Apple TV

Can I use your Apple TV when I do not have a modem, and I use the Wifi in the hotel room?

Can I use your Apple TV when I do not have a modem, and I use the Wifi in the hotel room? Thank you!

labelling of devices in the remote for iPhone app

I have three Apple TV and the remote control app can control all three, but how do I label the devices I know what tv I'm controlling?

Chapters in Apple TV 4

How to read the chapters of my videos on the Apple TV 4? I used to do on previous Apple TV. Also, why the description is not on the list of videos?

Is there a compatibility issue with model Sony KDL40V3000

I just buy Apple TV and cannot install it with the above model. Any help would be welcome. It is a production of 2007 and I wonder if it is too old.

Why should I watch commercials subscribers to the WSJ?

Even if I pay $300 / year, I can not any better visualization on The Wall Street Journal than non-subscribers TV. I expect Apple to have has negotiated a better deal than doing its users a simple access. The Wall Street Journal said "it's just the w

Can not see picture in Apple TV

My Apple TV show in the PHOTO app "your photo stream is empty. I have a photo library iCloud I can see (pictures + album) on my iPad and my 2 computer iMac. Also I can access my 'Photo' via my iCloud account in any other computer. Finally 'home shari

Showtime does not connect? Connected to a show, now nothing.

I joined Showtime, is the game up and then watched an episode of the homeland. After it finished I tried to watch the second episode, but there is no link and just a screen empty. Unplugged and restarted the ti of the Apple TV (new version), even tri

Siri can play movies from my iTunes library on my NAS?

When I ask Siri to play a movie in my iTunes library, he finds him and takes me to the iTunes Store.  I can demonstrate this feature during the announcement of the product, but for some reason that I can't make it work.  Please notify.

Remote with Apple tv4

I read this update today update Apple Remote app to work with Apple tv4.  Someone tried and if so, how to run because I can not.  Unless you have a real answer, please do not bother to write.  Thank you.

Remote control app works now on ATV4!

FYI, I've just updated the software 9.1 and confirms that I am able to navigate and type in the text using the keyboard of the iPhone!

9.1 solves all problems?

So 9.1 was released but I can not test it because I turned my Apple TV 4 as not good. So curious to know if 9.1 fixed: -Bluetooth keyboards -Remote Apps -App discovery -Controlled HDMI AVRs -Limits Siri in YouTube -Limits Siri in the rest -Dolby 5.1

Apple TV 3 frequently stops and restarts all streaming Netflix

This happens at least once during a movie. After it restarts automatically, you must work your way to the content you were viewing and resume watching. It happens so often now that it becomes very annoying.

Apple TV will not maintain a connection with my Samsung

Apple TV will not maintain a connection with my Samsung TV UHD.  All other devices work well with it.  I tried switching ports HDMI and cables without change.  Apple TV can turn on and turn off, plug in for 10 seconds, or not at all.  (Note: Apple TV

Apple TV with MacBook Pro but without TV

Hello. I got an Apple TV, and I have a MacBook Pro 2015. But I do not have a HDTV television. Can I connect the device to Apple TV on my Mac and discover my Mac as a TV? I tried and played with System Prefs - display - mirrored, but no screen appeare

Can u FaceTime using the new Apple TV to your TV?

MY family is moving and a fear that my one year old will break my iPad using FaceTime for the family of Mr. I'm looking for an alternative and I was wondering if the new Apple TV broadcasts FaceTime.

4th AppleTV is from Gen home - menu Date broken - missing the names of TV series

Unlike the 3rd generation, on the part of House, when browsing on the television a day, the names of TV series are missing, making it virtually impossible to tell that you are in this menu.

BlueTooth on Apple TV4

Why do you have bluetooth on your iPhone by Apple tv4 toast, if you can turn it off after

Apple TV 4 change do not read status

My Apple TV 4 isn't immediately changing the status of TV shows or Unwatched to Watched movie after that the show has been seen. I look at my watch on a TV which is also my computers screen. I just change the TV HDMI 1 HDMI 2 input. When the show is

Apple tv 4 buffering on itunes

Apple tv 3 goes buffering movies very well from my computer but apple tv 4 stop the movie all the time. I'm wired directly to my home router with the two apple TV and my computer. I ran some new cables cat6 directly from the computer to apple tv 4 an