X230t win 8 battery 100% and maintains load


I am running Windows 8 on my X230t. All drivers are up-to-date of Lenovo (using system update 5).

I don't use a lot of my battery. I've used several times in the past without problem. However, today, I charged my battery about 70%, and when he reached 100%, he wouldn't charge. I tried to use another AC adapter, restart the computer, remove the battery discharge and then recharge the battery, but nothing worked. The electric windows icon sayins 100%, hip, charge. Green also the charge status LED indicates that the battery is charging. This happens even when the computer is completely shut down. Don't know what to try next.

Furthermore, I installed all drivers Lenovo & software for Windows 8 power management, but the typical Lenovo Power Manager with the thresholds of load custom does not appear on my computer. I have only access to the Windows default power manager. I don't know if the crib Lenovo Power just does not work on my computer or if Lenovo has not yet release a power manager for the X230T running Windows 8.

Thanks for any help!


Hello RSX:

There was some discussion about this since the launch of Windows 8.

This thread may be of interest to you:


and also this article on knowledge:


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    I know that my beloved Thinkpad is almost an antique, but I was struggling with the Lenovo Power Manager utility, after a fresh install of Win 7 Home Premium.

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    Most importantly, I can't get the battery maintenance functions in the Lenovo PM to do anything. If I say to manage the level of load to the maximum lifetime, battery charging to 100% and just stay there. If I use the laptop on battery and put back in charge, same thing - it costs just 100% and stays there.

    In addition, reset battery does not seem to do anything either. It is pretty hard to tell if it is still running. What seems to happen, is that I'll go through the steps, and the large button flashes slowly. That means it is running? But in any case, nothing happens. The battery is just sitting there fully charged.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    I have no advice to give, but I can confirm that my X61s with Win7-64 and PM v6.64.2 seems to work very well. I have thresholds of 30% battery charge / 80% of the value. PM keeps the battery charged within this range.

  • HP Compaq Presario CQ61 - battery - new battery (icon shows 100% available, connected load)

    I replaced my laptop battery and the icon shows now available at 100% but connected load.

    Remove the cable from the laptop dies immediately.

    Have I done anything measured during the installation of the battery?

    Can you please check if your AC/adapter works normal by connecting to a different laptop


    Can you connect please an adapter of well-known power supply/AC of a different notebook with your laptop to check

    So we can troubleshoot

    Note: In case if you are unable to perform any of the actions mentioned above I highly recommend to immediately Contact HP Support by phone to get help without delay to get your Notebook diagnosed and repaired by an authorized HP Certified Engineer

    You can also check your warranty here to check the status of the guarantee

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    2. speakers

    Does anyone else have this problem where, without a helmet, speakers tend to seem stronger on the right and it is very difficult to hear whatever it is on the left. I checked the realtek and volume settings, but the speakers are "centered". any help is appreciated.

    1. it will be certainly charging because he will have lost a few percentage points of full load (at least) depending on how long it has been turned off. If you have some things turned on in the BIOS as the sleep and Charge, then he will lose even more power.

    If you very well use only on AC so you should disconnect the battery completely and only connect the battery up to keep that it loaded somewhere between 40% and 60% of full load. This will prolong the life of your battery.

    I would first determine how much battery is being sold out in 24 hours when it is off, and then we can see if there is anything that can be done to reduce this amount.

  • Lenovo x 240 battery observations and investigations [trendy not supported]

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    Thanks for the reply and my apologies for the late reply.

    Took the time to observe the laptop, but I guess I found my answer.

    It seems that the laptop is not simultaneous battery internal and external. Noticed it imposes outside first, then residents. Looks like that's how it really works. Fortunately for me not to send my laptop warranty or buy a spare battery.

    Thanks again and happy to be part of the community of Lenovo.

    See you soon and good new year!

  • Z220 CMT: firmware Win 8 factory 7 and install new boot disks (RAID 1)

    My Z220 came with the copy of Win 7 Pro/64-bit factory-loaded, lowered to win 8. The supplied HD is just a Seagate 500 MB to 6 MB/s SATA drive.

    I want to change my boot disks for a pair of WD series RE 1 TB disks in a RAID1 configuration.

    The 220 came with a series of restore disks: disks of recovery system 1,2 and 3 for Win 7 and a DVD of recovery Driver for WIn7 and WIn8, as long as the DVD of the operating system - Windows 8 Pro.

    So, if I install the pair of RAID array using the Intel RAID software, can I then use CD Win7 game to restore the Win7 system to the new RAID array? Is there a potential problem of activation here?

