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sound notification for SMS no mail-is it possible?

Hi all I silenced my e-mail notifications. Too much. The flashing light is fine.  But I would like to receive a notifcation sound for text messages, which are more like phone calls, in my humble OPINION. Is there a way to do this? TY much in advance.

Erasure ringtone

Hey guys, I use Ringdroid to put my own MP3 files as ringtones, but now I want to delete one of the tones I put, anyone know how I can do this?

Transfer of files from the computer to the Droid

I created a folder on my phone to store PDFs, I wanted to transfer my computer.  When I mount the sd card, the record does not show upward in the directory displayed in the Explorer from my computer (Vista).  I saw a folder called 'download '.  I cop

need help with formatting SD card

If I format the sd card in my Droid phone will automatically replace the system such as the folder dcim, digital camera and other files?

post it here for droid...

Why is post here the almost impossible droid? soft keyboards do not open, and the 'real' keyboard takes forever to reach text boxes. Before all scream you, he's not a user error... ninjaap knows that I am not a "newbie" to this. Also, why do I get no

Droid messaging

I have 3 questions and/or problems with messaging using my droid. (1.) I would like to save a text to my roommate (example she sent me a funny joke, etc.) and start a completely new and different conversation/thread with the same friend. I don't want

There are three applications of volume control? Which one?

I'm looking for a new application of volume control.  There are three applications, its named aptly (like a good play on words) of the volume.  I know that several people have recommended an app called volume control, I don't know which!  I downloade

Video download

Hi all... How can I download videos taken in the phone for FB or another site once they are taken?  THX

How can I stop programs@from running in the background?

programs - I never userun in the background as institutional calendar. I would like to launch a clean background and a sleek office. Is ok to ermanently remove apps / programs I not have access? or better yet I can remove the icon without deleting th

Why I cant find saved e-mail or general notification ringtones ringtones?

Hi and thanks for your support!    I recorded a few ringtones for my Motorola DROID to sync from computer. I created a folder in Astro Manager of files called ringtones - logical right?  In any case, now these ringtones are only available under the r

camera images are not sent

at the beginning I am able to send the camera image by clicking 'share' and choose the gmail account that I myself used (so I sent the photo taken by the droid to myself) I don't know why? (I did not have any configuration or sophisticated question I

Phone alarm!

Does anyone know how to activate the alarm on the phone down? When I turn the phone on, the alarm is still crazy hard! Too strong!

Question to download Google Voice

I just tried to download Google Voice and follow the directions.  He stopped after I put in the PIN code and then could not confirm my phone number? What should I do next?  How to solve this problem? Help please and thank you.

DROID: sounds of txt and media

Does anyone know if there is a way to differentiate sounds for texts and media on the Droid?

Disable data and phone only for international travel

When I was abroad last year (I got a Blackberry) I was able to disable 'data' and just use my phone. Is there an easy way to disable data on the DROID? I have 4 email inboxes. Airplane mode disables all the wireless. Check the accounts 'Never' for em

Can not download the address book of Droid to the car system

I have a Droid and have tried to download my address book in a Merdeces 350 - the car phone system recoginizes the Droid and will be make and receive calls via bluetooth, but not will not download the address book from the Droid. The drive system use

DROID: How to stop a file download?

While browsing the web with my new Droid, I accidentally clicked on a link that has started a downloading a huge file.  I could see the download progress in the drop of notifications (it took several hours to download), and I couldn't find a way to c

problems with EvDO

I just got the evoke through cricket in maryland. I live an extended coverage area and rarely have Ev coverage. I was wondering if this is the norm outside the city service is based on? the strength of the Ev network? plan to make it stronger?

New software update 01.28.02P

As I am new on this forum. I have to say thank you for the information on the new software update. I have down loaded the update on the update Motorola on the right site on my phone. The update is great. The new dial keypad and qwerty fonts are much

EM330 "private call".

Whenever I call someone their caller ID shows "Private call" I want them to be able to see my phone number. How can I set up this phone to do?  Thank you.
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