Will not erase messages

Windows XP I followed the instructions on the trash as says error disk is full. This isn't. Basket is empty. Compact folders. I got a message from AVG on Troy and he took care of her, but its done than before and I never never never had problems like

How can you change certain days of the week for a year of weekly time repeat task?

I want to create a year long task that repeats once a week usually on Wednesday. A few weeks when the task should be performed Thursday. This can be done easily with recurring events to all occurrences of the event because the recurring events are di

How to organize email viewing IE in order of last receipt first

where the estate is located to make these changes

Added several sender email addresses?

Sending emails, I have a few addresses "sent by". I added these some time ago, but don't remember how to add additional addresses. If someone has an idea, I would appreciate it. I tried to check with support from Mozilla, but can't seem to find the r

Lightning automatically deletes the old calendar entries? When?

I'm using lightning as a kind of "journal", but I want ot make sure it won't automatically erase IM from: for example, after one year, after five years. In other words, I want a permanent entry.

How to delete email messages on all devices at once

I want to be able to delete an e-mail message to any device, and that the e-mail is removed from the e-mail service. I want to avoid having to delete the same email individually in each of the three features that I use.

Impossible to get a program to open when I click the icon. How to fix?

I was using the e-mail and try the tabs to find where I could add different quote for outgoing messages. Never place was and sent an email to myself to check if I was getting the former set quotes then all of the stopped program. I have not been able

Why can I download messages to a computer and not another?

It started there, at the time of the last update of three days, but I can't be exact. With a single computer, Thunderbird connects to the mail server, the green bar grows, and then nothing happens. I installed the same account and mailbox on another

My lightning calendar disappeared from my Thunderbird starting from 01-12-16. Can not find or reinstall it. Have TB 45.5.1 - Lightning is not supposed to be integrated?

I tried to download and open this file: lightning - 4.7.4 - sm + tb - windows.xpi with Thunderbird several times this afternoon without effect. Just tried again, and it works well - is no longer a problem. Thanks anyway. Maybe this will help someone

How can I add a follow-up as a mail attribute listed by Thunderbird date?

In the list of emails from Thunderbird, I want to ADD an ATTRIBUTE (column Message) that will allow to insert an email followed by date. Is it possible now? How can I ask this as a new feature which will sort the e-mails from my follow-up date chosen

my emails I send are put in spam

Hello I have problems when I send an email or replay an email. It's going in the other box to spam anyone! I hope some can help you with the problem please? Thank you

Restore rejected

Hi, I'm used to reject all alarms calendar rather than just the one, I can't find a simple way to restore without modify them and save them again one at a time. It is a problem of early morning that does not help, suggestions considered.

Suddenly my mail is displayed in alphabetical order by name of shippers, rather than the date of receipt?

Normally when I opened my Thunderbird mail the most recent e-mail appears at the top of the page with old messages below the last in order of date of receipt. Now the mail is represented with senders name in alphabetical order, regardless of the date

Cannot download the yahoo error message email account's password is incorrect? What should I do

Thunderbird decided yesterday that he could not access my yahoo with a password account. I get the password, thunderbird says its wrong. I deleted the old password and tried again. My Samsung at the same time could no longer my yahoo mails. If I log

Won't download not initially or if 'download all' used but will download individual accounts

Hi, I'm using version 45.5.1 of Thunderbird on 10 to win with 3 e-mail accounts. My email is configured to download all accounts at first upward, but does not work. If I click on "Download new messages" it downloads nothing. If I click on each accoun

acknowledgement does not

I can email myself or friends with one or two received back and or delivery reception together. Reflected on the header of the Envoy message and all I can find is a line that reads "Disposition-Notification-To: Frank Holland " which is probably recei

Thunderbird has stopped the connections to the servers.

I'm having a strange problem with Thunderbird. Since yesterday, I can not connect to servers or receive, send or save drafts. What is happening to all three accounts, IMAP (Gmail two, a 3 rd part), both from home or at work. Email accounts work on ot

Why my email under "INBOX" files has disappeared? How to open them?

The column on the left side of my incoming emails have disappeared. The one led by box receipt, trash, sent items, etc.. How can I open it?

Message thread contains irrelevant emails

I have 3 wires of different message (2 + 3 + 2 emails) with 2 different people, but puts Thunderbird 7 all mails in a single thread. All of these subjects have different subjects. How to disassociate this single thread in 3 separate threads as it sho

A command doesn't seem to work more

With the help of as a shortcut for 'select all' doesn't seem to work more
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