Windows key is missing

Hi, my laptop crashed and has since attempted to be repaired, but the below windows key is missing. Is it possible to get this or recovery discs?

Please be so kind and describe your problem in more detail.

What model of laptop do you have?
What operating system do you use?
How do you repair the OS preinstalled?
You have the original recovery disk Toshiba?
You want to install the version of the OS?

In General, this key is useless and may not help you at all.

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  • I am trying to install a new printer HP Deskjet 4500, but windows tells me that a certain registry key is missing, can anyone help?

    I bought my wife an HP Deskjet 4500, the same as mine, but she has Windows XP Pro and I have Windows 7. The printer works like a charm on my computer, but my wife said a registry key is missing. What is a registry key and how to fix it?

    It is important to know the exact model number.

    Start here:

    This is where you can get the latest XP drivers for this printer.

    Regarding the 'certain registry key' you'll have to tell us the message that your wife is found!

  • my aunts window XP computer missing Firefox bar selection

    my aunts window XP computer missing selection of Firefox toolbar
    with these choices. File/Edit/View/history/bookmarks/Tools/window/help. SO she cannot click on VIEW to restore its toolbars, HOW she return this option? Your help pages mention one key OPTION-NONE on a Windows XP keyboard?
    Thank you. I don't know what version of Windows XP etc., she runs.

    Make sure that you run not Firefox mode full screen (press F11 or Fn + F11 to toggle; Mac: Ctrl + Shift + F).

    If you are in full screen view then hover over with the mouse upward to make the bar appear Navigation and tab bar.

    You can click the maximize button in the upper right to leave the mode full screen or empty space of a right-click on a toolbar and use "exit full screen" or press F11.

    Press F10, or press the Alt key to bring up the 'Menu Bar' temporarily if the menu bar is hidden.

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  • Destinations of Windows file is missing or damaged

    I have problems to install updates on my laptop. I have discovered that the destination Windows file is missing or damaged. Someone knows how to solve?
    I use Windows Vista Home Premium. Microsoft, despite their best efforts, could not sort it out.

    Repairs available for download? Any help is appreciated.

    You can try to access the advanced boot option by pressing the F8 key immediately after laptops were turning on/off.
    Then you could try using the option called last known good configuration.

  • Search for 'FileHistory' or 'Historical file' in windows 8 says missing applications. How to load? Maybe he's lost.

    I am not able to turn on FileHistory, because the application is missing.  Where to find it?


    I am not able to turn on FileHistory, because the application is missing.  Where to find it?



    In search, you must select the parameters to see the history of the files in the results.

    Press the Windows key + X to display the system menu, and then select Control Panel.

    In top/right side of the window, select it view by: menu and select one of the views icons .

    Click history file.


  • who, relying on the fact of anyting, windows key indicator and button 'r '?

    Last night, someone with a very strong accent called, addressing me by name, saying that he had been contracted to communicate with people and to warn of a serious problem that affects many computers.  He asked me to press my windows flag and the 'r' key at the same time.  Stupid me, but then became suspicious and hung up on top of him.  He never called back, and I turned off my computer.  I have him give access to something?  What should I do?

    I'm sure it was a call from the scam, but you hung up before that they could do something malicious on your computer. By pressing the Windows key + R just displays the screen "Run". It is completely harmless to bring up "Run", but if you had continued to follow all of the steps of that this guy was about to give you, it would probably have tried to access your computer remotely or load a virus or some other atrocity. I'm glad that you hung up!

  • Re: Satellite A500 - Windows key no function


    Since a few weeks my Windows key to use with the letters as the 'R' or 'X' does not work. The only windows key does not work too! I reinstall fron the original whole disk fab and 2 drivers as an answer on the forum, but nothing works clearly!
    Help, please

    Setting up Satellite A500 with Windows 7 Home

    Any solution?


    > I have reinstall fron the original whole disk fab and 2 drivers as an answer on the forum, but nothing works clearly!
    What is original fab?
    You have exactly? Have you used the original Toshiba Recovery disk?

    Well, I think that if a unique key doesn t work it is not much what you can expect exchanging the keyboard because the individual keys are not replaceable.

    What you can try is to test the situation with an external keyboard. You can use the Windows key correctly?
    If yes the internal keyboard is faulty and should be replaced to an authorized service they can order spare parts Toshiba.

  • 14 - r205nx: I lost my windows key

    My PC was with windows original 10.

    I do format, after that I lost windows key.

    I'm looking for my old key


    With the recent PC, the product key is embedded in the motherboard UEFI firmware and is not printed on a sticker on the PC.

    HP keeps no record of individual product associated with individual computers keys, so they are unable to provide you with the key.

    You must be able to boot in Windows or WinPE to run a utility to retrieve the key.

    You must use this link to create an installation of Win10 media: 10 Windows Installer using the media - Windows help authoring tool

    Then, starting in the media.  Once there, you should see if you can download and install this utility to retrieve the key: Showkey - Windows 10 Forums

    Good luck

  • Satellite L300D - corrupted hard drive, no recovery media, no windows key

    I have a Satellite L300D-11V I'm looking for someone who would not go further that a screen blank after windows start logo, and also when you run Startup Repair he would get at this stage even too. Now pressed 0 while starting would not bring to the top of recovery, only an option for Windows Vista.

