics driver has stopped working properly.
    You need to update this driver, I guess its GPU from Intel because of the error message for the latest version of the driver can be downloaded from the Intel page so European page driver Toshiba.

  • laptop HP envy 17 TS: windows driver 10 hp truevision hd for youcam?

    I see I'm not the only one with this problem.  Win 10 update seems to have deleted the driver for my webcam.  I tried to reinstall youcam, no luck.  Has anyone fixed this yet?

    Yay!   Solved!   I have a HP Envy touch screen.  He was originally with victory 8.1 and some delivered the software, which included 6 Youcam, the software to use the built in HP Truevision webcam.  I have not upgraded to win10 no problem.  Then I started having problems with my Start menu and programs it does not.  I could do a click on a few of them, but just click on them to open them did nothing.  I set up with it for a little while and then get frustrated enough to reinstall windows.  I think that I have the place in improved, or refresh - one who starts as new windows and records everything you had in the Windows.Old folder.   When I did this, all my software group has been deleted, including Youcam.   A few weeks later my Start menu stop working again and I had to do the win10 reinstall again.  I don't know what option I did the installation with the second time, but my file to win.old has now disappeared, as well as all the myself programs installed.  Now the webcam did not work.  I downloaded another version of Youcam - my version of software was not free to download and I wasn't about to pay for something that was initially provided with my computer for free, and I had no idea of what I could do or who to call to do not have to pay for it again.  I think it was 2 Youcam.   It was impossible to capture images.  The little light next to the camera, indicating that he was working, so I was sure that it was not a hardware problem.  When I looked in the settings I coulkd see she was using the HP Truevision webcam.  It just did not work.  I tried to make updates, Win10 and Cyberlink.  I uninstalled the webcam, reinstalled, tried to roll back the driver, all that jazz. That didn't fix it.  I looked on the Forum and found other people had similar issues, but I saw none that was remidied it.  Something about the embedded version of Youcam seems vital for the webcam not work at all.   I scoured my hard drive and found in my Program Files (x 86), my Cyberlink folder still had a Youcam6 record.  And the .exe program!   I ran it... and he did the same error "unable to capture.    I think that's when I posted in the forums here.  I was frustrated and doesn't bother with it more until yesterday.  I decided to try once more.   I ran Youcam6 (had to go again in Progran files (x 86) to do, but this time, I made a shortcut).  Same mistake.  I went into the Device Manager and uninstalled the Hp Truevision webcam.  Ran Youcam yet again, no camera detected.  With Youcam always on I went back to the Device Manager and search for new devices and immediately returned to the Youcam window and now it says "we have detected you have Hp truevision webcam, you want to use this device?  I clicked on ok, the box of image capture flashed different colors for a second, then was filled with the image of the room behind me and myself.  It worked!   Just in time, too.   My next idea was to see if drop shot it would help.

  • HP pavilion g series: windows drives disappeared

    I tried to reinstall windows 7 on my laptop and where it is written on this drive to install to, there are more readers to select. Now I'm not sure what to do. Help, please. Should I download something?

    juancarrillo02 wrote:
    Yes, it was my own installation of windows 7 and downloaded the windows 7 Windows anx even problem... what to do because my disk is bad? Thanks for the PeerOne respjnze

    This can be delicate process, what I said, you must have is prior to this problem was to make the recovery media, but if not you must reorganize again thanks to HP when you restore to installed at the plant everything should be in working condition. Since you are using your own Windows 7 it must match the factory installed o/s otherwise the product key will not work and you must use the product key that came with Windows 7 using your and given that you have downloaded Windows 7 since we have no idea of what the factory o/s version has been compared to the version that you obtained. If you need to match the downloaded Windows 7 to Windows 7 factory so that your product key for work and I doubt that the site you downloaded since except if it's the same o/s, corresponding to the installation of the factory will not work. This means that you must buy a new product key for Microsoft in order to activiate you Windows 7 you downloaded.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Envy 15: HP Envy 15 - Intel 7265 - WiFi fails to connect

    Hello I have a HP Envy who came with 10 windows and has an Intel WiFi 7265 card. I started the Setup program and was able to see WiFi connections and connect to the office and two - House. Once all updates completed, I usually used it between the two

  • Disable SecureBoot

    Hello I tried to disable SecureBoot and activate the priming of the inheritance. It is a fairly simple process, press F10 to enter the BIOS, highlight the appropriate area and press F5 on the Legacy boot to enable it (which automatically disables Sec

  • HP officejet 8500 a910: two-sided printing on HP officiate 8500 a910a

    After a recent update my printer HP don't give me the option to print on both sides. If I uninstall the printer and rest the printing system that it will work, but only afyer the second print job once she not donor me printing on thank you 2 sides

  • sharing network

    I recently started a network and I can open the files on different computers, but they opened read-only because he says: it is used somewhere else and when I check other computers it is not used. How do I get rid of this message and other computers o

  • Is more able to insert, add or change links HTML when you use Microsoft answers Forums. Any ideas?

    I ask this question in the wrong Forum Vista (I wasn't sure what my question better applied Forum.) I am more able to insert, add, or edit HTML links when using the Microsoft answers Forums. I've been inactive in the Forums for about two months, so I