Apple TV

My Pandora app does not work on my new Apple TV

I like the new Apple TV, and really I'm a junky Apple... I was happy to see Pandora on Apple TV, but can not make it work. It displays beautifully but not music. Can someone help me? I have read conflicting bits on this matter - mainly on the airtime

Netflix doesn't stream

Or shortly after the last update Tvos, our generation of Apple TV 4 decided he's not going to sink not Netflix. The Netflix User Interface is mostly ok, not as catchy, but good enough.  When we choose content to display, appears the red circle of spi

Why are there always some categories in the appstore?

I understand there are categories in the USA. How is it those who have not yet been introduced to the United Kingdom? Research is an absolute nightmare... Very disappointed with the product so far...

Where are all the apps that were on my Apple TV?

I just bought the newest gen Apple TV 4 and was surprised to see that my old Apple Tv apps were not available. No Netflix, National Geographic, Smithsonian, etc... They were part of the original Tv App. They are not part of the new TV App or am I mis

Video of mark as favorite in the AppleTV Youtube app

How to mark a video as a favorite in the Youtube on the AppleTV app 4 (with the remote Siri)?

4th generation AppleTV suffers power cuts intermittent

I have a 2nd GEN and a 4th Gen AppleTV. my2nd generation works without problems, but my new 4th Gen. occasionally experiences intermittent outages (black screen usually but sometimes snow), for a second or two. my internet speed is measured at 60Mps,

Mirror AirPlay with Apple TV ethernet connection?

Airplay Mirroring does not work if the Apple TV is wired (ethernet cable) instead of the wifi connection?   I use a Macbook Air which IS on wifi.    AirPlay Mirroring worked very well for me, until I changed a few things.  In particular, I decided to

EWTN is available for the last Apple TV?

EWTN is available for the last Apple TV?

Should I contact my cable company before you plug Apple TV?

Must I contact my cable company before you plug Apple TV?

ATV4 is not iTunes Music

My new ATV4 is not iTunes music, how can I fix?

Apple TV 4 falls network & number after statements by name (2)

Since the last update to the apple tv is found on the network once he falls asleep. Before the update it worked normally and you could wake up from its sleep through airplay. Seen to re-enable it manually everytime I want to use it now, when it does,

Update to Apple TV (3rd generation)

Please Apple, Give us an update to Apple TV (3rd generation). The software is 7.2 and 8.2 iOS-based. In this release, there are already Discoveryd buggy system service. All other iOS Devices and Mac OS x have been changed to mDNSResponder. I have to

Can I plug my superdrive drive in apple tv to play dads?

Am new to Apple TV and do not have a reader dvd or another device plugged into the TV.  Can I plug my drive superdrive USB port of Apple TV to play dads?

Amazon Video and music on Apple TV Amazon 4th Gen

Anyone can confirm, from mid-December 2015, if the new 4th gen Apple TV includes Amazon Video or music Amazon on the app store for Apple TV? I'm not talking about AirPlay either, I wonder about the possibility to download the Amazon to Apple TV app,

Siri House sharing search

poor enough, that it is not supported. With more than 3 TB of movies and music in my own library and I can not find it Or am I missing something?

Apple TV 4th generation-cannot get the Facetime in fashion landscape on my Samung TV

Apple TV 4th gen TV OS 9.1 When I do Facetime since my phone / Ipad and started airplay on my Samsung TV I cannot get the Facetime in landscape mode or mode full screen when I Flip horizontally Facetime. Only it shows vertical - left and right of the

Belkin HDMI - VGA with 4th Gen card

My Belkin HDMI - VGA adapter works with my Apple TV 2nd and 3rd gen, but doesn't seem to work with my new Apple TV 4. Have any other it works? Maybe I have a faulty adapter or Apple TV. Apple TV 4th gen works with my TV using HDMI. Thank you.


I need to know how to download a movie from iTunes at 02:00 and then watch it later.  I just installed a gen4 Apple TV.

How do I access Amazon Prime for streaming with my Apple TV?

How do I access Amazon Prime for streaming with my Apple TV?