[WRT160NL] Problem with the only AES encryption


I have problems after changing the shape of TKIP or AES to AES encryption. After that everything works OK for a few minutes, then I'm 100% loss when ping anything (including the router). After waiting a few minutes connection starts to work again, and everything is repeated. All the time I'm connected. If I reconnect everything works for a few minutes and then I'm once again, this situation. Return to TKIP or AES does not change this behavior until the reboot of the router. I've got second laptop computer connected through wired interface and it work without problem. My card is: Intel WiFi Link 5100. Settings on the router:

Firmware version: 1.00.01 B17 may 12, 2009

Network mode: wireless - n only

Channel width: wide angle: 40 MHz channel

Scale channel: Auto

Security mode: WPA2 Personal

Does anyone have similar problems? Any ideas?

Kind regards



Try to re-flash the firmware on the router and re - configure the router from scratch. You can download the firmware from www.linksys.com/downloads.After re-flashing the firmware, reset the router for 30-35 seconds, power cycle the router and then re - configure from scratch.

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    can someone give me some advice how to fix this?

    This is my setup, or see attachment file



    Thank you very much

    Please change the encryption used by AES.

    Here's more information: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6366/products_tech_note09186a0080a3443f.shtml

    THX //art

  • problems with the HP Photosmart Plus b210a Wireless

    Good evening. I have some problems with the HP Photosmart Plus b210a. Precisely after printing when the printer is not detected on the network and is defined as "not available". The works remain in the queue and the printer is turned on and on again unable to work in print queue.
    The printer on the network report says "Success" for each element

    It is the same for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2

    The system is composed of:

    MacBook Pro 13 "with OSX 10.6 update now
    Connected to the Internet router Wavewgate Digicom3G150 with key
    HP Photosmart B210 Pro Aio series with ultimate drivers Apple

    D4 HW (MAC) address: 85...
    192 168 123 102 (non-static) IP address
    DHCP configuration
    Authentication: WPA - PSK
    Encryption: Auto (AES / TKIP)

    The same system also use a PC with Windows Seven Home, but in this case, the printer works PERFECTLY! Even with the iPhone and iPad!

    Thank you for the help that you can give me

    OK, I will assume that the connection of the printer to the router and the router are OK for 3 other devices work correctly.

    Make sure that your OS X is healthy:

    1. download and install OS X Combo Update.
    2. download and install the printer drivers HP from Apple.

    After that, you can reset the printing system once more.

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    (1) go to settings/cell phone/cellular data Options/enable LTE and select ONLY the DATA. This seems to solve the problem (as a temporary solution) for most of the people affected by this problem. The bad part is your request might not be as clear (since they cannot use the highest LTE signals) and you can make calls and data at the same time. But it does not solve the issue.

    (2) there are rumors (but you didn't hear that from me that we only are not supposed to discuss beta software program Apple in this forum) that the new version of Apple Beta for iOS (which also includes an update of the software carrier Verizon to 26.0) seems to solve this problem. So, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • iOS 10 problems with the Mail application

    Dear Apple and community support,

    Here's my problem:

    I have upgraded to iOS 10 on my iPhone 5s this afternoon (September 13), and now I'm not able to open e-mail - Yahoo!, and Gmail. I can receive emails, I'm not able to view the body of these emails. When I press on them, all I see is a blank white page. I can't answer emails either. I can only their flag or remove them. However, I am able to compose new e-mail messages.

    Here are the steps that I've taken to try to solve my problem:

    1. Restarted my phone
    2. Remove and re-add my Mail accounts
    3. Made a backup and a restore full while that plugged into my laptop with the latest version of iTunes.

    I should be grateful if you would help or more information on this issue.

    Thank you


    I also have problems with the Mail application.  On my iphone, ipad, and Mac Pro.  I have several addresses, a MSN, another on Go Daddy and Gmail.  I have various weird problems with threads and every day he re-charge my emails, like if I have never read before.  Something is really problematic with Mail.

    Can the people of APPLE, you help me?

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    I use the Fox years. The problem, he had 1.5 months after Fox cleaning. If the problem can't win, I'll be forced to give up the browser, and I wouldn't.

    Could test you mode without failure of Firefox? It is a standard diagnostic tool to disable some advanced features of Firefox and extensions. More info: questions to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode.

    Does not work if Firefox: Hold down the SHIFT key when you start Firefox.

    If Firefox is running: You can restart Firefox in Mode safe mode using either:

    • button "3-bar" menu > "?" button > restart with disabled modules
    • Help menu > restart with disabled modules

    and OK reboot.

    Two scenarios: A small dialog box should appear. Click on 'Start mode safe' (not update).

    Any improvement?

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    (1) download a fresh Installer for Firefox 38.0.5 of https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/all/ in an ideal location. (Scroll down your preferred language).

    (2) close Firefox (if applicable).