    My other idea was to use Clonezilla to clone the current Win7 system on the RAID array, but I don't know if it will work, as the discs in question are not the same...

    If you look at your partitions on the disk HP of the computer/manage/storage/disk management you should see a hidden partition which you can draw the active OS itself and also to make an installation USB or CD/DVD set.  But you already have those in hand, I believe.

    The restore thing can be confusing.  What I would do, is get a stunt or set of disks drive and start experimenting.  One of the disks is an "Activator" disc which you start with, and it gives you instructions as you go along with a clean installation, including installation RAID or simple installation on hard/SSD options.  Just keep your 500 GB out of the workstation and work with the readers of stunt.  For those, I liked the 80 GB WD Velociraptors... two correspondent off eBay are cheap, and they are quick to reformat/load/erase.  It will start to make sense fairly quickly.  For RAID works, you can experiment on 2 160 GB drives, but a full install of W7 with Office 2007 is less than 45 GB.  You just start from this first optical disc and start digging.

    The thing about the COA... When you perform a clean discs HP restore, as if your HP hard drive has failed, the process puts on a HP OEM COA serial number that is different from what is on your COA sticker.  For example, you can clone a facility and it will work on an another Z220 CMT without activation.  It checks only the BIOS of the workstation to make sure that it is a legal installation.  If you try the same thing with a W7Pro64 OEM System Builder build the clone will work but will recognize that this isn't the same job that it has been installed on original and you give a few days to feed another series of COA number.

    A clone must come from the installation of restore HP OEM with the internal controls of HP and OEM HP serial number to make it work on another box without activation problems.  Stick to right side of things and you'll be fine.

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    5. Select Enable radio button and check battery health degraded for this particular massage;

    6. you can get rid of all other massages there as well;

    7. click on OK.


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    Right click on the USB device device manager concerned and select properties then power management and clear the option to Turn off energy-saving and activate the option to wake up from its sleep.

  • G7-1365dx Pavilion: Battery Recall and replacement program (c05166036)

    Has received a critical Customer Advisory - June 7, 2016 E-mail from HP Support alerts.  Is email refers to a dangerous battery problem and suggests that there is a voluntary recall of these batteries.  However, when I try to follow the link, or search for one keyword in the email, anything equal or can be found on the HP website.  Please send the correct link for me or explain what is happening so that I can check my battery for safety.  Thank you

    This is the alert correct with the link below the title:

    Commercial and consumer, HP laptops - Battery Recall and replacement program (c05166036)


    Products: Laptops and hybrids

    Description: In collaboration with various regulatory agencies Government, HP announced a reminder of voluntary safety around the world and the replacement program for certain laptop batteries. Affected batteries were shipped with HP, Compaq, HP ProBook, HP ENVY, Compaq Presario and HP Pavilion Notebook computers sold worldwide in March 2013 to August 2015, or were sold as accessories or spare parts or provided as replacement through Support HP.

    It works now,

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    When this unit is operating in mode 3G as modem battery discharges and stops.
    I tried to remove and replace the battery, as is stated in the user manual, but still no results.
    Somethimes do this but not all the time.
    It is very annoing to find in the middle of a conference and stop.
    I tried to contact toshiba Romania, they said that another version of the software is under development for this device, but 5 or 6 months I did not hear anything on their part.

    Best regards!

    I do not joke with customers of Toshiba. Maybe you're on the wrong forum.
    At the top of this page says Toshiba computers support forum.
    AFAIK G450 is perhaps mp3 player or your phone, but certainly has nothing to do with computing.

    I recommend you contact your local dealer where you purchased this device and ask for help.
    If all goes well, they will be able to help you with this problem and propose the right solution.

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    My mac is so slooooowwww. I'm sitting for 3 days I look at a spinning wheel. Can anyone help? My roof looks inviting at the moment!

    running CC2015 10.11 and it is compatible with El Capitan, so the question is what else is on your system that may be the cause of the problem:

    Please run a report of etrececk and post the results here


    This will give us one overview of what else is running on your system

    If you are currently using any anti-virus Mac you must uninstall it immediately from your system. See web developers page for instructions

    If you currently use one "own my ' or 'custodian' of products you must remove them from your system immediately.

    Restart and reset the PRAM

    How to reset the NVRAM on your Mac - Apple Support

    and in the meantime if you need to use CC I suggest you try the following

    start in safe mode and run CC

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning - Apple Support

    or Create a NEW account administration and the boot into that and run CC

    and see if either of these procedures to help.

    and if you must go on your roof with a lounge chair, some Bob Marley albums, not a note.

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