Insert a blank page

Helloa simple "Insert blank Page" in the menu is there in Acrobat 9? I sometimes I add a page just the size of the document without having to create one in InDesign or something.Thank youBen

Thin lines appear after flattening PDF documents

HelloWe export a layout using one of the PDF / X standards or say Acrobat Pro to then flatten the file seems to have thin white lines bordering all previously semi-transparent areas. Zoom as closely as possible, these lines seem to be very negligible

Need automated import/export help from comments in XFDF

Hello!I created 2 buttons on my toolbar. One to send your comments and one for the receipt of comments! If I click on the button send, a window opens and ask the directory where I want to save the xfdf file.How can I realize that I can save the auto

Creating a hyperlink of an image in a pdf document that opens the Outlook e-mail

I use Adobe Acrobat 8.1 and try to create a link in a PDF document so that with READER 7.0 or higher, when a recipient clicks on an image (object) it will gain access to Outlook and opens a new e-mail that the recipient can fill and then send! It is

How to extract the police from a .pdf file?

I read a novel in the form of ebook .pdf file. The police is beautiful and I've not seen before. In the pdf file, the police are the same (vary in size, boldness, etc., but the police are the same).Can someone tell me if there is a way to extract the

How to add work Options into a .PS file

Acrobat Distiller 5.5 and 7.0Greetings,I'm currently automating making a unique combine PDF based on can't understand the snytax to specify the file to work options (fdi.joboptions)for the following .ps file/prun {/mysave save defDUP =

ACORBAT professional cannot create fully functional pdf?

It worked fine for months, until I just installed an update and now the "Save as pdf" button in word 07 does nothing (once I've selected I want to make a fully functional pdf). When I open professional and try and create a PDF by navigating to the wo

addIndex ti has lonk

I am a relative novice - using Acrobat Professional 8.1. In connection, I use the add Java function as followssearch.addIndex ("/ d/SATSA previous files/cat/1920.pdx",true ");Following the "run a JavaScript script" I "Execute a menu item" Edition > s

How to ensure the safety of base?

My first form is about to enter into usage. I do not need or want to be able to change the design of the form somehow.Users will use Adobe Reader to fill in the fields of information forms and e-mail at the office.  I wish that they be able to save,

Cannot search content in pdf format

I have pdf files that opens, prints etc very well. But I can't find the word fo them. He simplys can't find words that are actually in the document.If I copy and paste a part of the text to speech (or), it shows strange charecters: It should have sai

Adobe and the software restriction policy

Hello!Could list you what other programs are called by acrord32.exe?I have to use software restriction policies, warns we run other programs except adobe devoid 9.I have implemented group policy for user software restriction policy: acrord32.exeWhen

region of a copy of a pdf document

In earlier versions of Acrobat Professional (v.6 and before) it was possible to copy a region from a document as an image or a text (if available) depending on the choice of the tool. I have not found this option in Acrobat 8 Standard, is still avail

Conversion of MS Word documents with bacgrounds colors in pdf format

Forgive an Acrobat "dope", but externally, this seems to be a simple problem... I can not understand!For work, I use Microsoft Office Word 2003 (MS Office Pro 2003) and Acrobat 8 Pro.  I have no problem to convert an MS Word doc, with the foreground,

Download query

I currently have Adobe Reader 4.0. I want to install 9.1 because I think the old version prevents me the opening of some files. Can I install the new nersion without uninstalling the old one first or do I uninstall 4.0 first?

Problems with opening files Acrobat Pro 9 PDF

Hello. We use Acrobat Pro version 9.0.0 to convert our files of Word of documentation produced in PDF format. In recent weeks, our clients report a problem more with the opening of these files. We usually deliver those on a DVD with Acrobat Reader 5

How can I stop adobe to open all my .exe files when it is installed?

Software Adobe reader tries to open any .exe files. How can I stop it while having installed adobe?

Cannot search pdf file

I have pdf files that opens, prints etc very well. But I can't find the word fo them. He simplys can't find words that are actually in the document.If I copy and paste a part of the text the word (or more), it shows strange charecters:It should have

2 questions - 1 - display a graphic and 1 - print

HelloHave 8 of Adobe Standard on Win XP and I have 2 problems. Received a PDF and a graph (diagram) is not displayed on the screen. It print. I've updated the video driver, but has not made any change in the display.  The second question may or may n

Are there pitfalls when removing custom attributes?

We add the ability to delete custom attributes (aka custom properties aka metadata) to a plugin. It seems, however, that the function call is successful, but the attribute is in the file.Before studying this further, I decided that maybe someone in t

ANY reading pdf

HelloI tested a number of libraries for access to plain text (words / coordinates), heading and tables from pdf files.It turns out that there is always some pdf (I have attached 3 of them) that were created not according to the rigorous instant stand
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