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Music no appearing is not on the music of Apple on Apple TV

I have the new 4th gen Apple TV and I have an interesting/annoying problem occur.  Some songs/albums are not added to the section 'My music' music Apple tabs.  For example, I added the album Thr33 Ringz of Tpain to my music, but when I go to my music

Apple TV (4G) / 6Plus iPhone / Bluetooth

I got my new Apple TV (4G) today and was tempted to put in place via iPhone - there is no chance to establish a Bluetooth connection between 2 devices. Both the Apple iPhone TV are on the latest patch. I followed all the advice I could get (no case a

How to control Apple TV with an iPhone 4?

My Apple TV 4th generation asks me my password for the 10th time and it drives me CRAZY! This new Apple TV does not work with the Remote app? What the hell Apple! Is there a way to type text using something else than this stupid remote? A keyboard?

Can I use the new remote and SIRI to select HomeVideo movies on my iMac

I have more than 1,000 movies from my personal library on the hard drive of my iMac. In the past, the only way to select one was to scroll, scroll and scroll up to what I got. I was told I could use SIRI to ask for the film. When I tried, it chose th

no categories on apple tv 4th generation

!!!!! where it is reset restarted TV apps TV closed open apps but not categories

Apple TV (4th) won't play explicit music in playlists

I have my settings to allow explicit music and Podcasts, however all explicit songs in my playlist are converted to the radio edit version when I listen to on Apple TV (4th Gen).  Someone at - it a similar question?

Apple TV (4th) shows only not in iTunes for a restore

I have an Apple TV dev (October 2015) and I want to restore it. I followed the instructions of Your Apple TV with iTunes - Apple Support of restoration but the Apple TV does not appear in iTunes. I use a USC - C female USB adapter (purchased in an Ap

Impossible to watch "Today's games" on NBA app

I can't watch 'play now' on the application of the NBA on my Apple TV. any suggestions?

How much storage does the system take?

I'm looking to get a brand new Apple TV (4th generation) and I can't decide between the 32 and 64 GB model. Each do the same thing, I don't know what space occupies the storage system. Could someone answer this question for me?

How to group by season TV shows

I have a new Apple TV (4th gen) and I'm trying to understand how the episodes of Group of my TV shows by season.  The old version of the Apple TV does, but a new shows each episode, along the bottom of the screen, with no obvious way to group them. 

How to program my remote to work with a Bose Solo?

I can't get it work using the typical method. Help!

Error App for Apple TV Disney XD

Apple TV, 3rd generation everything up to date, Disney XD app connected through gets of the Charter: "error you may not be allowed to play this content." Please adjust your parental control level to view this content. "message when you try to play so

Speaker Bluetooth pairing problem Gen 4 ATV

I have a 4 Gen AppleTV. Bluetooth pairing seems very delicate/sporadic. I can get it to pair with my Jabra headset move most of the time, but it does not connect with my Harmon Kardon Soundsticks speakers wireless (bluetooth). All my other Apple prod

Could not get the image format to fill screen TV is set to 16: 9 all other devices to fill the screen

I can't get the picture size to fill the screen. The TV is set to 16: 9 and all other devices to fill the screen. Thanks for any suggestions that might help solve this frustrating problem.

New bug password and restrictions of ATV

Bugs in the new Apple TV are driving me crazy! I got the 2nd Gen (a first for black) because they were released and I love it. Since my children are pretty old to analyze and find money for distance, I had enabled restriction. When I implemented the

Apple tv4 Siri and remote control app

3 members of my family are back because it doesn't work with the remote app Apple tv4.  Apple promotes Siri, which is good, but it does not work with people with emphasis.  Someone has an idea how to best use apple tv4?  Thank you.

How can I use my Apple TV directly on portable iMac Pro? I mean directly from my iMac WITHOUT connecting to TV

How can I use my Apple TV directly on MY iMac laptop Pro? I want to say on my iMac directly WITHOUT connecting to TV

Genesis 4 Apple Tv doesn't have an optical Audio input jack.

I just replaced my generation 3 Apple Tv with a generation 4 Apple Tv. The Genesis 3 has an optical Audio input jack that I used to connect my Bose system. The Genesis 4 doesn't have it.  Now I can't audio through my Bose system. Any suggestions?

Find apps for the new AppleTV

Anyone know where I can find a full list & regularly updated apps for Apple TV. You'd think Apple would open a store similar to the other app store, but I can't find any complete list anywhere. Even the search page on the aTV is limited to a few if y
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