    With the help of some high end diagnostic software I have diagnosed that the hard drive has several physical defects that could well be the reason for this purpose the reader is better off being replaced. However, because of the mistakes, I am unable to create images of the player via Acronis or similar.

    Buying a new drive no problem, but the person never did no recovery media so it appears I have to buy a Toshiba recovery.

    There is no Windows key on the case anywhere either.

    If I had to buy a Toshiba Recovery, it would be important that I have no Windows key on the presumption that the recovery would be an already activated installation of Vista for laptop?

    Thank you

    > If I buy a Toshiba Recovery, it would be important to have no Windows key on the presumption that the recovery would be an already activated installation of Vista for laptop?
    In this situation best way to solve this is to swap HARD drive, restore disk original order of Toshiba and install Recovery designed for this model laptop image.
    Recovery image should not be enabled. After the installation, it will be activated automatically if you n t need product key of Microsoft for activation.

    Original recovery disk can be ordered on

    By the way: Win7 32 bit works quite well on this laptop model then perhaps you should install has the version of Win7. Of course if you do this, you need legal product key.
    Anyway it has nothing to do with Microsoft sticker placed on Toshiba laptops. This key cannot be used for activation anyway.

  • Satellite L505 - 14K - cannot read Windows key label CoA


    I have a Satellite L505 - 14K on which I need to reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium, but Windows key on the label is unreadable. Could I get a replacement for it?

    Also I can not read the HARD drive Windows code because it has been formatted before that I get this laptop in my hands...
    Maybe I can get either a phone number or e-mail address to a branch of Toshiba Polish, so I could communicate with them in this case?

    Thank you in advance.


    Toshiba doesn't provide the keys to series for windows systems. On the label, you'll find the serial OEM key but this key cannot be used for activation of the system.
    Toshiba offers a clean recovery image that already contains the active Windows System.

    This recovery disk can be ordered here:

  • Satellite L50 - A - 1 7 - is possible to use the windows key


    IM upgrading to a L50 - a - 1 c 7 for a desktop game pc. im going to use the hard drive of my laptop and I'm not going to use my laptop again.

    so my question is: is it possible to use the key windows of my laptop and re - use for my office?
    When I have more money later I'll buy a HDD a windows for my laptop key

    Thanks in advance

    In General, the Windows key is the version of the OS installed on your laptop. I don't understand how you want to use the HARD drive on your desktop with a different hardware configuration. Original image installed on your HARD drive recovery is designed for your laptop and a suitable job o with certain hardware platform.

  • ProBook 5310 m: fake Windows key when installing Windows 10


    I hope someone can help me. I am trying to install Windows 10 on my system that is currently running Windows 7 SP1 and it's not accept my Windows key. I contacted Microsoft who told me that I need to have my unlocked OEM product ID so I can install Windows 10. How would this please?

    When on the screen that requires a product key select 'Skip '.

    Please see the article in the link below, Option #1.

    How to activate Windows 10

    If you found my answer helpful please say thank you by clicking the s cursor Up icon. Thank you!

  • Want 700: updates crashed our computer and stole our windows key. :(

    Our computer decided that he did not like the updates on May 11 and crashed in the middle. We have refreshed our system, everything is back with the exception of our windows key. It tells us that we activate when it was already active before the crash.

    Finally got through HP through Facebook, and my problem was solved. I discovered that the purchase by a box like best buy store would put me in a group activation key. Because it is the key that has been registered in the BIOS, and I sent the screenshots of my activation which turned bad, they sent me a key and me were resolved with two e-mails and a very favourable CSR FB

  • HP Pavilion p6-2388ea: recovery of Windows key


    My hard drive has failed and my recovery media is damaged. How can I reinstall windows? It is not a COA sticker with the Windows key on this new computer sticker just a Windows 8.

    Thank you


    When you restore your computer Windows 8 should automatically pick the key that is stored in the BIOS.

    You need to get the recovery disks

    If you live in the USA/Canada, call this number...  1-800-334-5144.

    If you do not live in the USA/Canada, call the support number HP business PC for the country where you live. usiness_desktops/6005us_332630_007.pdf

    Note: Your new hard drive must be of equal size or greated to what you had and not the Format of the AF.

  • Disable the windows key?

    The task manager can be disabled easily by changing a registry value.  I also need to lock Windows keys.  Since NEITHER claims that LabVIEW is part 11 compliant, I would have assumed that this feature would be standard, but I digress.

    I found the value of registry, but for some reason, the value does not get written to the registry correctly:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout]
    "Scancode Map" = hex: 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 03, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 5B, E0, 00, 00, 5 c, E0, 00, 00, 00, 00

    I also tried to write the binary value (0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 to 0300 5BE0 0000 0000 0000 5CE0) as well as with no luck.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you all!

    Thanks to you I have no windows key (until I reload ). Change the setting of the const string. Then, you can write %valeurs pure hexa%. Go to the web site msdn and cut and paste values. Worked for me. Then I came to work today, I had no windows key

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