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Fluidity of work stoppages

Hello! I don't know if it's me who is missing something, but it seems that liquify effect repeatedly, suddenly no longer works. What happens is I don't get the "pen" that I shoot with usually (how flow works), but the cursor remains just like the nor

Import AE sequences to the new project

HelloI am new to AE but love already.  Because our process of approval here is so heavy, I create various short projects and exporting .mov sequences.I then import the footage into a new project and using an overview of logo to the transition.  So fa

COMP to Comp

Hi allThanks again for helping me on the last post space for 9708 15542 x.Just one more stupid question. I created 2 comps in AE CS3 PRO and want to read them constantly along beside each other. For example the 1st model, I created an intro with 3D t

Space for 9708 x 15542

Hi allHope everyone is well OK I'm not stupid AE CS3 PRO. I have intel Core Duo 6600 2.40 ghz 4.0 GB memory and 300GIG of free hard disk space on my Windows Vista 32 bit system. I created a basic 30-second model using mainly the 3D text and the trans

After effects WARNING: error with directory?

Okay so recently I had issues with text layers don't display correctly, and I posted here and found that the solution was to recreate my preferences file. However, since then I get an error when AE starts that says "after effects WARNING: error with

How do layer expression text selectors are on the character value?

I'm banging my head against my desk here.  All the other attributes that I try to animate using selectors expressions works by multiplying the value returned by the selector of the value of the property in question.  But I can't make heads or tails o

Output high definition without Blu - ray

I work with CS3 Production Suite (Ae, Pr, en etc.), have facilities to display Blu - ray (bridge and TV), but are not (yet) have a Blu - ray burner.  I have created a 1080 p 30 project in After Effects and want to see it in the best possible resoluti

Shine help please

I did this several times before, but for some reason, cannot understand what I am doing wrong.I have a very simple composition: 1 layer with a graphic imported (psd).  I have it akin to a null and then put an adjustment layer on top, on which I place

"Embed Project Link & Copy" feature really went to AE CS4!

I have not yet updated any of my 3 machines of After Effects to CS4 and have used that temporarily CS4 on machines of others, so I didn't even feature was removed... If he really, I never updated beyond CS3 until there is once again an AE with this f

Stereoscopic 3d video creation for polarized monitors.

I made 2 series of images of 3d max for the left and right view. I need to create a Sterioscopic video that uses a polarized glasses and a rather than the old red and blue screen technique. I am completely lost as to how I want to composite 2 series

Curves not editable in the graphics editor?

Are the curves in the graph Editor is not supposed to be standard Béziers with standard editing techniques? I am very good at controling Bezier curves in any application (including the tool pen in AE), the adjustment in the graphics editor handles do

Export AVI does not work

I would really like to do my editing advanced in AE, but when I try to export under a .avi, it comes out as a file with nothing on it. He will always be the size it would have initially, but nothing about it. When I try to play, it's just a black wit

Change a lengths of moving animation speed for?

HelloHere's what I'm trying to...I have a few long even sharpen (30,0000 x 2000 pixels) images and need to pan over them, to be returned to a movie. I want the movie to be about 120 seconds and pause at specific points distributed unevenly in the ima

Make a path in a trajectory?

I know how to animate an element by keyframes, shift in time, keyframe etc. without problem. But lets say I imported a trace in illustrator (or just built with the pen tool) and I want to animate any object in this way which is already built. I love

change speed of projects together

I want to change the speed of my project of any motion Graphic, each layer.I tried temporal, but everything went haywire.Anyone?

Change the picture in the mask

Hi people. New to AE. There is something that makes me a little crazy. I have a few images that I've hidden. I just want to either move or size the picture in the mask, but leave the masks position and dimensions only. Is this possible?As in Photosho

Should what file format I use if they cannot read the H264?

I pulled out my final AE animations with the Animation codec for editing.When I create a version of an animation for the customer to review, I use the H264 codec. It looks good, and the file size is reasonable.But what do I do if the client is unable

AE CS4 cannot import the .psd as cropped layers or composition

Anyone know the answer to that, I've never had this problem with the old version of AE.I know I'm doing this right I did it a thousand times.I have a psd file with 5 layers with need to be lively, but when I import into AE either as a model or croppe

Why have I not the handles of direction on all the keyframes of my trajectory?

I created a path with a certain number of keyframes inside. The first pictures a few keys have direction handles bit, and I can apply curves to the motion...... but..... .to a certain point in the trajectory of the direction handles are no longer ava

No Ellipse tool? Help

Hello, I am trying to use the ellipse tool, but the only thing there is the rectangle tool. Any help?
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