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How to hide the button cancel on LOV

Hi all! I have a very strange requirement, so I want to consult you forms - the Experts for this: A LOV customer want to hide it from the button cancel user must choose only one value. Is this possible? My suggestion to change the object Type LOV to

Unwanted in the report columns

I just created a report and generated a PDF output its works very well and put it looks like page layout model. But if I use the same report to generate the CSV output, I get all the rows in the data model in the CSV file. to generate the report in t

Other Plugins of Oracle Designer

Good day to all, I am new to the designer and have in fact opted to use this tool for application development. My major concern is that I also became so used to other java EE IDE like eclipse and Netbeans (Netbeans in particular). So my question is t

Management of Multiple exception line in 4.5 and 10 g oracle

Hi all We are the migration forms 4.5 (oracle database 8) oracle 10 g (10g database). I have a strange doubt, the application works differently in 4,5 and 10 g when several lines are back. For example in a program unit: StartSelect T1.field1 in var1t

How to get the client computer name database?

Hiya As part of the authentication of the user of our application, the requirement is that if a user is connected from a machine, the same connection of can not the user to different machines at the same time. In Forms6i, we had accomplished this by

How to request user information in forms

How to apply user entries in forms? I am writing a piece of code where the user can choose, by clicking on one three buttons in a State of alert, to have the system assign a value to a variable, a value of entry or do neither? If the user chooses to

Cannot perform the query

PROCEDURE get_mng_approval (mng varchar2) IS Startgo_block ('temp_leaves1');set_block_property ('temp_leaves1', default_where,'empno in (SELECT image.org_chart FROM empno)CONNECT BY prior empno = report_to and ename > = chr (0)START WITH report_to =

Why use Oracle Forms

Hello forumIM new in oracle form and have some confusion on the use of oracle web application forms. can someone tell me pls why use forms oracle instead of many web technologies such as asp, c#, php, Jsp? as forms are heavy, and takes a long time to

[Forms10g2] In Enter Query mode default element value

Hello! How can I specify the default value for an item in Enter Query mode? For example I press KEY-ENTQRY, and: L_YEAR point gots year by default search condition (although this may change). I tried to implement in this way: < pre >Enter query;: l_y

creation of error message in the query mode

Hello experts,I want to create an error message in a mode of input query. Suppose I have a field date of birth and full datain the database in this fasion January 1, 2008. Suppose that in the mode of input query someone enter the value 01/01/2008.It

Connect blocks n/b of different forms.

HelloI want to know how to communicate from a block in a formula to another block in another form B. for the examples.In the form A.I have multi-line block what meas copy all lines into another block of line shape multi B. Quick response appreciated.

disableing an item to mode query

Hello experts,I want that a perticular item will be disabled when you press the button of the menu query enter. (or a query-> enter). Can any body please tell me what is real relaxation in which I write the statement to disable. set_item_property ("i

Rotating an Image in the form of 10g

Migrate a form of Oracle 6i to 10g. Problem we encounter, the functional property "Display the Palette" is missing in form 10g. 10 GB documentation mentions this property, but even once, is not present. As an alternative, the documentation mentions t

Forms services and form builder

Hello We install Oracle Forms 10 g Application Server What is the difference betweenServices form and form builder. That a developer should be used for migration, qa goal? Thank youSandy

order to compile fmb, pll, mmb in 10g (

Hello We are migrating from Oracle Forms 6i to version. 1. what will be the command to compile the PLL, MMB, FMAS on UNIX?2. what location and directory I find this script? I need to create this script to compile from scratch or just need

Error when calling model sup in the XML editor

Hi friends,For the part of the header of my report, I create a template void and I try to call it.I called the sub model by using the following commands: -.<? [email protected]:header? ><? end call? >Then in the body, I'm importing this file using the <?

Webutil without JInitiator

HelloWe run Application Server 10.1.2 (HP - UX). Our clients are running Windows XP. Do we really need the JInitiator for installing Webutil? Is it possible to install Webutil with only the Sun machine? Wolfram

Impossible to disable a perticular item

Hello experts,I am trying to disable an element of perticualr using the property defined, built in for exampleset_item_property ('EMPNO', DISPLAYED, Disabled); and I kept it in the "when_new_block_instance" trigger But in the moment of the actual exe

Add "Select all" check boxes in Forms6i

HelloI need to add "Select All" checkbox functionality in my Froms6i.There is a Block (tabular) in detail in my form, with an agenda of the box NBT.There is an another box in my block (header) of control with a label of "select all." Checking this bo

FRM-40735: Trigger ON_ERROR

I'm migrating form of 6i to 9.0.4 (10g) HP_UX.Compiling successfully all my libraries, menu and form, but when I run the form from the local it throws errorFRM-40735: trigger ON_ERROR fired unhandled exception ORA-06508. I put Form90_path and default
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