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    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox


    C:\Program Files (x86)\OldFirefox

    (Windows 32-bit folder names)

    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox


    C:\Program Files\OldFirefox

    (4) run the installer you downloaded in the #1. It should automatically connect to your existing settings.

    Any improvement?

    Note: Some plugins can only exist in this OldFirefox file. If it is missing something essential, present in these files:

    • \OldFirefox\Plugins
    • \OldFirefox\browser\plugins
  • NO - problem with the service

    I am from INDIA.

    I bought an iPhone 6 s new mobile Hong Kong a licensed salesperson (mobile fortress).

    When I bring to the India and put on my country sim (vodafone) to my laptop, everything works, but the network does not connect.

    "In settings > about I see vodafone, but when I see the carrier" is not connected, I tried many solutions online.

    I tried:

    1. all parameters (network... so on) and the software is up to date.

    2 tried selecting the network, but to the carrier, it does not show the available network.

    3. I tried the complete reset of the phone 2-3 times.

    4. I tried to change the apple ID.

    I tried many things, my phone works, but could not solve the network. Cannot make calls or find networks in my I phone.

    Someone can help me. When I went to ask local sales assistance, that's the problem with the change in the country, and they said that it will be free of charge on 18000INR.

    Please someone help me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi a.a,.

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support! I'm sorry to hear that you experience these symptoms with your new iPhone 6 s. I'm a bit ambiguous on your specific configuration or what you see, but you can check that the phone is not locked on the original support (if the phone was sold to any kind of discounts or subsidized rate, it is most likely locked carrier). You can find the information described in the following article useful:

    How to unlock your iPhone for use with another carrier - Apple Support

    You may also be aware that different iPhone models are sold in different regions and countries and can support only specific carriers in these regions, as shown here:

    iPhone - country view with LTE - Apple networks support


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    and my phone

    iPhone 6plus

    You see a Crescent Moon at the top of the screen icon? If Yes, disable does not bother to: settings - do not disturb = Off.

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    I have problem with the Adobe Reader plug-in. When I have a tab open with the pdf file, my arrows do not work in other tabs in firefox, only in this tab where it is the open pdf file. Also, I noticed that when you try to use the arrows in the other cards, they are working on a pdf file.

    I am tempted to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Reader, but it does not work. Help, please.

    I solved the problem reinstalling Firefox, because when I turned off Macromedia my pdf file still worked, but the arrows didn't always work. I think it was a problem with the plugin from adobe.

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    I recently bought the iPad Pro 9.7 inches, gray space, Wifi, 128 GB. IOS 9.3.1 of the operating system.

    A few questions that I met in my four days of using the iPad with the Smart keyboard:

    NOTE: the following problems persist despite a technical support call which lasted, I did 2 hours and 30 minutes. I had to restore my iPad settings by connecting to iTunes via my PC to reinstall the last iOS.

    (i) switching applications: if I want to pass, say, from safari to adobe, it is quite easy to do with the keyboard. However, there is an intermittent problem when the apps. When I try to open Adobe when I use safari, the screen of the iPad shows apps that are open as soon as I press the command and tab key.

    What is supposed to happen - I choose to open Adobe, Adobe opens.

    What happens to the contrary - Adobe does not open. Another "X" application that is currently running, opens. It is quite frustrating, because there is no pattern to this. If I use once more the keyboard shortcut to open Adobe, another application 'Y' which is running, open it now.

    In this case, I pointed out, often when the App Store is running.

    (II) command key: sometimes, shortly after I use the shortcut keys to turn on screen shortcut area (pop-up shortcut) - apps, this is supposed to happen if and only if you press and hold down the command key.

    This often happens when I switch to Safari.

    (III) keyboard not responding: a problem that I met today for the first time. My keyboard will not just respond. I had to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard for this function.

    (IV) on which the space key: to wake up the iPad, pressing the SPACEBAR is enough. You don't have to press the home button. Yet, sometimes the space key does not respond and you must use the home button.

    v) Quick app - keyboard shortcut crash switch function causes: if I want to switch from app to app 'X' 'Y', but mistakenly switch to 'Z' app, I immediately want to spend to 'Y '. However, I can't do this in quick succession. I have to wait a second or two before I can switch from 'Y' 'Z' app, otherwise the automatic switching app crashes and you have to wait once more for a second or two before moving on.

    My diagnosis:

    (I) it could be a problem with the smart connector on my iPad. A hardware problem. But it does not explain why the automatic switching app appears and passes correctly but eventually open the wrong applications. Also, it does not explain why the problem is intermittent.

    (II) a software problem. However, that would make me a face 5 questions at once. Sort of. I was surprised that, apart from the question of #3 and #4, there was almost no mention of other issues.

    To restart the iPad or to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard. But I don't think that anyone would be willing to do this 4 - 5 times on a daily basis.


    So I used my keyboard all day yesterday without opening the App Store. And guess what? It has been working perfectly. All the above problems I mentioned were not available yesterday. I'll use the App Store today and let it run in the background to see how does my iPad.

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